Boosst Review - Platform to Buy or Sell E-commerce Businesses

Vova Even Jan 09, 2024
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Table of Contents
  1. boosst Review: E-commerce Buying And Selling Platform
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet Gal Barzilay and Discover the Story Behind boosst: Who, How, and Why!
    3. boosst Onboarding Process for Business Sellers
    4. boosst for Those Who Want to Buy Businesses
    5. What Happens After We Submit the Information
    6. How Does the Money Transfer Happen
    7. The Vision of boosst
    8. Why Gal Became the COO of boosst
    9. What Makes Gal a Good COO
    10. Iteration at boosst
    11. How to Know if a Process is Good or Not
    12. The Partner Network of boosst
    13. Conclusion

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boosst Review: E-commerce Buying And Selling Platform

Hey there, awesome readers!

I'm Vova Even, and today we're diving into something super exciting – a review of boosst.

But hold on, it's not just any review.

We've got a special guest, Gal Barzilay, the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at boosst.

Yes, we're about to explore the world of e-commerce businesses and discover how boosst can make your dreams come true.

What's boosst all about?

It's a platform that's like a magical bridge, connecting people who want to sell their e-commerce businesses with those who want to buy them.

It's a bit like an online marketplace, but instead of selling sneakers or gadgets, here, you're buying and selling entire businesses!

It's like a massive game of buying and selling, but with real businesses.

Can you imagine that?

Your own little piece of the e-commerce world.

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We've got a secret code for you – VOVA_VIP.

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But wait, there's more!

If reading isn't your thing, no worries.

I've got a video where you can watch the entire conversation with Gal, and trust me, it's going to be super interesting.

Here, we're not going to hit you with boring facts and figures.


It's all about having a real, lively conversation – just like you're right there with us.

So, are you ready to delve into this incredible world of e-commerce businesses and learn how boosst is changing the game?

I promise it's going to be awesome!

Get ready to explore, learn, and discover how you can be a part of this exciting journey.

Let's do this! 😄



Vova: Hey, welcome to boosst Review!

In this video, we're delving into boosst, a platform that's a game-changer for e-commerce businesses, whether you're looking to sell or buy.

If you're considering selling your e-commerce business, maybe even an Amazon venture, or if you're in the market to purchase one, boosst has got you covered.

In this video, we'll explore its functionality, get an in-depth understanding of what boosst is all about, and hopefully provide valuable insights for those keen on e-commerce business transactions.

Meet Gal Barzilay and Discover the Story Behind boosst: Who, How, and Why!

Vova: Today, we're joined by Gal, the CEO of boosst and one of its co-founders.

She's here to guide us through this presentation and shed light on what makes boosst unique.

It's great to have you with us today.

Gal: Thank you, Vova, it's a pleasure to be here and catch up with you again.

Vova: Likewise, it's always good to see you.

Before we dive into the details of boosst, could you share a bit about yourself, and then we'll explore how boosst operates?

Gal: Absolutely, Vova.

My name is Gal Barzilay, as you mentioned, and I serve as the COO of boosst.

Originally, I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel, where I met my two other co-founders, who also play key roles in our company.

Alongside me, we have a CEO and a CTO, and together, we made the decision to move our operations to New York.

My background is in software engineering, and I have experience working in high-tech, where I specialized in developing solutions for prominent banks in the United States, as well as various enterprises and e-commerce brands.

My role often revolved around enhancing user experiences for websites and mobile applications.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with notable companies such as L'Oreal, Adidas, HP, and many more.

After my tenure in high tech and the completion of my computer science degree, I felt a strong urge to start a business of my own.

This is when the three of us began our journey into the e-commerce industry.

We closely examined the emerging market of mergers and acquisitions for online businesses, which had just started to gain momentum a couple of years ago.

We observed significant buyers raising substantial capital for the acquisition of Amazon businesses and saw a unique opportunity.

It was from this vantage point that we began reaching out to people, asking critical questions, identifying gaps in the market, and ultimately conceptualized boosst.

