Helium 10 Tutorial Guide: How to Use Helium 10 and Its Tools

Vova Even Sep 06, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Learn How to Use Helium 10 and Its Various Tools In This Comprehensive Guide
    1. Helium 10 FREE Account and Discount Coupon Codes
    2. Tutorial of Helium 10 Tools
    3. Product Research
    4. Keyword Research
    5. Listing Optimization
    6. Operations
    7. Analytics
    8. Marketing
    9. Learning
    10. Additional Tools
    11. Final Words

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Learn How to Use Helium 10 and Its Various Tools In This Comprehensive Guide

Hello and welcome! In this article, I am going to do an overview of all the Helium 10 tools that are currently available. 

I will explain their functions and tell you how you can use them on the basic & more advanced levels.

Helium 10 is one of the bestselling software services for Amazon FBA at the moment. 

It eases the process of selling for new and seasoned sellers alike with the help of its highly-advanced and easy-to-use tools.

I have been using Helium 10 since 2017 on Amazon and it has been a pretty good ride with it so far.

I am Vova Even.

Maybe we have met before, but in case we haven’t, let me introduce myself.

I am an active Amazon seller. My career started in 2016.

In just two years, I have gained a fair amount of success and created a YouTube channel where I continue to share my tips, tricks, and tools that helped me turn into a successful seller. 

I also offer Amazon FBA free courses on Udemy where I now have thousands of students from all over the world. 

Before I start my review of Helium 10 tools, let me guide you through how you can create a Helium 10 account for FREE

I will also reveal my Helium 10 discount coupon codes that will help you save your money. 

This is going to be a bit long article so if you would like a video instead, you can watch it right here:

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  7. Helium 10 Frankenstein & Scribbles For Quick & Easy Amazon Listing Keyword Optimization 

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Helium 10 FREE Account and Discount Coupon Codes

Helium 10 has various subscription plans, including a FREE plan. It allows you to create an account without costing you a single penny. The only inconvenience that you might face is: Yes, you can use Helium 10 for FREE, but not FULLY! 

To understand exactly what the free Helium 10 plan offers to you, please read my blog post.

The FREE plan of Helium 10 sounds quite interesting, but it's very restricted in its functionalities.

You may not be able to reap substantial profits with it, but if you are just getting started, it can be a great companion.

To understand it better, I have done a detailed overview of all the Helium 10 subscription plans which you can read right here:

Full Review of Helium 10 Price and Pricing Packages

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  1. Use VOVA6M20to get 20% off in the first six months.

  2. Use VOVA10to earn a 10% percent lifetime discount. 

Tutorial of Helium 10 Tools

Now, let’s start reviewing Helium 10 tools one by one.

Basically, these tools are separated into different categories, starting with Product Research. 

Product Research

Black Box

In the Product Research category, we have Black Box at the top.

This is an advanced product research tool that envelops a limitless catalog of Amazon products. 

You can find any product based on specific criteria.

For example, you can simply use a name to find the products you want, but you also have the option to search with keywords, competitors, niche or product targeting to get your desired results.

What I love the most about this tool are its filters.

They can be very useful in minimizing your search results and maximizing the chances of making your research a productive one. 

Learn about using the Black Box here.

A video is also available below for you.


Trendster is an Amazon trends finder.

It basically presents you with a graph in which a specific product’s performance is displayed.

But how are you going to get to that point?

It's actually pretty simple and fun!

All you have to do is to find an ASIN and a popular keyword of a product.

On the dashboard of Trendster, you will see four separate spaces for ASINs and four for keywords. To find the performance graph of any product, copy its ASIN and insert any relevant keyword in the specified area.

Once you get all these spaces filled, click ‘Start Trendster’. 

In just a few seconds, a graph, or say, a Trendster will appear on your screen, accompanied by Google trends which will show you the sales and price of the product over a specific period.

You can easily know what time of year that product’s sales increased and how its price evolved. 

Keyword Research


If you want to win on Amazon, finding relevant and highly-searched keywords will be very crucial.

If you fail to do so, your business is bound to fail, to say the least.

Luckily, we have lucrative keyword research tools on Helium 10, and Cerebro is one of them.

This tool will give you access to the keywords on which the product is getting ranked. 

Somewhat similar to Keywords On Fire by ZonGuru, and Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout.

Here’s a full A-Z tutorial of Cerebro for you!

This is essential to know as you can then use these keywords in your listing to ensure better rankings for your product. 

Using Cerebro is as simple as it could be.

Pick any ASIN (I would recommend an ASIN of a bestselling product) and put it in the search bar on Cerebro’s dashboard.

Click ‘Get Keywords’ and boom! Keywords are up for grabs right in front of you :) 

My Related Blog Post: New Helium 10 Magnet & Cerebro Feature - Keyword Search Volume History


After Cerebro, we have Magnet as a product research tool.

