How To Use Seller Investigators To Maximize Amazon Reimbursements - Detailed Tutorial

Vova Even Sep 01, 2023
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Table of Contents
  1. How To Use Seller Investigators - Detailed Tutorial With Co-Founder Lee Loree
    1. Seller Investigators Promo Code
    2. Meet My Guest: Lee Loree
    3. Is Seller Investigators Legit?
    4. Seller Investigators Dashboard
    5. Seller Investigators Cases
    6. Seller Investigators Pricing
    7. Seller Investigators Documents Portal
    8. Seller Investigators Weight and Dimension Alert Tool
    9. Seller Investigators FAQ
    10. Conclusion

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How To Use Seller Investigators - Detailed Tutorial With Co-Founder Lee Loree

Hey there!

Are you an Amazon seller looking to get reimbursed for lost, damaged, etc goods from Amazon?

Look no further!

In this exciting article, we're going to explore Seller Investigators, the ultimate Amazon FBA reimbursement tool, service, and software.

Join me as I take you on a journey through a detailed review and tutorial with Lee Loree, one of the co-founders from Seller Investigators.

Together, we'll break down each part of this powerful tool in a step-by-step manner, making it super easy to follow along and implement.

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I also have a video version of this article available. So, if you're not a reading person, you can watch the video below.

Otherwise, dive right in because I've kept this article just as conversational and engaging as the video.

Trust me, you'll feel like you're right there with us!

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Meet My Guest: Lee Loree

So, let's get to the guest of the day – Lee Loree, the co-founder of Seller Investigators and an expert in helping sellers recover lost money on Amazon!

Vova: Lee, how's it going, man? Thanks for joining us. It's great to have you here!

Lee: Hey, Vova! I'm doing great, and I'm thrilled to be here. Thanks for having me.

Vova: It's my pleasure, man.

We've been planning this for a while, and I'm glad we finally made it happen.

Is Seller Investigators Legit?

Vova: So Lee, can you also explain the story behind Seller Investigators?

You're the co-founder, so I'm sure you can shed more light on what you guys do and how you help people with Amazon FBA reimbursements.

Lee: Absolutely, Vova! My business partner and I started Seller Investigators about seven years ago because we noticed a significant need in the marketplace.

People were owed money by Amazon, and they didn't even know it!

The relationship with Amazon isn't adversarial, but let's face it, they're a giant business making money, and so are you.

They profit when you succeed, but they also profit when you encounter challenges, such as fees for warehouse storage, pick and pack, and other services.

You might think you're a big seller on the platform, but even the largest brands are just a fraction of Amazon's enormous sales.

For instance, Amazon turns over a whopping 650 billion dollars on FBA globally each year.

So, no matter how big you are, you're just a tiny fraction of their sales.

The inventory on FBA is essentially on consignment, and with the sheer volume of packages flowing through their system, there are bound to be issues.

They may lose, damage, or miscount your inventory due to various reasons.

In traditional retail, you might have allowances for damages or Co-Op expenses, but Amazon doesn't have such arrangements.

Keep in mind that Amazon's actions are never to the detriment of Amazon itself; it's always the seller who might end up losing out.

They make estimates and calculations that sometimes work in their favor.

If sellers don't advocate for their business and stand up to raise a flag, Amazon ends up keeping about one percent of its net sales.

Imagine that – on a million-dollar account, that's about ten thousand dollars a year just disappearing into thin air!

That's where Seller Investigators step in.

We act as detectives, combing through your sales and transactions to identify any discrepancies and ensure that every dollar rightfully belongs to you is returned by Amazon.

We become that bridge, helping you get your money back.

Vova: Perfect! And I can totally relate to the fact that sellers are always at risk of losing money on Amazon!

As a seller myself, I've experienced instances where Amazon loses or damages my inventory, and sometimes they do reimburse me automatically, but other times, they don't.

And you're right, they mention that you can reach out and claim your money, but there's a limited time to do that.

It's a hassle, and many sellers might not even realize that they're losing money.

Even in my business, with half a million in sales a year, I see those small losses adding up.

So, I can only imagine the impact on a five-million-dollar account.

