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Vova Even Dec 15, 2021
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Every online seller dreams of getting their products out to customers quickly and efficiently. What happens too often is packages ship late, or shipments never make it to the customer.

The pressure can be high unless you have a dependable order fulfillment service in place. Deliverr is the answer.

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Deliverr is an order fulfillment solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses that focus on getting your packages to the customer faster.

They have a track record of success with clients who range from tech startups to online sellers and e-commerce companies. 

Deliverr also helps clients improve their conversion rates and reduce negative feedback by providing fast shipping and excellent service.

How Does Deliverr Work?

Deliverr works by outsourcing your order fulfillment operations to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) partner.

The company maintains a network of thousands of existing delivery partners who can take care of the shipping logistics from the point you drop off inventory at their facility to when it arrives at your end-user customer's location.

The Deliverr solution takes five to ten days to set up. Follow these steps to improve order fulfillment today.

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Step 1

Sign up for Deliverr.

Step 2

Create a shipment by selecting the items you want to ship and the sales channels you sell on.

Deliverr will provide a preview of how much it will cost to fulfill the order via various shipping services, including freight and parcel, to help you make an informed decision on how to get the order shipped out.

Step 3

Once your shipment arrives at the delivery center, Deliverr will track its progress. You can even check on it yourself through an online interface showing where your orders are in the process.

Step 4

When your order is complete, Deliverr will send it out to the customer with all the shipment information they need for auto-tracking.

What is the Pricing Schedule?

Deliverr offers tiered pricing for different package sizes and service levels. Prices are based on cost per parcel, with discounts available for volume orders.

The delivery cost varies based on the size of your shipment and the service level that works best for you. Read more about Deliverr pricing right

If you want to checkout their easy to use their calculator for a quick price check of your product on Deliverr, then you'll find the Deliverr calculator

Compete with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Deliverr provides an alternative to the Amazon FBA program without sacrificing speed or service. Now you can get the top one percent of Amazon sellers' sales without the exuberant costs.

I have a video about Deliverr vs Amazon FBA on my channel, where me and Tim from Deliverr talked about in-depth about how Deliverr stands against the FBA model by Amazon.

This video helps you decide which one is better for you and your needs. You can watch it on my YouTube channel.

Why Use Deliverr?

Deliverr is great for improving order fulfillment while also gaining access to a global delivery network.

They'll also help increase customer satisfaction by shipping faster and cheaper than you can with other services. They're the best way to compete with Amazon sellers without losing your shirt.

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I wish you all the best!