$500,238 Empire Flippers Experience & Review - Selling An Amazon FBA Business

Vova Even Sep 01, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Selling Your Amazon Business: Andri's Experience with Empire Flippers
    1. Introducing Andri
    2. What is Empire Flippers and How Was Andri's Experience with Them
    3. Getting Started with Empire Flippers
    4. Lessons Learned
    5. What Makes Andri Recommend Empire Flippers?
    6. Why Empire Flippers is a Great Choice
    7. What Else Helped Andri Sell His Amazon FBA Business for $500K and What He's Up to Now
    8. In Conclusion

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Selling Your Amazon Business: Andri's Experience with Empire Flippers

Hey there, it's Vova Even, an Amazon seller, and I'm excited to share with you the experience of my friend Andri Sadlak who sold his Amazon FBA business for $500,238 through Empire Flippers.

If you're an Amazon business owner who's looking to sell (or buy), and if you're interested in starting an Amazon business and want to understand how the exit works, then this article is for you!

In this article, we're going to cover Andri's experience with Empire Flippers, his review of the platform, and what he did after selling his business.

You'll also get to learn the lessons Andri learned, and why he recommends Empire Flippers as the go-to platform for selling your Amazon business.

Introducing Andri

Let's start with getting to know who Andri is and what he does.

Andri Sadlak (YouTube) is the founder of the eCommerce Brand Builder (EBB) Mastermind.

After selling his Amazon FBA business, he's now shifted gears to focus on developing the ProductPinion platform for Amazon sellers.

It helps Amazon sellers run A/B tests and improve the conversion of their listings.

Andri and I have known each other for a few years through the EBB Mastermind, and I'm thrilled to have him here to share his insights with us.

Andri also shared a pretty cool business valuation tool by Empire Flippers.

We hope you find it useful.

Here's Andri btw.

And here's Andri's page to book a free call with him.

Enjoy reading!

Andri Sadlak

What is Empire Flippers and How Was Andri's Experience with Them

Empire Flippers is a broker website where you can sell your business, whether it's an Amazon business or any other type of it.

Andri sold his Amazon FBA business through Empire Flippers for about $500,000, and he's here to tell us about his experience.

According to Andri, his review of Empire Flippers is positive.

He found the platform easy to use, and the team was helpful and responsive.

Empire Flippers helped him find a buyer quickly, and the process was straightforward.

Andri was pleased with the outcome and now he recommends Empire Flippers to anyone who's looking to sell their Amazon business.

After selling his business, Andri started working on his new brand.

He admits that he misses the game and wants to keep playing.

"Selling your business can be a great way to gain an asset that you can then invest in other things. It's a good idea to sell after a few years of running your business to realize its full potential and reap the rewards."

~ Andri Sadlak

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Big marketplace for businesses.

The Beginning of the Journey

When I asked Andri about his experience, he shared that like many Amazon sellers, he never thought about selling his business until he saw others do it.

He started to wonder about the worth of his business and what he could do with that money.

That's when he decided to explore his options and see what was possible.

The First Broker Experience

Andri first started working with a broker that charged him less in commission.

However, this didn't turn out to be the best decision.

The broker didn't have as many potential buyers, which meant that Andri didn't get enough offers to choose from.

For any offer that did come in, the potential buyers would want to spend time doing due diligence, asking many questions, and checking all the numbers.

After all that, they would offer him less than what he initially expected, and Andri found himself in a tough spot.

The Empire Flippers Experience

After his "pretty hopeless" experience with the first broker, Andri decided to try Empire Flippers.

He found them to be a much better support system than his previous broker.

Empire Flippers had a large pool of buyers and a great reputation. Andri found that he had many more offers to choose from and was able to find the right buyer quickly.

Let's delve deeper into how it all began and went on…

But before that, if you want a video version of the article, you can watch it right below:

Getting Started with Empire Flippers

Andri first heard about Empire Flippers from a friend who had sold his business through the platform.

Intrigued by the idea, Andri decided to explore it further.

He was impressed with the professionalism of the Empire Flippers team and how they walked him through the entire process step by step.

