How To Use GETIDA - Step By Step Tutorial With CGO Yoni Mazor

Vova Even Sep 27, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. Step-by-Step Tutorial of GETIDA – What is it and Can it Be Beneficial for Amazon Sellers
    1. A Little About GETIDA
    2. GETIDA Dashboard
    3. Options for Reimbursement with GETIDA
    4. Understanding Doc Master
    5. Other Sections in the GETIDA System
    6. How Will GETIDA Charge the Fees?
    7. Live Support
    8. GETIDA Promo Code

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Step-by-Step Tutorial of GETIDA – What is it and Can it Be Beneficial for Amazon Sellers

Hi! So if you have aspirations of becoming an Amazon FBA seller, be aware that the path to get there is not a simple one.

Or if you are one, you probably know it by now :)

For example, it’s expected that sometimes your inventory gets damaged or lost at the Amazon fulfillment center.

In such a situation, every seller wants their money back ASAP.

But how exactly do you do that?

After all, Amazon isn't just a retailer.

It's the largest eCommerce marketplace that connects sellers of all sizes with buyers from all around the globe.

Not sure? Fret not!

In this post, I’ll review a piece of software called GETIDA, which claims to streamline the process and help sellers get back the money Amazon owes them. 

This will be a detailed tutorial of GETIDA, where I will evaluate each step to help you make an informed decision.

If you want a quick review of what GETIDA is and how it works, refer to my blog post below:

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For this tutorial, I invited Yoni Mazor, the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) and Co-Founder at GETIDA to my YouTube channel. 

Yoni is directly connected to Amazon reimbursement issues and helps sellers get their money back seamlessly.

Together we had a long discussion about reimbursements on Amazon.

We also talked about how to claim reimbursements from Amazon, and how GETIDA helps sellers get reimbursed when they lose their inventory, etc.

In this blog post, I'll go through all the information we covered in the discussion.

It is going to be a long ride! 

But before we delve straight in, wouldn’t it be amazing to relax a bit?

What about some discounts and coupons?

I hear you!

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Get $600 in free reimbursements.

My Related Blog Post: GETIDA Promo Code - Fast Amazon Reimbursements!

So, are you all pumped up?

Then, it’s time to get to some serious discussion.

But first, if you'd rather watch than read, I've included an embed of my talk with Yoni Mazor below.

Have fun watching!

A Little About GETIDA

GETIDA is a global organization specializing in FBA auditing and reimbursement. 

The organization began in 2015 with a commitment to help sellers navigate the pitfalls and intricacies of the Amazon marketplace.

The business started after realizing the concerns Amazon sellers face when filing FBA reimbursement claims, refunds, and tracking FBA inventory and supplies.

Today, GETIDA has more than 140 team members, operating successfully in seven countries.

The company assists sellers across many Amazon marketplaces be it the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, or EU in FBA auditing, reconciliations, and reimbursements.

Plus, here is an interesting fact for you: GETIDA has also won a Gold Award from American Business Awards for their innovative software and how they put technology and human issues together!

If you already know about GETIDA but need to learn how to connect it with Amazon Seller Central, here is the video that will guide you!

I also have a video where you can learn 3 tips on how to claim reimbursements from Amazon.

There are three different ways that you might like.

Check it out below!

Are you my regular reader and viewer, and have you checked out all the videos before? 

Then it’s the time to learn how the GETIDA software works, how it can help get your stuck money back from Amazon, etc., everything in detail!

Let’s get started and jump right into some deep stuff!

GETIDA Dashboard

Before getting to the numbers, you need to know what the GETIDA dashboard is.

Basically, it's an interactive screen. 

When a seller connects to GETIDA, the dashboard displays their FBA transactions from the past 18 months. 

The software automatically finds any inventory that went lost, damaged, destroyed, or disappeared in the last 18 months inside Amazon fulfillment centers or between warehouses.

Besides, it shows when an order was shipped to the customer and when it was dispatched back to Amazon.

GETIDA identifies all these issues, and its team helps open reimbursement cases with Amazon to claim refunds.

This is so you can continue focusing on your business as a seller being sure that GETIDA's team is managing the issue back and forth until there is a proper resolution.

It's important to remember that if your case is eligible, only then you will receive a refund.

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GETIDA Dashboard Features – A Peek Behind the Curtain

The dashboard starts with the "Case Management Overview" section where you can set different date ranges to check how many cases GETIDA opened and Amazon successfully closed. 

Behind the scenes, the team constantly works to help you get your reimbursements reflected on the GETIDA dashboard.

