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Vova Even Dec 29, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Transform Your Amazon & Walmart Businesses with Ecomcy – An In-Depth Review
    1. What is Ecomcy + Ecomcy Coupon Code
    2. Our Guest – Vincenzo Toscano
    3. Ecomcy Review - Your All In One Amazon FBA Agency
    4. Out of all the Agencies, Why Ecomcy?
    5. More About Ecomcy; Find The Answers You’re Seeking!
    6. Ecomcy Pricing
    7. What Keeps Vincenzo So Motivated?
    8. The Final Words

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Transform Your Amazon & Walmart Businesses with Ecomcy – An In-Depth Review

Ever heard of Ecomcy, an Amazon FBA & Walmart sellers agency revolutionizing sellers' businesses?

Stay tuned and read on! 😉

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Today, you’re in for a special treat because we’re about to dive deep into the world of Ecomcy – an Amazon & Walmart agency that is revolutionizing the way sellers skyrocket their businesses - better than ever!

With Ecomcy by your side, you can say goodbye to the endless hours spent managing your Amazon FBA & Walmart businesses.

They take care of it all for you!

The best part?

We have Vincenzo Toscano, the guy behind the awesome agency himself, to let us know all about it!

Now’s the time to witness the incredible power of hands-off Amazon FBA growth and discover how this remarkable agency can transform your business dreams into a reality. 🤩

Plus, here’s the link to my YouTube video which covers the entire content of today’s blog in stunning visuals for you.

What is Ecomcy + Ecomcy Coupon Code

First things first, Ecomcy is an agency that specializes in providing a wide range of services to Amazon & Walmart sellers.

Their primary focus is to help sellers in managing and expanding their brands.

To do so, they offer countless professional solutions, including brand growth, product launches, and overall brand management.

For now, however, they don’t handle product sourcing.

But one thing’s for sure – they’re your one-stop solution for all other aspects of running a successful Amazon & Walmart business, and skyrocketing it in no time! 🚀

Believe me when I say they're masters at what they do, and guess what?

Here’s a special link just for you to explore their incredible services.

And just when you think you're ready to take the first step, use the coupon code VOVA10 and get a fantastic 10% discount on their already awesome prices.

It’s a fair deal! 

Our Guest – Vincenzo Toscano

Before we jump into the perks of his service, let’s learn a little about our guest - Vincenzo Toscano.

And of course, why he’s here as the special guest for today’s blog. 

Well, Vincenzo is the CEO of Ecomcy, and with many certifications under his belt, he's the go-to guy for optimizing and scaling brands on Amazon.

The best part is, Vincenzo and his team have helped over 100 brands, both local and international, achieve remarkable sales growth on a global scale. Sounds cool, right?

But hands down, his best achievement has been Ecomcy to date.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into how the agency continues to work wonders for the sellers!

Ecomcy Review - Your All In One Amazon FBA Agency

Essentially, Ecomcy is an all-inclusive agency that specializes in Amazon & Walmart services.

Just like I mentioned earlier, they handle every aspect of your brand's presence on Amazon & Walmart to ensure that you have the necessary support to expand and thrive as your brand evolves.

Sounds cool…I bet!

But I’m pretty sure that raises quite a lot of questions in your mind too.

So let’s dive in to learn all that we got from Vincenzo about Ecomcy. 

Basically, they have a dedicated in-house team that goes above and beyond to help you in various aspects of your Amazon business.

Yep, you read that right! From PPC management and listing optimization to product launch strategies, graphic design, and photography, these guys cover all the essential areas that are needed to enhance and optimize your presence on a platform as competitive as Amazon, or Walmart.

This way, you’re able to scale your business just right! 

If that weren’t enough, the team at Ecomcy helps people from all around the world.

Yep, their expertise extends way beyond English, hence they also cater to clients in Spanish, Italian, German, and even French.

And guess what?

This multilingual proficiency gives you an edge when you wish to extend your presence from the USA to Europe or vice versa. 

