Seller Assistant Deals Review - Get Profitable Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals!

Vova Even Sep 01, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Easily Buy And Sell Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals - Seller Assistant Deals Review
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet Today's Guest: Oleg Kuzmenkov
    3. What Is Seller Assistant Deals
    4. Why Seller Assistant Deals?
    5. Seller Assistant Deals for Deal Buyers
    6. Seller Assistant Deals for Deal Sellers
    7. Filter For Finding Deals For Buyers
    8. Conclusion

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Easily Buy And Sell Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals - Seller Assistant Deals Review

Hey there!

Welcome to my exciting review and tutorial of Seller Assistant Deals! 🎉

If you're into Amazon online arbitrage and are always on the lookout for fantastic deals, you're in for a treat!

Picture this: a marketplace where you can buy or sell those lucrative deals (leads) that can boost your profits.

Get a free Seller Assistant Deals account by clicking here.

Well, guess what?

Oleg Kuzmenkov, the strong mind behind Seller Assistant App, has come up with a game-changer!

In this article, I'll be taking you on a journey through my recent video conversation with Oleg.

Yes, all the insightful details from our chat are right here, laid out in a conversational manner for your easy understanding.

To make things even better, I've included screenshots to provide visual references, ensuring you don't miss a beat. 😉

Oh, and here's the icing on the cake: I've got some exclusive discount offers for both Seller Assistant App and Seller Assistant Deals.

So, stick around and dive right in!

But hey, if you prefer watching to reading, I got you covered with the video below.

Happy watching!

So, whether you prefer to read or watch, let's delve into the world of Seller Assistant Deals and uncover the secrets to maximizing your profits with Oleg Kuzmenkov himself!

Let's get started! 💫



Vova: Hey there, welcome to Seller Assistant Deals Review!

Today, we have a super exciting topic to dive into.

We'll be exploring Seller Assistant Deals, an incredible marketplace designed specifically for Amazon sellers.

It's all about buying and selling deals or leads for online arbitrage.

And guess what?

We've got Oleg Kuzmenkov, the brilliant founder of Seller Assistant App, joining us today.

You might remember Oleg from some amazing videos we've done together on the Seller Assistant App.

There is also a full tutorial blog post for Seller Assistant App.

Of course, I've also prepared a nice Seller Assistant App discount for you.

If you haven't watched them yet, no worries, I've got it right below.

Seller Assistant Deals is a new addition to the Seller Assistant App that is really a game-changer.

We'll be taking a deep dive into this awesome tool and exploring how it works.

Plus, I'll share a unique offer for you to sign up for a free account on Seller Assistant Deals.

So make sure you stick around till the end.

Alright, enough chit-chat, let's get this party started!

Hey Oleg!

Why don't you introduce yourself to our audience?

After that, we can dive straight into the exciting world of the Seller Assistant App.

Take it away, Oleg!

Meet Today's Guest: Oleg Kuzmenkov

Oleg: Hello, my friends! Thank you so much for having me here.

I'm thrilled to share all about the Seller Assistant Deals marketplace with you.

But before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let me quickly tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Oleg, and I'm the founder of Seller Assistant App.

It's a handy Chrome extension designed to help Amazon sellers find profitable products for their online businesses.

It's perfect for both online arbitrage and wholesale ventures.

What Is Seller Assistant Deals

Now, let's talk about our newest addition, Seller Assistant Deals.

This incredible platform connects virtual assistants and sellers, creating a bustling marketplace for online arbitrage deals and leads.

It's all about bridging the gap between those who have deals to sell and those who need to buy them to kickstart their online arbitrage businesses.

Pretty cool, right?

So, let me walk you through how it works.

To get started, head over to Seller Assistant Deals website.

There, you'll find a wealth of information about the product.

If you're searching for a reliable online sourcing solution, this is your golden ticket.

With Seller Assistant Deals marketplace, you can save precious time that would otherwise be spent scouring for deals to sell on Amazon.

Instead, you simply choose the deal you want to buy, and buy it :)

We'll soon dive deep into how it all works.

