Getida Review - What Is It And How It Works

Vova Even Jan 05, 2024
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What Is GETIDA And How It Works - Review 2022
Table of Contents
  1. What is Getida, and How Does it Streamline Amazon FBA Reimbursement? Is It Worth the Shot?
    1. What is Getida?
    2. How Getida Works
    3. Why Choose Getida Over Amazon FBA Reimbursement Claim Feature?
    4. Getida is a Way Forward for Amazon FBA Sellers
    5. But Paying 25% to Getida; Isn't It a Loss?
    6. Getida is a Comprehensive Hub
    7. The Future of Getida
    8. Get Your Free Exclusive Getida Account And Promo Code Now

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What is Getida, and How Does it Streamline Amazon FBA Reimbursement? Is It Worth the Shot?

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog.

In today's article, I discuss an innovative tool called Getida.

It's a data auditing analytics and Amazon reimbursement service that helps Amazon FBA sellers track their inventory transactions, refunds, and fee reimbursements in case of lost or damaged merchandise.

Through this article, you will learn what Getida is, how it works, its pricing model, and most importantly, whether it is legit and worth the shot or not.

If you already know about Getida but are unsure if you can trust it in times of need, then you've come to the right place!

Keep an eye out as I will also reveal an "Exclusive Special Deal" that will give you 600 bucks in free FBA Reimbursements!

For this post, I invited Yoni Mazor, the CGO and Co-Founder of Getida.

He was very diligent the whole way through, giving us a detailed overview of Getida.

But if you are a video lover and appreciate visuals over content, don't worry; I've got you covered!

You can access my video embedded right below and stream it easily.

Still, if anything's unclear, feel free to bring it up.

I'll be happy to help. :)

Now let's get into the business, explore the latest platform, and see if it's worth the hype or not.

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What is Getida?

Getida is an acronym for GET Intelligent Data Analytics, a technology company with a mission to assist Amazon FBA sellers with reimbursements.

The company was founded in 2015 after analyzing the intricacies of Amazon FBA Reimbursement.

Amazon is more like a minefield for sellers when claiming a refund.

The concept of Getida was never a one-night thought!

The management of Getida started selling online 10 years back on eBay and then joined Amazon in 2013.

The business escalated from zero to a 20 million venture in no time.

However, the complications with Amazon FBA Reimbursements made them think of a solution to manage complicated situations.

Ultimately, they set up a dedicated team to constantly review the data and manage reconciliations.

With the brilliance of the solutions, Getida took birth, aiming to resolve the discrepancies of every Amazon seller without compromise.

The company won a gold award from the American Business Award for its dashboard technology.

With this fantastic dashboard feature, you can check the status of your Amazon FBA Reimbursement case in real time.

It's a crystal-clear process with no hidden algorithm, providing detailed behind-the-scene knowledge that never leaves you tethered in the dark.

Getida is an authorized solution provider by Amazon.

So, if you visit Amazon Seller Central and check their app store, you will find Getida listed there.

It makes the company committed to the sellers as well as Amazon itself.

Getida also complies with Amazon's Terms of Service and follows data security and privacy policy standards.

While talking about the company, Yoni shared that Getida has over 125 people operating in six different countries.

They have audited transactions worth billions of dollars and assisted Amazon sellers in recovering huge amounts of money.

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How Getida Works

So, what role does Getida play?

When the Amazon seller gets connected with Getida, its advanced technology instantly extracts 18 months of their sales history and transactions.

If there's any inventory that was lost, damaged, destroyed, disappeared, disposed of, or overcharged with fees, the seller is automatically notified with an alert.

This is the first step in identifying core issues.

Once the concern is found, a dedicated team of specialists from Getida takes over the process.

Just to add, this crew includes veterans of Amazon's reimbursement department that are intimately familiar with every nuance of the process.

They review the data in detail and determine if the case is eligible for the claim.

If eligible, the experts then open the claim on your behalf (Amazon Seller), partnered with Getida.

