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Vova Even Nov 15, 2023
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  1. Game On Group: E-commerce Solutions
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet My Guest: Chen Saban
    3. Game On Group Review
    4. Secrets of Operating a Big Company
    5. How to Contact Game On Group
    6. Conclusion

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Game On Group: E-commerce Solutions

Hey there, awesome readers!

I'm Vova Even, Amazon seller, and today, I'm super thrilled to bring you an exciting review of Game On Group, the ultimate all-in-one solution for e-commerce sellers.

I am a client of Game On Group myself, so I support their services, 100%.

Whether you're just starting out in the e-commerce world or you're already a pro, you're in for a treat.

Let me introduce you to the person behind it all, Chen Saban, the founder of this cool company.

And guess what?

It's not just one company; it's actually a mix of companies all over the world.

You can dive deeper into the Game On Group universe by visiting their website here:

I'd appreciate it if you mentioned that you came through me (Vova Even), you'll get a good price for any of the Game On Group offers, and I'll get a lil kickback.

This can also support my project of creating content for sellers based on my experiences and the insights I gather from fellow entrepreneurs.

It's about assisting others through YouTube and other platforms to find more success in their businesses.

It's a great initiative.

Now, this review isn't your usual boring read.

Nope, it's written just like the cool conversation I had with Chen Saban in our video.

So, if you're not a big fan of reading, you're in luck because you can also catch the whole conversation in the video below.

We've got all the bases covered for you!

So, if you're ready for an adventure into the world of e-commerce and how Game On Group can be your secret weapon, stick around because this is going to be awesome.

We're about to uncover how they make e-commerce dreams come true, the secrets behind their success, and the incredible people that power this fantastic journey.

Are you excited?

Because I sure am!

Let's dive right in and discover the magic of Game On Group through my conversation with Chen!



Vova: Hey, welcome to the Game On Group Review!

Today, we're going to discuss how Game On Group assists Amazon sellers and e-commerce professionals with a wide range of services.

I personally used their services to obtain certificates for my products in Canada, allowing me to sell them on Amazon.

We encountered some challenges, and that's when Saban and his team at Game On Group came to our rescue.

Additionally, we've benefited from their expertise in securing competitive pricing for products in China, as well as inspection services.

In essence, Game On Group is a one-stop solution for various e-commerce seller needs.

I've had the pleasure of using their services, and I'm thrilled to have Saban here with us.

Meet My Guest: Chen Saban

Vova: Saban, can you please tell us more about Game On Group and introduce your new product, the My QR Guide?

It's great to have you here!

Chen: I'm also excited, and I want to express my gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your platform.

You call it a vlog, right?

Vova: Yes, that's right, it's a mix of a blog and a vlog. I'm genuinely delighted to have you here.

Thank you for joining us. 

Game On Group Review

Chen: Thank you for extending the invitation, and before we delve further into Game On Group, I'd like to clarify that there's Game On Company and Game On Group, and these are distinct entities.

Game On Group represents a conglomerate of companies spread across the globe.

We have a presence in the United States, Thailand, Israel, mainland China, Hong Kong, and even more.

The reason these companies are interconnected is because each one serves as a comprehensive solution for sellers, addressing a wide spectrum of needs from product sourcing, manufacturing, research and development, inspections, logistics, and even financial services.

Additionally, we have a technology branch that's responsible for developing cutting-edge solutions.

As you mentioned, the My QR Guide is a recent addition to our portfolio.

Game On Company, also known as Game On CA CL in Enable, serves as the central hub for this network of companies.

I'm proud to be the CEO of Game On Company, which is headquartered in Israel.

It acts as the linchpin, facilitating communication and collaboration among these various companies.

In our network, Game On Company, based in Israel, is the hub for product management.

We primarily assist B2B sellers in establishing an online presence, which involves taking their products and listing them on platforms like Alibaba.

We also handle the export process from Israel.

However, as I mentioned earlier, each of our companies is unique with its own dedicated team, offices, and locations.

Nonetheless, our goal is to simplify the experience for our clients, providing them with an all-in-one solution.

For instance, if you approached us with a certification requirement, we didn't direct you to a specific individual or company.

You reached out to us, and we managed the entire process behind the scenes, ensuring you received the desired outcome.

The company responsible for handling your request was one of our Chinese companies, experts in certification and various aspects of product manufacturing and sales.

This network of companies forms a cohesive chain, with each one possessing highly capable individuals in their respective fields.

