UnreaL China Review - Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder + Product And Manufacturer Inspection Services

Vova Even Feb 07, 2024
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Table of Contents
  1. UnreaL China Review: Quality Control And Shipping Solutions
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet the Guest: Aleksandr Khudiakov
    3. What is UnreaL China?
    4. Samples Check and Consolidation Service
    5. Product and Manufacturer Inspection Service
    6. Product Shipping and Freight Forwarder Service
    7. Work-Life Balance
    8. UnreaL China Coupon Codes for Discounts
    9. UnreaL China Goals for this year
    10. Conclusion

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UnreaL China Review: Quality Control And Shipping Solutions

Hello there, I'm Vova Even, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to our UnreaL China review!

Today, we're taking a fascinating journey into the world of UnreaL China with its founder, Aleksandr Khudiakov.

Don't worry if the words "freight forwarding" and "product inspections" sound like a foreign language – we're going to break it all down in the simplest and friendliest way possible.

So, what's all the buzz about UnreaL China?

Well, imagine you have this fantastic product idea, maybe something you've dreamed about selling around the world.

UnreaL China is like your magical genie that can make it happen.

They're experts at getting your stuff from China to anywhere you want it to go, no matter where you are in the world.

That means your dream product can reach the hands of customers on the other side of the planet!

But that's not all – UnreaL China is like your personal superhero when it comes to quality control.

They're like the guardians of your product's quality and safety.

They can visit factories in China to make sure everything is top-notch, so you can sell your products with confidence.

Plus, they can help you with things like getting product samples and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Oh, and guess what?

I've got an awesome offer for you inside the article that can save you some serious cash when you use UnreaL China's services.

Use code VOVAEVEN with UnreaL China to save $20 on any order between $200 to $499, or $50 on any order over $500.

It's like getting a special deal at your favorite store – who doesn't love that?

Now, I know reading might not be everyone's cup of tea, so if you're more of a visual learner, I've got you covered.

You can also watch the video below where Aleksandr and I had a friendly chat.

We've tried to keep things easy to understand and fun, just like talking to a friend.

So, get ready for an exciting and enlightening conversation with Aleksandr.

We'll explore how UnreaL China can make your product dreams a reality, ensure quality, and help you save money.

It's going to be a blast, so let's jump right into our chat with Aleksandr!



Vova: Hey, welcome to the UnreaL China review!

UnreaL China is an Amazon FBA Freight forwarder, a company that I've been working with since 2017 for logistics to Amazon.

Basically, my partner and I have been shipping with UnreaL China and our guest today is the company's founder Aleksandr Khudiakov.

We've been working together for about six years now, and I believe this is the company we've made the most shipments with, which I'm really grateful for.

We've also done inspections and other things.

So today, I'd love to talk about Aleksandr's company for those who are interested in Amazon FBA freight forwarding.

I'll also share a special offer for those who are interested.

So you might get some benefits if you decide to work with Aleksandr.

But in this video, I want to see what UnreaL China is all about and how it operates.

I know a little bit as a client, but I would love to hear from Aleksander.

Meet the Guest: Aleksandr Khudiakov

Vova: So, Aleksandr, my man, how are you doing today?

Aleksandr: Yeah, I'm good.

Thank you for asking.

I'm in Los Angeles right now, and the weather is really nice. 

It's about 90, so it's really hot.

My team is in China as well as in my home country, Kyrgyzstan.

So we have three offices all over the world - Kyrgyzstan, China, and here in Los Angeles.

Vova: Nice, man!

Good to have you here.

By the way, we did a video together like three years ago in Phuket, Thailand.

It's about Amazon logistics.

The sound there wasn't the best, but for those who want to see it, they'll definitely find it a gold nugget.

It's really good to see you again, Aleksandr.

Aleksandr: Yeah, it's great to be back.

What is UnreaL China?

Vova: So, in UnreaL China, you mentioned you have offices around the world, and I mentioned in the beginning that you do logistics and you're a freight forwarder.

Together, we've shipped from China to Canada and the USA.

Could you please tell us about it - what does UnreaL China do?

You mentioned some things, but there's probably more.

How do you guys do it all?

I'm curious to know it all.

Aleksandr: Sure, let's start from the smallest and go bigger.

Use code VOVAEVEN with UnreaL China to save $20 on any order between $200 to $499, or $50 on any order over $500.

Samples Check and Consolidation Service

Aleksandr: First of all, we offer a really small service - it's like a sample check and sample consolidation.

It's a service, for example, if you run an online business and you want to purchase some samples from your manufacturer.

You want to check them in China, or you want to send them to your home country.

But you don't want to go to China yourself, spending time and money to visit your manufacturer and see the samples.

This service starts from the beginning. But why do we provide this service?

You might wonder.

We offer this service because when you purchase samples from your manufacturer, they usually send them one by one.

And every time you send a sample to your country, you have to pay for shipping.

The shipping rate has a minimum cost, which is about $30 for every sample.

After that, you pay based on weight, like four kilos or more.

So, you can imagine the costs adding up.

Vova: Right, so it can get expensive.

Aleksandr: Exactly.