They manage all the data back and forth with Amazon until an appropriate resolution is finalized.

I personally consider that a big help to realize Getida frees up Amazon sellers to concentrate on other things which matter just as much.

And hence, I have also joined Getida to ensure a smooth Amazon FBA Reimbursement experience.

The process is automated and pretty easy to follow.

For instance, let's say you have your Amazon Seller account connected with Getida and ship 1,000 units to Amazon's fulfillment center.

However, due to some unknown reason, the center only receives 990 units.

So, 10 units are missing in this case.

You are welcome to read our detailed Getida tutorial if you want to dive deeper into how it all works.

Now, even before you begin to worry about it, Getida's technology will capture the discrepancy.

Not only that, the team will initiate the claim on your behalf.

They will manage everything from A to Z with Amazon, including paperwork and documentation.

If Amazon is able to locate the 10 missing units, the matter will be settled without any problem.

But if the units are deemed as lost, then Amazon will apply its reimbursement policy to offset the loss.

It's important to note that Getida only charges a fee if Amazon is providing you with the reimbursement.

It's free to join the platform, and there are no hidden charges to use Getida.

They only charge a fee based on performance.

For example, if you receive $100 as reimbursement from Amazon for the lost 10 units, then Getida will charge 25%, i.e., $25 of the reimbursed amount.

Interesting Offer: Create your free Getida account and use the promo code inside the link to get $600 off on your first reimbursements. Getida will not charge you anything.

What to Do in Case of Overcharged Fees?

Getida has developed an outstanding concept termed the PPR (Pay Per Recovery) Model.

Any Amazon seller who joins Getida gets a chance to recover their losses quickly.

However, if you use the platform well, engage with it, and provide more helpful information and data, Getida's team might be able to help recover additional money super efficiently.

Take note that the weights and dimensions of packaging play a vital role in reimbursements.

That's because every time you sell a product on Amazon, they charge you a pick and pack fee (it's a set fee per unit sold on Amazon, based on the weight and dimensions of the product).

To make it easy to understand, let's take an example.

Sometimes Amazon overcharges a seller with fees, and that happens due to miscalculated weight and dimensions on the ASIN inside Amazon.

Sometimes an internal catalog mistake can cause that to happen.

Let's say your product is originally six inches long and weighs around six ounces.

But the weight and dimension on the ASIN are incorrect, making it sixty inches long and sixty pounds in weight.

Now, instead of charging $3.00 as the fees, Amazon will charge $10.00 per unit (actually, in reality, it would be much more, these numbers are here as an example).

It happens to private label sellers creating their own products and also for arbitrage and wholesale sellers.

Pretty much to anyone selling on Amazon.

So, if you sold 1,000 units with the same mistaken weight and dimensions, Amazon will overcharge you $10,000 with a $10.00 fee per unit.

In such a situation, your claim will be difficult to manage alone.

And you might even miss it if the fees were changed for a short amount of time.

Sometimes Amazon changes them back, but all the difference in that time frame will still be for you to pay for.

But don't worry, Getida will come to the rescue.

First and foremost, their team will open the case to fix the ongoing mistake, ending the overcharging chain.

Note that this will be a "free of cost" service. After this, you – the Amazon seller – will be required to commence the PPR model.

For this, you will need to access the Getida platform and provide the team with the actual weight and dimensions in order to recover the overcharged fees.

No matter the situation, once you provide the data to Getida, the team will analyze the discrepancy and find an opportunity to help recover your financial loss.

After the Getida team has successfully recovered your lost funds, you will be charged a fee of 25%.

Let's say they'll recover $1,000, you'll get $750, and Getida will get $250.

It's cool because otherwise, you could have lost that money totally.

Been there, done that.


This money adds up.

Why Choose Getida Over Amazon FBA Reimbursement Claim Feature?

As I shared earlier, I've been an active Amazon FBA seller since 2016.

Sometimes, our inventory also gets lost, damaged before or during transit, or disappeared into thin air.