The method of using it is similar to Cerebro; however, its function is different. 

I also would love to add that both Magnet and Cerebro are featured in my free Amazon listing optimization course.

It's an A-Z course with 0 upsells.


While Cerebro only finds the keywords a product is ranked on, Magnet produces broader keywords.

It requires you to search for keywords with a keyword, instead of ASIN. 

This allows the tool to bring you all the relevant keywords from which you can navigate via filters to choose keywords with high search volume. 


This tool will get you important keywords in an unexpected way.

What I mean by that is, that sometimes, while searching for products on Amazon, people write their names incorrectly. 

For example, some people mistakenly type knives as ‘nife’ or ‘kife’. Amazon does have an autocorrect mechanism in place, but it doesn’t correct all of them.

Hence, these typos, which happen hundreds of thousands of times a day, eventually become keywords that you can use in your listing!

That’s why Misspelinator is so important.

It would nearly be a struggle to identify misspelled keywords in a general way. It also isn’t guesswork.

So, Misspelinator is where you go for magic!

Simply, open its dashboard, type a keyword whose misspelled version you seek, and press enter.


Listing Optimization


Frankenstein polishes your listing and enriches it with the best version of your keywords.

It does so by removing redundant and unnecessary phrases from the keywords and gives you multiple instant options to customize them. 

For example, after entering/uploading keywords into the tool, you can select options like ‘remove duplicates, one word/phrase per line, add commas with no space’ etc. 


Scribbles is a fun-to-use listing optimizer and can be used to create an engaging listing after deriving keywords from Frankenstein. 

It gives you a template with a title, bullet points, and subject matter that you can fill in and get your listing.

On the left side of the screen, you can put keywords that you processed from Frankenstein.

Once you put them all there, click apply and you will see the color of keywords changed based on their search volume. 

When you start filling out the template using keywords, you will see them getting crossed.

One thing I would recommend is having a copywriter by your side while making a listing.

It is because they know how to sell a particular product to customers.

It is okay to do it by yourself, but then you have to know your product really well, and know copywriting. 

Talk to Emma if you need a great listing copy done for you fast and at a high level.

Index Checker

Index Checker is sort of your course correction partner.

It lets you know if your product is indexed for the keywords that you’ve put in your listing. 

For example, if your product is a water bottle or a coffee machine, you would want it to be indexed for keywords like ‘water bottle’ and ‘coffee machine’, right? 

Sometimes though, Amazon won’t index you.

Indexing means showing up for the keyword in a search.

Sometimes you have the keyword in the listing, but it does not show up in the search.

You never know!

So a check is a must, and that’s what you can do with the Index Checker. 

Pick any ASIN, put it in the tool, type the keywords you want to confirm, and click ‘Check Keywords’.

A list on the right side will open, confirming if your keywords are rightly indexed or not. 



Alta is specially designed for sellers who have already established businesses on Amazon. 

It modernizes your cash flow management with simple-to-use financial services that help grow your business.

I personally haven’t used this tool yet so I am attaching a link that will lead you to a webinar on Alta by Helium 10.

Watch it and decide for yourself if it's worth the try or not. 


Alerts is a hijacking and product monitoring tool.

It will send you alerts regarding any unexpected changes to your listing. 

The online space is always prone to virus attacks or hackers’ wrath. 

That’s why it’s only wise to have something that can instantly warn you should your product listing come under attack on Amazon. 

-: Reminder to My Interesting Offer :-

You can easily create a FREE account for Helium 10, but many of its features would remain restricted in their usage.

If you want limitless access to it, you can simply do so by purchasing Helium 10 here and using two of my exclusive and exciting discount coupons!

  1. Use code VOVA6M20 to get an exclusive 20% off for the first six months.

  2. Use code VOVA10 to get a lifetime discount of 10% on each purchase. 

Inventory Protector

It’s nice to be generous.

I am all for offering coupons and discount offers; however, does too many discount offers for an unlimited number of people sound like a good idea?

Not at all.

You will probably run into loss while seeking profit.

Hence, Inventory Protector saves you from any abuse of your discount coupon offers and ensures everything runs smoothly. 

Refund Genie

Refund Genie is really like a genie that helps you get reimbursement from Amazon.

Sometimes, Amazon loses your products and although they offer refunds, sometimes, they refuse to do so.

That’s where Refund Genie comes in handy.

It prepares monthly reports that you can use to make your case strong in front of the company.

I recently got a reimbursement of $2,118 from Amazon using Refund Genie.

I've also compared the Refund Genie to other reimbursement tools.

You can also get your money back using this tool in a step-by-step method that I have explained in the video below.

There are other best Amazon reimbursement tools that I'd recommend you learn about.


It is always important to stay in touch with your customers after they purchase from you.

However, you don’t want to be nosy, and you don’t have enough time to manually call or email each customer.

That’s why Follow-up is an awesome solution for you.