This is crucial for sellers of all sizes to get what they're owed, and using a service like Seller Investigators can definitely save a lot of time and effort.

Lee: Yeah, you're absolutely right! Doing it yourself can be a challenge, and we don't want to discount that option.

Some aspects of what we do can be handled internally, especially if you're tracking your data and have the technical know-how.

But here's the thing – some of it can get really complex, and that's where it becomes crucial to have experts on your side.

Getting Amazon to see your perspective, presenting the right documents at the right time, and using the right arguments in the proper sequence can make all the difference.

Vova: That's so true! Amazon has its own way of doing things; sometimes, you can't rely on bots or generic responses.

It's a bit of an art to navigate through their processes effectively.

Lee: Exactly! And the time windows matter too.

You have 9 months to look for missing inbounds and 18 months for lost and damaged items.

Once those windows pass, it doesn't matter how compelling your argument is – Amazon won't give you the reimbursement.

So, there is a sense of urgency, but at the same time, we want sellers to be well-informed and not miss any opportunities.

Vova: That makes perfect sense. You don't want sellers to miss out on potential reimbursements just because they didn't act within the right time frame.

It's good to have experts like Seller Investigators who understand the intricacies and can maximize the chances of getting that money back.

Lee: Absolutely! We've fine-tuned our approach over the years, and we know how to navigate the Amazon landscape to get sellers the best results.

Doing it internally might get you some money back, but it's like getting 50 cents on the dollar, whereas with us, you have a much better chance of recovering every penny that's owed to you.

And just to add, our approach is quite unique in the market.

We don't charge you anything upfront.

No hidden fees, no subscriptions, nothing!

We believe in proving our worth first, which is why we offer a free audit and monitoring service.

So, until you have an issue that requires action, our monitoring comes at no cost to you.

Vova: That's awesome! So, sellers can test the waters without any risk and see how Seller Investigators can benefit them.

By the way, by clicking on the image below, you'll be able to the best offer for Seller Investigators.

Now, you might think, who are the girls tho?

Regina and Yana from Carbon6, previously we've done an in-depth Seller Investigators review with them.

seller investigators discount code

Lee: Thanks for sharing, Vova! And here's the best part – we only take a success fee.

That means we get paid when we successfully recover money for you from Amazon.

No recovery, no fee. It's as simple as that.

Vova: Wow, that's a game-changer! So, you're really invested in making sure sellers get the maximum reimbursements possible.

Lee: Absolutely! We're all about transparency and fair partnerships.

It's only fair that we get compensated for the actual reimbursements we secure for you.

Vova: Makes total sense!

So, let's say Amazon refunds the money, but later they find the missing inventory and take the money back from the seller.

What happens then?

Lee: Great question! In such cases, where Amazon reverses the reimbursement and takes back the money, we've got your back.

We are the only service that will refund the fee we collected on that particular reimbursement.

So, if Amazon takes back $10,000 and our fee was $2,500, we'll refund that $2,500 right back to you.

Vova: Amazing! So, for all our readers, don't miss out on the opportunity to get a free audit and those $500 in free reimbursements.

It's a completely risk-free opportunity to discover how Seller Investigators can assist you in reclaiming what rightfully belongs to you from Amazon.

Lee: Plus, it's quick, easy, and there's no obligation. We want you to see the potential for yourself.

Our team will dive into your sales and transactions with the utmost precision, like true detectives on a mission to recover every cent you're owed. 

Vova: And I'm sure many sellers out there will be pleasantly surprised by what they discover through the free audit.

Whether it's a few dollars or a significant windfall, every penny counts!

Lee: You're absolutely right, Vova! Every single penny adds up, and that's why we're on a mission to help sellers, regardless of their size, reclaim what's rightfully theirs.

And you know what's interesting?

The amount of money recovered tends to hover around one percent of sales.

Now, of course, for smaller accounts, you won't find a million dollars hiding in a 50,000-dollar account, but the percentage remains consistent.

It's like a little treasure waiting to be discovered.

Vova: That's fascinating, Lee!

It just shows how even the tiniest percentage can make a significant impact on a seller's bottom line.

Lee: Exactly! And here's the kicker: even with diligent work and best practices, that number rarely goes to zero.