My customers are saving thousands of dollars by using this service.

Let's say you have 50 samples.

You collect them in my warehouse in China, and we charge a mere $10 for each sample.

Once you have all of them together, we pack them in one big package and send it to your country.

It's a great way to save on shipping costs.

So, for example, if you send those 50 samples one by one, the minimum price for each package would be around 30 to 40 dollars.

Now let's do some quick math. 

If you send 50 samples individually, it would cost you about 1,000 to 2,000 bucks in shipping fees alone.

Vova: That's quite a lot!

Aleksandr: Indeed.

But if you send them to our warehouse, we'll receive and collect them for you.

Then, we'll send them all together to you, and the shipping cost would be about $200 to $300.

You'd also pay us for the collection service, which for 50 samples, would be around $500.

So, when you add it all up, you'd spend a total of around $800.

Vova: Got it!

So, by using your service, people can save money on shipping.

Aleksandr: Yeah, but before collecting the samples and doing the consolidation, we provide other services as well.

One such service is sample inspection.

This means we can conduct online inspections for you.

Sometimes, we have cases where three or four manufacturers send the same sample.

It makes you wonder why they're sending the same thing and paying for shipping multiple times, right?

Vova: Right, it doesn't make sense.

Aleksandr: Exactly!

Every manufacturer usually has standard molds for their products.

You know what molds are, right?

Vova: Yeah, I get it.

So, molds are about the size and appearance of the product, kind of like the shape, plastics used, and overall form, right?

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova. It's about having the same shape, plastics, and form.

Here's how Chinese manufacturers work: They often buy raw materials like plastic from one company and then assemble products using various components.

Take an electronic device, for example.

Companies like Apple don't make everything themselves.

They source parts from different factories and put them together.

So, there's a lot of competition among manufacturers, but it usually comes down to price, right?

Vova: Yeah, that's what I've heard.

It's a price competition.

Aleksandr: Yes, but not just price.

Sometimes, it's about the quality of the inside details.

However, for many plastic products, they do look the same.

Vova: Got it.

Aleksandr: And you need to separate the bad samples from the good ones.

So you need to do a sample inspection.

What we can do is, before sending the samples to your home country, we can do a sample inspection in our warehouse.

Let's say you have 50 samples.

We can inspect them, and for example, we might find that half of them are of poor quality, with issues like bad plastic or strange odors.

We help you separate the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

So, you don't need to send several kilos of samples to your home country as it would cost a lot more in shipping.

Instead, you can save money by using our service through which the cost for consolidation and inspection would be the same - ten dollars each.

Another benefit of using our service is that you save time.

You don't have to wait for samples to be sent to your home country one by one.

Let's say your samples arrive at our warehouse today, and we can inspect them the same day.

You won't have to deal with the delays of samples arriving at different times.

Time is precious, and sometimes saving time is even more valuable than saving money.

Vova: That's an interesting perspective.

Time is money, right?

Aleksandr: Absolutely!

Vova: So basically, you can help us inspect the samples that manufacturers in China send to your warehouse instead of sending them to our home.

You can inspect them for us and let us know which samples are good and which ones are not.

Plus, you can consolidate them for us.

For example, instead of us individually sending 5 to 10 samples from different manufacturers, each costing around $30 to $40, totaling up to $200, we can send them to you.

You'll consolidate them into one big package and maybe even help us identify and remove the two samples that are complete garbage.

This not only saves us time but also money, which is pretty cool, I must say.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova.

That's exactly how it works with sample consolidation and inspection.

It's like a sample overview inspection.

Vova: I remember you mentioned this service in a video we did about three years ago on how to order samples.

It's an old video, but it's still useful for those looking to create their first sample.

You explained how to think about it and what to look for, and I believe you also mentioned that we can help with this.

So, this service is not just for beginners; it's also valuable for advanced sellers who are consistently launching new products.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova.

It's a service that can help anyone in the business.

Vova: Alright.

Use code VOVAEVEN with UnreaL China to save $20 on any order between $200 to $499, or $50 on any order over $500.

Product and Manufacturer Inspection Service

Aleksandr: Now let's talk about the second service we provide, which is product and manufacturer inspection.

Vova: Sure, please tell us more about it.

Aleksandr: Of course!

So, product and manufacturer inspection is all about ensuring the quality of the factories you're planning to work with.

For instance, let's say you're considering working with four or five different manufacturers.

You need to review and check the condition of these factories.

Because, believe it or not, some factories can be quite deceiving. You might see good reviews on Alibaba, everything looks great, but when you dig deeper, you realize the real picture can be quite different.

Vova: That sounds tricky.

Aleksandr: It can be. Some factories may look impressive online, but in reality, they could be operating out of a small garage, a tiny, dirty place, or even a family-owned setup in a village.

You just can't always trust what you see online.

That's where manufacturer inspection comes in.

Vova: Got it. So, how does the inspection process work?

Aleksandr: Well, there are a few aspects to it.

First, we can conduct online inspections where we send our inspector to the manufacturer.

They check all the company documents, like business licenses in Chinese language.