Our mission was clear: to assist business owners in comprehending the intricacies of the acquisition process when they decided to sell their business.

We aimed to create a product that could streamline the entire process, making it more accessible and straightforward for all business owners, regardless of their annual sales figures.

Whether their business is valued at $50,000 or a substantial $100 million, they can connect with boosst to initiate the acquisition process. 

Vova: That's fantastic! So today, we'll be exploring how boosst operates.

As you mentioned, your journey began by working for various companies, and at some point, you decided to venture into entrepreneurship with your co-founders.

You recognized the potential in the market for buying and selling businesses, and that's when you initiated your startup, right?

It's an inspiring story.

boosst Onboarding Process for Business Sellers

Vova: Let's dive into boosst and get a closer look at how it functions.

You mentioned the onboarding process, which we'll be walking through today.

Of course, over the years, there may be some changes, and if that happens, we can always record an updated video.

However, I have a feeling that the core features will likely remain consistent for a while.

Could you please share your screen and walk us through the process? 

Gal: Before we jump into the demonstration, it's essential to note that, as you mentioned, we're constantly evolving and adapting.

At this point, any e-commerce business owner can sign up on our website.

However, for Amazon business owners, we've developed a specific onboarding process.

This is where the journey towards acquisition begins, starting with the crucial step of understanding your business's valuation.

What sets us apart is our approach to business valuation, which is more accurate and grounded in real platform data.

To make this process as smooth as possible, we require certain business and financial information.

Our aim is to simplify the onboarding process, making it not only easy to comprehend but also as fast as possible.

Are you ready to get started?

Vova: Absolutely, I'm excited to see how it all works.

And feel free to share any relevant details along the way.

Gal: Thank you, Vova.

If you have any questions or need clarification about Amazon sales or any business-related concepts during the demonstration, don't hesitate to interrupt me.

Now, let's take a closer look at the boosst onboarding process for Amazon business owners.

We'll be going through approximately four screens in this section.

To begin, here's the first screen - the welcoming screen.

Users will sign the agreement, accept the terms and conditions, and then proceed to their Amazon business.

Here, you can see that I can automatically connect my Amazon store, but it's important to note that this is a sample, and you won't be viewing any private information.

In practice, the user would see their own private data.

This marks the first step of our onboarding process, and as I mentioned earlier, we have around four screens in this section.

The initial screen serves to activate your business on boosst.

Looking ahead, we plan to support additional marketplaces, but currently, we're focused on the United States Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon business owners who operate in the US can activate their businesses here.

I won't click the activation button now, but you get the idea.

Moving on, the second stage involves filling in some basic information about the business.

This includes details like the owner's first and last name, the company name, and the category.

Amazon business owners are associated with various categories such as baby products, beauty, cell phones and accessories, and many more.

The category selection is integral to our process.

It helps us understand the kind of brands we're dealing with, and for buyers, it assists in finding the most suitable matches for these business owners.

So, category selection is a pivotal part of the process.

Now, let's discuss how we continue the acquisition process from the early stages.

In this phase, there are many potential buyers out there, but not all of them align with your specific category or interests.

For instance, if you specialize in health and personal care products, these next steps become incredibly vital.

Do you have any questions so far?

I hope everything is clear.

Moving on to the third step, we combine inventory and ad spending into a single screen.

Firstly, we address inventory management.

You're given the choice of how you handle your inventory, whether through Amazon's warehouses, third-party services, or a combination of both.

Once you've made your selection, you can continue.

The second aspect in this step pertains to advertising spending.

Many Amazon business owners utilize Amazon PPC, but there are other marketing channels available to them as well.

This part is simply for clarification; it checks whether you're utilizing these marketing channels or not.

If you do, it will prompt you to specify the ad spend.

However, if you're not currently using any of these channels, you can skip this section.

For instance, you might choose Facebook or Instagram ads.

Then, we proceed to the final step: the Cost Of Goods (COGs).