On the top left-hand side, you can see different data like how many cases GETIDA has filed with Amazon, the success rate, how much cash has been refunded, and what inventory has been reimbursed.

On the top right-hand side of the dashboard, there's a section called "Potential Financial Recovery".

It features general numbers of how much data and the value of the data in terms of refunds and reimbursements you can expect.

Remember that these numbers constantly change and update.

For instance, these numbers will go up whenever the GETIDA team finds a reimbursement case. 

Similarly, these numbers will go down as soon as you receive refunds.

It's more like an estimation based on analytics on how much money you may look forward to in reconciliations and reimbursements.

Below the Potential Financial Recovery section is "Case Management Details," where you can find a breakdown of each case, such as the reimbursement status, how much cash has been reimbursed against that case, and other necessary details.

If any case involves shipment, you need to click on it to view the status and get the ID to track it. 

For example, let's say you shipped 1000 units to Amazon, but they received 990 instead.

Through this part, you can track the 10 units Amazon lost in transit and know the status of how GETIDA is managing it.

The dashboard idea is to keep everything simple from a bird's eye view perspective.

It allows you – the seller – to focus on other more important tasks such as PPC, sourcing, logistics, and product portfolio management.

And by that time, you can rest assured that the GETIDA team is handling all the refunds professionally.

Options for Reimbursement with GETIDA

In the GETIDA software dashboard, under "Case Management Details", you will see "Cash Reimbursed" and "Inventory Reimbursed" tags.

Wondering what exactly they mean?

Let me explain!

As per Yoni, there are two refunds that Amazon considers reimbursements.

The first one is "Cash Reimbursement" where the seller receives cash from them as a refund.

The other is "Inventory Reimbursement" where the seller receives the same inventory they want to claim.

Here is an example for you to understand it better: Let's say you are selling shoes by a renowned brand like Nike or Adidas, or it's a smartphone like iPhone. 

Unfortunately, Amazon either lost or damaged your product.

So, instead of giving you the money, the company chose to give you back the same item, like a 100% similar product that they damaged in brand new condition.

Inventory Reimbursement is usually rare, and Amazon seldom follows it.

They prefer cash refunds over inventory reimbursements.

Here is an interesting fact: If you are a reseller or selling items of a renowned brand, Amazon has the option to choose inventory reimbursement.

If you have a Private Label, they can only process your reimbursements in cash. 

This is because your product is unique, and they don't have any inventory against it.

Additional Options to Get Refunds via GETIDA

Now, this is getting exciting!

While GETIDA already handles the majority of the refund and reimbursement process, they have added two new modules so that even more money may be returned to you.

It’s more like a unique value-added feature! All well, then, what is it? Let's find out!

GETIDA has two more modules namely “Inbound Shipments” and “Pick & Pack” to offer more refunds.

Yoni explained that their team will always help you get the most appropriate refund at the earliest.

However, if you use their system and platform and continue engaging with it, you will get even more.

Inbound Shipments

This module focuses on the shipments that need attention.

It is a dedicated dashboard of GETIDA software that gives attention to any shipments with any issue. 

The dashboard will help you identify the shipments with concerns, the potential value of how much you can expect in reimbursement, as well as the time till you can claim the refund.

At the bottom of the dashboard in the Inbound Shipments section is a consolidated summary of all the shipments that need attention, along with the total amount you may expect in claims.

So, when you want to reconcile your shipments, Amazon wants documentation as proof.

It is essential to know that there are two types of documents approved by Amazon. 

The first is “POD (Proof of Delivery)” or “BoL (Bill of Lading)”.

It is a piece of paper that proves that your inventory has been delivered to Amazon Fulfillment Center and stamped by their authorities. 

The seller has to upload that Proof of Delivery in the dashboard to allow GETIDA to reconcile the shipment and get you the refund.

But from where will you get the POD?

From your freight forwarder, carrier, or third-party logistics – they will provide you with the required documents!


Here is a tip: Always use a professional logistics company providing Proof of Delivery or Bill of Lading documentation. 

If you use a cheap logistics service provider, they might not provide you with these documents. 

And without them, you can never claim your reimbursement, even if it’s worth millions of dollars…

That's a point to think about!

So, to be on the safe side, you should always work with professional logistics companies.

Now let’s check out the second document proof required by Amazon.

It is “POP (Proof of Purchase),” where Amazon needs proof that the inventory you own was sent to their fulfillment center.

To submit POP, there are two options available:

  1. Submit the invoice of purchase. Amazon will evaluate it to check its authenticity, and if you are eligible, they will refund your money.