They compare these documents with the real address of the factory to verify their legitimacy.

They also look at when the company was established and ensure that the name of the company matches what you see on Alibaba.

We asked the manufacturer to show us around the factory, from the sales department to the engineering department, the warehouse, and the manufacturing area.

This way, we get a comprehensive view of the factory's capabilities.

Vova: That's interesting.

Aleksandr: During these inspections, we even check things like the machine room to understand the manufacturing process.

A machine room is where we can see how the production flow works, how the product is manufactured, and which parts of the product they make in-house, and which parts they purchase from other factories.

This is crucial information because it helps you understand the factory's dependency.

For example, if a factory is only producing about 10% of the product and buying the rest from other factories, it means they are highly dependent on those other manufacturers.

You need to know these details because your business can become vulnerable if your manufacturer is too reliant on others.

Vova: Absolutely, those are important details to consider.

What else do you look for during these inspections?

Aleksandr: Well, we also make sure to find out who the owner of the factory is, and who the CEO is. 

Our inspectors go and shake their hand, and introduces themselves as representatives of our clients. 

For example, if it's you, they'd say something like "Hi, I'm here on behalf of Vova." 

We express our intention to cooperate and build a business relationship because the manufacturer is a huge part of your business. 

You can have great sales, marketing, and everything else, but if the manufacturer's quality is poor, it can become a bottleneck in your business. 

If there's a good flow through the bottleneck, and if that's smooth, the factory operates efficiently. I also have a personal life hack.

It's a little inspection hack I've developed over time. 

You know it very well actually.

Vova: Haha, yes! But I'd love it if you share it with our audiences.

Aleksandr: So, when I was an inspector, this is what I used to do: When I first visited a manufacturer, I'd ask a specific question to the person who greeted me, usually the salesperson who had been in contact with me before.

The first question I'd ask would be, "Where is the restroom?"

If they worked at the factory and had been there before, they should know where the restroom is, right?

Vova: That's a clever way to gauge their familiarity with the factory.

So, what would happen whenever you tried this?

Aleksandr: Well, in some cases, the person who brought me to the factory didn't know where the restroom was.

That's a sign that they might not actually work at the factory.

It's possible they're just a third-party intermediary trying to pass themselves off as part of the factory.

Vova: Ah, I see what you mean.

So, it's a quick way to figure out if the person is truly connected to the factory or not.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova. It's a simple trick that can give you insights into the authenticity of your contact at the factory.

Vova: You're absolutely right. Just one small question can potentially save sellers a lot of money, problems, and headaches.

It's a clever way to quickly assess the situation.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova.

Vova: And you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned how crucial the manufacturer is in this business.

If you're selling products on Amazon, they're the ones creating those products, so they're undeniably one of the most vital parts of the equation.

Aleksandr: Absolutely.

Now, it happens that sometimes there are multiple people from the manufacturer who greet you when you visit, like engineers, CEOs, and salespeople.

And when I ask the same question to all of them, it's interesting to see that sometimes the person I've been communicating with online, who's supposed to be from that factory, doesn't even think to answer the question because they don't know where the restroom is.

It's a small but telling detail.

Vova: That's quite a savvy approach.

Aleksandr: Exactly!

So, when you ask about the restroom and someone else in the group says they know where it is, you turn to the salesperson and ask them to guide you.

It's like you're pushing them to prove they're connected to the factory.

When it comes to business, especially when it's about your customer's money, you have to be thorough and assertive.

These are steps I've been taking since my younger days when I was a student.

Over the ten years I've been living in China, I've learned all these little nuances and tricks.

I've gained that level of experience and fluency in Chinese.

And I've been to many factories and dealt with various such cases.

At UnreaL China, we follow a similar process when conducting product inspections.

Sometimes, people place orders with manufacturers without even checking them first, but it's a 50-50 situation.

Half the time, it turns out well, and the other half... not so much.

So, we begin the product inspection with a manufacturer inspection, following the same method.

We spend about 30 minutes to an hour not going too deep but getting an overview of the factory.

And we even record videos, allowing the customer to be part of it online.

We believe in making it a collaborative process. 

Customers can join us through platforms like Zoom, Skype, or WeChat.

Together, we explore the factory, checking out all the departments and rooms.

We can also have a direct conversation with the manufacturer.

Vova: That's great.

Aleksandr: I'd also like to mention that all our inspectors are foreigners who speak Chinese.

We prefer to use foreign inspectors because when a Chinese person inspects another Chinese person, there's a potential for corruption.

Corruption exists everywhere, and sometimes, you never know what's behind closed doors.

For example, no one knows what the term "hóngbāo" means.

Hóngbāo, in English, indicates a red letter you gift people during holidays or special occasions.

Why is it red, you ask?

Well, because it has money in it.

So, having a foreign perspective can help ensure a more unbiased inspection. 

Vova: It's interesting to learn about cultural nuances like the significance of red letters in China.

So, have there been any cases where Chinese manufacturers tried to give red letters to your employees?

Aleksandr: Yes, that's right, Vova.

We've encountered situations where Chinese manufacturers attempted to give red letters to our employees.