It's just the nature of the inventory exchange with Amazon.

Their sheer size and velocity mean there are always going to be some hiccups.

Vova: I see. So, it's not a matter of if there are discrepancies, but rather how we can proactively address them and recover what's owed to us.

Lee: Precisely! Our team works tirelessly to comb through your account, identify any issues, and ensure Amazon sets the record straight.

Vova: That's such a crucial service, Lee! As sellers, we're focused on growing our businesses, and it's easy for these discrepancies to slip under the radar.

Lee: Absolutely! It's incredible how these seemingly minor errors can impact your overall EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) and, in turn, your entire business. 

Vova: Yeah, man. So, let's take a closer look at how the Seller Investigators magic happens!

Lee: Absolutely! Here's our main website.

As you can see, it's available in multiple languages, catering to sellers from all around the globe. But what really matters is this "Login" button or the "Free Audit" one.

That's where you can sign up if you're interested.

For your ease of signing up to Seller Investigators, watch the video below, at minute 03:46 we show you how to do it.

Seller Investigators Dashboard

Today, I've already logged into this account, so we'll use it as a dummy account to walk you through the process.

Keep in mind that your own account might look slightly different, but the principles remain the same.

Vova: Got it! So, what do we have here, Lee?

Lee: Let's dive in! See the screenshot below:

Here, you can see the total dollars recovered, which is neatly categorized between loss, damage, inbound, and overcharges. 

Vova: So, those cases, what are they all about?

Lee: Great question! These cases represent different issues we've encountered while monitoring the account.

For example, we might need to produce documentation for inbound shipments, or we file cases with Amazon for certain discrepancies.

Now, the speed of resolution can vary.

Sometimes it's like a lightning bolt and other times, it's more like a slow and steady investigation.

Vova: Ah, diligence and consistency, the keys to success – It's like Sherlock Holmes cracking the Amazon code!

Lee: Haha, you're absolutely right, Vova!

Solving these cases requires us to work diligently and consistently with Amazon to find a resolution.

It's all about understanding the Amazon system and advocating for our client's businesses.

So, you'd see a little bit of activity here:

And then, you would have a chart like this:

It will outline what's pending and the issues we're tackling.

Likewise, you might find an option requiring action (Action Required) in the pipeline.

That means we might need documentation from you, like for an inbound shipment, and we communicate through email or sometimes texts.

We're pretty diligent about finding those important documents because they're crucial to resolving cases.

Vova: That's great! So, everything's transparent and sortable.

Lee: Absolutely! Our dashboard gives you full control.

You can sort information by date ranges or whatever suits your business needs.

We believe in empowering you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Plus, you can export all of this data if you want to keep a record or analyze it further.

Vova: Nice! So, it's like having a detailed map of your Amazon account, and you can even create fancy reports from it.

Seller Investigators Cases

Lee: You got it! Seller Investigators also provide a granular view of your cases.

It includes successful resolutions as well as pending ones. We've color-coded everything for easy understanding.

If it's green, it's "Success" indicating all the cases that you've won so far. Yellow means it's "Pending" and blue indicates "Resolved"

Vova: That's handy! So, do the cases in blue mean the money is back in the seller's pocket?

Lee: Almost! Blue means we've solved the problem, but it doesn't always result in direct reimbursements.

Sometimes, Amazon may find the lost inventory, but the good news is that we've identified the issue and resolved it.

Vova: Ah, got it! So, Seller Investigators is like having a 24/7 watchdog for your Amazon finances.

Lee: Exactly! And just to add, wherever you see the blue Resolved option, you can click on it and it will work as a secret passageway that leads right back to your Seller Central account.

This gives you full visibility into what we're doing with these cases.

Vova: That's super convenient! So, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible. User-friendly this dashboard.

Lee: You got it, Vova! Our goal is to make it as user-friendly as possible because we want you to have all the tools you need to stay in control of your Amazon finances.

Vova: So, these cases here; they represent the different types of reimbursement issues, right?

Lee: You got it! These cases are like a treasure map, helping us navigate through the different types of reimbursements – lost, damaged, overcharged, and so on.