Here's a pic from the video above, and if you tap on the picture, you'll be able to check the potential cost of your business.


empire flippers valuation tool free

Listing the Business and Receiving Offers

Andri listed his Amazon FBA business on Empire Flippers, and within the first two weeks, he received ten offers.

As Andri mentioned, Empire Flippers takes the confidentiality of your business seriously, so every buyer who wants to look into buying your business signs a standard NDA with them.

Once a buyer is verified and has enough funds, they can look at your business package, which includes your P&L and all other necessary information.

Buyers can't schedule an interview with you unless they have seen your business package, which means Empire Flippers gives them an opportunity to do their due diligence.

Because Empire Flippers vets the businesses themselves, buyers trust that these businesses are pre-vetted and the numbers are accurate.

Scheduling Interviews and Accepting Offers

If a buyer is serious about purchasing your business, they schedule an interview with you.

During the interview, they can ask anything they want about the business.

If the buyer is happy with how the interview went, they will give you an offer.

Andri emphasized that all the offers he received were from people he had interviewed with.

One thing Andri particularly liked about Empire Flippers was that if someone gave you an offer and you accepted it, there was still a 24-hour window for everyone else who was interested to make a better offer.

This gave everyone a fair chance to make a better offer, and Andri found this to be a unique feature that he hadn't seen with other brokers or aggregators.

Choosing the Right Buyer and Closing the Deal

Eventually, Andri received an offer that he was happy with, and he chose to go ahead with that buyer.

However, it's important to note that the seller always has the final say in who they want to sell their business to.

Empire Flippers doesn't force you to accept any offers, even if they're super high.

The choice is always yours.

Once Andri accepted the offer, he worked with Empire Flippers to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Andri mentioned that he was impressed with the professionalism and support of the Empire Flippers team throughout the entire process.

Transition Period

After the deal was closed, Andri was in a transition period which generally takes a few weeks depending on the complexity of the business.

In Andri's case, it was just one marketplace based in the United States and some sales in Canada and Mexico, so it wasn't too complicated.

The time was essentially for the buyer to send all the money to the broker, which may take some time depending on the amount.

Andri got all the money right away, with no conditions, no profit share, and nothing like that. :)

They were talking to the buyer for about three to four weeks, during which Andri answered questions and created his own standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Inspection Period

As soon as Empire Flippers got all the funds, they entered into a two-week inspection period.

During this period, the buyer could still walk away from the deal, but only if there was a grand misrepresentation.

But Empire Flippers acted as a mediator and tried to be as fair as possible to both parties.

Teaching the Buyer

In those two weeks of the inspection period, Andri had to teach the buyer how to run an Amazon business.

He connected them to all the suppliers, and freight forwarders, and transferred all access to his Amazon account and social media accounts.

Andri had an agreement to stay in touch over the course of 45 days after the sale to provide support if necessary.

But the buyer didn't really need it as most of the stuff was transferred in those two weeks.

Smooth Process with Empire Flippers

Andri's case was pretty unique because many businesses are currently bought by aggregators, but his buyer was a family business.

He taught the buyer how to run the business, which was a little different than most.

After those two weeks, he got all his money, and everything was transferred through a wire transfer to his bank account.

Andri mentioned that he felt very safe going through the process with Empire Flippers.

They have their own software that tracks the whole progress, and there are multiple levels of people who approve everything, making it super well-organized.

When I asked Andri how it felt to sell his business, he said that it was weird.

He had different feelings at different times.

First, he couldn't believe it actually happened.

But then, he felt proud of himself for building a business worth that much.

As an immigrant, he wrote down the number $500,000 in his notebook long before his business was worth that much.

Looking back, he wished he had written a higher number…

Lessons Learned

Andri's experience taught him a few things.

  1. First, he learned that selling your Amazon business is something that you should consider, even if it's not something you planned from the beginning.

  1. Second, he learned that doing your research and finding the right platform to sell on is crucial.

  1. Finally, he learned that having a good support system in place, like Empire Flippers, can make all the difference.

What Makes Andri Recommend Empire Flippers?

Andri recommended Empire Flippers for various reasons.

Large Pool of Buyers

One of the biggest advantages of using Empire Flippers is its extensive network of potential buyers.

With a large pool of qualified buyers, the chances of finding the right buyer quickly increase significantly.