Here, the system will automatically retrieve the seller's product information because you've already connected your account at the beginning of the process.

Now, please note that this is a sample screen, as it's an empty concept for a real account.

What you would see in practice is a list of all your products.

You can then input the cost per item for each product.

It's a straightforward process, and you'll also find some additional information to assist you.

Let's delve into what we mean by the cost of the product.

This crucial information allows us to determine not just the revenue but also the profit margin of the business.

It's a key component for achieving a more accurate and well-informed valuation.

This empowers business owners to understand their business's worth more effectively and helps them proceed with the acquisition.

Within this step, the seller will not only see the product's image but also information such as the product itself, the SKU, and additional details about each product.

Once the information is provided, you can click Continue, and this is where our synchronization takes place.

In a matter of days, typically between five to seven days, we'll have calculated the business's valuation.

Additionally, we're diligently working on a personalized dashboard for our users, where they can regularly monitor their business valuation, profit metrics, net margins, and more.

While this feature is currently in development, when users complete the onboarding process, we'll promptly provide them with our initial estimation of their business's valuation.

Vova: That sounds great.

Gal: If you'd like, we can revisit any part of the process.

Vova: Well, you were very thorough throughout so that seems pretty straightforward for sellers. 

Plus, I'll be eager to hear how they can get an estimate of their business's potential value.

boosst for Those Who Want to Buy Businesses

Vova: Now, I'm curious about the buyers.

How can they engage with boosst and explore their options to purchase businesses through your platform?

Gal: Absolutely, Vova.

Buyers also have a seamless process to follow.

Let me demonstrate it to you.

When you visit the boosst platform or our website, you'll find the options to either Buy a Business or Sell a Business in the e-commerce category.

Clicking on Buy a Business leads prospective buyers through a series of questions.

We inquire about their preferences when it comes to the e-commerce platform they want to purchase—whether it's an Amazon business, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Wix business, or any other.

Next, we ask about their budget.

Understanding how much they are willing to invest in the acquisition is essential.

This helps us narrow down the options and align them with suitable opportunities.

Additionally, we request the name of their company.

Many buyers already have established brands and companies, so it's vital for us to know.

And finally, there's room for comments, where they can specify their desires and expectations regarding the business they wish to acquire.

Following this initial step, we set up a call with one of our M&A experts.

During this call, we dive deeper into the buyer's needs and expectations

Some buyers come to us with a clear idea of what they want, while others might be new to the process.

In either case, we strive to offer guidance and support in our first interaction with them after they've signed up on this page. 

Vova: Great, so we've covered the process for both buyers and sellers individually.

What Happens After We Submit the Information

Vova: Now, can you shed some light on how these two parties get connected or communicate with each other?

What's the next step in the process, once the seller and the buyer have filled out their respective forms?

How does it all come together?

Gal: Absolutely, Vova.

This is where the magic happens.

Vova: Ahan, all right.

Gal: No, I'm just pulling your leg, but on a serious note, it's crucial that we don't reveal information about each party right away.

When dealing with acquisitions, we aim to maximize your possibilities.

Vova: Right.

Gal: By withholding information at the outset, it allows us to enhance the leverage we can offer.

For instance, if a buyer can see a business and proposes a certain price, and then another potential buyer comes into the picture, now you have two interested buyers.

This is where we can maximize your advantage and help you understand how to negotiate better.

From the seller's perspective, it's valuable to go through the process with us.

We eventually reach a stage where we sign a letter of intent, confirming that both parties are genuinely interested in this particular business.

However, we don't immediately disclose the seller's information without their explicit consent.

We continue to work with you throughout the process, and after the letter of intent is signed, we can proceed to present the information to potential buyers.

On the buyer's side, if they're not willing to sign a letter of intent, they won't advance to the stage where we identify the right seller.

Once the contracts are in place, we employ our data resources and expertise to facilitate the matchmaking process.

We ensure that we have the right sellers and buyers who can be mutually beneficial to each other.