Vova: It's fascinating! Now, Lee! Please tell me what can sellers expect when they first join Seller Investigators?

Lee: Great question! When you first come on board, the excitement kicks in because, in the first 45 to 60 days, sellers typically see a fair amount of money coming back to them. It's like discovering a treasure chest right off the bat!

Vova: That sounds amazing! But what happens after the initial burst of treasure hunting?

Lee: After that, it's all about maintenance mode. Seller Investigators becomes your trusted partner, continually monitoring your account. It's like having a guardian angel watching over your Amazon store.

Seller Investigators Pricing

Vova: I see! So, how does the pricing work for this continued protection?

Lee: It's pretty straightforward, Vova.

Our pricing is based on a percentage of the money we recover for you.

Usually, we get 25% of the recovered fees.

So if we were able to reimburse $1,000 for you, you'll pay us $250 once you get the $1,000.

Vova: Interesting. The Seller Investigators pricing model is somewhat similar to the GETIDA pricing model.

GETIDA is also a service for Amazon FBA reimbursement, I welcome the readers to check out my GETIDA review.

Seller Investigators Documents Portal

Vova: I see you've got a "Documents" portal too.

So, sellers can easily upload and share all the necessary info with your team.

Lee: You bet! We've got a talented team of experts here, ready to assist you at every turn.

With thousands of clients, our inbound team stays busy, answering questions, and helping with all the nitty-gritty details.

Vova: That's reassuring to know. So, sellers can upload files in various formats, right?

Lee: Absolutely! CSV, Excel, database files – you name it, we can handle it!

And you know what's super cool?

Our system is so versatile and flexible that we like to joke around, saying you can even set up a carrier pigeon to work with it if needed! 🐦

But we prefer the digital route, of course. :D

Vova: Haha! I bet the carrier pigeons would take a while.

But the important thing is, you're flexible and can work with any format.

Lee: Yeah! Our main focus is getting the documentation we need to start the treasure hunt.

Once we have that, our team will work their magic, making sure everything is in order.

Seller Investigators Weight and Dimension Alert Tool

Lee: Now, this right here is a gem of a tool that's exclusive to our business. Meet our Weight and Dimensions Alert tool!

It's where we find a lot of hidden treasures for sellers.

Let me explain how it works!

Vova: Sounds intriguing! Lay it on me, Lee!

Lee: Alright, imagine you're selling a product on Amazon.

Most sellers have competitors in the same category, right?

Now, if any of those competitors send in a package with different dimensions or weights for the same ASIN, Amazon will automatically apply those changes to everyone in the category.

Or sometimes it just happens out of the blue.

Vova: Oh, I see! So it affects all the sellers, even if their packaging is different!

Lee: Exactly! But don't worry, that's where our Weight & Dimensions Alerts tool comes to the rescue.

We encourage sellers to provide us with their accurate Weight and dimensions.

Then, we compare them daily against what Amazon has on file.

Vova: So you keep an eye out for any discrepancies in Weight and dimensions!

Lee: You got it! If we spot any cases of undercharging or overcharging due to incorrect Weight and dimensions, we'll file the cases for sellers.

It's all about ensuring fairness and accuracy!

Vova: That's awesome! So, you take care of the heavy lifting, but sellers can still file the cases themselves if they prefer.

Lee: Absolutely! We're here to make it as easy as possible for sellers.

You can leave it to us, or if you want to take charge, we'll happily provide you with all the necessary information.

Vova: It's fantastic to have such a powerful tool at your disposal!

Lee: Now, let's dive into our Weight & Dimensions tool in detail!

See the screenshot below:

It may seem like a small change, like 85 cents here and almost 60 cents on the next product, but trust me, those tiny drops add up to a river of cash!

Vova: I can see how it's the small things that make a big difference in the end!

Lee: You bet! Imagine you're selling a thousand units of a particular ASIN each month.

If Amazon is overcharging you by just 85 cents per unit, that's a whopping $850 slipping through your fingers every single month!

Vova: Wow! That's real money being left on the table.

Lee: Absolutely! The trouble is, this money is a bit trickier to recover because you only have a short window to spot and fix these discrepancies.