It's quick, efficient, and hassle-free.

No need to hire virtual assistants or spend hours searching for products.

And here's the best part.

If you're already an established Amazon online arbitrage seller, chances are you have deals you'll never use.

For example, you sell Pet Supplies but have deals from Toys category.

So, you're never gonna use them, right?

Well, here's where Seller Assistant Deals marketplace comes to the rescue.

You can publish your unused deals on the marketplace and earn some extra cash.

It's a win-win situation.

You make money from deals that would otherwise gather dust.

But wait, there's more!

If you're a virtual assistant specializing in product research for Amazon sellers, this platform is a dream come true.

You can upload your carefully curated deals directly to the marketplace and sell them to eager Amazon sellers.

No more wasting time searching for clients.

Just upload your deals and start selling them on the marketplace.

It's that simple!

Vova: That sounds awesome, Oleg!

So, let me get this straight.

Seller Assistant Deals marketplace is not only perfect for sellers who have an excess of deals, but it's also a game-changer for virtual assistants (or regular sellers) who want to sell their researched deals.

Plus, it's a valuable resource for Amazon sellers who are looking for specific online arbitrage deals or who want to explore different categories.

Did I get it right?

Oleg: Right! Seller Assistant Deals marketplace truly caters to a wide range of sellers' needs.

Whether you have surplus deals, need to sell researched deals, or want to expand your product horizons, this marketplace has got you covered.

Why Seller Assistant Deals?

Vova: Fantastic! Now, Oleg, I notice some interesting features on the website, like Refund Warranty and Safe Purchase, etc.

Can you shed some light on these aspects?

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! Let me break it down for you.

When you're about to purchase a deal, there's always that lingering doubt—will it be compatible with your Amazon seller account?

Well, worry no more!

On our marketplace, you can seamlessly connect your Amazon seller account, and we'll do the legwork for you.

Each deal you come across will be thoroughly checked to ensure it can be sold on your specific account.

Talk about convenience, right?

Vova: That's incredible, Oleg! So, not only does Seller Assistant Deals Marketplace offer a wide range of deals, but it also protects buyers by verifying the compatibility of the deals with their Amazon seller accounts.

That's a game-changer!

Oleg: You got it, Vova! We're all about protecting our users and making sure they have a seamless experience.

And that's where our Refund Warranty comes into play.

We guarantee that if the product mentioned in the deal is out of stock at the supplier's website or if the deal information contains any incorrect details, we've got you covered.

We understand that mistakes happen, as our sellers are human too.

That's why our team of moderators verifies each online arbitrage deal, ensuring its accuracy.

If anything is different from the deal you've purchased, rest assured that you'll receive a refund.

Vova: That's fantastic, Oleg! It's reassuring to know that Seller Assistant Deals Marketplace takes the necessary steps to verify deals and protect buyers.

And I see that you have a refund policy in place.

Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Oleg: Of course, Vova! We want to be transparent with our users, and that's why we have a clear refund policy in place.

You can find all the details at the bottom of our website.

We do have specific criteria for issuing refunds, and we ensure that the process is fair and straightforward.

If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with the deal you've purchased, you have a seven-day window to request a refund.

During the refund process, you'll be asked to provide information about why you're requesting the refund.

The seller will review this information and make a decision.

But here's the cool part—if the seller declines your refund and you strongly believe it should be issued, you can raise a dispute with our moderators.

They'll step in and thoroughly investigate the situation.

Vova: So, to understand we can have an example.

Let's say, we receive a deal that's supposed to be in stock, but upon verification, we find out it's actually out of stock.

We'll reach out to the seller and discuss the issue.

Sometimes, the seller might insist that the product is in stock, or maybe there's even a chance that the buyer made a mistake.

In such cases, the matter is escalated to your team.

Your dedicated team knows the nitty-gritty of what's happening.

They dive into the details and carefully assess the situation.

They make their decisions based on the truth, ensuring fairness for all parties involved.

It's their job to unravel the mystery and find the best resolution.


Oleg: Exactly! And just to add, each buyer has a seven-day window for refund requests.