Andri was able to attract a number of serious buyers, which helped him to achieve his desired sale price of $500,000.

Vetted Buyers

What's more nice about Empire Flippers, and the reason Andri switched to them is the fact that they really vet their buyers.

So if the buyer is looking at your business, they have been confirmed, and they're very diligent about it, from what Andri saw, the buyer has enough funds to purchase your business.

If they don't, they're not going to see your listing, so they can't see all the details.

This ensures that only serious buyers who have the funds to purchase the business are considered.

Increased Demand

Andri was happy to see that within the first two weeks of listing his business with Empire Flippers, he had about 10 calls and interviews from serious buyers.

This was many times more than he had with the previous broker he worked with, which put him in a better position to sell his business for more because of the increased demand.

This also made his business more unique, as more people were interested in buying it.

Personal Support

Andri felt supported throughout the entire process of selling his business.

He was on calls very often whenever he needed to talk to someone from Empire Flippers, and he received the advice he needed as someone who was selling a business for the first time.

The support system that Empire Flippers has in place made the experience much smoother for him.

Automated Notifications

One of the things Andri appreciated the most was how Empire Flippers handled notifications.

As soon as he accepted the first offer, they automatically sent a notice to everyone who ever requested information about the business.

All of these buyers had enough funds, and the message was clear - "Andri got an offer, this is approximately what he got, if you are still interested and you want to get this business, you need to counter, and you have 24 hours."

This created a sense of urgency and scarcity, which was beneficial for Andri.

Someone who was super interested but couldn't pull the trigger saw that someone else was interested and offered more.

Andri ended up getting a better deal, which he would not have received if it wasn't for the automated notifications.

Equal and Fair Process

As mentioned earlier, Andri had previous experience with a broker, where he received an offer, went into due diligence, and the buyer backed out.

It was frustrating and time-consuming, and he didn't have any other options.

With Empire Flippers, the process was equal and fair for both the seller and buyer.

If Andri accepted the offer, Empire Flippers had already looked at his business, so the bulk of the due diligence was already done.

Empire Flippers automatically committed to submitting a 10% deposit, so the buyer couldn't back out without losing something.

Somewhat Higher Fees, But Worth It

Andri mentioned that while Empire Flippers have somewhat higher fees, the amount of money you will get is still worth it, depending on the business.

In his case, he was able to get more because there was more than one person wanting to buy his business, and whoever offered more got the business.

He believes that Empire Flippers' access to many buyers and their seamless process makes all the difference in selling your business.

That's definitely a good position to be in, and it's all because of Empire Flippers.

No Commission on Inventory

Another reason Andri chose Empire Flippers over other brokers was that they don't charge commissions on inventory.

With his previous broker, they charged almost 10% of the whole amount, including inventory.

But with Empire Flippers, they only charge commission on the business value, not inventory.

Transferring inventory costs one-to-one, so the buyer pays based on the numbers given to Empire Flippers.

And because Empire Flippers has so many buyers and creates bidding wars, Andri ended up selling his business for much more than he expected.

Great Reputation for Selling Amazon Businesses

Empire Flippers is renowned for its expertise in selling Amazon businesses, and Andri can attest to this.

Their reputation for providing high-quality services and exceptional customer support made him feel confident in his decision to work with them.

From start to finish, the Empire Flippers team provided Andri with the guidance and support he needed to make the selling process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Why Empire Flippers is a Great Choice

Andri compared Empire Flippers to Amazon, saying that if you want to sell stuff online, you go to the biggest one, the behemoth.

The same goes for Empire Flippers.

They have a strong position where everyone who is thinking of buying a business goes to them because they have a huge variety of options.

Their system is also well-built so both parties are equally protected.

Thus, according to him, it's definitely better for most businesses to sell through a broker like Empire Flippers than go direct to an aggregator.

Aggregators are businesses that build a portfolio of businesses they own, and they buy a lot of businesses just like Trasio

Myself, I am also a partner of https://accelclub.com (aggregator), and https://sellerspot.io (agency) both can help you buy or sell an Amazon business.

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Let them know Vova referred you, they'll help and give you a great offer.

SellerSpot can also help you buy or sell an Amazon seller account.