Ultimately, our vision is to offer a seamless and comprehensive experience for our clients.

Our primary goal, to put it simply, is to make it easy for sellers to focus on what they do best.

That's the essence of Game On Group.

But if we want to delve into specifics, let me break down the roles of each company.

The Israel-based company serves as the central hub, the cornerstone of our operations.

Vova: The main hub, indeed.

Chen: Exactly.

Now, in Hong Kong, we have Global Kingdom, a company responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process and research and development.

Suppose you're looking to create a unique product for a platform like Amazon, something with a private label that gives you an edge.

In that case, you'd turn to this company.

They possess both the technical tools and the expertise of their dedicated team to guide you in developing the right product tailored to your platform's needs.

They are well-versed in Amazon's regulations, and shipping requirements, and even have the necessary machinery to support sellers who might be relatively new to the process.

Sometimes our clients require substantial orders, quantities like 100,000 units.

But we also cater to those who need smaller quantities, say 300 or 500 units, to test the market.

Over the years, this company has equipped itself with an impressive array of tools, such as machinery for laser engraving, CNC machines, and 3D printers, which are invaluable for crafting limited quantities of products with unique features.

We've assembled a team of engineers and product managers in this company to guide you throughout the process.

In addition, we've established a studio room, where we can assist you in creating the imagery required for your product listings, aligning with Amazon's specific requests.

Global Kingdom, within this company, boasts two fully-owned factories.

One specializes in plastic and silicone products, where molds for items and vacuum forming are crafted, catering to both plastic and silicone-based products.

The other factory is devoted to pet products, targeting the needs of pet owners, specifically for dogs and cats.

It's a special factory, as it's one of the earliest collaborations we had in China, and it holds a special place in our hearts.

Now, moving forward, let's leave the Global Kingdom behind and head to Shenzhen.

Chen: In Shenzhen, often referred to as the electric city of China, we have three companies that are integral parts of Game On.

First, there's our logistics company, aptly named Greatfull Logistic.

This company has been in operation since 1996 and is renowned as one of the largest logistics companies in China.

If you check it out on Google, you'll find its extensive history.

While it specializes in conventional logistics services like handling containers and airfreights, it has seamlessly transitioned into the e-commerce era, thanks to Game On Group.

Great For Logistics now excels in managing the entire logistics chain for e-commerce, including services like FBA warehousing in China, support for drop shippers, and the efficient handling of small packages.

The significance of logistics cannot be overstated, as it underpins the success of all our companies.

You mentioned our technology company earlier, and one of our flagship products is the My QR Guide.

This technology-focused branch is called Shenzhen Savannah Technologies, established in 2019.

Initially, it was created to assist website owners by developing custom plugins and solutions.

However, it quickly evolved into crafting custom-based apps and programs for our clients.

The standout creation from this company has been the My QR Guide, a tool that has proved invaluable in providing after-sale services online.

We're excited about the potential for more innovative products like this in the future.

Vova: I'll just briefly interrupt here for a moment, Chen, because regarding the My QR Guide, we've actually created a recent video which is embedded below.

For those who are curious, this video can provide a clear understanding of what My QR Guide is and what post-purchase follow-up entails.

It's an incredibly useful tool for Amazon sellers, like myself, as we use post-purchase follow-up to engage with our clients, enhancing their overall customer experience.

We provide them with product instructions, request feedback, offer assistance for any broken items, and much more.

It's a fantastic way to avoid negative reviews, gather positive feedback, and ultimately grow your business.

So, feel free to check out that video for more details, Chen.

Chen: I'm definitely interested in watching that video.

I'll make sure to check it out later on.

Vova: Absolutely, Chen.

Chen: Well, it's a product that we developed in response to the evolving needs of our clients.

Everything under the Game On Group is driven by this philosophy – when we identify a need, we're committed to delivering the solution.

It's how Game On Group has continually evolved over the years.

In terms of technology, we've developed various apps.

Another company in this domain is called Guangzhou Savannah Technologies and Consulting, despite the lengthy name, it's based in Guangzhou.

This company specializes in helping sellers enter the Chinese market, catering to those involved in e-commerce on platforms like Amazon and eBay, both within and outside of China.

We facilitate brands in introducing their products to the Chinese market via platforms like Teemo, Taobao, JD, and Pingdodo, among others.

These names might not be familiar to everyone, but they're significant in the Chinese market.

