A Motivating and Inspiring Story of Making Money Online

Vova Even Dec 20, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Here’s What You Need to Know About Augustas Kligys, the Founder of Orange Klik, and His Inspirational Journey of Entrepreneurship
    1. Introducing Augustas Kligys
    2. How Did Augustas Get to Know About Amazon FBA and Jungle Scout?
    3. Final Remarks

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Augustas Kligys, the Founder of Orange Klik, and His Inspirational Journey of Entrepreneurship

Hello and welcome! 

It’s Vova Even again. Today, I am going to introduce you to an inspirational personality who has made great strides in the e-commerce and entrepreneurship industry.

Interestingly, he’s not only known for his entrepreneurial endeavors; his adventurous lifestyle and the tales of travel are some of the other things that you will love to hear. 

He goes by the name Augustas Kligys – a friend of mine whom I call a ‘veteran in making money online.’

His journey started back in the 2000s and is still going on, getting stronger with each passing day.

He also runs his blog called Orange Klik.

I had an all-encompassing conversation with him on Augusta's YouTube channel recently, which you can watch by clicking here

I had invited Augustus to come on my YouTube channel back then, a favor that he returned graciously in a short time.

This article is mostly inspired by my discussion with him on my channel, where we talked about his life, what sparked in him his interest in online money-making, his achievements so far in the industry, and his future plans.

His personal success story is so inspiring and motivational that I wanted people to know about it and hence, here we are! 

So, let’s not keep you waiting anymore and jump into the wonderful story of making money by Augustas Kligys.   

P.S. Here is the conversation that I had with the man himself on my YouTube channel: 

Introducing Augustas Kligys

Vova: Hey, man! I hope you’re well. Can you please introduce yourself to our audience before we jump onto your journey?

Augustus: Hello Vova and all the people reading this conversation.

I am really glad to be here, to be among people who share my dreams and aspirations.

It’s an honor that Vova introduced me as a veteran in making money online; it’s just so kind of him.

I am originally from Lithuania and my journey of making money online dates back to my graduation and master’s years, which is about 15 years ago.

There are many interesting stories belonging to that period that I would like to share here with you all.

I have always been passionate about traveling and visiting new places.

Mostly, people know me from my YouTube channel, Orange Klik, where we share educational content for online entrepreneurs, including Amazon sellers.

We hosted Vova himself some time ago and discussed important things related to selling on Amazon and the issues that come with it.

So, that’s who I am.

Of course, there’s more about me and about everything I have done and I am currently doing that will come ahead in this article, and I believe you will really enjoy reading it. 

Vova: I am really excited to have you here, Augustus, and listen to your story.

What intrigues me the most is you jumped into earning money online when other people (including me) were only playing games!

I am really curious to know how you got into the online business.

Can you please take us through that part of your life when the idea of earning online money struck you for the first time?  

Augustus: Well, that story originates from Denmark University where I was studying for a master's degree in Computer Science in 2001.

I used to be really passionate about computers, but apart from that, I also loved to pack my bags, book tickets, and fly away to visit islands or deserts, or cultural capitals around the world.

Hitchhiking was my favorite hobby.

I gradually realized that though there were heaps of travelers around the world, none had an online blog to share their experience.

And since the internet was rapidly becoming popular, I thought maybe I could create an online travel blog that people will love to read.

Being an ardent programmer myself, I really believed I could do it. 

Hence, I started working on programming a website from scratch and eventually came up with an excellent content management system that had both, front-end and back-end setup as well.

Using that, you could not only share a blog filled with text but also add pictures to it.

After creating my CMS, I contemplated selling it online as most people were doing.

I saw my CMS as a perfect ready-made product for travelers, and that is why I named it ‘TETSI’ - Template for Travel Sites.

I booked the domain with the same name, bought its license, created an account on checkout.com, and made my CMS available to purchase.

However, nobody turned up to purchase it as it was not visible to many people.

It went for a few months without any buyer so I decided to put it as an open source that can be freely utilized by everyone to create their websites.

In a short span of time, I saw 10-15 people using my CMS, and although few more people could have turned up to use it, it dawned upon me that it was a failure.

Even if 50 people were using tetsi, it wasn’t enough.

I was really happy the night I published my platform, but then I realized it is too soon for people to know its significance.