The reasoning behind this timeframe is that we believe it strikes the right balance. 

Vova: Yeah, it's crucial to have a reasonable timeframe for refund requests.

Waiting too long, like 60 days, for instance, can mix up stuff and cause confusion.

Oleg: Right! By setting a seven-day limit, we ensure that both buyers and sellers have a fair opportunity to resolve any issues promptly.

It keeps things efficient and ensures timely action.

Vova: That makes perfect sense, Oleg! Now, let's talk about what sets Seller Assistant Deals Marketplace apart from other solutions out there.

Many people purchase online arbitrage deals from deal lists or leads lists, right?

Oleg: You're absolutely right, Vova!

A lot of sellers opt for those deal lists, but here's where we shine.

On our marketplace, you have complete control and flexibility.

Instead of paying a hefty amount to access a list that's shared among 20 to 40 people, you get to choose the specific deals you want and pay only for those.

Vova: That's incredible! So, unlike the traditional deal lists where multiple people can purchase the same deals, on Seller Assistant Deals Marketplace, there's a limit, right?

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! To maintain exclusivity and fairness, we limit each deal to be sold a maximum of three times within a 30-day window.

So, it's not like you're competing with a hundred other sellers.

That keeps things more manageable and ensures a better chance of success for those who purchase the deals.

Vova: That's impressive! With the limit of three purchases per deal, sellers have a higher chance of getting their hands on profitable opportunities.

It's all about giving everyone a fair shot.

Oleg: Absolutely! We also do lead calculations every day.

We understand that the price of products on Amazon can be volatile.

That's why we fetch this information and perform calculations daily.

We calculate the profitability of each lead, and if it's deemed unprofitable, we turn it off.

However, as soon as a lead becomes profitable again, we turn it back on, and you can purchase it.

It's all about ensuring that sellers have access to the most up-to-date and profitable leads.

Each deal consists of two products—one on Amazon and one on the supplier's website.

As Amazon developers, we have access to valuable information about products listed on Amazon.

We fetch this information and perform calculations to provide sellers with insights into their potential profitability.

However, it's important to note that many deals also include a second part—the product on the supplier's website.

In addition to fetching information about products on Amazon, we also try to gather data from the supplier's website.

We strive to provide the best possible experience for our users.

While there may be cases where we can't fetch information from the supplier's website, in most instances, we can identify when a product is out of stock.

When that happens, we promptly switch off the deal, saving buyers from investing in an unavailable product.

It's all about keeping things efficient and profitable.

Vova: That's fantastic, Oleg!

It's clear that Seller Assistant Deals Marketplace goes above and beyond to ensure that sellers are making informed and profitable purchasing decisions.

It's all about providing a reliable and efficient platform.

So grab your free Seller Assistant Deals account now :)

Seller Assistant Deals for Deal Buyers

Oleg: Now, let's take a look at the interface of the Seller Assistant Deals marketplace.

Once you're signed up, you'll have access to a list of online arbitrage deals.

The interface is designed to provide you with valuable information about each deal.

You'll find a Keepa graph with historical data, including average Best Seller Rank (BSR) and category information.

We also display the deal's potential profit, the number of FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) competitors, the product price, the cost of goods at the supplier's website, and the logistic costs associated with buying the deal.

Additionally, you'll find a lock, similar to the one in the Seller Assistant App, that informs you about any necessary approvals to sell the product. 

Vova: Fantastic! So, what does that red lock symbol indicate?

Oleg: Once you've connected your Amazon seller account to this platform, every time you open a list of deals, it scans the products to see if you're eligible to sell them on Amazon.

If you need approval to sell a certain product, you'll see that red lock.

It's like a little alert to grab your attention.

Vova: Ah, got it! So, if I see a green open lock, it means my seller account is good to go for that product.

But when I spot that red lock, it means my account isn't eligible to sell that particular product.

But here's the million-dollar question—do we know what kind of approval we need when we see that red lock?

Oleg: You're spot on, Vova! It's a common dilemma.

When you encounter that red lock, the exact type of approval needed can vary.