They'd come to me and say, "They've given me this, what should I do?"

Of course, the answer is that they should not accept it.

Vova: Right, it could lead to complications.

Aleksandr: Absolutely. It might sound surprising, but I've heard of cases where even Chinese inspectors would accept these red letters.

I'm not implying that all Chinese people do this, but sometimes it happens.

That's why we take steps to control it during inspections.

We have a technical support team from our company who monitors the entire inspection process.

They're always online and in the same chat group, ensuring everything is done properly.

Vova: It's great to hear about the level of control and teamwork in your inspections.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova.

Everyone in my team has a role to play.

Our technical support team plays a crucial role in ensuring everything goes smoothly, and they even have checklists to keep track of the process.

Plus, to add to the seamlessness of the process, we base their salaries on the quality of their work.

This incentivizes them to always give their best.

Vova: And I can vouch for the effectiveness of your inspection service.

We've used it before, and I remember we had clear communication with the inspectors.

They showed us videos and pictures of the product, and we could even ask them to zoom in on specific parts.

Before the inspection, we discussed details like how many boxes there were and where they needed to go.

It was a smooth process.

Aleksandr: Thank you, Vova.

I'm really proud of this service because I personally started and developed it before delegating it to my team.

Even though I'm the CEO now, I'm still hands-on in my company, making sure everything is under control.

Speaking of inspections, let me show you our UnreaL China tape.

As you can see, it has our company logo and a QR code for our Facebook group.

We're really proud of UnreaL China Facebook page, which boasts 88 reviews with a five-star rating over the past six years.

It's quite an achievement.

Vova: That's impressive, Aleksandr.

A strong online presence speaks volumes about your company's reputation.

Aleksandr: Indeed, Vova.

Now, let me explain what we do to ensure product integrity.

When we inspect a product and pack it into the master box, we seal the box using our tape.

We seal not just one line but two sides as well—one in the middle and one on each side.

Then, we flip over the box and seal the other side in the same manner.

This provides us with proof that the manufacturer won't open these boxes and replace the good quality products with inferior ones.

Vova: That's a smart way to maintain product integrity during inspections.

Aleksandr: Yes, and when you send products through our company and we receive them at our warehouse in China, we double-check the tape.

If we find that the products were opened or the tape is damaged, it's a rare occurrence, but it's our way of ensuring quality control, which is crucial.

And even though it's rare that manufacturers tamper with the sealed boxes, we still have that extra layer of security.

It's a small but significant step.

I remember doing this when I was an inspector, and it's a way to prove to customers that the products were inspected and the master boxes were sealed by me.

It's quite satisfying to see a pallet with 20 or 50 boxes, all sealed with the UnreaL China tape.

It gives you peace of mind.

Vova: That's a nice touch, and it shows your dedication to quality control.

Aleksandr: Thank you, Vova.

By the way, I've been posting about this tape in our Russian-speaking Facebook group called Project Amazon for the past six years.

It's a testament to how well it works.

Vova: That's great to hear.

Use code VOVAEVEN with UnreaL China to save $20 on any order between $200 to $499, or $50 on any order over $500.

Product Shipping and Freight Forwarder Service

Aleksandr: Now, let's move on to your shipping services.

We have our own warehouse in Dongguan city.

We used to have a warehouse in Shenzhen, but we relocated to Dongguan, which is about a 20-minute drive away.

We relocated to Dongguan because the leasing rate was lower, and we got a bigger space.

It's just a 20-minute drive away, so essentially, it's in the same city.

Vova: It sounds like a smart move to optimize costs while still maintaining efficiency.

So, your warehouse in Dongguan is entirely managed by your own employees, correct?

Aleksandr: Yes, that's correct. Our warehouse in Dongguan is fully operated by our employees.

We don't rely on other shipping companies' warehouses to handle our products and shipments.

Vova: That's a key differentiator.

Aleksandr: Right. And we have 11 partner warehouses across China, one in each province and city.

These partner warehouses are a significant advantage for us.

They help us save money on picking up products from manufacturers and shipping them to China.

In total, we have 12 warehouses at our disposal, and we can use these partner warehouses as if they were our own.

It's incredibly efficient because it eliminates the need to transport products long distances.

For example, if you need to send products from Shanghai, there's no need to send them to our warehouse in Dongguan, which is about 60-100 miles away.

You save time and money on three-day shipping.

Vova: That's a great strategy to streamline logistics and minimize transportation costs.

Aleksandr: It might sound a bit crazy, but sometimes the logistics can be like a wild roller coaster.

For instance, we sometimes send products from Shanghai to Dongguan, and then back from Dongguan to Shanghai.

It's a bit of a logistical loop, but it happens, especially when we work with partners like FESCO, who operate from the Shanghai port.

Vova: That's quite the journey for the products, but I guess it's all part of optimizing the shipping process.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova. We offer a wide range of shipping services to cater to different needs.

We handle air shipping, sea shipping, train services to Europe, and even truck services to Europe.

However, for most of our products, we send them to the United States because it's such a massive market. 

And within air shipping, we have options like direct flights, which take about 5-6 days from departure to the Amazon warehouse. 