It was simply way ahead of its time, and that way, my first online business ended as a failure.

After I completed my studies at the university, I started working on different projects with my professor at the same university.

I would coordinate for a few months and earn enough money for backpacking to Africa or Europe to undertake new adventures and explore new places.

This went on and on until one year, I met my wife in Spain.

She was a German and shared my dream of traveling the world. My meeting with her was a beautiful coincidence, which I will share later.

After one year of our meeting, we embarked on our journey to travel the world, starting with Mexico in 2005. 

We had saved ample money by that time from our full-time jobs so I called my friend who was really enthusiastic about investment and asked him to invest my money and take some percentage of it for himself.

He didn’t sound really optimistic about it; however, he suggested to me an investment fund where I could make better use of my money.

Eventually, I heeded his advice and invested about €6,000 in the investment fund.

It was a big amount for us, because we were traveling here and there with only $500 dollars a month, and it could really be perilous if things went south.

But as it turned out, it was one of the best decisions we had ever made!

I cashed out about €10,000 from these six thousand euros in the next three years because Eastern Europe was really ripe for all kinds of investment opportunities at that time.

I followed my instincts, the signs that were there, and the advice of my friend without deeply studying the investments, and I was content with where they took me. 

Vova: That’s almost miraculous! I am seriously amazed at the pace at which things have worked out for you even though you encountered a few failures.

Your persistence is really laudable.

But as much as I am excited to learn more about your life and achievements, could you please shed some light on the coincidence that led you to meet your future wife?

Augustas: Actually, when I was working at the university with my professor in 2003, my plan was to emigrate to China.

I had it all sorted out; my professional and financial plans were all in place.

Then suddenly, the media started talking about the SARS virus outbreak in China, and it wasn’t really good.

I heard all kinds of things like; the virus is so contagious and so dangerous that if a person sneezes in an elevator, other people catch the virus and eventually die; China’s economy is collapsing; there are no jobs, etc.

Therefore, I decided that I won’t be going to China at this time, and instead, chose to visit Spain after one month.

I had no idea at that time that it was just the universe arranging things for me and that it wanted me to meet my future wife in Spain! 

Sometimes, I think it is important to accept unwanted and unexpected turnarounds in your life and move along with all these changes.

You never know, and you can never predict what life has in store for you.

I don’t know what would have happened to me in China, but as things unfolded after that, I am confident that destiny definitely favored me!

Vova: Life works in strange ways, no doubt about that.

But as they say, “Fortune favors the brave,” I think it was your timely, bold decisions that converted things in your favor.

I also really like your lifestyle as a traveler as I am a ‘digital nomad’ myself.

Could you please tell us more about that?

Augustas: Thank you Vova for these beautiful words.

We properly executed our travel plans in 2005-2006.

Our entire endeavor was mainly supported by the investment that I mentioned earlier, and we didn’t have any other stable and strong source of income.

We were certain that what we have right now will easily cover our expenditure for two to three years of our voyage around the world.

But within the first year of our traveling, we realized that we weren’t actively traveling.

Whether intentionally or sometimes unintentionally, we would get stuck sometimes in Belize, or Mexico, or in any other country.

We would rent an apartment in Ecuador for half a year and live and visit the country during that period.

So, that’s how things basically went on. 

I wasn’t doing much programming during that period because although I was passionate about programming websites, I didn’t really know how I would earn money from it.

I was skeptical if it even was an option.

The content management system that I had created for travelers had not worked so I didn’t know what would happen. 

However, during our expeditions, one of my Lithuanian friends from Denmark, suggested that if I am passionate about programming, he has an idea that he would like to discuss with me.

He said that he wants me to create a website that pulls information about credit cards from the database.

I agreed, but when my friend asked about the fees, I told him he can pay whatever he wants when the money starts coming out of the website.

It was a good deal, for both of us, so I started working on it.

He had a sharp business mind and I was a skilled programmer so the team combination was perfect.

I worked with him for five or six years. 

Initially, our primary source of income was affiliate marketing wherein we would post information regarding credit cards for US citizens and when someone signed up for a bank, we would get a little commission.

I was merely working on the technical side while my partner was leading the business as he was a business student and hence, knew how affiliate business work.