Vova: So, keeping a close eye on weight and dimensions is vital!

Lee: Precisely! And that's where our fabulous tool comes in. It's like having a superhero protecting your profits.

You can also use our Export/Import Dimensions guide to be more informed about how everything works.

You just have to give us the right dimensions of each ASIN, and we'll continuously monitor for changes within Amazon, and we'll reimburse you for any mistakes they do.

You are also welcome to use our Fee Calculator.

Vova: I love it! So, how does the Fee Calculator work?

Lee: It's like a crystal ball for your packaging decisions! You can test different scenarios and see how they affect your fees.

Vova: So, if I shave off just an inch from my packaging, it could make a big difference?

Lee: You got it! It's all about finding those clever little tweaks that add up to massive savings.

For example, if your package is currently 1.3 pounds, getting it down to 0.99 pounds can save you a ton of cash!

You'll pay less in Amazon FBA fees.

Seller Investigators FAQ

Vova: Lee! I have a question.

So, in order to upload your ASINs and product details, we again have to use that handy-dandy Export/Import Dimensions section, right?

Let's take an example.

Say we've got 10 ASINs we want to upload, right?

We just need to choose a file, and then send you the data in Excel format or any other format you prefer.

That's what we need to do, is it?

Also, I welcome sellers to check the official FAQ about Seller Investigators on your website.

Lee: Exactly! We're not picky, we'll take it in any format.

Vova: That sounds simple enough! So, we can just provide the ASINs, SKUs, and dimensions, and you guys will take care of the rest?

Lee: You got it! We'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our team will update and add the data for you, making sure everything is neat and organized.

Vova: Perfect! And what if I have a lot of ASINs, like 500 of them? That could get overwhelming.

Lee: No worries at all! We've got you covered, whether you're a big or small seller.

If you have 500 ASINs, but 20 of them represent the majority of your business, we'll start with those 20 first—low-hanging fruit, you know?

Vova: That's a smart approach. Start with what matters most.

Lee: Exactly! We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

So, just focus on what's most important, and we'll take it from there.

Vova: Alright, Lee, this all sounds great!

But how can someone sign up for the Seller Investigators service?

Lee: It's a piece of cake, Vova!

The sign-up process is simple and secure.

We want to make sure that Amazon sellers like you feel safe and protected.

To start off, use the Seller Investigators free audit link.

Once you're on our website, just click on "Free Audit" or "Sign Up"

There are a couple of steps for authentication that you need to breeze through, but we'll guide you through the whole process.

Vova: That sounds easy enough! But can you elaborate a bit about the authentication steps?

Lee: Sure thing, Vova!

The thing is, Amazon wants to keep your account super secure, so they've put in place a two-step authentication process that adds an extra layer of protection.

This way, only the real deal – legitimate users – can get access, and those pesky bad actors won't stand a chance.

We all know how important it is to keep your personal information safe, so this nifty process helps prevent any fishy attempts to steal your account or gain unauthorized access.

So, you gotta agree that you are willing to give us access.

This way, we get accepted as a developer, and you grant us the necessary access points.

It's a quick and secure process, taking only about five minutes.

Vova: That's reassuring. And what if I run into any issues during the sign-up?

Lee: No problem at all!

It's an easy process and you'll see videos that help you.

And if you encounter any roadblocks, our friendly staff is there to lend a helping hand.

You can also use the chat button on the right lower corner of our website. We answer fast.

We'll even have a phone call with you if needed, making sure you feel confident and comfortable with everything.

Vova: Nice, man, I got it. There's also a short vid featuring the cool code that we have for the readers.

This Seller Investigators offer will grant your first $500 in free reimbursements – Indeed, a fantastic way to test the waters, as I mentioned earlier.

(The referral code, discount code, and promo code is VOVA500FREE)

Now, Lee! I have a question, man.

What are the most common questions you get about your platform?

Because I believe that different sellers have different questions based on their business models.

Maybe we can address them and help everyone out.

For example, arbitrage sellers often face challenges with documentation for inbound shipments.

Amazon can be tough when it comes to accepting receipts from places like Walmart or Costco.

We do our best to handle those situations, but it's not always easy.