Alternatively, there are transit flights, which take a bit longer, around 10-11 days from China.

Vova: It's great that you provide various shipping options to suit different needs and timelines.

Aleksandr: Now, let's delve into sea shipping, which is often the most cost-effective way to send products to Amazon or other countries. 

It may sound simple, but in reality, sea shipping offers several options. 

For you, it might seem like there are three ways, but for us, it's much more nuanced, with around 15 to 20 different companies and various ports to consider.

Vova: That's quite a complex landscape. 

Can you give us some examples of these ports?

Aleksandr: Absolutely.

We have ports like Yantian in Shenzhen, Shanghai Port, Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, and many others across China.

Each port has its own distinct approach and a range of shipping companies or vessel providers.

For instance, you might say, "I want fast sea shipping," and for us, that means delving into the specifics of which port and shipping company to use.

Do you want it to go to Los Angeles Port, New York Port, Houston Port, or one of the Florida ports?

These choices determine the shipping route.

Vova: Got it. So, the choice of port and shipping company have a significant impact on the shipping route and timeline?

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova.

For instance, if you're shipping from Shanghai to Los Angeles or Oakland Port on the West Coast of the United States, it's one of the fastest routes, taking about 10-11 days from port to port.

However, if you're sending to New York on the East Coast, it becomes more complex because it may involve going through the Panama Canal.

Vova: It's fascinating to learn about the intricacies of sea shipping and how these decisions impact the overall shipping process.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova. Sea shipping can be quite complex, and the choice of ports and shipping companies impacts the route and timeline significantly.

Remember that incident with the transport company, Evergreen?

Vova: Oh, you mean the one where they got stuck somewhere, like in Egypt?

Aleksandr: Yeah, exactly. It was more like the Panama Canal.

Let's just call it the Canal.

Vova: Right, maybe in post-production, I'll find a shorter term for it.

Aleksandr: Definitely, it's just for a single vessel, you know.

Vova: Yeah.

Aleksandr: It caused a huge traffic jam; it was a real nightmare.

It makes us think twice about sending stuff through there, especially when we're shipping to the United States.

Nowadays, we prefer the west side, and for the east side, we rely on trains and trucks from your website.

Train shipping is usually the cheapest option.

We can reach places like Chicago and New York easily, thanks to the extensive railway network.

We have so many different routes to choose from.

Vova: That's right, it gives us more flexibility.

Aleksandr: This example serves as a good example of the risks involved in shipping.

Vova: That was indeed a major disruption.

It's becoming clearer just how intricate the logistics job can be.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova. I'm trying to emphasize just that - logistics can be quite challenging, with numerous factors to consider.

Vova: Aleksandr, I totally agree with you that while logistics can be complicated, customers like me don't need to know every tiny detail.

We're just looking for a smooth process and quick results.

Aleksandr: So, let's share how you typically work with our team to make it all happen seamlessly.

Vova: Sure thing, Aleksandr.

I appreciate your efforts to make the process efficient.

So, let's say I have a shipment of 20 cartons of grill brushes from Shenzhen to the FTW1 location in Dallas, Texas.

Vova: I usually initiate the conversation with your team through Facebook chat, and today I'm chatting with Gulmira.

I provide her with all the necessary information upfront, such as the number of boxes, their sizes, the product details, and both the factory and destination addresses.

Aleksandr: That's a smart approach, Vova.

It's essential to provide all the details at once to ensure a smooth and accurate quoting process.

Vova: Absolutely. This way, Gulmira or your team can quickly understand the shipment requirements and can prompt me for any missing information, like box sizes or additional details.

After I provide all the necessary details, I usually receive a quote pretty quickly, sometimes within minutes, depending on the time zone differences.

If I request quotes for both fast sea shipment and air shipment, your team is always responsive and helps me with the appropriate quotes.

Aleksandr: That's great to hear, Vova. We aim to provide timely and accurate quotes to meet your shipping needs.

Vova: Exactly. Once I receive a quote that works for me, I confirm it, and you guys take care of the pickup.

The delivery time varies depending on the distance, but it's usually within a day or two.

After you receive the cargo, I understand that you recheck the box sizes to ensure they match what we initially provided.

Sometimes, there might be a discrepancy, and I appreciate that you adjust the pricing accordingly.

It's really helpful.

Aleksandr: I'm glad to hear that our team is responsive and accommodating to your needs.

Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?

Vova: Yes, there's one more aspect I'd like to cover.

I wanted to mention something great that happened recently during one of our shipments with you to Canada.

Gulmira informed me about a new shipping option, possibly for that specific shipment or more generally, and it was with a new partner for shipments to Canada.

It was a pleasant surprise because we're always looking for ways to reduce costs and provide savings for our customers.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova. We constantly explore different options to offer the best pricing to our customers while maintaining quality service.

Vova: The price was already good, but she mentioned that this new option would be even cheaper.

I asked if the shipping time remained the same, and she confirmed that it was pretty much the same but more cost-effective.

I was thrilled to hear that and agreed to go ahead with it.

Aleksandr: That's fantastic, Vova. We're always striving to find the most cost-efficient solutions for our customers.