The commission I got from this venture wasn’t satisfying in the beginning, but after two or three years, I was getting €500, which was not bad, given that I worked only a few days in a month.

Life was good as we were on the road, traveling most of the time.

However, this affiliate project would always sneak inside my mind, leaving me worried and distracted, no matter wherever I went.

I would be traveling with my wife and suddenly the to-do list would flash in front of my eyes, making me a bit uncomfortable as I rarely got time to work while traveling.

Consequently, it changed my perspective on life as a digital nomad – I used to cherish such a lifestyle, but now I don’t believe you can travel and work simultaneously.

Because if you do, you won’t enjoy both!

Therefore, I came to realize it was challenging to focus on programming while wanting to have fun with your travel plans.

To make matters worse, there were no portable computers/laptops available in the regions we were traveling to at that time.

That is why I used to put all the project’s material on my 2 GB portable USB stick.

This usually helped me when I needed to work.

I would go to any internet cafe, put in my USB, and finish some pending tasks.

Sometimes, I would work from 9 AM to the evening to get things done.

One day, when I wanted to upgrade my USB stick from 2GB to 4GB, as storage had come to its maximum capacity, I had to travel through the entire Quito city (Ecuador's capital city) to find a computer shop.

Vova: I can relate to that!

I know people idealize digital nomads and think what a wonderful life they are living.

But the truth is far from reality.

It is the most demanding form of life as a professional as it forces you to focus on work when you want to explore places and have fun. 

For those who don’t know, Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which the retailer rewards an affiliate for their efforts to market the retailer’s products and bring more customers. 

Augustus, please tell us more about the affiliate business and how it went. 

Augustas: It continued for some years.

Gradually, I learned that the commission varies on the student and business card, but I was not really focusing on that.

It was my friend who was managing the business and I only provided him with technical assistance.

But the unsatisfactory feeling continued to gnaw at me internally.

I felt bad that I wasn’t contributing much to that project, and that I wanted to be free.

Thus, one day, I told my friend that I want to quit the project and he responded happily but said I will still be paid my commissions for the next eight months till the end of the year.

I understood that was his smart move to make me realize I was making a mistake, and after one year, I shared the same sentiment. 

Vova: When you realized that, did you come back and stayed out of it? 

Augustas: Well, not instantly. We were living in India in a big, rented house at that time.

It was an economical accommodation with only $100 per month and with a strong internet connection.

During that period, my wife and I were watching some Western spiritual teachings from the likes of Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, etc., and we found them really relatable to our life.

They all accentuated listening to what your heart wants and trusting your instincts, which was exactly what we practiced almost every day.

For example, we had established two rules; we won’t travel after the night falls, and second, if any one of us feels we should not do this or that thing, we will stay away from it.

It is difficult to explain, but it really helped us a lot! 

That is why we could relate to all these teachings.

We were having unexpected fun because we were following our hearts.

So whenever I asked myself what I would like to do, my gut feeling was always against programming.

My heart and mind responded that I didn’t like programming, and I reciprocated. I didn’t force it and communicated everything to my friend.

However, we eventually agreed that I will work for him on an hourly basis whenever he needed me.

I was the best person to work with because the entire system was my creation and I knew the codes and all the technical details.

I undertook some other freelance projects too.

Yet, I was unhappy.

Programming simply didn’t fill my heart with joy and excitement and for the next half a year, I was in a limbo state, lost and uncertain of what I wanted to do. 

After a year and a half in India, we went to Malaysia.

We lived there for three months and discovered another passion – we became raw foodists! 

Raw food is an unprocessed and sometimes uncooked food that mostly includes vegetables.

We found raw food to be very uplifting as it filled us with a strange energy, though I don’t know exactly where it came from.

Whether it was the nutrients or higher self, I am not sure, but I remember we rejoiced in our big, two-story house, dancing on the floor, having a blast with the new things happening in our life. 

One day, I thought of creating a blog about raw food for Lithuanians in Lithuanian.

I registered the domain name as geragyventi.com (meaning: it’s good to live).

I started posting raw food recipes with pictures that I captured myself.

I explained how to create your own food dehydrator because I learned that they are expensive with the cost ranging between $300-400.

I had created one myself from a packaging box with some aluminum and simple lamps without spending lots of money so I thought it is better to extend my creativity to others. 

