FBA Vids Coupon Code: Save Big On Your Video

Vova Even Jan 12, 2022
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If you are a seller of Amazon products, you probably wonder how to make more profit on your products. I am going to help you with this today.

First of all, I would like to draw your attention to a video production company that works with Amazon sellers and creates incredible videos for them - FBAVids. This company can help you increase the conversion rate of your products and make your product listings look more professional. I've worked with FBA Vids, and so far we've created 4 videos with them. Number 5 is in progress!

For example, they can create short and catchy videos for your product listings to improve your reach and boost sales. The team at FBA Vids is very professional and knows how to make your products look their best.

And what's even better, I have an FBA Vids coupon code for a 10% discount for all their services. The code is VOVA, simply mention it when you'll be on the call with their sales reps :)

Here's a video with the founders of FBA Vids, so you can get to know the people who do this awesome magic!

An Overview of FBA Vids

FBA Vids is a video production company that specializes in creating videos for Amazon sellers. They can create videos for your product listings, as well as Amazon PPC videos. The guys can also help you ran Facebook ads!

One of the main advantages of using FBA Vids is that they can help you create videos that look professional and increase the conversion rate of your products.

The company also offers a wide range of services with your video, such as hiring actors, voiceovers, music, sound effects, props, and graphics, and more!

Which Packages FBA Vids Have To Offer?

You can view all their packages & prices
here (with real video examples)!

Starter PPC Ad - comes with 3-4 motion graphic texts, a turntable, and a backdrop.

PPC Ad - includes 2-3 optional motion graphic texts, a personal account manager, location rental, one actor, and a 15-20 second video.

Listing Video - consists of 3-4 motion graphic texts, a personal account manager, location rental, one actor, and a 50- to 60-second video.

Listing & PPC Video - A mix of the previous two packages with a better price rate (I really recommend this one!)

Trendy PPC Ad - A special type of video ad filmed with motion and transitions.

Trendy Listing Video & PPC Ad - A mix of the Trendy stuff! You get a trendy PPC Ad + listing video with a better price.

EBC Brand Pacakge - The perfect package for brands with many different products that need top notch videos done for them.

Facebook Ads - Get awesome videos for your Facebook ads, and let the guys run the ads for you!

With FBA Vids, you can create a high-quality videos that give you a higher conversion rates for your products.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a 10% discount with my FBA Vids discount coupon code today! Mention the code VOVA to get 10% OFF discount for any package.

Benefits of FBA Vids

Boosts Conversions - Professional and well done videos increase the conversion on your listings, it's a fact!

Professional Look - Having professional-looking videos allows your products to look more trustworthy and reliable.

Amazon Ads - You can use FBA Vids to create Amazon PPC video ads for your products, leading to increased traffic and conversions.

Saves Time - Rather than creating a video yourself, you can use FBA Vids to make one for you.

Different Niches - FBA Vids can help you to promote products in various niches, including cookware, automotive, beauty items, clothing, and many more! I did mine in the BBQ niche!

Customization - Personalize the video to fit your brand by adding your unique style, voice, logos, actors, business name, and more.

Top Level Customer Experience - The customer service team is dedicated to helping you with any of your questions or concerns.

FBA Vids Promo Code

I have an FBA Vids coupon code for a 10% discount. So, make sure to use it when you decide to work with them. Use the code VOVA to get your special 10% discount. Good luck!

Vova :)