It could be that Amazon asks you to provide an invoice with 10 products or an authorization letter from the brand owner.

Sometimes, Amazon might not request any documents and instead assess your internal seller score before granting approval.

The thing is, you never really know for sure until you let it know that you want to sell this product.

But remember that knowing about the gating requirement beforehand is always a good idea.

It saves you from any surprises down the road.

Vova: That's excellent advice, Oleg!

Being aware of the gating requirements before making a purchase is crucial.

It helps sellers plan ahead and avoid any potential hurdles.

Seller Assistant Deals for Deal Sellers

Moving on, I see there's a column titled "Vendor Source."

It's linked to the seller's storefront.

What can sellers expect to find there?

Oleg: Ah, yes! If you click on the upper link:

It will open up the seller's storefront.

And when you click on the link at the bottom:

You'll be able to access the supplier's website and find valuable information about them.

It's like getting a sneak peek into their world.

It's essential because you might want to check out the supplier's website before buying a deal.

It gives you a heads-up on whether they can deliver the product to your area, their return policy, and available payment methods.

It's all about getting to know your supplier and ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

Vova: That's brilliant, Oleg!

Knowing more about the seller and their storefront helps sellers make informed decisions.

It's all about establishing a strong foundation for successful transactions.

I also noticed some interesting details, like the date when the deal was uploaded to the platform and that verification flag.

What's the story behind those?

Oleg: Oh, those details are essential, Vova!

The date of upload lets you know how recent the deal is.

It's crucial information, especially when you're looking for the latest and hottest opportunities.

As for the verification flag, that's our moderators' seal of approval.

They meticulously check each deal using their extensive checklist, making sure everything is in order.

They also make sure that all product websites are registered for more than a year.

Plus, carts are checked to be sure that they are working and that the products are in stock.

That way, you can rest assured that the deal you're eyeing is legit and verified.

Vova: That's really reassuring, Oleg!

Knowing that the deals are thoroughly checked by moderators gives sellers peace of mind.

Now, let's talk about the deal price.

Once a seller holds a deal, what do they get, and when do they get it?

Oleg: Great question!

The deal price is what the buyer pays to buy the deal from the seller.

Once you get a hold of a deal, you'll get all the essential information about the product, including a link to Amazon and the product supplier's website.

It's everything you need to start selling that product.

Vova: That sounds super convenient, Oleg!

It's like a one-stop shop for all the info you need to kickstart your sales journey.

Now, what about the money part?

When does the seller get paid after someone buys their deal?

Oleg: Sellers receive their money after 14 days.

It's a gap we've designed to protect customers and ensure a smooth process.

During this time, we handle any potential returns and ensure that everything is in order.

Vova: That's fair enough, Oleg!

Taking those 14 days to manage returns and ensure everything's in order sounds like a smart approach to maintaining a trustworthy marketplace.

Vova: Now, let's take a closer look at the product details.

What kind of information can sellers find when they open a deal?

Oleg: Sure, Vova!

Our platform provides sellers with a wealth of information to make informed decisions.

You can dig deeper into each product by clicking on its ID.

It will allow you to explore product details like size, category, Best Seller Rank (BSR) trends, estimated sales, pricing, cost of goods, logistic costs, and all the fees related to the product.

In fact, there's much more.

It's like a gold mine of data for sellers.

There's also a Keepa graph with historical information about the product.

You can switch between different timeframes to assess how the product has been performing overall.

Vova: That's incredible, Oleg!

Having access to such detailed insights helps sellers assess the potential profitability of each deal.

And speaking of sellers, can buyers leave ratings for them?

Like, you know, a little feedback on their experiences?

Oleg: At the moment, we don't have seller ratings on the platform, but it's definitely something we plan to add in the future.

We're always looking to improve and enhance the platform for our users.

Vova: That's awesome, Oleg!

It's fantastic to hear that the Seller Assistant Deals marketplace is continuously evolving and growing.

It shows that you're dedicated to providing the best experience for your users.

The future looks bright!