Vova: That sounds intriguing!

Could you please explain what food dehydrators do?

I think people here would really love to know that.

Augustas: Its main function is to remove or dry out the moisture on fruits, vegetables, and other organic edibles such as meat, herbs, etc.

It is an effective source for the preservation of foods if you are traveling for a long time.

You can also try different recipes with it; for example, we once prepared a raw pizza with a food dehydrator’s help. 

My interest in raw food continued to increase, and now, I also started sharing alternative ideas for raw food on my website and got an encouraging response from the audience.

One day, I came across an amazing website for healthy natural products called https://iherb.com.

It was nothing less than Amazon for healthy food enthusiasts like me.

We became their regular customers, and when I got to know they have an affiliate program, I wrote a description of their service in Lithuanian and shared it on my website.

When they got some customers owing to my description, they rewarded me with $50 dollars after a few months, but it didn’t stop there.

Gradually, my commission increased to €100 per month and with that reward, we bought more of their products.

It was easy to import these products at that time because the taxes weren’t heavy, so we filled our kitchen cabinets with raw snack bars and other healthy supplements. 

By the time we started generating some income from my blog, we were back in Europe.

It was 2009.

We went to Thailand and Australia as well after spending a few months in Malaysia.

Thailand was really sublime, but Australia was comparatively an expensive country for us to live in.

The countries in the Asian continent i.e. India, Thailand, Malaysia, offered us quality accommodation and food besides other unforgettable experiences at a very affordable price.

But Australia was the opposite of it. 

We were living in Perth, West Australia, which is a city built over a desert.

Hence, almost everything is imported from outside and consequently, is very expensive.

I had no stable source of income at that time, except for that food blog.

Although I did manage to get my hands on something productive, which I will share later.

But first, let me tell you an interesting thing: I still get $30-40 every month from my blog, even though I haven’t updated it for years!

Vova: Now, that’s interesting!

I think it’s been nearly 14 years and the blog is still bringing you something.

I wonder if you had worked on it regularly all these years, where would have it gotten you!  

Augustas: Absolutely, and I don’t think I would be worried about my income if I had kept the blog active.

But I really didn’t understand how affiliate marketing worked.

That is why I could not find my interest in it.

My only support was my programming skills which helped me create that blog, but that was it. 

Long story short, we got back into Europe (Germany, to be specific) almost without money.

Thanks to the German government, we got little financial support in the beginning, but I knew I have to do something if we are to live as a family in the long run.

Therefore, I started full-time freelancing as a web programmer and also played Poker online.

Nobody in the Amazon industry knows it, but I really love playing Poker.

I would sometimes start playing at 9 AM in the morning and finish it around midnight. I was playing low stakes though, but still, after one and a half years, I had made $10,000 from the game.

It was an enjoyable experience, and why wouldn’t it be when you start with €5 in the evening and after playing for six hours, you end up with €1,500 in your hands?!

We hadn’t had a child at that time so the freedom allowed me to explore different options to generate income.

However, I realized that I was poor at managing money secured from the game.

I didn’t know what to do with that. I bought myself a computer and an expensive Vitamix Blender, but then I put a stop to my unnecessary spending.

I also gradually shifted my focus from Poker to freelancing and started accepting projects more seriously from 2011-2012 onwards. 

Vova: That’s great because when you have an impressive professional background, you are definitely going to attract as many projects as you want.

Up until now, your journey has been really impressive, Augustus.

I particularly applaud you for making bold decisions.

I have had many traveling experiences so I am cognisant that it is not easy to keep up with your professional as well as personal commitments.

From working on the credit cards website with a partner to quitting it, and from experiencing spirituality in India to creating a raw food blog in Malaysia and earning from it – your struggle is really bold and outstanding! 

We are keen to hear more from you so please proceed with your story. 

Augustas: Thank you, Vova, for your appreciative words! 

As a freelance programmer, I continued my work and surprisingly enjoyed it.

Also, we welcomed our first child in 2012 so I had to enjoy it because there were no other options.

I didn’t want to be dependent on the government again for various reasons.

They helped us in recovering financially when we started living in Germany, but now I wanted to do something on my own. 

When we were in India, programming had not really resonated with me, but now I had made my peace with it.

I had established an impressive profile so there was no dearth of projects.