On the other hand, private label sellers have an advantage.

Since they own the ASIN and are the only sellers, they don't face the same documentation issues.

And if you're a reseller dealing with products like Black+Decker Sanders, you might encounter different problems due to map pricing and manufacturer regulations.

Lee: You're right, Vova. It's a little tricky to pinpoint one common question since our system is so robust and intuitive.

Once sellers are on the platform, the money starts flowing back to them, and it's pretty evident with the reports we provide.

There's not much need for constant customer interaction because everyone's happy with the results we deliver.

They appreciate us monitoring their stores and recovering all the dollars they're entitled to.

We know how to solve different types of issues related to reimbursements, we can help almost any seller.

Oh, and here's some exciting news!

We recently joined forces with Carbon 6, a prominent software aggregator in the Amazon seller community.

They recognized our success and acquired Seller Investigators.

Plus, we acquired chargeguard, a company that focuses on the vendor side.

So now, we can cater to both sellers and vendors in the Amazon ecosystem.

Vova: That's fantastic, Lee! So now Seller Investigators offers a comprehensive solution for both sellers and vendors.

That's a big win for the Amazon community!

Lee: You bet, Vova! We're thrilled to offer a one-stop shop for Amazon sellers and vendors alike.

It's been an incredible journey, and we're eager to help even more sellers and vendors thrive in the Amazon marketplace.

Vova: Well, it's no surprise that your success continues to grow.

Lee: Thank you, Vova! We're passionate about what we do, and our goal is to empower every seller and vendor we work with. We'll keep working hard to ensure their success.

Vova: I have no doubt about that, Lee. With the level of expertise and commitment you've shown, I'm sure many sellers and vendors will be eager to join the Seller Investigators family.

Lee: Absolutely! We're here to welcome them with open arms and make their Amazon journey a rewarding one.

If anyone out there is interested, they can reach out to me directly at or simply visit our website and get in touch with our team.

As for vendors, that's right, Vova. We have a fantastic vendor solution for those who are vendors on Amazon.

However, there's a limitation when it comes to FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) because Amazon doesn't handle the inventory directly, which restricts what we can do to help in those cases.

Vova: I understand, man. So, for sellers interested in getting started with the audit, is there anything they need to prepare beforehand?

Or can they just jump right into it and see what's needed along the way, like the right dimensions or shipping documents?

Lee: Great question! We encourage sellers to start with the free audit first.

It's a straightforward process, and it's free.

By doing the audit, you can gain peace of mind and ensure you're running a clean store.

Plus, it helps us identify any potential reimbursements that might be owed to you.

Vova: That makes sense. So, doing the audit is a win-win situation.

You get to verify your store's performance, and if there are any reimbursements, Seller Investigators can help with that.

Lee: Exactly, Vova! It's a valuable step for every Amazon seller.

And here's a pro tip: I always recommend creating a physical repository for all your shipping documents.

Keep track of every shipment you send to Amazon, whether it's through UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier.

These companies retain documentation for 90 days, but we can look back nine months to recover potential reimbursements.

However, there's a 180-day gap where you might lose the opportunity if you don't have those documents readily accessible.

Vova: That's a crucial piece of advice, Lee.

Having a depository for shipping documents ensures you can provide the necessary proof if reimbursement cases arise later on.

Lee: That's right, Vova. Storing those shipping documents is crucial for maximizing your reimbursements.

If you don't have them when we need them, unfortunately, we won't be able to help you recover that money.

So, start creating a digital folder for each shipment you send to Amazon.

Dump everything related to that shipment in there, and when we ask for it, just flip us that folder, and we'll take care of the rest.

It's a simple and effective way to ensure you have the necessary documentation for potential reimbursements.

Vova: That's a fantastic tip, Lee! I had no idea that these companies only retain documents for 90 days.

Creating a digital repository for every shipment is a smart move.

Even if sellers aren't working with you right away, it's an excellent practice for the future.

Lee: Absolutely, Vova. It's a small step that can make a big difference later on.

And you're right, for companies handling millions of shipments a day, storing all those documents can become a significant expense.

So, by having your own organized system, you're in control and ready to take action when needed.

