How to Use Jungle Scout Supplier Database & Supplier Tracker - Detailed Review & Tutorial

Vova Even Jan 12, 2023
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Jungle Scout Supplier Database & Tracker – the Best Tool to Find and Track Suppliers?

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As you must have gotten an idea from the title, we are going to discuss Jungle Scout Supplier Database and Tracker and how you can utilize it for your business.

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I have been reviewing various tools developed by Jungle Scout recently and this article involves one of them. Jungle Scout Supplier Database and Tracker are popular devices for sellers who wish to find suitable suppliers fast. 

I will be discussing both of them individually so that you can grasp their usefulness easily.

If you want to read the rest of the articles about Jungle Scout, you will find them in between reading this article. 

Also, I have a more than an hour-long video guide where I dissect the entire Jungle Scout suite of tools so if you would rather watch it, you can gladly do so right here! :)

The part that talks about the Supplier Database at minute 46:43, and the part about Supplier Tracker is at minute 52:53. Enjoy!

Jungle Scout Supplier Database Review

The Jungle Scout Supplier Database gives you multiple options to search for quality suppliers for your products with the help of Jungle Scout.

The first option is to search through the product. You can type any product's name, for example, kitchen knife stainless steel and click search.

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Searching Suppliers via Product

Jungle Scout will give you different suppliers and their top customers. It will show you what products they make and who they work with, how many shipments a supplier has carried out so far, and how many customers they have served.

By the way, we have a full tutorial of the Supplier Database with
Ed from Jungle Scout.

Watch it below:

Moreover, you can also search for a product by country.

For example, if you are interested in products from other countries such as China or India, you can specifically look for products from these countries.

To carry out this search, you will select India, China, or any country you want from the drop-down menu of Region/Country of Origin and click the search button.

Maybe you want wool and threads from Kashmir in India or other cultural artifacts for decor. Simply type that product and search for it and it will bring you all the necessary information that you need.

On the search results page, you can get the contact information of the supplier by clicking the Search for Contact info button. It will take you to the search results where, if the supplier is available online, you could see its address, and contact number and even get directions to its premises.

If you further scroll down, you will be seeing a graph of the shipment history of a supplier.

It will show you exactly how many shipments the seller has been carrying out since its inception!

The next option to search suppliers is by company name.

Searching Suppliers via Company Name

You can also search for suppliers by typing a company’s name.

You can type any company’s name and click the search button. On the next screen, you will see a list of companies with the similar name and their top suppliers.

However, sometimes the tool fails to produce the company you had searched for. It is because you might have made mistakes in typing the name, or you have written an incomplete name of the company. In this case, the tool will show you some suggestions that relate to your keyword.

See if you find your company in these suggestions, or if it is not there as well, you need to dig deeper and search for the real name company is registered with.

In order to see how it’s done, watch the video below. It’s at minute 03:39.

Searching Suppliers via Supplier Name 

Sometimes, there are some suppliers that you already know, or maybe a friend has suggested you some and you want to specifically search for them on Jungle Scout. 

Gladly, the tool allows you to do so. Just choose Supplier from the Supplier Database dashboard and type the name. Click the search button and that’s it. On the next screen, you will have a list of suppliers with your keyword. 

Searching suppliers via ASIN

The Jungle Scout sellers also have the option to search for suppliers via product ASINs. 

The method is simple: select ASIN from the tool’s dashboard, copy the product ASIN and insert it in the search bar. After clicking the search button, the product will appear with the supplier’s name. Can’t find the supplier you want? Simply click to see more results and more suppliers will appear!

Jungle Scout Supplier Tracker Review

Have you understood how to use the Jungle Scout Supplier Database? Great! Now, let's see the Supplier Tracker.

Here’s a video that explains how to use this tool. Ed from Jungle Scout is with me here for this one as well.

Sellers can use this to carry out multiple tasks; track suppliers, see in detail the supplier’s information, request quotes, save sample pictures & details, keep track of their purchased orders and write notes about suppliers if need be.

You can create a group of suppliers whom you want to monitor. For example, suppliers for knives from India or skateboard wheels from Taiwan can be grouped and tracked.

There are also tabs present where, if you had requested a quote from the supplier, you could keep track of those. You can name the quote, mention the date you requested it, the number of products involved, the unit cost, and the lead time in either days or weeks.

Then if you want to put a description on it, you can do that. That way, it's easy to keep everything organized as you compare multiple manufacturers. You can also organize samples if suppliers send you some.

You can name them and attach a particular quote to the sample so that you remember that it came from this particular supplier. And then you can even put notes to yourself that no one else will see.

You could even upload a photo to track your samples easily. And suppose your supplier requires you to send purchase orders. In that case, the tool will allow you to create professional-looking purchase orders where you fill in all the relevant information and generate a nice-looking PDF that you can then send to your suppliers.

This isn't always strictly necessary. For example, I've never used this tool for my supplier because I place my orders directly on Alibaba with him. But sometimes the manufacturer will want this record, so if you need to make this, you don't have to go into Microsoft Word or other similar tools, and try an amateur version yourself.

And then you can also put any extra notes that you want to regard this particular supplier. Lastly, I have a little suggestion to all the sellers out there: if you want to find a really nice supplier, you can try buying products from well-known brands.

This way, you can know which suppliers the popular brands choose. The established business usually sets the bar high while choosing suppliers so you can rest assured that these suppliers are worth a try!

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Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)