I also wasn’t charging heavy prices. I worked at $13-15 per hour.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t know you could charge more because perhaps I wasn’t in that ‘money mindset.’

But now I have realized that having that mindset is vital to your success as a freelancer or even as an entrepreneur.

As I matured and grew as a professional freelance web programmer, I increased my charges to $20 per hour.

The income was sufficient for our three-member family, but I wanted more.

I started looking for investment opportunities but couldn't find any sustainable ones. 

How Did Augustas Get to Know About Amazon FBA and Jungle Scout?

Augustus (continuing): Then one day, I got to know about Amazon FBA from my brother-in-law.

He was working as a 3D designer for an architecture agency some time ago, but now he’s selling on Amazon.

He said that one day, a client approached their architecture agency for a project.

It had something to do with eBay and Amazon so when he got his credentials and logged into the account, he was astounded to see the money his client was making via Amazon.

After that, he studied everything about FBA and started selling sim card adapters on Amazon at only €3 per item.

I couldn’t believe it when he told me that now he’s making around €1,000 every month from selling these tiny sim card adaptors online!

I was so impressed by the potential Amazon FBA offered that I researched everything about it.

I also learned about newly-released software, Jungle Scout which was the talk of the town in 2015.

It was a smart software with the Jungle Scout Chrome extension that made Amazon product research look like child’s play, but my predicament was I couldn’t invest more than €500 to start a business.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from learning more about the Amazon FBA.

I joined Amazon sellers’ groups on Facebook to keep myself apprised of what is going on in the industry. 

After the success of Jungle Scout, there was another similar kind of software in the market.

I was intrigued by it and my programmer instinct was to put them to the test and see who does the good job.

Hence, I used some ‘programming tricks’ and tried both of them.

It turned out that the other software was only faking the results using some formulas in its code while the Jungle Scout provided authentic product sales and other essential information.

For me, it didn’t make any sense to promote a product that is fake and useless and is merely copying Jungle Scout.

I had an instant idea floating in my mind – I bought a domain, created a website with WordPress, and shared a 500-word article in which I provided the pros and cons of using both software.

I had not intended it, but this website ultimately became my second income stream. 

My actual goal was to inform people, but since I had put some affiliate links in my article, after a period of one month, both software companies started paying me for each sign-up.

Jungle Scout paid $20 while the other one paid me $50 per member.

It was the second week of August 2015 when I shared that article.

When the month ended and I checked my earnings, I was surprised to see that I had got $100-150 from that defective software and only $40 from Jungle Scout!

My first reaction was, “How come Jungle Scout is paying me less incentive than the other poor software?!”

But subsequently, I rushed to the article and removed all the negative remarks about the other software so that they can grab more sales.

I then contacted Greg Mercer, CEO of Jungle Scout, and explained everything to him.

He listened to me and agreed that they would improve their incentivization program and increase my share as well.

What makes it more interesting is my website which was small and consisted of not more than three pages.

It only had log-in/sign-up options on the front page and the other pages had some written content, including my article.

Yet, my income kept increasing with each passing month.

In September of that year, I earned $200 which grew to $300 in October, and after a few months, I was earning €2,000 a month from both software.

I couldn’t believe it. It was more than I could have asked for! 

I didn’t know how my page got optimized because I had little to no knowledge of SEO.

But somehow, my website was getting huge traffic from Google and other search engines and people were taking great interest in my article. 

At that time, if you would go to Google and search Jungle Scout and that other software, my article would appear at the top of the results.

Perhaps, it was because there was no other competitor.

Jungle Scout and the other one were the only options available for Amazon sellers so people wanted to know which one is effective to use. 

Anyway, that website didn’t last long either because I was naive enough to abandon it.

After uploading that article, I hadn’t upgraded it once so gradually, it just vanished away. In retrospect, I think I should have worked on it more. 

Vova: Perhaps, but then you couldn’t have experienced things that you have now so I guess everything worked out for the best.

And I agree that there weren’t many tools for the Amazon marketplace at that time which might have contributed to your website’s top ranking.

People were still familiarizing themselves with all the innovation and development taking place in the industry.

Things have changed now. 

But let's get back to your story.

After you abandoned that website, what did you do next?

It is difficult to digest when €2,000 suddenly stops coming into your account so how did you manage things in the following days?