For outsiders, it's often essential to partner with a Chinese entity, and understanding the Chinese consumer mindset is vital, which is precisely what we provide.

In the United States, we have Apex, a company that handles warehousing and logistics. Currently, we have operations in two locations, with plans to expand further into New Jersey and Los Angeles.

Our approach is all about nurturing brands, essentially taking brands under our wing and assessing their potential for growth.

We consider various aspects, such as financial viability and the steps required for product evolution.

Typically, we acquire existing brands or step in to manage brands on behalf of clients who may not have the expertise or resources to do so effectively.

We nurture these brands under the umbrella of Apex, leveraging platforms like Amazon to foster growth and profitability.

The ultimate goal is to resell these brands, but in some cases, we choose to retain and manage them ourselves for sustained revenue.

This strategy allows Apex to provide financial assistance to clients in need, especially Amazon sellers looking to expand their operations.

We offer loans to those with specific plans and strategies for growth.

Vova: Criteria, indeed.

Chen: We have specific criteria for different areas, and if clients meet those criteria, we provide them with loans to support their growth.

So, that's Game On Group.

People often ask me how to summarize everything we do, and the simplest answer is that we're deeply involved in the e-commerce landscape.

Vova: That's e-commerce in a nutshell.

It seems like you're offering solutions for every step of the seller's journey.

Chen: Exactly, the vision of our company, the collective vision of the group of companies, is all about providing solutions.

Many people approach me and say, I need to source a product, design it, handle logistics, deal with certifications, and trademarks.

I always tell them, "No, you don't have to dive into all those intricacies."

Your focus should be on selling online.

We aim to simplify the process for you.

While you should have a general understanding, we're here to handle the rest.

One of our mottos is to clear your path so that you can concentrate on sales.

That's what we strive to achieve in our company's vision.

Vova: It's fascinating how people can approach you, whether they already have a product or are just starting out on Amazon.

You provide them with guidance all in one place.

You suggest specific types of products and even have the machinery to assist, which is quite impressive.

I imagine that if you don't have a particular piece of machinery, you know where to find someone who does.

Essentially, you're a one-stop shop for sellers, helping them with everything from sourcing to shipping and inspection.

Secrets of Operating a Big Company

Vova: But, I'm curious about something - how did you manage to create all these individual working units?

It's a lot to coordinate.

Chen: That's an excellent question, and it's surprising that no one has asked it before.

Thank you for asking.

Vova: Of course.

Chen: Because, ultimately, the most crucial element in business is the people.

When I have an opportunity to create or be a part of a business, especially in a place like China, I prioritize understanding who the individuals involved will be.

I need to know who will lead, who will manage, what skills they bring, and how they fit into the synergy of my other companies and platforms.

It's about building a team that aligns with my goals and vision because I can't do it all alone.

The team - the managers of the various companies - are the most vital assets.

While I may be well-known in Israel, there's an incredible team working behind the scenes.

These are high-caliber individuals.

To illustrate, consider one of the CEOs of our Chinese company who has dedicated 22 years to the logistics field.

She's so proficient that you could wake her up in the middle of the night, and she'd effortlessly calculate the volumes of everything.

It's individuals like her that I seek when I engage in these businesses.

So, the core of it all comes down to the people.

And I hold myself to the same standard.

I aspire to provide the highest level of service, whether it's answering the questions of small clients or the largest ones.

We treat everyone equally, and while not everyone fits when we find the right people, it's a tremendous joy.

Vova: That's fascinating.

So, when you're building a new company, I suppose you're contemplating who to put in charge, or who can maintain that role when you step back to focus on other aspects of your life, perhaps creating new companies or spending time with your family.

Does it typically work out where that person takes the reins, hires, and grows the company, or do you remain involved in some way?

I'm just curious. 

Chen: It's an interesting question, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer to it.

You see, sometimes I start companies from the ground up, and in those cases, I'm deeply involved in their management and development.

Vova: I see.

Chen: On the other hand, there are instances where we set up companies, like the technology company you mentioned, and in that case, I carefully select the CEO.

I oversee every step of that process. It truly comes down to selecting the right people, but they must align with the vision of the group, with us.

You know, building the right team isn't always a guaranteed success. There are challenges and even failures along the way.

But I'd like to share a story that illustrates how I chose my team members, a story well-known among many in China.

I have a manager, the CEO of one of our Chinese companies, her name is Gabriella.