And oh, did I mention they’re located in London, UK?

Serving as an all-in-one solution, they help you manage pay-per-click campaigns, create new listings, design compelling images for your listings, and of course, rock your first product launch! ✨

Well, that gives rise to the question - can a seller opt for any ONE of these services in a package from Ecomcy?

Or, do they prefer someone who has a hands-off approach to their brand?

And just in case you’re wondering, a hands-off approach means the sellers entrust the agency with tasks like product sourcing and development while they take care of the rest. 

In all honesty, they’re a full-service agency.

Hence, they prefer to work with brands that require full and comprehensive management.

And if you’re curious, there’s a simple reason behind their preference - at Ecomcy, they wish to seamlessly integrate your brand with their proven strategies.

This means that they align their systems to help you achieve outstanding performance and significant brand growth. 

Let me give you a quick example to prove why exactly I think their approach is highly efficient.

Suppose that you solely rely on an agent who specializes in PPC but lacks the expertise to help you with other crucial aspects of the business such as images, listings, launch strategies, and ranking.

That’s when you find yourself absolutely stuck.

Sure, they may do wonders with your PPC, but I think it’s no good if they fall short in providing comprehensive support in other areas, right? 

Now, imagine you approach Ecomcy with your brand, whilst already having someone working on your listings and images.

If you simply want them to handle the PPC, you might come across some serious friction.

The agency will identify areas for improvement in your images or listings, but if your current agent doesn't adhere to those suggestions, there’s no way the overall outcome will be optimal.

So the point here is, when you trust a full-service agency with your brand, that’s quite an obvious plus.

Just like I mentioned, they ensure that all the necessary elements are aligned to yield the best possible outcome for your brand. 

That’s exactly why Ecomcy strongly advocates taking care of your brand as a whole!

But hey, this doesn’t mean they don’t understand that there may be instances where you already have individuals or teams working on specific services within your brand.

In such cases, if they see a genuine commitment from those parties and believe that their collaboration can seamlessly integrate with the agency’s approach, they’re open to working together.

Plus, they assess each situation on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it aligns with their processes and methods.

Again, the reason that they emphasize handling all aspects together is that it takes a holistic approach for the brands to be able to thrive in the market.

And of course, they have their specialized processes to make everything work together just like it’s a machine.

Let’s not forget that the photography aspect plays a crucial role in understanding the right images to incorporate for effective PPC campaigns.

When all the components, including photography, listings, and PPC, work harmoniously together, it creates a continuous flow that helps scale up your brand like never before. ⭐

And that’s where the need for an agency like Ecomcy kicks in! By having them handle all these interconnected elements, you can ensure that they’re optimized to complement one another.

This harmony then allows them to achieve better results for your brand.

On the other hand, if these components are not aligned with their processes, it’s obviously more challenging for them to deliver the desired outcomes, right?

I bet, and that’s what makes the whole scaling-up process work like a well-old machine. 

And hey, did I mention the most exciting part about the agency that stands as the main proof of why their approach is highly efficient?

Well, here you go with the deal. Once you become a part of Ecomcy, these guys go the extra mile by assigning you a dedicated project manager.

And let me tell you what – he’s no less than a superhero of organization who’s an all-rounder, and has a detailed understanding of all the key areas within your business.

Hence, your assigned project manager takes on the responsibility of constantly monitoring and fine-tuning your listings and images to maximize their impact.

He’s like an advocate for your brand, who’s working on your listings, PPC, images, and everything else 24/7.

In short, they’re there to make sure that your listings and images are always optimized.

Another plus?

If you’re about to launch a product on Amazon, your project manager will be there to carefully track keywords, monitor organic rankings, and keep a close eye on performance metrics.

With them, it’s okay to rest assured that everything is well taken care of – and you’ve got to take my word for it! 

And since the agency has all the other subdivisions under the project manager, he’s going to keep the machine running right for you – every single day.

That’s what makes one thing obvious: The top advantage of working with Ecomcy is that they handle all areas of your brand's management, including PPC, listings, images, and more.