Augustas: Well, thankfully, I still had freelancing as my support system which enabled me to provide for my family.

But in 2016, I came across a webinar that was about seeing virtual summits as a business model.

In the webinar, they said that you can make plenty of money by launching a free virtual summit.

At first, the idea felt funny to me.

I couldn’t understand how a free event can earn you thousands of dollars.

Nonetheless, it made me curious enough to know more about this business model.

I attended more such webinars and eventually found a course named Virtual Summit Mastery.

However, the fee to take the course was $2,000 which was more than I could afford so I decided not to go for it.

But then I saw that the course owner was offering free access to the top three people who performed best in his video challenge.

I took the challenge and recorded a very creative video that ultimately won me the first position!

In the time following that course, I started having second thoughts about this business.

I was not sure if I was doing the right thing.

It seemed more laborious work than eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and programming, but as I had won free access to the course, I felt responsible to complete it.

That’s why I persevered and started practicing recording interviews and virtual summits.

This was also the time when I came up with the idea of Orange Klik.

I rebranded it later but we can say that it started from here.

This practice continued for months before I decided to record my first virtual summit. 

My first summit was about selling on Amazon in the European market as I had seen many people frequently asking about it.

There was scarce information available on that over the Internet so I sensed the opportunity and started hunting for speakers.

I had outlined 20-25 speakers, one of which was Greg Mercer.

We had established a good working relationship because of the affiliate partnership so I recorded a 3-minute invitation video and he reciprocated.

I was really ecstatic because his participation meant my virtual summit would be a blast! 

I still remember I had my first interview with a German influencer at my residence.

I was very nervous that day because I had prepared a big list of questions and didn’t want to lose track of things I wanted to ask.

I asked my family to move out 30-40 minutes before the interview so that I can focus on the preparation – you can gauge my nervousness from that!

Regardless, that interview beat even my own expectations and went so superbly that I conducted more interviews in tandem.

I worked tirelessly for five months with inadequate sleep and completed my first virtual summit.

The model was such that the summit lasted for five days with five speakers delivering lectures each day in pre-recorded videos.

People were allowed to watch these lectures for 24 hours.

However, after the event ended, it could only be accessed after buying the full package.

So once my summit ended, I started emailing people to buy the recordings, which they happily did, and that too in large numbers.

In just a short span of time, my profit from the summit had increased to $8,000, the biggest amount I had earned in my entire life.

I was above the moon that day and couldn’t believe what had happened! 

You can always expect such kinds of rewards if you believe in yourself, love what you do, and work hard.

A few months back, I was content with the $3,000 that I was earning from freelancing, but now the virtual summit business was earning me almost three times more than that.

This is why I minimized my programming engagements, and in the following year, I completely eliminated freelancing from my career. 


There is another thing that happened during this period that made me realize how, sometimes, things happen in a strangely beautiful way for us.

In the year 2017, my sales surged to 200.

But I didn’t know that if you are living in Germany, you need a transaction document for each sale.

Since I had no idea of this, I also didn’t know how to create one.

This led me to scout for people who knew well how to deal with these things, and eventually, my search ended with a Serbian programmer.

He was a very skilled person and knew his work.

He was very economical too, as he was only charging $5 per hour.

In the end, he did an amazing job in getting me 200 transaction documents in PDF.

Our contact continued and we subsequently became good friends.

I recommended him to many of my friends, including Danny Macmillan, another influencer from my industry, with whom he is still working.

He has now got plenty of projects and I am happy with how things unfolded for him.

My first virtual summit was an uplifting experience that also made me realize my potential outside of the programming industry.

Organizing a summit is really a demanding task because you have to do a lot of work, but it is really worth it. 

Vova: It definitely is, and I would go two steps further to say it is life-changing!

When you are earning $3,000 per month with the help of the Internet – which is a great feat in itself – but then you come across a business that gives you $8,000 after a bit of hard work – it really is a story worth telling!

It is not something that happens every day with everyone.

Only a rare breed of people manage to achieve something so surreal and so majestic.

I know I have said it before, but I will say again and again that your story is truly inspiring to me.

I love being with people who challenge themselves to do more and more, and you are one of those people. 

These virtual summits are no futile events.