We guide sellers through the entire process, offering support and assistance every step of the way.

This is where we unveil how much your business is worth.

The acquisition process can vary in duration – it might be relatively short or take a bit longer.

While we can't promise a specific timeline, we do have a roadmap that guides us.

Along the way, we create marketing materials and assess when the seller is ready for acquisition.

Once we determine that the seller is prepared, we embark on the journey to find the right buyer.

This is a critical step, and it's about making that perfect match.

If the match is successful, the seller can proceed to sell their business.

However, if it doesn't align, we continue the process with other potential buyers and investors in the industry.

Our extensive network of buyers and interested individuals in this sector allows us to easily identify the right candidate for your business.

This network facilitates our ability to leverage the deal and enhance the multiple, resulting in a better outcome for the seller.

It's important to involve experts in the process because sometimes you may not be aware of who the ideal buyer for your brand is, even if they're out there looking for it.

Leveraging our network and knowledge can be invaluable.

For instance, a seller might come to us with their information, and we'll provide them with an evaluation.

But we might also highlight areas where they could potentially increase their business's value – for example, by considering the value of inventory, exploring growth opportunities in different marketplaces, or other factors.

All this information is crucial to consider before presenting your business to potential buyers.

This preparation step is vital when selling your business. 

Vova: So, if I understand correctly, boosst works on preparing the business owner to get their business ready for sale.

You provide guidance and recommendations to help them improve and maximize their business's value.

For instance, you might suggest that a business is currently worth 2X, but with some adjustments, such as reducing the cost of goods, it could potentially be worth 2.5X.

Am I on the right track here?

Gal: You've got it right, Vova.

We're dedicated to assisting sellers in achieving the best possible deal for their business.

We aim to help them increase the value of their business by identifying areas for improvement.

Vova: That makes a lot of sense.

So, boosst essentially helps sellers get more value for their business, and on the other side, you're helping buyers find the right businesses at the price they're looking for.

It sounds fair, and I assume that's how boosst generates revenue by taking a commission from the deals.

I hope that I am understanding your business model correctly…

Gal: You're absolutely correct, Vova.

boosst operates on a commission-based model, earning a portion of the deal's value.

This approach ensures that both buyers and sellers receive support throughout the process, making the sale smoother and more efficient.

Going it alone when selling a business can be quite challenging without the right guidance.

Vova: I see.

That's clear.

How Does the Money Transfer Happen

Vova: But I'm curious about the financial aspect.

When a deal is finalized, how do you handle the transfer of funds?

Let's say you've found two parties, one buyer, and one seller, and they've agreed on a million-dollar deal.

How does the transfer of money occur?

Does the buyer pay the seller directly, or does boosst facilitate this process? 

Gal: That's a great question.

The process of transferring funds in these business deals can be executed in several ways, whether it's through a bank, a private firm, or with the involvement of lawyers.

We have established partnerships to facilitate this process, connecting our users with experienced professionals in the field.

In the future, we're looking to bring this process in-house to make it even more seamless.

Currently, our extensive network comprises lawyers, accountants, M&A experts, and specialists who assist not only with the monetary transfer but also with potential legal complexities such as Amazon account transitions.

We leverage our network to ensure deals are executed as smoothly as possible.

Vova: I appreciate the clarity.

The Vision of boosst

Vova: Now, looking ahead, what's the vision for boosst over the next few years?

What do you see your company achieving in, say, three years from now?

While I might not be in the same entrepreneurial league as you with my Amazon business and online endeavors, I certainly have my own vision for my businesses.

What's your vision for boosst and how do you plan to further impact the world of e-commerce?

Gal: In essence, our mission extends beyond merely facilitating the buying and selling of e-commerce businesses.

We see e-commerce encompassing more than just digital stores; it includes physical stores as well.

Our vision is to support and empower small and medium-sized businesses in the United States and across the globe.

The majority of our economy is driven by these small and medium businesses, not the giant conglomerates that have access to prominent M&A firms like JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs.