You won’t have to go elsewhere looking for help with anything! 

On the flip side, let’s suppose you connect with an agent who specializes only in PPC and agrees to take care of it for you.

Now, think about it – they may excel in this particular area, but they may not have the expertise to effectively manage other critical components.

Goes without saying, there’s little chance your brand can hit the jackpot this way.

Again, if you play smart and sign up with Ecomcy instead, you don’t have to be concerned about it anymore.

They work together seamlessly with you to achieve your far-fetched dreams for your brand (that don’t remain so far-fetched anymore!).

See what I mean? 

Just as I mentioned, each client that joins the agency is assigned a dedicated project manager.

He’s there to serve as their primary point of contact.

And if that weren’t enough, he’s there to address any questions or concerns the client may have throughout the entire process.

Yep, I mean it! 

Now, there are two types of clients. Some prefer to be actively engaged and stay informed about every aspect of their brand's progress.

They may have more frequent questions and seek regular updates from their project manager.

The second type is clients who prefer a more hands-off approach.

They trust the agency’s expertise, letting them handle all the intricate details while they focus on other aspects of their business.

These clients may have fewer questions or seek updates less frequently. 

But regardless of the client's involvement, the manager is always there to address any query that comes his way.

Not to forget, they adapt to each client's preferences and communication style, ensuring that the client feels supported and included throughout their brand management journey.

Sometimes the manager might as well be bombarded with questions, but other times, he might not even hear from the client.

But I guess that’s just about how it works, isn’t it? 

And just as Vincenzo mentioned, they usually have clients who lead busy lives and may not have the time to engage in regular weekly meetings with their project managers.

However, since the brands they work with are mostly established and often operating in the six to seven-figure mark, they have a dedicated team to support them.

Typically, they assign a trusted assistant or a team member to collaborate directly with the project manager, who acts as a liaison to ensure that everything is done smoothly.

This way, the companies can stay up-to-date with all the recent developments and the progress of their respective business. 

So, basically, the person is in charge of communicating with the agency on a monthly basis.

But yeah, let’s not forget that sometimes people who are more of the business prefer to have most of their employees handle it.

Well, in such cases the guys at the Ecomcy are in constant communication directly with employees of the organization.

And to me, that sounds pretty cool! 

All in all, Ecomcy will take care of everything, while the seller focuses solely on product development and research.

If I were to speak of my experience on the platform, constant product launches come with their fair share of failures and successes.

But then ultimately, they’re just adding to the revenue growth.

Undoubtedly, this approach requires financial resources and strategic planning.

Nevertheless, if the seller focuses on product research and development, they can delegate tasks such as finding the right picture to others.

Believe it or not, this is a huge plus, especially for first-time sellers who often have to handle everything independently.

All my followers know that this is exactly what my partner and I have been through - the times when we had to go through everything alone. 

But then, once you have some bucks in your account, reaching out to an agency for help is perhaps the best way to grow.

From ten-dollar tasks to a hundred-dollar tasks, you can focus on the nitty-gritty of your business, while the agency takes care of the growth part.

Now, why does Ecomcy not go for the sourcing side of things? Well, based on my experience, I believe that product research plays a significant role in achieving success on Amazon.

In fact, I would estimate that around 70% to 80% of your success on the platform comes with effective product research.

That's exactly why the agency prefers this aspect over the sourcing of products. And what do I mean by that?

If you already have a successful brand right and an amazing product, the magic is brought by the founder of that brand himself, right?

As the mastermind behind the brand, it’s him who possesses valuable insights into what worked and what didn't.

Not to mention he already has a super deep understanding of the entire product lineup and sourcing processes.

This means you, as the brand founder, have already done the sourcing for the person you reach out to - be it an individual service provider or an agency.

So of course, it's not an added value to go inside the actual set of the business that actually made it successful in the first place. 

Realistically, where Ecomcy as an agency can make you scale further and actually optimize your presence is the other 30% of the business.