The heavyweights of different industries are invited to share their opinions on important matters.

Take the example of Greg Mercer; he is the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, but he is also a successful seller on Amazon.

I am not sure he’s selling anymore, but he definitely is a force to be reckoned with within the industry.

His presence, in any event, means a great deal for all Amazon sellers.

That is why you have to put a lot of effort in order to make the event successful and attract as many people to buy it as possible.

And from what we have learned so far, I think Augustas has done an unparalleled job in this industry! 

Augustas: Thanks, Vova!

I gradually realized there was a huge difference in my lifestyle as a freelancer and as an entrepreneur.

I was almost constantly working in the latter while as an entrepreneur, I got enough time to rest before working on another virtual summit.

By the year 2019, I was creating two to three virtual summits a year.

The number of people creating summits significantly soared during the COVID-19 pandemic when people were cut off from life outside.

But by then, I had grown tired and chose to do in-person conferences. 

We organized five conferences in four countries, and my plan was to do 20 events around the world in 2021.

However, the plan didn’t materialize for various reasons.

In the meanwhile, I rebranded and worked on my YouTube channel, Orange Klik, which has now grown to 10K subscribers! 

Currently, I am thinking about holding three virtual events in Europe and working more on my YouTube channel.

It has been a wonderful part of my entrepreneurship journey because it allows me to interact with people from other industries and share their stories with people who need to listen to them.

I also try to create educational content on the channel because I know YouTube is not less than any university and people often refer to it for learning purposes.

I want to make my channel a go-to place for Amazon sellers as well.

Of course, we also earn from the partnerships with other companies/influencers, affiliate links, viewership, and ads that we have on YouTube.

It’s not huge compared to other influencers, but we are working on it and hopefully, we will scale it further in the future.

So, that’s all about my story so far! 

Vova: What an inspirational journey you have had, Augustas!

After hearing it all, I can confidently say that one who keeps going, irrespective of circumstances, never gives up on their dreams and always believes in themselves, will definitely be successful one day.

There were moments in your life when you didn’t understand what to do, but you didn’t stop believing in yourself.

You undertook only the jobs that resonated with you and left them when you either were burnt out or had better options available.

I think these are some of the valuable takeaways we can have from our today’s conversation! 

I will urge the readers here to visit Augustas’s YouTube channel, Orange Klik, where you can know more about his successful journey and many of his ventures.

He is never out of ideas so there is always something new to learn from him.  

Augustas, at the end of our conversation, I would like to ask what are your future plans.

Is there anything exciting to reveal for our audience today?

And also, if you have any advice for influencers/sellers, or remarks to add in the conclusion, please do share. 

Augustas: Well, first of all, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to you, Vova, for providing me with an opportunity to interact with your audience.

I cordially thank you all for being here with us.

I think it is important to always listen to yourself.

That is what has worked miracles for me up until now.

If you are seeking a solution to any of your predicaments, look around yourself and you will find it there.

In my career, whenever I came across a stumbling block, I changed my direction and pursued any other way that was lying there.

That’s the reason I kept experimenting in different niches and industries, and it is continuing even this very minute.

That’s the advice I have for all of you: follow your instincts! 

As far as my future plans are concerned, I am not going to reveal much.

But I can share that I have great plans lined up for Orange Klik.

Currently, I am focused on my YouTube channel so you people can expect surprising things in the future.

In the end, I wish you all the very best in your life.

May you all get what you want! 

Final Remarks

Vova: Thank you, Augustas, for everything! I cannot express how much I enjoyed our conversation here.

I am really inspired by your journey that started in 2001 when I was just 10 years old!

And you are still striving hard to accomplish more and more.

I can already see that given your unshakeable determination, you still have a long way to go. 

Now, please allow us to sign off today.

I will see you in my next article.

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch my interview with Augustas Kligys on Orange Klik.

If you want any other productive source of learning about Amazon FBA, my YouTube channel will do a perfect job for you!

Take care and bye-bye!


Vova :)

Table of Contents
  1. Here’s What You Need to Know About Augustas Kligys, the Founder of Orange Klik, and His Inspirational Journey of Entrepreneurship
    1. Introducing Augustas Kligys
    2. How Did Augustas Get to Know About Amazon FBA and Jungle Scout?
    3. Final Remarks

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