These significant players cater to large transactions, making it largely unaffordable for smaller businesses.

Moreover, they often lack tech solutions to streamline the process.

boosst was established to fill this gap and provide accessible options for businesses of all sizes.

We're here to help not only small business owners looking to sell but also those looking to buy.

For instance, there's a growing number of Baby Boomers who are retiring and seeking to sell their businesses, which presents a unique opportunity for the younger generation.

Instead of building a business from the ground up, they can acquire an existing small business, whether it's an Amazon store, a Shopify brand, a lingerie business, or any other type of venture.

Some might consider these businesses boring, but they can be extremely profitable and entail lower risks when compared to startups, which can be quite volatile and may not yield immediate profits.

It's important to recognize that the backbone of our economy lies in these small and medium businesses, most of which are not only profitable but can become even more so with the right support.

Absolutely, the market is evolving, and we anticipate a growing number of individuals interested in purchasing businesses.

They may even explore options like SBA Loans to facilitate these acquisitions.

Meanwhile, more business owners will reach a point where they want to retire or sell their business to someone else.

This is where boosst steps in, aiming to streamline the process and align with the future trends in small and medium business acquisitions, making it easier and faster for business owners to navigate.

Vova: That sounds fantastic.

For our viewers and readers, I have an offer on boosst below.

  1. A free valuation of your Amazon Business

  2. A 30-minute call with an eCommerce acquisition expert

  3. A 1-month free trial on boosst's platform

Whether you're a seller or a buyer, it's worth checking out.

You can get a free evaluation to understand the current value of your business, which might be particularly appealing to those with businesses in the six or seven-figure range, such as Amazon sellers.

Knowing the current value of your business is essential, even if you're not planning to sell right now.

It might be a pleasant surprise – like, Wow, it's worth 2X or 4X what I thought!

Or it could go the other way, where you realize it's not as high as you expected, prompting you to take action.

For potential buyers out there, this is an opportunity to explore available businesses for sale.

Why Gal Became the COO of boosst

Vova: By the way, Gal, if you have a few more minutes, I'd like to ask you about your role.

You're the COO, which typically stands for Chief Operating Officer.

However, your role seems more focused on operations.

Why did you choose this title, and why not something like CMO or CGO?

What led to this decision? 

Gal: That's an excellent question, and I don't think anyone has asked me this before.

I chose the title of COO because it perfectly aligns with my nature of handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

It encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, and it allows me to manage various aspects of our company.

For instance, in my role as COO, I'm involved in overseeing our marketing channels, managing the team responsible for marketing, and actively participating in the sales process.

I'm also engaged in product design, conducting customer discovery calls, and occasionally assisting with fundraising efforts.

It's essentially about overseeing and executing multiple facets of our business.

I truly enjoy working with diverse teams and various industries.

This position enables me to gain insights into how different people approach the business process.

I get to see how our marketing manager views things, how our tech division tackles challenges, and how our product team envisions solutions.

It aligns with my personal passion for multitasking and managing numerous aspects simultaneously, which is why I opted for the COO role, allowing me to oversee multiple divisions and processes.

Vova: Absolutely, boosst is a multifaceted business with various operations taking place, both small and large in scale.

It's clear that your role as Chief Operations Officer encompasses overseeing all of these diverse facets of the company, which requires a keen understanding of each.

Gal: That's correct.

What Makes Gal a Good COO

Vova: Now, given the complexity and diversity of these responsibilities, I'm curious to know what qualities you believe make you a great COO.

Could you shed some light on what you think sets you apart in this role?

Gal: I don't think I've answered that yet, but I'd be happy to share my thoughts.

Vova: That makes sense; the ability to manage multiple tasks is undoubtedly crucial.

Can you share some more qualities or attributes that you think contribute to your effectiveness in your role?

Gal: Certainly.

Another quality I find valuable in my role is the knack for envisioning processes.

It might sound a bit peculiar, but I thoroughly enjoy creating a step-by-step visual representation of a process, from its inception to its completion.

