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Vova Even Nov 03, 2022
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Buying and Selling Guide on Amazon | Vova Even

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Buying or Selling an Amazon Seller Account – What are the Ins and Outs?

This article is all you need to know about buying or selling an Amazon account. It's based on a recent interview I had with Omer Sidi. Omer is a part of Trust the Brokers, the biggest agency in Israel that helps people sell or buy online businesses. He also facilitates the purchase and sale of Amazon accounts within Trust The Brokers and has 12 years of experience in eCommerce. He is a a seller on Amazon as well.

The links for special forms that allow you to buy or sell an Amazon seller account are below the (which is also below).

As for me, my name is Vova Even. I have been a seller on Amazon since 2016 and a content creator, with over 400 videos available online. I mainly share tutorials, hacks, and trade secrets on YouTube and Udemy. My goal is to help new and advanced Amazon FBA sellers reach their goals, make more money (while growing consistently), and hopefully have a happy and long life.

Today, I am hopefully going to help you with your Amazon account. In case you would like to check out the full guide tutorial, here you go:

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Why Should We Buy or Sell an Amazon Account?

Many sellers had previously sold something on Amazon when it was much easier and more profitable for them. Then they quit or simply stopped investing time in their businesses. Most of these accounts are just sitting, usually costing around $40 monthly for the subscription to the professional plan.

Your account is worth money. You can get paid for it rather than just having it later on and not in any use; that would be the main reason you sell your Amazon account.

Now, why would you buy an Amazon account? There are lots of reasons. For example, you already have an existing brand but would like to open another one. Most sellers prefer doing this on another account for something in a different category. Why? Because you don't want to risk the first account that is already known with the one you are selling.

For example, if private label products are on an existing account, and you want to start doing arbitrage or drop shipping, it would be better to do this on a separate account.

Another example is that you want to test something out and don't want to do it on your account that's doing very well. You don't want to risk doing something that can cause your account to get deactivated or blocked etc.

With any business, you want to reduce the risk if everything is on one account. Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything on Amazon knows this, sometimes you can be careless, and sometimes an account can get deactivated for so many different reasons that you have zero control over it. It's just one customer complaint, and your entire account is shut down. So why risk your whole business for that?

Which Types of Amazon Accounts Exist?

The accounts that I am talking about are "seller accounts." Some seller accounts also have buyer accounts connected to them, but your buyer account is only used for buying stuff on Amazon. I am exclusively talking about seller accounts. These are connected to the Amazon Seller Central system. Let me state the difference between Amazon sellers and business accounts.

Amazon Seller Account vs Amazon Business Account

Amazon businesses are usually comprised of private label brands. They are active and profitable, selling multiples of a business's yearly or monthly profit vs an Amazon account that's usually not active, i.e., not selling. Sometimes there's a remainder of inventory there, but it's not profitable. And, of course, the value of an Amazon account is less than an active Amazon business account.

In the end, Amazon businesses are sold these days for millions of dollars. In some cases, Amazon accounts start anywhere between $500 for an account with zero histories, and they can go up to as much as about $30,000 (Omer mentioned this in the embedded video above, crazy numbers, if you ask me).

What Influences the Value of an Amazon Seller Account?

The cheaper accounts would have either zero selling history or very little. They would be new accounts, say 2020, 2021, or 2022, opened recently or a few months ago. More expensive accounts would be older accounts. When we talk about aged accounts, they are usually between 2015, 2017, and 2018. Those are excellent old accounts, but you can also see aged accounts with high sales revenue from 2019 and 2020.

And that plays a significant role in evaluating the account price. If you sold $2,000 worth of product or 1 million worth of product, that plays a high position in this valuation.

Another factor you have to look into is your seller ratings. You must look at both how many seller ratings you have and the average score. And to be clear, we are not talking about the product reviews you have on the actual product detail page. Because that does not move forward with the account. The seller ratings are related directly to that account. So the more ratings you have and the higher there are, the more money you will be able to grab for your account.

The health of your account is a further issue to consider. Do you have violations, whether they be current or historical? They will affect the money you can get for your account. Therefore, the cleaner the account, the greater the likelihood you will be compensated more for it.

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Another factor you must consider is whether you have any open categories, especially those that are hard to open. For many of these categories, it costs money to open up, whether it's ungated categories or leading brands that the account can sell. So all those things would raise the value of the account.

Is it Safe to Buy or Sell an Amazon Account?

It's safe if you do it with trustworthy people. There are a lot of scams out there, just like in every field, and you should buy or sell to people you trust. They must be experienced and have a positive reputation in the industry.

I have heard of many cases where people transferred their accounts, and the buyers on the other end suddenly disappeared. It also happens that people move money for an account and receive nothing. Wherever there's money to be made, there are scammers, unfortunately. If you see an account much less than the actual value, there's a good chance it's a scam.

The Process of Amazon Account Transfer to another Person

Usually, you have to request approval from Amazon to change all the information regarding the account. And then also, if there's any future issue, it shows in the account's history that you received permission to make these changes.

The next thing that's done is to change all the information on your account. There are credit cards, bank account details, and addresses. Sometimes, you transfer from a person to an LLC or vice versa. So all these things need to be done, and there's a sure way to do them.

How or When Does the Money Get Transferred?  

There are two options: transfer the entire payment, obtain access to the account, or typically send half of the price, followed by the other half after the account is received.

If you don't trust the person on the other side or don't recognize them, you can always use an escrow service or guarantor for the payment itself. You transfer the money to a third party, and they hold it.

And only once the account is received and acknowledged do they release the payments. This usually costs an extra fee, but it's worth it. And if you're buying from someone you previously believed in and trusted, you don't need this.

When Do We Know the Account Transfer is Complete?

Typically, transferring the account completely takes a few days because the changes are not done. You cannot modify your legal entity, banking information, credit card, and address concurrently.

Usually, this takes a few days. I recommend you not download it on the same computer with the same IP if you own an account. It would help if you usually used VPS servers. If you have an account on a legal entity, you don't use that same legal entity. You either open a new LLC or register the account with someone else.

If you are working with a person that transfers accounts regularly, you'll get all your questions answered.

How to Maximize the Value of your Amazon Seller Account?

Amazon is changing things constantly. It has started deactivating accounts that aren't active, so you would have to reactivate them by going through the verification process.

Keep your account on a professional plan. No one wants an individual plan account. If you sell your account successfully, make sure there's no hidden fees or future fees. Remove your stuck inventory (if such exists) because people want a clean account.

Why Work with Omer Sidi?

Omer has a vast experience in this field. He has transferred hundreds of accounts successfully.

Many accounts get deactivated just as they are transferred, primarily because the people who transfer them lack experience in this field.

Don't do the process alone because if your account gets deactivated, reactivating it will cost you money.

So what are you waiting for? Try buying or selling your account with Omer today. To get started, if you want to sell your Amazon Seller account, you need to fill out this form: Sell Your Amazon Seller Account. Or, if you want to buy an aged Amazon Seller account from Omer, this form is yours to fill out: Buy Aged Amazon Account.

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Vova :)

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)