You might think that Amazon has software to detect such anomalies and resolve them ASAP.

It does, but it works.. Fine.. Just fine..

Yes, Amazon does have a feature to resolve your claims automatically.

But if you look closely into their Terms of Service, they require to reimburse the claim in 30 working days.

In these 30 days, you must keep checking the status.

And afterward, you are required to audit and check with Amazon for the reimbursement claim.

That's, you better know, not an easy task.

Having dedicated software in place, you can check your 18 months of transaction history for any deficit or disparity and make claims.

When discussing this need, Yoni specifically stated that "It doesn't have to be Getida or you".

It could be a joint effort to help claim Amazon FBA Reimbursement."

He further explained, "If you are already managing your Amazon FBA Reimbursements on your own, we do encourage it.

Getida is a helping partner if you are overwhelmed and daunted by the complex procedure.

We are here to help and elevate some stress off your shoulders."

So, that's great.

You can work on your reimbursement claim yourself.

But checking the transaction sheet for 18 months is a long process.

So, you can get help from Getida at this point.

It will expedite the process of identifying your deficits for you.

They will only charge the 25% fee if they succeed in the reimbursement claim.

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Getida is a Way Forward for Amazon FBA Sellers

As a seller, your job is to look forward — manage the product launch, do PPC advertisement, marketing, branding, and so on.

You have to set up your business on Amazon and rank in the top position.

That's your priority.

Putting yourself to monitor past discrepancies might be detrimental to your advancement.

This is where Getida helps.

"We're more like archeologists. We sift through your past and find all the discrepancies while you focus on what lies ahead," said Yoni.

Getida's team looks for all the opportunities to help sellers get maximum reimbursement without any delay.

Yoni stated that they consider more than 30 factors to accelerate the reimbursement process.

As an example, he shared two scenarios.

The first one is that he mentioned previously as well, where you ship 1,000 units to the fulfillment center, and only 990 units are reported while 10 units are deemed missing.

It's a common scenario because when your inventory is inside the fulfillment center, there is a high chance of units being destroyed, disappearing, damaged, and overcharged with fees.

The second is where the units get lost, disappear, and are disposed of between the centers. Sometimes, Amazon ships your product units from the Kentucky fulfillment center to the California center and then to the Nevada FBA center.

During such transit, it's common for the products to get damaged and destroyed.

Amazon also often mishandles the packaging during delivery to the customer.

This results in damaged goods and dissatisfied customers.

And anytime a refund or return is requested for a defective item, you are required to remove the respective order and recheck the inventory at the Amazon warehouse.

These are some logistical friction points within the Amazon fulfillment centers that become incredibly overwhelming for sellers to deal with.

Getida, with its team of professionals, can sort out these discrepancies with professionalism and mitigate all the concerns off your shoulders.

Yoni Mazor shared a scenario where a seller came to them with a unique problem they had never seen before.

However, since they have a properly structured research and development department, they were able to crack the problem and resolve it for the seller, helping him in successful reimbursement.

This incident allowed them to check the same type of discrepancy across every seller in their network.

But Paying 25% to Getida; Isn't It a Loss?

Many sellers believe they wouldn't lose any money if they claimed Amazon FBA Reimbursement directly from the platform.

For a refund of $1,000, for example, they will not have to pay any percentage to anybody and will be able to retain the full money for themselves.

That's true, and if you can fill your own claims or have someone do it for you internally, it's fine!

Also, there are some other Amazon tools that might help you with that, but you'll have to invest in them to get their service.

Helium 10 Refund Genie is such a tool.

It's part of the Helium 10 software.

For Helium 10 discounts, use codes:

VOVA6M20 (20% OFF first six months)
VOVA10 (10% OFF discount every month)

I even have a video of how to use Refund Genie below. It helped me get $2,118 from Amazon at one time.

Also, there is
Sellerboard, which can help you with this type of service.

The link above also grants you a 2-month
Sellerboard free trial and account!

You can learn more about Sellerboard by watching or reading my
Sellerboard tutorial.