You guessed it right – they administer daily stuff like the optimization of your listing, advertising, launching new products, and photography.

Because let’s be real, if you have an amazing product and you combine that with equally amazing processes in the strategy side of things, that’s exactly where you strike it lucky! 🍀

Out of all the Agencies, Why Ecomcy?

Now that we’ve seen what the agency is all about, it’s time to jump off to the main question – why exactly should a seller prefer Ecomcy?

There’s no denying the fact that there are many agencies out there offering the same services for your business, or maybe even more of them.

So, why would you prefer Ecomcy’s services over theirs?

In our brief conversation, Vincenzo responded promptly and provided us with precisely what sets their services apart.

  1. Hands down, one of the best differentiating factors that set his agency apart is its full-service approach. You will see there are a ton of just PPC agencies, but not all of them do the whole thing for you. Ecomcy manages all aspects of your Amazon business. The cherry on top, you get specialists in every single area of your venture from day one. That basically means that from the moment you sign up with them, there’s a full team that gets attached to your business without the hustle of having to train people in different areas. 

  1. Secondly, you get a dedicated project manager assigned to you, just like I emphasized earlier in the blog. And these are not just your average managers. In fact, they’re individuals extensively trained in Amazon-specific practices, who go far beyond merely providing reports like many other agencies. They won’t just give you your business reports and forget, but they actually even certify when you come to Amazon so they can give you strategy-level advice. Above all, they sometimes even do free training for you, so if you want to understand what they’re doing for you, the training becomes nothing short of a blessing in disguise! At times, Vincenzo himself jumps in with the clients for the training sessions. Well, that's truly an extra added value, with no extra cost to you! ;) 

  1. Thirdly, and most importantly, Ecomcy is super transparent in all its operations. As soon as you sign up with them, they provide you access to partner-designed dashboards and reporting systems. This allows you to observe and track every transaction and activity at the account level. 

Over the years, I’ve found that sometimes when you work with agencies, they just give you a report on performance. And that’s pretty much all you get from them. They don't tell you what they did, and how they did it! On the contrary, Ecomcy gives you full transparency with what has been done - and that too, every single day. For instance, they tell you all that they’ve done to your listings while it's done with the campaigns. 

  1. Finally, you get access to the finest tools for free which are otherwise super expensive to get your hands on. Let’s not forget this means full control of your pricing. For example, a personalized dashboard for your brand, and then you can have control of all the metrics of it. Interesting…I know. 

But hey, the most exciting part is yet to come. Many sellers invest in software tools such as Helium 10, which can cost around a thousand dollars per year or more, especially for higher-tier plans like the Diamond plan. Then, there are some sellers who even utilize multiple tools, such as Sellerboard for inventory management and Helium 10 for keyword research. But excitingly, once you join Ecomcy, you gain the added benefit of receiving these software tools for free. This means you no longer have to bear the additional cost of purchasing these tools separately. 

More About Ecomcy; Find The Answers You’re Seeking!

What’s more, in line with their commitment to transparency, the guys at Ecomcy readily address seller inquiries regarding fluctuations in sales. Let’s say if a seller notices an increase or decrease in sales for a particular week, they don’t hesitate to provide a clear explanation to him.

For instance, during product launches, it's pretty common to experience higher PPC costs due to no reviews, which could impact sales. 

In another example, if sales are performing exceptionally well, they allocate it to specific marketing campaigns, let’s say collaborating with influential bloggers or showcasing engaging videos.

They have a log system for every brand which helps as a valuable resource when answering questions that come up from different clients.

This way, if a customer asks why sales have increased, they can refer to the log system and identify specific actions taken. 

For instance, it’ll help them recall why they switched to a new image on a particular Tuesday.

Not only this, they can further explain that the new image resulted in an improved conversion rate, which they’ve been tracking since Tuesday.

And then, they can further elaborate on metrics such as a positive impact on organic ranking, leading to increased visibility and sales, etc. 

Ecomcy Pricing

As we all can guess, essentially, the agency’s pricing varies from case to case.