Vova: Once we confirm the shipment, it will arrive at your location.

The payment process might vary depending on our agreed-upon terms, which can be discussed with you or your team.

I assume that long-time customers or those with larger volumes might have more favorable terms, which makes sense. 

Aleksandr: Yes, Vova, we do have different terms based on the duration of our relationship and the volume of shipments.

We always aim to provide the best service to all our customers.

Vova: Exactly, Aleksandr. So, that's how the process typically goes.

Aleksandr: How long does it take to get started with us?

And how does the conversation usually go?

Vova: So, Aleksandr, Typically, if I come well-prepared, and send all the necessary details in one message, such as sizes, shipping locations, and other relevant information, the response time is pretty quick.

Gulmira usually responds promptly, sometimes saying she's on it or sending a quote directly.

If I have any questions or need clarification, it usually takes just a few minutes to discuss.

Aleksandr: That's great to hear, Vova.

We aim to provide quick and efficient service during our business hours, which aligns with Chinese business hours.

Vova: Yes, exactly. So, during your business hours, your team is quite responsive, and that helps speed up the process.

Aleksandr: This is what I wanted to ask - How much of your personal time do you typically spend on these interactions?

During our business hours, my team handles most of the communication, so I can focus on other aspects of the business.

However, I'm always available if any exceptional situations arise or if there's a need for my input.

Vova: Thanks for sharing that, Aleksandr.

It's good to know that your team is responsive during Chinese business hours, which makes the process smoother.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova. We understand the importance of timeliness in this industry.

I'd also like to ask you about payments.

For example, you've got the quote and you've paid for shipping.

What is your next step?

What do you do after paying?

Vova: Now, when it comes to payments, after I receive the quote and confirm the shipment, my next step is pretty straightforward.

I mainly just wait for the products to arrive at Amazon's warehouse.

Aleksandr: That's a practical approach, Vova.

Many people wonder about the paperwork and logistics, but you trust our team to handle those aspects.

Vova: Yes, exactly.

Aleksandr: One thing our customers appreciate about working with our company is that there are no hidden fees.

If we provide a rate and terms, that's what we stick to.

For example, if we agree on DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) terms, we know exactly what to expect.

Vova: You're absolutely right, Aleksandr.

The transparency in pricing and the absence of hidden fees are one of the reasons why we enjoy working together.

Aleksandr: And you can pay a certain amount, for example, $100, and get your product on Amazon within 15 to 20 days.

Vova: That's a great example of how efficient and straightforward your services are.

Aleksandr: Yes, Vova, that's exactly how it works.

We believe in providing clear and hassle-free solutions to our clients.

Vova: I really appreciate that and I must mention that sometimes Gulmira goes above and beyond to assist me, even outside her usual business hours.

It's a testament to her dedication and your team's commitment to customer service.

Aleksandr: The primary reason for our team being so responsive is that we invest in our employees' development. 

Vova: That sounds great. Can you tell me more about that?

Aleksandr: Certainly, Vova.

We understand that having a well-trained and knowledgeable team is crucial to providing top-notch logistics services.

That's why we have ongoing training, knowledge bases, and academic programs to ensure our team stays at the forefront of industry trends and regulations.

The second reason why they sometimes work outside of business hours is because they have a commission for every shipping.

It's an additional motivation for them.

For example, Gulmira is the best seller in our company.

She is highly motivated.

She has children, and she understands that her family's livelihood depends on her performance.

Use code VOVAEVEN with UnreaL China to save $20 on any order between $200 to $499, or $50 on any order over $500.

Work-Life Balance

Aleksandr: I've never told Gulmira or any of my employees to work beyond business hours, but I do emphasize the importance of work-life balance.

It's essential to have time for both work and family.

Vova: Absolutely, work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being.

Aleksandr: You remember that we had a small talk in another video about how it is for me to be a crucial part of UnreaL China?

I'm a father of two kids and I moved to the United States about a year ago.

Vova: Yeah, I do remember.

How has that transition been for you?

Aleksandr: Well, Vova, it's been an interesting journey.

As a father of two kids, it was a significant change.

My company operates in China and Kyrgyzstan, so I had to adapt to managing the business from the United States.

I opened the office here in Los Angeles, and for me, it's not just about work.

I strive to be a good husband, a good son to my mother, and a good father to my kids.

I make it a point not to work on weekends.

Weekends are for preparing for the upcoming week, reviewing my tasks, and spending quality time with my family.

This philosophy is something I aim to instill in my team as well.

Vova: That's a fantastic approach, Aleksandr.

It's crucial to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

While business is essential, life outside of work is equally valuable.

Aleksandr: Exactly, Vova.

Business is important, and I do work hard, but life is about more than just money.

It's about doing good, becoming the person you want to be, and managing your time efficiently.

I like to attend courses on various topics, such as business and mindset.

I also participate in Amazon conferences.

Whenever I learn something valuable, I make sure to share it with my team.

Vova: It's evident that you have a commitment to personal and professional growth.

I also value continuous learning and sharing knowledge with my team.