It's about capturing the big picture, understanding how different elements fit together, and identifying the various components in play.

For instance, consider the process of a user signing up and ultimately selling their business.

In between those two points, there are numerous steps, which can involve semi-automated actions, the participation of various individuals, and the integration of tech solutions.

To design an effective process, you need to see the entire journey and how all the pieces come together.

My passion for this holistic approach to envisioning processes motivates me to not only see the overall picture but also to bring it to life, which I believe is one of the qualities that aids me in my role.

I envision the process from a bird's-eye view and then systematically break it down into various steps and components.

It allows me to determine who should handle each part, allocate the necessary resources and budget, and ultimately turn the envisioned process into a reality.

Vova: That's a remarkable skill set you have there.

So, if I understand correctly, you have the ability to not only see the larger processes but also to deconstruct them into manageable parts and connect all the dots.

It sounds like a valuable skill, especially in a startup.

Iteration at boosst

Vova: So, once you've crafted these processes, how do you go about implementing them within the company?

I can see the beauty in having a well-structured process.

But I assume in reality, it's not just about laying it all out perfectly and everything running smoothly, right?

There must be some level of iteration and refinement involved.

Gal: Absolutely.

It's a process of continuous iteration.

Even after we have a process in place and the team is aligned with it, things might break or need adjustments.

Sometimes, it's because the users don't respond well to it, or a team member finds an issue with it.

So, we adapt and iterate to make the process more efficient.

For example, from a marketing perspective, we're currently working on marketing operations.

We're building various processes to automate our outreach to people and to create content like e-books and community engagement.

This process can either involve manual work or be highly automated, depending on how users show interest in our content.

In essence, we use marketing ops to enhance our network's power and content.

Our aim is to empower people and fill knowledge gaps in the market regarding mergers and acquisitions.

We want individuals to feel confident discussing the possibility of selling their business.

We believe in providing a wealth of content, which is why we rely heavily on marketing ops.

Every process can be improved, including how you monitor and track it.

After completing a process, you need to analyze it thoroughly.

For instance, if a lot of users sign up, we analyze where they came from, who they are, and whether they are qualified for acquisition.

This post-process perspective is vital for optimization.

We identify the changes needed, align the team, and then continue with the process. 

How to Know if a Process is Good or Not

Vova: It's clear that you're dedicated to refining processes, but I'm curious to know how you determine whether a process is truly effective or not.

Is it based on user feedback, continuous assessment, or perhaps a combination of factors?

Gal: We rely on various sources of feedback.

For instance, in the case of our product, we ask users numerous questions.

We want to understand why they like the product, what they did, and whether they found it intuitive.

If someone mentions not understanding certain aspects or having difficulty with the navigation, we take that feedback seriously.

We then go back to the drawing board, iterate on the process, and continue refining it.

Additionally, it's an ongoing learning process.

We also consult our sales team and ask them for their input on what's not working.

For instance, they may suggest improving the information provided to customers before they sign up, so we make adjustments, like adding more details to the submission form.

This feedback loop involves various stakeholders, including those managing the process, those experiencing it, our users, partners, and buyers.

Vova: That's great to hear! It sounds like boosst is making strides in building a partner network.

The Partner Network of boosst

Vova: Before we wrap up, is there anything you'd like to mention about boosst or your role that we haven't covered?

Gal: Thank you for asking.

We've covered a lot about boosst, but I'd like to emphasize our commitment to building a strong partner network.

We want to collaborate with various stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem, including service providers, agencies, influencers, bloggers, and more.

We aim to help them create content and operate more efficiently.

Our goal is to connect our users with these partners, especially when a business comes to us and isn't quite ready to sell.

It's crucial to us that we guide businesses to the right resources when they come to us, whether it's a marketing agency, inventory management company, or individuals who offer assistance to Amazon and e-commerce businesses.

We're in the process of building a network of companies that excel in this industry.

I want to emphasize that there's a sign-up page for those who wish to collaborate with us as partners.

