How to Find Winning Amazon Products with Helium 10 Black Box Products Section - Detailed Tutorial

Vova Even Mar 19, 2024
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  1. Finding Winning Amazon Products with Helium 10's Black Box: Unveiling Secrets with Carrie Miller!
    1. Conclusion

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Finding Winning Amazon Products with Helium 10's Black Box: Unveiling Secrets with Carrie Miller!

Hey there, Amazon sellers and enthusiasts!

Want to level up your game and discover the secrets to finding those winning products on the e-commerce giant?

Well, you're in for a treat because today, I'm thrilled to guide you through an exciting journey using Helium 10 Black Box tool!

I'm Vova Even, your go-to guy for all things Amazon FBA.

This article is based on my recent video with Carrie Miller where we delve into the magic of this game-changer tool in the world of product research.

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Now, if you're not much of a reading person, would you like to watch the magic unfold?

Well, you're in luck!

Check out our full interview embedded right below. :)

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Now, buckle up, grab your notepad, and get ready to revolutionize your Amazon FBA game.

Let's dive into the conversation with Carrie and uncover the strategies that can turn your Amazon venture into a powerhouse of success.


Carrie: Let's dive into Black Box, a powerhouse tool for product research.

At the top of your screen, you'll find the Tools bar.

Click on it, and a dropdown menu appears.

Here's where the magic happens.

Navigate to the Product Research section, and voila, Black Box awaits.

Within Black Box, you'll see several tabs, each holding its own set of insights.

But today, we'll shine a light on just one tab: Products. 

These are your compass in the world of Amazon FBA.

Let's kick things off with the Products tab. 

Here, your first step is selecting categories.

Picture this as your chance to cast a wide net.

Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, consider a diverse approach.

I personally prefer mixing it up with categories like kitchen and dining, pet supplies, sports and outdoor, or perhaps a dash of tools and home improvement.

While the choice is entirely yours, navigating the sea of categories is a crucial step.

It's like picking the right ingredients for a recipe; each category adds its own flavor to your potential success.

Now, let's talk numbers.

Selecting a sales price is similar to setting the stage for your financial success.

I usually set my range between $25 to $90.


Well, going below $25 might cramp your margins, and let's face it – we're in this to make a good amount of money every month.

Personally, I like to kick off my revenue aspirations with a minimum of $10,000 for a product.

It's a sweet spot that signals not just profitability but a promising venture.

However, the magic of Black Box lies in its versatility.

These filters are your tools, and you can wield them in various combinations.

Here's where the beauty unfolds – it's not a rigid set of rules but more like a playground of possibilities.

Dive in, start playing around with the filters, and watch the magic happen.

Adjust the revenue, tweak the numbers, and see the results transform before your eyes.

It's a dynamic process, and the more you experiment, the more you'll discover what works best for your unique strategy.

This will also help you set apart from the competition.

Now, let me tell you about a cool feature – the "Learn" button, sitting right at the top right corner.

It's your safety net, your backup for those moments when the details slip your mind.

So, if you forgot something from this presentation, there's nothing to worry about!

You can simply hit the Learn button within each tool, and get access to a wealth of guidance.

This way, you can learn at your own pace.

That's the beauty of Black Box.

You can delve into each tool individually, avoiding that overwhelming feeling.

It's like having your own personal guide through the details of Amazon FBA.

Take it step by step, tool by tool, and soon you'll be navigating the platform with ease.

Moving on, I'd like to talk about reviews.

These little nuggets of customer feedback can be your compass in product selection.

Consider setting a minimum review count or a specific review rating.

Here's where strategy comes into play.

Sometimes, I hunt for products with good sales but a lower review rating.


Because it opens up the opportunity to enhance the product and offer something even better.

Picture it as a chance to turn a good product into a great one.

In my playbook, I often set a maximum review rating of 3.5, keeping an eye on products with a potential for improvement.

And don't forget the review count – it's another dimension of the puzzle.

Maybe aim for a maximum of 50 reviews to ensure you're not diving into overly saturated markets.

Now, let's dive into some more filters that can shape your product-hunting strategy.