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! We're committed to delivering top-notch solutions for Amazon sellers.

As our Seller Assistant App continues to evolve, Seller Assistant Deals follows the same path of growth.

It's an exciting journey!

Vova: It truly is, Oleg!

The progress and development are evident, and it's fantastic to see both Seller Assistant App and Seller Assistant Deals flourishing.

Oleg: Now, let's dive into the process of buying a deal on Seller Assistant Deals.

It's super easy to buy a deal on Seller Assistant Deals.

You can add a deal to your cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button, or if you're ready to buy, you can hit "Buy Now" and proceed to the checkout page.

Here, you'll see your shopping cart with all the awesome deals you've added.

And, if you ever change your mind, you can easily remove a deal from your cart.

Vova: That's really convenient, Oleg!

Giving sellers the flexibility to manage their carts and make confident decisions is key.

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova!

And here's a cool feature—if you have an internal balance, like a refund or a topped-up account, you can choose to pay from there.

But if not, no worries, just connect your credit card, and you're good to go!

Vova: Easy peasy! So once you've paid for the deal, where does it show up?

Oleg: Once you've made the purchase, the deal will appear in your Orders section.

You can access it anytime to review the details.

It's like your personalized portal for all your purchased deals.

Vova: That's really handy, Oleg! Having a dedicated orders section keeps everything organized and accessible.

Oleg: Exactly! And within your orders, you can open a deal by clicking on the Order ID and get all the juicy information.

You'll find the product title, ASIN, and supplier website.

If the seller has any specific instructions or a coupon code you need to apply, it'll be right there for you.

And if the seller has provided any public information about the product, you'll see that too.

Vova: That's fantastic!

Sellers get all the vital details they need to make their selling journey successful.

Oleg: Exactly! And hey, if by any chance something goes awry with the deal, remember that sellers have a seven-day window to request a refund.

Within this timeframe, the Refund button will be displayed right there, making it a hassle-free process.

Vova: Perfect! The refund option adds an extra layer of security and ensures a worry-free buying experience.

Alright, Oleg, let's take a peek at the seller's side.

Can you show us how the seller's site looks?

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! Let's check it out together.

So, for all you sellers out there, you have your own dashboard where you can manage everything.

You'll find your store balance, sales, inventory list, orders, refunds, and payouts.

Your seller balance reflects the amount you have in your account, but remember, pending payouts are a bit less as we hold the last 14 days of sales to ensure customer protection.

So, that money will be paid out to you at the end of the week.

Vova: That's smart, Oleg! Ensuring a smooth and secure process for both sellers and buyers is a win-win situation.

Oleg: You got it, Vova! Now, if you're a seller and ready to share some fantastic deals, you'll find the "Sell OA Deals" option on our website.

Just click it and fill out the form with your experience and agreement to our seller terms.

If you already have an account, you can simply go to your profile:

Then, click Go To The Store."

Once your application is reviewed and approved, you're all set to start selling on the marketplace!

Vova: Awesome! So, let's dive into the process of adding a deal.

How do sellers get their deals listed on the platform?

Oleg: It's super simple, Vova! You head to the "Inventory" section.

There, you'll see an option to create a product.

Just add the Amazon seller link, and we'll display the marketplace, like Amazon US, Germany, or the UK.

Additional details will be hidden until the product is sold.

You can also add the supplier link, and we'll show just the domain name of the supplier.

Once the deal is sold, the product details become visible to the buyer.

Vova: I see! So, sellers can confidently list their products, knowing that sensitive information is protected until the deal is closed.

Oleg: Exactly! It's all about transparency and safety.

Now, you'll need to fill in some essential fields like the cost of goods (COG) on the supplier's website.

That's the product cost, and sellers should consider additional expenses like shipping to Amazon FBA when setting their deal price.

For example, if its cost is $20, the seller will spend a dollar or two to bring this product from the supplier's website which will be written in the "3PL" cell. 

The "Deal Price" is something the buyer will pay you to get information about products.

Based on the product price, you can write any amount in this cell.

It can be $10 or $20—totally up to you.