Gabriella is around 30 years old now, and about 10 or 11 years ago, I was in China with my team.

At that time, I still had a team.

I've been in this business for a long time, not new to it.

Eleven years ago, I went to a place called Huaqiangbei.

It's the world's largest electronics and phone mall, a massive place with multiple buildings selling electronic products.

During that visit, I had a specific need - I was looking for a company that could handle Research and Development (R&D).

I realized the need for it, but hiring Israeli teams was expensive.

It made more sense to establish an R&D center in China.

However, I knew it was essential to find the right people for this.

While I was at Huaqiangbei, amidst hundreds of people, I noticed a woman who stood out.

She had been tirelessly checking screens for hours, going through an extensive list of items without missing a single one.

I turned to my team and said, "Do you see that woman? We've been passing by here for hours, and she's still meticulously checking those same screens, not neglecting any detail."

I explained, This is precisely the quality of people I want to work with.

From that moment, I initiated contact with her, and I discovered she was not only a young entrepreneur but also someone with an exceptionally high level of service and dedication.

She ensured that everything was in its proper place, leaving no stone unturned.

It took me a persistent four-year effort to convince her to join forces with me.

And after she came on board, it took about two more years for her capabilities to fully blossom.

Now, she's the CEO of one of my companies.

It all started with a chance encounter in the market.

In Thailand, the story is also intriguing.

We have a sourcing company there, and it all began with my desire to create a logistic solution from Thailand.

With the onset of COVID-19, I recognized the need for alternative solutions outside of China.

I explored options like Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand for logistical reasons.

While I initially expected these places to excel in logistics, I found that their strengths lay in sourcing products.

So, the people I initially considered for sourcing roles became managers for a company we ended up establishing for sourcing.

Business is often a trial-and-error process.

Vova: I can totally relate, Chen.

It's fascinating to hear how you've navigated your journey and how much emphasis you place on people.

People are at the heart of what you do, and that's really the essence of Game On Group.

It makes sense that those who are similar to you are naturally drawn to your values.

You create companies based on shared values, and if the value of people holds a significant place in that scale of values, it certainly sounds like a welcoming and comfortable environment to work in.

While I haven't personally worked with you, I've had conversations with Keshet Sella, who does work with you.

In one of our previous discussions, I asked her about her experience, and she shared that it's pretty cool.

She mentioned how you've been helpful in various aspects of her Amazon business.

Chen: Keshet's story is quite interesting as well.

She started as a client with Game On Group.

Vova: Oh, really?

Chen: Keshet has quite an interesting story.

She initially started as a client, an enthusiastic newcomer to the world of Amazon.

At the outset, she began with inspection services, then gradually moved into shipping, and as she delved deeper, she saw the potential in sourcing.

Keshet navigated the entire chain with us, and after several years of friendship, I proposed that it was time for her to join my team.

She was excited to give it a try, and she became a valuable part of the team.

You know, Vova, it all comes down to trust.

Trust is intricately connected to the world of e-commerce.

Without trust, you can't build the right team, and you can't find the right people to work with.

Consider this: a person, whether in Israel, the United States, or anywhere else, aims to create a product for Amazon.

They typically begin by engaging with Alibaba, but behind Alibaba are various companies and individuals.

In the process, tens of thousands of US dollars are placed into the hands of people you've never met before.

The level of trust required is immense.

Our goal is to establish and deliver trust to our clients, ensuring that their investments are in safe hands.

Trust is paramount, and when we place it in the right hands, it paves the way for more straightforward success.

Unfortunately, the world isn't entirely populated with trustworthy individuals.

Therefore, it's crucial to be meticulous about who you work with and to whom you entrust your money.

We strive to build an environment around trust and maintain our clients' faith. 

It's interesting, Chen.

So, as you mentioned, the first thing is about people, and the second is trust.

This notion of people trusting Game On Group is quite fascinating.

How to Contact Game On Group

Vova: Now, before we conclude, is there anything else you'd like to add that I might not have asked about Game On Group or how to contact you, or any other aspects you'd like to mention? 

Chen: To contact Game On Group, you can simply Google Game On Group or search our company name on any search engine. Or simply use the Game On Group website link.

My personal email is

Please mention that Vova Even referred you, I'll get you awesome prices and offers.

No matter how busy I am, no matter where I'm doing business in any country, I genuinely enjoy talking to clients.

It doesn't matter how much money you're making or how much you're looking to invest in my company.