  2. If you are a Private Label with a brand registry, you must provide them with the packing slip. This packing slip is submitted in Doc Master, a dedicated tool designed by GETIDA.

But hold on; we will get back to Doc Master in a short while. First, let's discuss when you don't need POD.

When POD Is Not Required?

You don't need POD in every situation; that’s true.

There can be a situation when the seller doesn’t need Proof of Delivery documentation.

But how can that happen?

Through the "Buying from Amazon Partnered Carriers" section of Amazon Seller Central.

Information tracking is automated here.

This way, Amazon already knows that the inventory has reached its fulfillment center.

About 80 percent of the sellers already use this route to avoid any documentation submission in the future.

By the way, here's a blog post about GETIDA vs Seller Investigators, another good Amazon reimbursement service.

Pick and Pack

Through the Pick and Pack section in the dashboard, the seller can get all the information for each ASIN regarding the weight and dimensions of the product. 

I am sure you already remember that when you receive an order, it’s fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

The company picks the product from the warehouse, packs it, and then ships it to the customer.

For this service rendered, Amazon charges a fee from the seller called the Amazon Fulfillment fee.

Some people also call this service “Pick and Pack Fee”.

Let me break this down for you. 

See, the fees the seller has to pay Amazon for the fulfillment service are based on the weight and dimensions of your product.

If your product is heavier and oversized, Amazon will charge you more fulfillment fees. 

Likewise, if the weight and dimensions are lighter and in a manageable size, the final fees will be less.

Some people find this confusing and difficult to understand, and that's where GETIDA’s Pick and Pack module comes in!

You simply need to click on the Pick and Pack module on the dashboard and calculate the estimated fees yourself.

Well, if you have a smaller catalog and a few ASINs, this module might seem unnecessary as you can manually enter the weights and dimensions.

But what if you have thousands of products?

Wouldn’t it take days to know the exact fees and check whether Amazon is charging you correctly?

The solution to this problem is to export the table through an Excel file and upload the data on the GETIDA system.

The calculations will be made instantly, telling you how fair Amazon fees are and whether you are overcharged.

It's true and happens all the time!

So, how does it work?

Well, either you do it manually or automatically by exporting the table, where the dimensions and weights of the product will change accordingly. 

Once done, the system of GETIDA will determine how much the Amazon fulfillment fee should be for this particular product.

The software will then do audits to cross-verify whether Amazon overcharges you with the fees.

If they are doing it, the GETIDA team will get on to it and open the case for reimbursement.

The seller will accomplish two things here!

  1. The data will automatically get updated with Amazon. This way, they will stop overcharging, saving you a lot of money.

  2. GETIDA system will go back in 90 days past data and check where you have been overcharged in fulfillment fees.

So, even if you were overcharged $100,000 in the past 90 days, the team will get you every penny of it back in reimbursement.

Super cool, no?

Wondering how it is happening?

GETIDA’s specified system and modules, i.e., “Inbound Shipments” and “Pick and Pack” use unique algorithms that do the magic.

And eventually, you end up recovering more money.

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Understanding Doc Master

Back when we were discussing Incoming Shipments, we got to the part regarding Doc Master, and I asked you to hang tight because I'll be talking about it in just a moment.

So, here I'll be finally revealing what it is and how it works.

When uploading POP which is Proof of Purchase, to claim your refunds, there are two ways to provide it to GETIDA.

The first option is to provide an invoice of purchase.

However, this option is mostly for wholesalers.

But if you run a Private Label with a brand registry, it's different.

This is where Doc Master comes in.

Doc Master is a packing slip tool designed and patented by GETIDA.

You can generate the packing slip required for the shipment with little effort. 

Doc Master is an effective tool to generate Proof of Purchase for Private Label businesses.

It helps GETIDA open an investigation and reconcile the shipment ASAP.

First and foremost, log in to Doc Master.

There, you will find all the shipments organized as per the expiration date – from the freshest stock to the oldest stock that's about to expire. 

The information is presented in this order as sellers race against the time to claim the refunds before it expires, leaving them alone to bear the damages.

Oh, and here's an important fact for you to know:

In the United States, you have nine months to reconcile the shipment.

After that, you will no longer be eligible to claim the refunds.

But if you are selling in the EU or UK, you have only six months to do so!

This is why the GETIDA system automatically organizes shipments requiring immediate attention.

Just click on the shipment you desire to claim and complete the necessary information.

Ensure your company or business information corresponds with the one you provided on Amazon. 

Below it, you will find all the data from the shipment date to its ID, followed by the list of shipped items covering FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) with quantity.