This tutorial covers the whole tool, but we talk about their "moneyback" reimbursements feature at minute

If this makes sense to you, you might also wonder if it's a loss with Getida.

Well, let me clarify; Getida brings in value, which they call magic.

There is no doubt that Amazon will complete the reimbursement process in the prescribed time.

But it isn't easy to get your amount back from Amazon in a simple and seamless manner, even with the software mentioned above.

Since time is money, which you can use to generate more sales and make your brand profitable, why waste it on claiming the losses?

Spending valuable time looking at past transactions and not finding enough opportunities is an absolute time waste.

Getida is there to help and look into the transactions.

With Getida and its experienced employees and team members, you will be able to see the magic happening.

They will fight for your case, look at all the possibilities, and help claim the amount of loss you bore.

Doing it all alone wouldn't give you that amount.

So technically, the reimbursed amount will come from the dead, and you will get 75% of it hassle-free.

Read more about the Getida pricing model here.

Again, with the other software, you'll have to do more work (although less than fully manual work).

If you are already a user of one of the tools mentioned above, then use them first, and then use Getida.

Getida is more hands-off.

Which I think is more comfortable and truly allows you to concentrate on other revenue-generating and business-growing tasks.

It's the fundamental mission of Getida to help Amazon sellers get what they never had.

And only if they are successful will they charge you.

That's the biggest perk — if they don't find any opportunity, they won't charge you a penny — a win-win situation at both ends.

Getida is a Comprehensive Hub

The core specialty of Getida is Amazon FBA Reimbursement, which also operates as a hub for help in the industry.

On an annual basis, the discrepancy rate on Amazon FBA ranges between 1-3% of your revenue.

For example, it may range from $10,000 to $30,000 annually with a business of a million dollars.

With such statistics, Getida's leadership is focused on empowering the sellers and motivating them to grow on the platform.

They emphasize the sellers' success on the platform by educating them and bringing community events to spread awareness.

So, they are happy to help every seller beyond their core competency, ensuring a smooth journey.

They have a YouTube channel with over 200+ videos on the Amazon FBA, eCommerce, and entrepreneurship topics.

It's linked here; Getida YouTube channel for you. Subscribe, please.

The Future of Getida

As the CGO of Getida, Yoni especially talked about the company's prospects for the future.

Here's what he shared: "The tagline of Getida is maximum refunds data-driven.

Therefore, with such data analytics, we plan to find opportunities to assist more sellers and help them manage their journey conveniently.

In the future, it's our mission to become more helpful to the sellers with reimbursements."

Get Your Free Exclusive Getida Account And Promo Code Now

Getida has especially partnered with me to provide an exclusive offer to Amazon sellers.

So, if you visit, you will get the first $600 worth of reimbursement free.

You can also read more about the Getida promo code here.

You may also leave the platform whenever you want, before or after you receive this amount.

And if there is any question, feel free to ask in the video's comments section.

I'll try to be as responsive as possible.

Remember that Getida is a great partner for your Amazon FBA Reimbursement concerns.

You can avail of my offer to enjoy even more benefits.

I hope you have a fantastic and fruitful experience as an Amazon FBA seller.

Take care, and until I write again, cheerio!


Vova :)

P.S - I have a full playlist on YouTube dedicated to information about Amazon FBA reimbursements. Check it out here.

P.S.S - Other similar Getida competitors are Seller Investigators and Seller Locker.

Table of Contents
  1. What is Getida, and How Does it Streamline Amazon FBA Reimbursement? Is It Worth the Shot?
    1. What is Getida?
    2. How Getida Works
    3. Why Choose Getida Over Amazon FBA Reimbursement Claim Feature?
    4. Getida is a Way Forward for Amazon FBA Sellers
    5. But Paying 25% to Getida; Isn't It a Loss?
    6. Getida is a Comprehensive Hub
    7. The Future of Getida
    8. Get Your Free Exclusive Getida Account And Promo Code Now

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)