Even if you're not planning to invest, I love the learning experience because every interaction brings something new, despite my many years in this business, Vova.

So, tell your YouTube channel viewers and your blog readers or your Facebook community to contact me.

I promise I'll respond, although it might take a bit of time sometimes.

Also, we'll be at the Prosper event, with a booth, and you're all welcome to visit us there.

We're planning to give away some cool gifts.

And for everyone who comes through you, Vova, I'll make sure they get some special gifts too.

So, it's a win-win for all involved. ✌️

Vova: Absolutely, a win-win strategy benefits everyone involved, and it's a great way to approach things.

Why not, right?

It's fun and it's good for everyone.

Chen: You know, Vova, my team will tell you that I always say if I'm not having fun, I won't do it.

So, we need to have fun, Vova.

Vova: Yeah, I agree.

Chen: Do you know why it's called Game On Group?

From day one, I used to import gaming products into Israel.

You know, gaming for PlayStation, for everything.

I'm a gamer myself and have been since the age of six.

I have all the consoles at home, and I've played just about every game out there.

If you name a game, chances are I've played it.

Vova: That's cool, Chen.

Chen: There's another reason why it's Game On Group.

A long time ago, someone I respected and liked told me not to bother creating a global company because I wouldn't succeed.

In my head, I thought, "Okay, that's your opinion," but for me, it was more like game on, bring it on…

Vova: Yeah, that makes sense.

Chen: So, 20 years later, the name stuck, and that's why it's Game On Group.

My hope is that I can help any of your clients or viewers succeed and reach new heights.

That's what brings me enjoyment. 

Vova: Perfect, Chen.

Thank you, man.

It was really interesting to hear about the story of Game On Group, your values, personal stories from your life, and how you've shared them.

I'm eager to learn more from you, and you're always welcome.

Chen: I hope you'll invite me more, and we'll talk more, especially about things that are fun. 

Vova: Thank you.

I really appreciate it, man.

May you have a great day, and to the listeners and readers out there, have a fantastic day too.

Chen: You too, thank you.

Vova: Thank you.


Chen: Cheers.



So, that's a wrap-up of the exciting conversation we had with Chen from Game On Group.

We've delved into the world of e-commerce, learned about the fantastic services Game On Group provides, and got a glimpse into the fascinating journey of a successful entrepreneur.

It's been quite a journey, and here's a recap of what we've discovered.

Game On Group is a remarkable collection of companies spread across the globe.

They're like a one-stop shop for all your e-commerce needs.

From sourcing products to manufacturing, research and development, inspections, logistics, and even financial help, they've got it all covered.

They're there to make your life as an e-commerce seller easier, allowing you to focus on what you do best – selling.

One of the striking things about Game On Group is their emphasis on people and trust.

Chen, the CEO, strongly believes in the power of the right team.

He's not just looking for talented individuals; he's looking for individuals who share the same vision and values.

Trust is key when you're doing business internationally, and Game On Group ensures that their clients can rely on them.

They understand that behind every transaction, there are real people, and they make sure those people feel safe and supported.

The name "Game On Group" reflects Chen's determination and his love for gaming.

He's a gamer at heart and has always been passionate about it.

When someone told him he couldn't build a global company, he took it as a challenge and said, "Game on, bring it on."

And 20 years later, that name is a testament to his success.

The good news is that Game On Group is more than willing to help you succeed.

They're not just about making money; they genuinely want to assist you in reaching new heights in your e-commerce journey.

Chen mentioned that you can reach out to him directly.

He loves connecting with clients and is always eager to learn and help.

Chen and Game On Group also believe in a win-win approach.

They're open to exploring affiliate partnerships, so when you benefit, they benefit, and your favorite content creators, like me, also benefit.

It's all about helping each other and creating a supportive community.

The key takeaway from this conversation is that e-commerce is an exciting world full of opportunities, and there are people like Chen and companies like Game On Group who are there to support you every step of the way.

It's not just about business; it's about people, trust, and having fun while you do it.

So, whether you're an experienced e-commerce seller or just starting on your journey, Game On Group could be your game-changer.

Until next time, keep pushing forward in your e-commerce adventures, and may your success reach new heights!


Vova :)

Table of Contents
  1. Game On Group: E-commerce Solutions
    1. Introduction
    2. Meet My Guest: Chen Saban
    3. Game On Group Review
    4. Secrets of Operating a Big Company
    5. How to Contact Game On Group
    6. Conclusion

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