Vova: Got it! So, after sellers fill out this form and set their deal price, they'll see the marketplace fee deducted from their earnings. 

Oleg: Precisely! So, if you set your deal for $10 as a seller, you'll earn $7 from the purchase.

The buyer pays $10, and the $3 marketplace fee ensures we keep providing the best service to all our users!

Vova: Got it! That's fair and straightforward!

Oleg: Absolutely! And just a friendly reminder for all the awesome sellers reading this, if you sign up for Seller Assistant App through Vova, we will share some exclusive love and appreciation by letting you create a free account PLUS a $20 discount.

So, it's a win-win for everyone!

Vova: And if that sounds intriguing, you can avail of the offer now through the buttons below.

Enjoy! 🙂

Oleg: Exactly, Vova!

Now, let's get back and dive into some more details about creating a deal.

When setting up your deal, you'll notice an option to bundle or set it.

This means the deal contains multiple products that must be bundled or combined before sending them to Amazon.

It's crucial information for both sellers and buyers since bundling and creating sets can be a bit costly.

So, we have a flag option to make things crystal clear.

Vova: That's really helpful! Clarity is key when it comes to making smart decisions in online arbitrage.

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! And to make the deal even more appealing, sellers have two fields for descriptions.

The "Public Description" is what buyers see before they make the purchase.

It's a great place to provide information about any product quantity limitations or special deals like "10 max in order" or "free delivery from $50."

It adds that extra touch of transparency!

Vova: Nice! So, buyers can have all the essential information right at their fingertips before they make a decision.

What about the "Message for Buyers" description?

Oleg: Ah, yes! This section is a spot where sellers can add specific instructions or information about the product after the purchase.

It can be something like a replacement product linked to a different website.

This way, buyers know exactly what to expect after they complete the transaction.

Vova: Perfect! Clear as day, Oleg!

Oleg: Once everything's set, click on the "CREATE" button to get the deal created, or if you want to save it as a draft, select the "TO DRAFT" option from its dropdown.

After you've created the deal, it will appear in your inventory.

And if it meets all the criteria for profitability, availability, and accuracy, it goes to the "Active" tab.

We regularly check both Amazon listings and the supplier website for updates.

If a deal becomes unprofitable or goes out of stock, it automatically moves to the "Inactive" tab.

Vova: That's convenient! It helps sellers keep track of their active and inactive deals effortlessly.

Next, I can see the "Drafts" tab but it doesn't need to be explained because it's pretty obvious that the drafted deals will appear here.

What about the "Rejected" tab?

Oleg: Ah, the "Rejected" tab is where a deal lands if our moderators find any issues during the review.

If a deal gets rejected, sellers can edit it to address the concerns and republish.

We want to ensure everything on the platform is top-notch!

Vova: That's a great system, Oleg! And I see we also have an "Orders" option in the side menu to keep track of all transactions.

Oleg: Yes, indeed! All orders are recorded here with important details like order date, ID, status, and price.

Plus, we also have a Transaction option, which includes sales and refunds to sellers.

It's all neatly organized!

Vova: But what is the "Payouts" tab about?

Oleg: Payouts are the sweet rewards you get in your bank account from our amazing Marketplace.

But before you start selling deals, you'll need to set up your seller account.

It's super easy! Your seller account includes a logo, a store name, and a description.

Just remember, you can't use the Seller Assistant Deals brand name or put any links or personal contact info in there.

Once you've created your seller account, you'll get a unique link to your storefront.

You can share this link to start selling products like a pro!

Also, we have options for payout methods and sellers can create their preferred way to get paid.

To do so, sellers can head to the Store Account > Payout Methods section.

From there, they can choose from PayPal, a U.S. bank account, a Swift bank account, or Wise.

PayPal is simple—just enter your PayPal account.

If you prefer a bank account, fill out the required info.

You can also use your Payoneer account's bank information.

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Now let's resume the conversation. :)

Vova: Excellent! So, sellers have various options to suit their needs.

What about the Swift bank account?