Reminder: you can click on the link to find the updated prices of Ecomcy, and use my code VOVA10 for awesome discounts too! :)

But, let me disclose to you what I got from the one-on-one chat with Vincenzo, the agency’s founder himself.

So, typically, their price point falls within the range of two to three thousand dollars per month.

But that increases depending on the complexity of your brand, and other factors such as the number of products you’re selling, the volume of sales, etc.

In case you’re already a seven-figure seller or beyond, there might also be a commission structure based on sales.

The specific details regarding pricing and commission can be discussed and negotiated together to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement.

But that's usually the price point these guys get started with. 

Well, I highly recommend those who’re interested reach out directly to the team to explore what these guys have to offer.

This way you’ll know better what works for you.

What Keeps Vincenzo So Motivated?

Before we wrap it up, let’s admit that a tiny TED talk always helps, right?

At least for me, it works wonders.

So let’s learn a little more about Vincenzo and what keeps him going as the owner of Ecomcy!

Well, Vincenzo first stepped into the Amazon ecosystem approximately five years ago.

And after gaining adequate experience and knowledge within the industry, he decided to open the agency, which is about four years old now.

He’s been doing pretty well in both domains, but I’m sure you’re wondering what really excites him to keep the agency running.

One of the top reasons he mentioned for loving the agency is the opportunity to meet people every single day.

He enjoys networking, creating partnerships, and going to events since these activities align perfectly with his personality traits.

No wonder he loves doing all this so much! 

Secondly, and most importantly, comes the part that Vincenzo missed out on as a seller.

Since he works with a plethora of brands, within so many industries, every single day is exciting for him.

That’s because there’s so much happening in his life every day, he finds new issues to work on, new products to launch, and the list goes on

The crux of the biscuit is that every single day comes with something new to learn.

Let’s be real, when you’re a seller, who sticks to your niche, you become tunnel-visioned, and it can get repetitive.

That’s because there comes a point where your brain is mature about the selling that you’ve been doing for ages.

The only thing you do is send inventory to Amazon and that's it! 

With the agency, the lifestyle is fairly different from him.

Every client brings new challenges, and he appreciates the dynamic nature of the work as it keeps him actively engaged in continuous learning and improvement.

Currently, they’re a team of twelve people running the agency, and it looks like everyone enjoys what they do, right? 

If you're considering using their services, be sure to take advantage of our awesome coupon code: VOVA10.

Just mention it when you reach out to them, and you'll get a fantastic 10% discount on our services.

But hey, it’s an affiliate link!

That means if you decide to do business with Vincenzo and his team, I'll receive a little commission.

The best part? It won't cost you anything extra! 😃

The Final Words

And that’s all for today’s blog.

Just one more thing before we part ways till the next time - there are absolutely no commitments when you book a call with Ecomcy.

Also, grab a great discount on the services of Ecomcy! Code VOVA10 = 10% OFF! You can book a call via this link as well.

Yon can also email them at or call via 02088266440.

In fact, their initial calls are completely free, and they provide real value to you.

Unlike many other calls where you're simply given a price and that's it, these guys go above and beyond for you.

During these 30-min free calls, you can ask any questions you have.

Yep, it’s as true as it gets! 

So, even if you're seeking free advice or simply want to explore your options, feel free to book a call with the team.

Good luck with scaling up your business! 

See you in the next blog. Until then, goodbye :) 


Vova 🙂

Table of Contents
  1. Transform Your Amazon & Walmart Businesses with Ecomcy – An In-Depth Review
    1. What is Ecomcy + Ecomcy Coupon Code
    2. Our Guest – Vincenzo Toscano
    3. Ecomcy Review - Your All In One Amazon FBA Agency
    4. Out of all the Agencies, Why Ecomcy?
    5. More About Ecomcy; Find The Answers You’re Seeking!
    6. Ecomcy Pricing
    7. What Keeps Vincenzo So Motivated?
    8. The Final Words

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)