Vova: I'm sure our viewers and listeners will find this advice incredibly useful.

It's those small but impactful details that can make a world of difference in running a successful Amazon business.

Lee, maybe something I should have asked you, or something we didn't cover?

It seems like we've covered most of the platform, and how it works, and we talked about the sign-up process, which is super easy with the helpful video you mentioned above.

Once you click on that free audit button, it's just a few minutes to connect to your Seller Central, right?

Lee: That's right, Vova! It's a breeze to get started.

And you're absolutely right; if at any point a person wants to disconnect, no worries at all.

We don't have any contracts holding you back.

If you're not happy, just cut off our access, and that's it.

No obligations whatsoever.

Our goal is to win your business every single day, and we work hard to keep our clients happy.

Vova: That's awesome, Lee! I can see why you have such low churn.

If you deliver what you promise and help sellers get back their hard-earned money, they're bound to stick around.

Lee: Exactly! Happy clients are our top priority.

And we've got the track record to prove it.

Our team is dedicated to doing what we say we'll do and making sure our clients are satisfied.

Vova: Pretty awesome, man! So, just a reminder to our readers and viewers, don't forget to utilize my free Seller Investigators account audit offer and coupon code.

(The referral code, discount code, and promo code is VOVA500FREE)

Lee, thank you so much for being with us today.

I think we've explained everything really well.

Lee: You're welcome, Vova! I'm happy to help anyone who reaches out.

Vova: That's great! So, this service is beneficial for a wide range of sellers, right?

From smaller ones like myself, half mil a year, or even smaller than me, to those doing around $100,000 in sales.

And of course, it's perfect for bigger sellers, seven, eight, or even nine-figure businesses.

And you mentioned vendors too, for them, it's slightly different, but they can go to and sign up, right?

Lee: Exactly, Vova! chargeguard is our vendor solution, and they can sign up the same way.

They don't need to reach out to me directly, but if they do, I'll make sure they get connected to the right people.

Please mention Vova's name, we'll help!

Vova: Thank you! And I want to highlight something you mentioned earlier.

You guys treat every account with equal importance, right?

Whether it's a smaller seller doing $50,000 in sales or a massive $100 million seller.

You go after every case and make sure you fight for every dollar to help your clients, no matter the size.

Lee: Exactly! But we recognize that $50,000 in sales can mean the world to someone.

It's their business, and they're working hard to make it grow.

So even if we don't find massive amounts of money for smaller accounts, every dollar matters.

If we can find hundreds of dollars, it's still significant for that client, and that's what counts.

Vova: That's a fantastic approach, Lee!

Making every client feel welcome and valued, regardless of their size, is truly commendable.

And it's great to hear that you fight just as hard for smaller accounts as you do for big ones.

Your dedication to helping every client succeed is evident.

Lee: Thank you, Vova! It's all about our philosophy of doing right by our clients.

While bigger accounts might make more economic sense, that doesn't mean we neglect the smaller ones.

We're committed to fighting for every dollar, no matter the size of the account.

It's a core part of our values and what we believe in.

Vova: Pretty cool, man!

Now, Lee, are there any discounts or special offers for chargeguard?

Lee: We don't typically offer discounts on the vendor side since it involves manual work and setup.

There's a setup fee for vendors, but if someone's interested, they can reach out to me, and we can work something out.

I'll make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Again, if you are a vendor, please reach out and let us know Vova referred you.

Vova: That's awesome, Lee! Your willingness to help and ensure everyone's needs are met is fantastic.

I really appreciate that.

Well, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing all this valuable information.

Lee: Thanks, Vova! It was a pleasure being here and talking about our services.

If anyone has questions or needs assistance, feel free to reach out.

We're here to support you in your Amazon journey.

Have a great day, everyone!

Vova: Thank you all for tuning in.


So, that was a wrap-up of my conversation with Lee Loree from Seller Investigators.

I hope you found it as engaging and insightful as I did.

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Remember, it's a risk-free way to see how Seller Investigators can help you reclaim what's rightfully yours from Amazon.

Thank you for joining us, and until next time, happy selling!


Vova :)

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    3. Is Seller Investigators Legit?
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    10. Conclusion

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