Oleg: Ah, yes, the Swift bank account is mostly for European sellers, but due to high payout fees, we might remove it soon.

It's essential for sellers to consider the fees before choosing this option.

We'll keep you updated if we make any changes!

Vova: Got it, Oleg! And what about Wise?

How does it work?

Oleg: Wise is a lot like PayPal, but sellers use their Wise Account email address.

It's super convenient!

Just make sure your Wise account is public, so we can find you.

Some sellers forget to make their Wise account public, so we can't process the payout.

Vova: That makes sense! And if there are any issues with the payout, how will sellers be informed?

Oleg: If there's a problem with your bank account or Wise account, we'll let you know through a message.

We want to make sure everything goes smoothly for our awesome sellers!

Vova: Sounds great, Oleg! Now, when can sellers expect to receive their hard-earned payouts?

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! We want our sellers to be happy and successful.

So, remember, payouts are issued every Saturday, but it takes around 14 days for deals to be approved before you get your well-deserved earnings.

Oh, and keep in mind, we have a minimum payout amount of $10.

So, when you reach that threshold, you'll receive your payout next Saturday.

Vova: Awesome! Thanks for clarifying that, Oleg.

And to all our readers, don't forget to create your free account of Seller Assistant Deals through my exclusive offer.

Whether you're a seller or a researcher, you can join the platform and explore incredible opportunities.

So, go ahead and check it out!

Oleg: That's right! We welcome sellers who can provide quality deals and help our community grow.

And if you're a buyer looking to boost your business, Seller Assistant Deals is the place to be.

Sign up for a free account and let's grow together!

Filter For Finding Deals For Buyers

Vova: Absolutely! And before we wrap it up, is there anything else you'd like to share?

Oleg: Yes, I'd like to shed some light on the filter option we have on the platform.

Our filter is a powerful tool to find deals that fit your specific needs.

For example, if you want to avoid products with brand restrictions, you can choose red flag options like "Brand Gate".

And if you prefer not to deal with variations or oversized items, you can filter them out too through the "Variations" flag.

And just to add, our filter covers European and US Amazon marketplaces.

We're eager to see more sellers from the UK and Germany join us, so European buyers can find quality deals too.

Vova: For sure! European sellers, come on board, and let's make Seller Assistant Deals even better.

We're all in this together, growing and supporting each other.

Oleg: Absolutely, Vova! We believe in harmonious growth where everyone benefits.

Thank you for having me here.

Vova: It's my pleasure, Oleg! Your dedication to helping sellers and the passion you put into your products are truly commendable.

Oleg: Thank you, Vova! We're here to support you all the way.

Let's grow together, sellers, service providers, and buyers.

Let's make the most of this journey and create a better life for ourselves and those around us.

Vova: Well said, Oleg! It's all about growth, learning, and building a great community.



So, that was a wrap-up of my conversation with Oleg.

We covered everything from how the platform works, to the benefits for both sellers and buyers, and even explored some cool features like the filter.

If you're an online arbitrage seller or a researcher looking for quality deals, Seller Assistant Deals is the place to be.

With a user-friendly interface, verified deals, and an amazing filter, you can find profitable opportunities and take your business to new heights.

So, whether you're a seller looking to expand your reach or a buyer eager to grow your business, don't hesitate to sign up for a free account on Seller Assistant Deals.

Let's grow together, support each other, and make the most of this exciting adventure.

Thank you all for giving this article a read.

I hope you found it valuable and inspiring.

Until next time, keep hustling and chasing those profitable deals.

Goodbye, everyone, and take care!


Vova :)

P.S - I am also a writer on the Seller Assistant App website, check out my stuff there :)

Table of Contents
  1. Easily Buy And Sell Amazon Online Arbitrage Deals - Seller Assistant Deals Review
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet Today's Guest: Oleg Kuzmenkov
    3. What Is Seller Assistant Deals
    4. Why Seller Assistant Deals?
    5. Seller Assistant Deals for Deal Buyers
    6. Seller Assistant Deals for Deal Sellers
    7. Filter For Finding Deals For Buyers
    8. Conclusion

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