They can opt for an affiliate partnership, but they can also join us in content sharing and collaboration.

I consider this to be one of my responsibilities in my role as COO.

In a few weeks, we're launching something special related to our partners, so if anyone is interested in collaborating with us, I want to make sure they know they can sign up. 

Vova: Absolutely, make sure to visit boosst and leverage my offer, whether you are a buyer, seller, or an individual from the e-commerce ecosystem, like blogger and content creator, this platform can be a huge benefit for you.

We want to welcome everyone, and there will be a way for people to reach out and get involved.

Thank you for today; it was truly enlightening to learn about boosst and gain insights into how you manage your company, which is quite fascinating.

I can only wish you tremendous growth; may your startup reach the stars, and let's all reach for new heights together.

Thank you.

Gal: Thank you so much.

Vova: Thank you.



So, that's a wrap up of our amazing conversation with Gal, the CEO of boosst. 

We've got a secret code for you – VOVA_VIP.

You can use it when you visit Gal and her team at, and you'll get some fantastic special goodies.

We all love surprises, right? Here's what you get!

- A free valuation of your Amazon Business

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- A 1-month free trial on boosst's platform

We've learned so much about what boosst is all about and how it's helping e-commerce businesses to shine.

It's like a guiding star in the vast universe of buying and selling businesses, especially in the world of Amazon and e-commerce.

boosst is here to make life easier for business owners who want to sell their businesses and for those who are excited to buy one.

It's like having a wise mentor by your side, helping you through the maze of selling and buying, making sure you get the best deal possible.

One of the coolest things about boosst is that they're building a network of partners.

This means that they're not just helping buyers and sellers; they're also helping all those talented folks who offer services to e-commerce businesses.

So, whether you're a marketing whiz, an inventory expert, or a content creator, boosst wants to team up with you.

They're all about sharing knowledge and collaborating to make everyone's e-commerce journey even better.

It's awesome to hear how Gal, the CEO of boosst, sees the bigger picture.

She's like a master puzzle solver, seeing the whole puzzle, breaking it down into pieces, and then putting it all together to make a beautiful picture.

She's all about making processes smoother and more efficient.

She listens to feedback from users and her team, always trying to make things better.

In this fast-paced world, where every second counts, boosst is here to simplify the process of selling and buying e-commerce businesses.

They're like your trusty GPS, guiding you on your journey.

And even if you're not ready to sell your business right now, they can help you figure out its value.

Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised!

What's really exciting is that boosst is all about being a part of the future.

They see a world where small and medium-sized businesses thrive, where people can buy businesses to fulfill their dreams.

Whether it's an Amazon business, a Shopify store, or something else, there are endless possibilities.

The e-commerce world is booming, and boosst wants to be right there in the action.

With their passion and dedication, boosst aims to empower e-commerce businesses and the people who run them.

They're not just building a business; they're creating a community of dreamers and doers.

It's like they're ready to take off to the moon, and they want to bring you along for the ride!

So, whether you're a business owner, a buyer, or part of the e-commerce world in any way, check out boosst.

The link is right there in the description.

Get involved, collaborate, and be a part of something amazing.

Together, we can reach for the stars and achieve incredible growth.

In the world of e-commerce, boosst is the boost you need to make your dreams come true.

Get ready for an exciting journey, because with boosst, the sky's not the limit—there are no limits!


Vova :)

Table of Contents
  1. boosst Review: E-commerce Buying And Selling Platform
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet Gal Barzilay and Discover the Story Behind boosst: Who, How, and Why!
    3. boosst Onboarding Process for Business Sellers
    4. boosst for Those Who Want to Buy Businesses
    5. What Happens After We Submit the Information
    6. How Does the Money Transfer Happen
    7. The Vision of boosst
    8. Why Gal Became the COO of boosst
    9. What Makes Gal a Good COO
    10. Iteration at boosst
    11. How to Know if a Process is Good or Not
    12. The Partner Network of boosst
    13. Conclusion

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