It's essential for personal development and business success.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova.

That's why we have regular Zoom calls with my team every weekend.

We discuss work-related matters and also take the time to check in on each other personally.

Vova: It's essential to communicate when there are issues.

Aleksandr: I'm sorry I sidetracked from the subject of this video. 😛

I just stepped away from the shipping department for a moment.

Vova: All good, Aleksandr.

When customers are satisfied with our shipping service, it reflects positively on our company.

It's important to support companies like yours, both as clients and employees.

Your values and the values you instill in your team play a significant role in shaping the company.

It's like your DNA gets transferred to us.

When the team is motivated and happy, it translates into excellent customer service.

For instance, if Gulmira is happy with her work and can earn commissions from successful shipments, she's more motivated to provide top-notch service to us as clients.

When she knows that her efforts lead to successful shipments and happy customers, it's a win-win for everyone involved.

So, it's a positive situation all around. 

You know, in some other companies, there can be a more toxic culture where people aren't as happy or easy-going, and you can really feel that tension when you interact with them.

It's great that you're sharing your concerns, Aleksandr.

It's essential to be aware of these dynamics because they can influence how well a company operates.

So, getting back to the topic at hand, we talked about your services - what you do and how you can help us with consolidating samples from different manufacturers and shipping them to us.

Additionally, you can inspect these samples to make sure they meet our quality standards.

That way, we won't end up with broken or subpar samples.

And then we talked about factory inspections - you've got you covered there as well.

If we're planning to work with a new factory, your team can visit it for us.

For example, if I want to launch a new grill brush or some barbecue accessories and I want to work with a new factory.

I don't know them so I can reach out to you and ask your team to go there and see where it's located.

Is the location exact?

Is it the same place mentioned on Alibaba?

Are the facilities exactly the same as they are shown on the website?

Plus, you can do inspections for us.

For example, if I want a thousand or two thousand grill brushes and the manufacturer assures me of everything.

There's still some risk involved in the process.

Even if you trust your manufacturer, it's always a good idea to have an extra set of eyes on the production process.

So, we can count on you to provide that peace of mind.

Aleksandr: You're absolutely right, Vova.

It's crucial to recheck because sometimes even the manufacturer isn't aware of all the potential issues that can arise.

I've had cases where everything seemed fine with a manufacturer, but then one day, a worker who was in a bad mood forgot to turn off the printing machine, and it ruined a batch of products. 

It's surprising how one mistake can impact an otherwise good product.

These things can happen, and they might not be immediately apparent.

For instance, if you skipped the quality inspection process, you might have missed crucial mistakes.

This could lead to negative reviews on Amazon, causing all your hard work to feel like it's gone down the drain.

To fix it, you'd have to remove the product from Amazon, send it to prep centers, and redo the quality checks.

The cost of each inspection can vary, ranging from a hundred to several hundred dollars, depending on the quantity and time involved.

The key point here is that product inspections are crucial.

It's not about me trying to sell my inspection services every time; it's about sharing my experience.

People who watch these videos can make their own decisions based on what they learn.

Vova: That's a great point, and I'm glad you're sharing your experience.

It's a testament to the importance of product inspections.

I remember a case from about three years ago, which I even discussed in a video I made.

We had ordered 5,000 units of a product that was one of our best-sellers.

Normally, there weren't any issues with this product, but during that particular order, around 160 units (if I recall correctly) had these mysterious yellow stains on them.

It was quite unexpected, and we couldn't really figure out what caused it.

Now, if we hadn't opted for the inspection from your company, those 160 units with potential defects would have gone out to our customers.

Imagine the potential for negative reviews!

Even if not all 160 resulted in negative feedback, just a few could impact our sales and reputation significantly.

It's crucial to consider that, especially when it comes to products like ours, which are wooden and need to look their best.

So, the bottom line is, that product inspections are indeed a wise investment.

They can save you from potential financial losses and help maintain your seller rating.

Regarding your shipping services, it's fantastic to know that you offer various options, including sea shipping, trucks, air shipping, and even trains, depending on the destination.

It's really convenient that sellers can reach out to your team to inquire about shipping options and costs.

Many sellers, especially newcomers, might not be familiar with the logistics of shipping, so having support and consultation from your managers can be a huge help in making informed decisions.

It's all about making the process smoother for everyone involved.

Here's the video about this story.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova.

You've highlighted a critical aspect of our operation.

We're not just focused on selling products; we also have a dedicated logistics department.

They work tirelessly to keep tabs on shipping rates and customs HS codes, ensuring that our sales department can always find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

It's a collaborative effort to provide the best service.

I'd also like to touch on our services related to Chinese manufacturer research and product research in China.

When I initially started this venture, we offered these services.

We would find manufacturers, source products, and oversee the entire supply chain.

However, as our focus shifted towards shipping and inspections, we temporarily paused these services.

It was a conscious decision to avoid providing subpar services to our customers.

Over time, we've grown significantly, and I've taken on a more extensive managerial role within the company. 

We're excited to announce that we're in the process of building a dedicated research department, and we're aiming to launch it this September.