Anyhow, when you talk to an aggregator directly, they have their own process, their own standards, and they know what they're going to offer.

They have all the procedures built in for their benefit, so they know what works for them.

If your business matches what works for them, they'll offer you within the same structure they have, and that's their ideal scenario.

However, if they don't have enough businesses coming in through their own funnel, they go to brokers like Empire Flippers.

Andri found that with a broker, you have hundreds of these aggregators looking at your business.

Often, these aggregators bid against each other, and if there's more than one buyer, they offer you more money.

That's why most businesses benefit from selling through a broker like Empire Flippers.

Still, Andri suggests checking all options…

According to him, if you're approached by an aggregator or an individual who buys businesses, it's a good idea to check all the options.

As a business owner, you want to get the biggest return on your investment, or generally the biggest money for what you're offering.

When you go to a marketplace like Empire Flippers, there are many aggregators that might be there, so you might end up with different people trying to buy your business at the same time, and your price will go up because of the demand.

Andri explained that Empire Flippers played a critical role in selling his Amazon FBA business.

They didn't just hand over the process to him and say, "Go figure it out."

Instead, they guided him every step of the way, providing invaluable advice and assistance throughout the entire process.

What Else Helped Andri Sell His Amazon FBA Business for $500K and What He's Up to Now

One of the key factors that contributed to Andri's success was his partnership with Empire Flippers.

From the Empire Flippers business cost valuation tool to a dedicated support team, Empire Flippers provided Andri with the resources he needed to make a successful sale.

In addition to his partnership with Empire Flippers, Andri also formed the EBB Mastermind to provide support and accountability throughout the process.

The community included other entrepreneurs who were also selling their businesses, and they shared tips, advice, and encouragement along the way.

Such kind of community can be invaluable when facing the challenges of selling a business.

Andri is now using his experience to help other entrepreneurs through his own business, ProductPinion.

This tool allows sellers to conduct AB tests on their product images and listings to improve sales.

By getting feedback from potential customers, sellers can fine-tune their listings and optimize their sales. And who knows - maybe this business will be the next one Andri sells for a huge profit!

He also shared a great discount for ProductPinion for you, the reader :)

Just in case, here's a full tutorial that shows how to use ProductPinion.

There you'll meet Matt Kostan, Andri's partner at ProductPinion.

In Conclusion

Selling a business can be a complex and intimidating process, but with the right resources and support, it can also be a profitable and rewarding experience.

Andri's success story began with a simple but powerful step: he wrote down his exit goal!

By setting a clear target for the sale of his business, he was able to reverse engineer the steps needed to achieve it.

How many products did he need to sell?

At what profit margin?

By breaking down the process into concrete steps, he was able to make informed decisions and take action toward his goal.

Andri's success story is a testament to the power of dreaming big, setting clear goals, and surrounding yourself with supportive communities.

For me, one of the key takeaways from Andri's experience is the importance of preparation.

Even if you're not ready to sell your business yet, it's never too early to start planning and gathering information.

Empire Flippers offers a free evaluation tool that can give you a sense of what your business might be worth, and Andri is happy to provide guidance and support as well.

Feel free to book a free call with Andri here.

If you're considering selling your online business, take advantage of the resources available to you and start planning early - you never know what kind of success you might achieve!

And with that, we come to the end of our discussion today. I hope that Andri's insights and experiences proved informative and valuable for you.

Perhaps, at some point in your own entrepreneurial journey, you may find Empire Flippers to be a helpful resource for maximizing your profits and achieving your exit goals.

Thanks for tuning in and until we meet again, keep learning, growing, and achieving your goals.


Vova :)

P.S. - Come read more Amazon FBA-related stuff on my Amazon selling adventures blog.

Table of Contents
  1. Selling Your Amazon Business: Andri's Experience with Empire Flippers
    1. Introducing Andri
    2. What is Empire Flippers and How Was Andri's Experience with Them
    3. Getting Started with Empire Flippers
    4. Lessons Learned
    5. What Makes Andri Recommend Empire Flippers?
    6. Why Empire Flippers is a Great Choice
    7. What Else Helped Andri Sell His Amazon FBA Business for $500K and What He's Up to Now
    8. In Conclusion

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)