Consider the size factor – small standard sizes often come with the lowest fees on Amazon.

It's a nifty trick to keep your costs in check and maximize your profits.

Next up is the age of the listing.

Some sellers swear by setting a maximum of three months.


It's like having a time machine to spot up-and-coming products that have recently hit the market.

It's an excellent way to catch the rising stars before everyone else does.

You can play with the filters as I mentioned.

It will open up a wave of potential product ideas.

But I'll keep things simple for now.

Let's hit the 'Search' button and see what we've got.

Now, as you can see, we've got some table runners.

Plus, there are dog skin soothers.

There's actually a diverse array to choose from.

Each product is like a story waiting to be told, and it's crucial to approach them individually.

Take, for example, that dog soother.

As a fan of pet products, it caught my eye.

The rating is 3.1, so what's the story behind it?

By delving into the ratings, you can uncover valuable insights.

In this case, it seems the size might be a concern – it's too tiny for some customers.

This is gold.

It indicates a potential gap in the market.

While the product itself might be great, addressing the size concern could be the key to unlocking its full potential.

Consider these product stories as puzzle pieces, each offering a unique perspective.

It's not just about the numbers; it's about understanding the customer experience. 

Now, here's where the magic of flexibility comes into play.

You're not locked into your initial filter choices.

If the current set doesn't quite hit the mark, fear not – you can go in and edit them.

It's like having a control panel for your product search journey.

So, don't be afraid to tweak and refine until you find the sweet spot.

For instance, I'm going to adjust the maximum review count to 50.


Well, a lower review count often indicates less competition.

Products with thousands of reviews might pose a tougher challenge for newcomers.

By setting a cap at 50, we're exploring the realm of less competitive yet promising opportunities.

It's a balancing act between finding products with potential and navigating the competition landscape.

Vova: Let's take a closer look at this one.

Carrie: Which one are you referring to?

Vova: The first on the list.

Carrie: Ah, this socket wrench here...

Vova: Yeah, it appears straightforward, and the revenue seems promising, plus, there aren't many reviews to contend with. 

It's a bit of a mystery, but sometimes simplicity is the key.

I'm intrigued; let's explore it.

Carrie: Absolutely, let's dive into the details.

So, we're looking at a product pulling in around $17,000 a month, a healthy figure.

The reviews stand at 3.5, and the price point is a sweet spot at $29.99.

As you pointed out, Vova, it's a compact item, probably not too costly to manufacture, given it's a socket wrench.

Now, let's dissect those reviews to get the full picture.

One nifty feature within Helium 10 is our extension.

With a simple click on Review Insights, it unveils a treasure trove of customer feedback.

This is where the real detective work begins.

By diving into insights, you can understand what customers are saying, their questions, and more.

Taking a peek, it seems that the customers deem the tool to be too small.

This insight alone can be a game-changer.

It appears people might not recommend it due to this size issue.

Additionally, concerns about it staying attached are raised.

These nuggets of information provide a roadmap for improvement.

Now, you may not be a tools expert, but here's the beauty – you can address these concerns.

Solving these issues can elevate the product and cater to what customers are truly seeking.



Alright, folks, let's wrap it up.

helium 10 discounts

Today, we dived into the wonders of Black Box with Carrie, and it's been quite the journey.

We explored different filters, played around with product ideas, and dissected a specific tool – a socket wrench, in this case.

Carrie shed light on the importance of not just looking at the numbers but understanding customer feedback.

We discovered that, despite having decent revenue, there can be products like that socket wrench that can face challenges.

Customers might find them wrongly sized or built.

The cool part is, with tools like Helium 10 extension, we can dig deep into reviews and tackle these issues head-on.

Remember, the key takeaway is not just finding products but finding opportunities for improvement.

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It's like solving a puzzle to create a better, more customer-friendly product.

So, as we continue our journey, keep exploring, keep learning, and let's make our Amazon FBA ventures even more successful.

Until next time!


Vova :)

Table of Contents
  1. Finding Winning Amazon Products with Helium 10's Black Box: Unveiling Secrets with Carrie Miller!
    1. Conclusion

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)