This department will allow us to offer comprehensive research services in China, enabling us to control the entire supply chain, from the very beginning to the Amazon warehouse.

We're evolving into a one-stop shop where our clients can access a range of services under one roof, including multi-logistics.

Our motivation to offer these services isn't just about necessity; it's about providing high-quality solutions.

We've needed these services for years, and now we're ready to deliver them at the level of excellence that our clients deserve.

Vova: That sounds fantastic, Aleksandr.

Once it's up and running, we'll definitely create a new video to explain how it all works and provide insights into the process.

Aleksandr: Absolutely, Vova. We'll be sure to share all the details and insights about how our research department operates and how it can benefit our clients.

UnreaL China Coupon Codes for Discounts

Aleksandr: And I have a generous offer for your community, Vova.

If someone comes from your channel or your blog and mentions the promo code, "VOVAEVEN," they'll receive a 20$ discount for orders ranging from $200 to $499 and a 50$ discount for any service over $500, whether it's inspections, shipments, or anything else.

Vova: That's awesome, Aleksandr.

Thanks for the offer; I really appreciate that!

Let me mention that it's an affiliate code, meaning that I'll earn a small commission if someone uses it and chooses to do business with you and UnreaL China.

It doesn't cost them anything extra, and it helps support my free content.

I'd appreciate it if our viewers and readers choose to take advantage of this offer.

UnreaL China Goals for this year

Vova: And as we wrap this up, Aleksandr, I'd like to ask you about your aspirations for UnreaL China this year.

Where do you hope to see the company and yourself by the end of the year?

Aleksandr: Thank you, Vova.

By the end of this year, I see UnreaL China making significant strides.

We're in the process of moving to a larger warehouse, which is an exciting step forward.

Our team, which currently stands at 13 members, is expected to expand to around 20.

As mentioned earlier, we'll be launching new services and establishing a presence in the United States.

We're planning to open a prep center in California, specifically in San Bernardino County, which is conveniently located near the Long Beach port.

This will not only serve our own needs but also provide a range of services to Amazon sellers, including product labeling, bundling, and storage.

Vova: That sounds fantastic, Aleksandr.

I genuinely wish you the best of luck with these ambitious plans.

It's been quite a journey working with you for the past six years or so, and I've witnessed your growth firsthand.

I'm genuinely happy for your success and look forward to continuing our partnership as a client.

Aleksandr: It has indeed been a challenging journey, filled with its fair share of ups and downs.

Vova: Absolutely, Aleksandr. Building a business is often a marathon, not a sprint.

Sometimes it takes several years to really gain momentum, but when it does, the growth can be exponential.

Aleksandr: That's right. These past six years have been all about collecting experience and learning, and we're ready to take it to the next level.

Vova: To the moon, indeed!

Thank you for joining us today, Aleksandr.

And thank you for sharing your insights about your new company and the services you provide.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask, and we'll be sure to respond.

Aleksandr: Thank you so much for having me, Vova.

It's been a pleasure.



So, that's a wrap-up of my fantastic conversation with Aleksandr, the brain behind UnreaL China!

We covered a lot of ground today, talking about the importance of product inspections, the convenience of their shipping services, and the exciting news about their upcoming research department.

What we've learned is that when you're in the business of selling products, like many of us dream of doing, you can't overlook the nitty-gritty stuff.

Product inspections might not sound thrilling, but they're like a safety net that can save you from negative reviews and headaches down the road.

So, remember, it's a smart move to invest in these inspections.

And when it comes to shipping, UnreaL China has got you covered.

They offer various shipping options, and their team is always ready to help you figure out the best way to get your products from point A to point B.

Whether it's by sea, air, or train, they've got it all sorted, making your life as a seller much easier.

Plus, the big news about their research department opening soon is super exciting.

It means they'll be able to help you right from the start, finding manufacturers, sourcing products, and overseeing the entire supply chain.

It's like having a trusted partner in China to guide you through the entire process.

Use code VOVAEVEN with UnreaL China to save $20 on any order between $200 to $499, or $50 on any order over $500.

So, if you're considering working with UnreaL China, don't forget to use it and show some support for our conversation.

As we look ahead to the rest of this year, it's clear that UnreaL China has big plans.

They're expanding their team, moving to a larger warehouse, and opening a prep center in the United States. 

These moves are all about making your journey as a seller smoother and more successful.

So, here's to Aleksandr and UnreaL China's exciting future!

It's been an inspiring chat, and I can't wait to see where they go from here.

Thanks for joining us on this journey, and remember, whether you're an aspiring seller or just curious about the world of e-commerce, there's always room to grow, learn, and succeed.

Keep chasing your dreams and making them a reality!


Vova :)

Table of Contents
  1. UnreaL China Review: Quality Control And Shipping Solutions
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet the Guest: Aleksandr Khudiakov
    3. What is UnreaL China?
    4. Samples Check and Consolidation Service
    5. Product and Manufacturer Inspection Service
    6. Product Shipping and Freight Forwarder Service
    7. Work-Life Balance
    8. UnreaL China Coupon Codes for Discounts
    9. UnreaL China Goals for this year
    10. Conclusion

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