Once complete, click "Create Packaging List," and the system will automatically generate it.

So, what's next?

Once the seller creates the packaging list after corresponding with their details, GETIDA will handle the rest. 

The seller no longer has to submit it to Amazon to claim the refunds.

GETIDA team will manage everything and will make sure you get the funds on time.

So, instead of you making a packing slip on Microsoft Excel and wasting a lot of time, Doc Master will do the same in a few clicks.

Using Excel can be easier if you have just a few shipment concerns. 

But imagine 100 shipments that need your attention.

Working manually will take ages, and it would be the most stressful time of your day.

Better leave it to the professionals and focus on scaling your business…

Aaannnddd, here's a tip for my readers: Either at the beginning of a month or at the end, make sure to check GETIDA.

Go to Inbound Shipments and cross-verify all the shipments that need your attention.

Provide GETIDA with the required POD or POP and make your work easier and streamlined.

Other Sections in the GETIDA System

After Pick and Pack, there is the Payment Methods section, where you can update your credit card information.

The following section is Add New Store, where you can add multiple stores.

For instance, if you own more than one Amazon brand, you can add as many stores as you want.

So, there will be only one login but multiple stores connected on single software to track down every chance of reconciliation and reimbursements.

Below Add New Store, you can find the Billing section, where you can check all the statements and whether they are paid.

It’s easier to download the invoices from here to provide them to your bookkeeping or accountant.

After that comes, the Refer A Seller section, where you can invite other sellers to enjoy GETIDA services.

So, what’s the catch? If a new seller joins GETIDA using your promo code, you will get a $50 statement credit.

You can also use my GETIDA promo code to save even more!

To be exact, $600 in free reimbursements! :)

Then comes the FAQ section, where you can find answers to popularly asked questions from GETIDA.

Profit Booster is a ‘Coming Soon’ feature that will be a surprise for GETIDA users.

Stay tuned, as you will find Yoni Mazor introducing the feature on my channel soon!

How Will GETIDA Charge the Fees?

I want to remind my readers again that GETIDA is free for all. 

You have to pay them only when they can recover your funds.

Until then, there would be no fees, and you will get free access to every tool of their software.

You don’t have to subscribe to anything, there will be no contracts, and you can cancel it anytime!

But the question is, what is the pricing plan of GETIDA?

The company charges you only if they successfully close the case and help you get your refund.

And the amount is negligible!

For instance, GETIDA got a $100 refund in the first month. 

Now you have to pay them only 25% of the recovered amount, which makes $25.

If no refund is issued within 30 days, or at any time thereafter, you should not worry about paying anything to the company. GETIDA's fees are entirely outcome-based.

Live Support

This will not be something new, but the additional option of live chat and email support system can benefit many.

All you need to do is click on the option, enter your details, and you will be automatically connected to a customer support representative.

I would like to add another thing!

In the GETIDA FAQ section, you can find different email addresses where you can directly correspond with the support staff. 

Each email is for various purposes, allowing you to reach the desired section directly. You can also find the direct email addresses of the owners as well as Yoni in the FAQ section.

So, GETIDA made this whole ecosystem for the seller's convenience, making the process of claims and refunds as easy as possible.

The sellers are already highly focused on their brands' marketing and sales aspects.

GETIDA is here to take the worries of refunds, reconciliations, and reimbursements off the plate, allowing sellers to focus on meaningful work.

It is also important to remember that the competition bar has risen tremendously after the global pandemic. 

You might suffer losses if you are a seller on Amazon as a hobby.

Due to the highly saturated market and the advent of extreme online shopping, people with serious mindsets and motivations can become successful Amazon sellers.

GETIDA Promo Code

That's it for GETIDA and information on the platform.

By using the GETIDA coupon below, you can support my free content, as I'll get some commission from that, at no extra cost to you, only savings! :)

You can access this deal right here. $600 in free reimbursements!

I've also created a YouTube playlist about Amazon FBA reimbursements for you.

Thank you for your time.

Until next time,


Vova :)

P.S. - I invite you to learn more about other
Amazon FBA reimbursement services.

Table of Contents
  1. Step-by-Step Tutorial of GETIDA – What is it and Can it Be Beneficial for Amazon Sellers
    1. A Little About GETIDA
    2. GETIDA Dashboard
    3. Options for Reimbursement with GETIDA
    4. Understanding Doc Master
    5. Other Sections in the GETIDA System
    6. How Will GETIDA Charge the Fees?
    7. Live Support
    8. GETIDA Promo Code

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)