It enables you to set automated follow-up emails that will occasionally be sent to your customers so as to stay connected with them.

Somewhat similar to the email tool by Sellerboard.

Another good software for Amazon sellers.


Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker allows you to peek into your competitors’ products and see their top-ranking keywords along with their search volume. 

You will need an ASIN and a few keyword phrases if any, that you want to track.

Using this tool can tell you which keywords you should be using in your product listing if you have a similar product. 

Market Tracker 

Market Tracker is a very powerful tool.

Let me tell you why I think so. 

And also, learn how to use Market Tracker by Helium 10 here, step by step.

With this tool, you can essentially create a ‘market’ with a keyword that will keep you updated regarding which new products have come inside that market. 

For example, if we create a market with the name ‘Kitchen Knife’ and set relevant keywords, it will tell us overall statistics and information like new products, changes in old products, the market’s revenue, emerging competitors, etcetera. 

This kind of information will keep you ready and proactive to face any formidable competition that you face in the market.

Cool, huh? I bet it is!


The Profits tool tells you the summary metrics of your business.

It is a quick way to know the gross revenue and net profit you have bagged over the week, a day, a year, or any set of dates!

You can also set a custom date to know how much you make in that specific period.

Besides that, you will also be able to set your favorite products to track their performance. 

Somewhat similar to Jungle Scout's Sales Analytics tool.



Adtomic is a PPC management tool.

Using this, you can make your PPC management easier with simplified campaign creation and smart suggestions. 

Adtomic looks after your PPC campaigns so that you can be more focused on selling.

It allows smarter campaign management, improved decision-making, and creates campaign performance visualization. 


The Portals tool enables you to create a landing page for your product, or if there are any additional offers you are introducing. 

A landing page is an introductory page where you can share the basic information of your offering and where the visitors can subscribe to your feeds or be led directly to the main page. 


Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket is an Amazon A-to-Z course by Kevin King.

The course starts from the very basics of starting to sell on Amazon and goes on to teach how one can excel in the marketplace.

Generally, the course can cost $997, but with the Helium 10 account, you can access it without any extra charges. 

You can also read my blog post on Freedom Ticket here: Honest Review Of The Freedom Ticket 3.0 Course By Helium 10


Academy is also a course specially designed for people who just want to know about Helium 10 and what they can get by starting a business on Amazon. 

Additional Tools

User Accounts

You can also add other user accounts to your profile if you are a group of people who want to work together. However, this feature varies with Helium 10 subscription plans. 

Help and Support

I have observed the team at Helium 10 very cooperative and helpful. They are available 24/7 and will quickly respond to your queries. 

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 offers you a free Chrome Extension that is, in my opinion, a highly advanced and productive tool every Amazon seller should have in their suite. 

It is an all-in-one extension with separate product research tools called Xray, ASIN grabber, a profitability calculator, inventory levels, and review insights

Let me quickly explain all these tools in short – Xray is an excellent tool for product research.

It will show you the in-depth details of products if you open it on an Amazon products page.

ASIN Grabber, on the other hand, can download all the ASINs of products in just one click. 

The profitability Calculator is where you can insert little details like dimensions, size, manufacturing cost, etc., and it will tell you the net price of your product.

Lastly, Review Insights will help you instantly find specific on-page reviews.

For example, if you want reviews lower than 3-star ratings, you can simply set this criterion in the tool and that’s it!

I also invite you to learn how the Helium 10 Chrome extensions works.

Final Words

That was the last part of today’s Helium 10 guide.

I hope you would have understood the importance of this tool for Amazon sellers by now.

Helium 10 has been my old companion, and today's goal was to dissect its various aspects in front of you. 

I think I have explained everything but if you missed out on anything, you can always go back and watch my comprehensive video guide on Helium 10 which I have also attached above.

After thoroughly researching the tool, when you decide to buy it, don’t forget to use my discount coupon codes.

You can get 20% OFF in the first six months by using VOVA6M20and, if you want a lifetime discount of 10%, use VOVA10 and you will have it!

This is Vova and I’m signing off till the next article.

You can explore my FBA blog for more thorough guides on various topics pertaining to Amazon FBA and the tools required to win it, including Helium 10.

I also offer Udemy courses for FREE so don’t forget to visit them too!

I wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors. Goodbye!


Vova :)

P.S. - Here is a playlist with over 100+ tutorials for Helium 10 on my YouTube channel.

P.S.S. - Are you looking for
an alternative to Helium 10?

Table of Contents
  1. Learn How to Use Helium 10 and Its Various Tools In This Comprehensive Guide
    1. Helium 10 FREE Account and Discount Coupon Codes
    2. Tutorial of Helium 10 Tools
    3. Product Research
    4. Keyword Research
    5. Listing Optimization
    6. Operations
    7. Analytics
    8. Marketing
    9. Learning
    10. Additional Tools
    11. Final Words

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)