AMZScout vs Jungle Scout Sales Estimator – Which is Best?

Vova Even Dec 29, 2022
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AMZScout vs Jungle Scout Sales Estimator – Introduction, Tutorial, Comparison, Tests and Everything in Between

Hey there! Welcome to my blog again. 

In this article, I am going to guide you through AMZScout and Jungle Scout Sales estimators that I recently tried and tested for you. 

I will review these tools here besides showing you the results of my tests. After revealing my test results, I will give you my opinion so that you can make the right decision in choosing a suitable sales estimator for yourself. 

These tools have, over the years, helped lots of sellers in their respective businesses so I understand it’s not an easy decision to choose one over the other. 

However, the good thing is both sales estimators are completely FREE to use and are available on the official website of both software. 

You can access AMZScout by clicking here, and Jungle Scout by clicking here.

Now, before we jump onto the review part, let me introduce myself. I am Vova Even and I have been selling on Amazon for the last six years.

It’s not like I have not failed in my career; I have had my fair share of failures, but I learned from them and used these lessons to cement my success on Amazon. 

If you want to learn from my experience, you can visit my YouTube channel where I share free tips and guides for Amazon FBA, or you can take my FREE Udemy Amazon FBA courses. 

Sales estimators have proven to be very helpful tools for product research on Amazon. They help you know the sales of a product per month, which is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process if done without any tool.

Although sales estimators merely produce an estimated number of sales, they can still be very effective in helping sellers get an idea of product sales per month. 

Let’s now start reviewing AMZScout and Jungle Scout Sales Estimator. We will first start with AMZScout.

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AMZScout Sales Estimator

AMZScout Sales Estimator is quite an easy-to-use tool. 

Novice sellers, even students can use this tool without any expert guidance. Once you open its link, you will see a three-steps-form. 

The first step is to select a country. It’s not your resident country but the country whose market you want to search for. Once you select the country, move on to the second step which is to select a category. 

Here, you need to pick a category from a wide array of options in which you want to search for a particular product. Make sure that you pick the right category otherwise, it will impact the overall result of your research and you won’t be able to see accurate details of a product’s estimated sales per month. After selecting the category, enter the sales rank of a product. 

Product sales rank is a number of where the product stands today. For example, if there are 20,000 products in Kitchen and Dining Category, there will be 20,000 ranks and each rank is given to a product on the basis of its sales performance and other factors. 

Don’t know the way to find the sales rank of a product? No worries! I will help you with that too. 

To find the sales rank of a product, you need to find its Best Seller Rank (BSR). Open the product page and dive down until you find the product information section (product details) which is on the left side. You can see the product BSR there. Once you find the BSR, copy that and paste it into the 3rd step form. 7262 in the case of the picture below.

When you complete all three steps, click the ‘Calculate Sales’ button and an estimated number of sales will appear on your screen. That’s all. No hard calculation, no perplexing graph, just one click, and you will get what you want!

Similarly, you can get sales estimates of any product on Jungle Scout Sales Estimator using the same method I guided you through. The process is completely the same. 

The only difference is results where each software distinguishes itself from the other. This brings me to the experiments I carried out on both estimators and now I am going to share the details of that with you. 

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AMZScout Sales Estimator vs Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Accuracy Test 

I put both of these sales estimators to the test some time ago and in this section, I am going to tell you what I did actually and the results I got. 

So, to begin with, I traced three different products from two different categories for one month. 

I noted down their rankings and per-day sales each day and got the monthly sales number and the ranking of the products. I then put them into each estimator and the results I got are mentioned below: 

Product #1

According to my calculation over a month, this product from the Kitchen and Dining category had 147 monthly sales and 28,000 BSR. But when I put the required details into the AMZScout Sales Estimator, this is what I got:

So against the 147 monthly sales that I had got for this product, AMZScout gave me 140, just seven numbers short, but still too close. However, when I put the same product in the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator, this is what I got:

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator gave me 150 sales per month, only three numbers less than the original numbers. 

Ummm… I would say both of these tools pass this test as the difference is not a huge one. Both do a good job of producing an estimation of monthly sales, which is the exact job of these tools. So, all in all, AMZScout and Jungle Scout Sales Estimators win here.

By the way, here’s a full tutorial on Jungle Scout! From A-Z with
Ed from Jungle Scout.

Let’s hop on to our next product results:

Product #2

The next product I traced is from the Patio, Lawn and Garden category. It ended the month with 204 sales and settled for 20,000 BSR. As usual, I tried it first on AMZScout and this time, this tool really surprised me. Here’s what I got:

Told you, I got a surprising result this time! Almost 100 numbers short of what I had concluded.

Now, let’s see what Jungle Scout Sales Estimator gave me for this product:

Well, there you go! Jungle Scout Sales Estimator manages to defeat AMZScout here and gives us a somewhat close number to 204. 

Even though the number is higher than the original one, we can conclude that this round belongs to the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator. 

It’s time for our third and final product sales check!


Product #3

My third product is also from the Patio, Lawn, and Garden category. This went on for merely a few days and could only sell 24 products in 3 days (8 a day), with 21,000 BSR. 

It means that if this product had gone for the whole month at the same pace, it would have made 240 monthly sales (or 8 sales a day multiplied by 30). 

So, keeping this number in mind, let’s see how our sales estimators performed in my test. AMZScout goes first:

Unexpected, right? Yeah, the same was my reaction. The number 97 is far less than 240, which should be the correct estimation if a product has 8 sales a day. 

However, the result could also have been affected by the short-lived presence of the product on Amazon. 

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator, on the other hand, satisfied me with its results:

It couldn’t have been more right! Jungle Scout Sales Estimator gave me the spot-on result of my third product. 

When we multiply 24 by 10, it gives us 240 and that’s what the JS estimator has come up with. 

It is then safe to say that Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is a much more accurate tool in the final round as well. 

In all these three tests, Jungle Scout has performed better than AMZScout; however, stop drawing your conclusions until you hear my opinion on our final results.  

My Opinion – Is Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Really an Effective Tool? 

To answer the question asked above, yes, Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is really an effective tool. 

But so is AMZScout. 

The idea behind the tests above was just to give you an overview of how these tools work and how you can benefit from them. 

As far as the performance is concerned, let me tell you: the results are always going to vary from product to product and category to category. Sometimes, AMZScout Sales Estimator will give you an accurate number and other times Jungle Scout will be helpful in the same regard.

What I would suggest doing is using both of them at the same time. It would not only aid you in getting a proper estimation of product sales but also help you know which tool performs better with a particular category.

I did more accuracy tests for different Amazon Chrome extensions too, I welcome you to read that article
here. Jungle Scout is also mentioned there, along with 2 other tools.

That’s it from this side. It’s time for me to sign off. I wish you all the luck with your Amazon journey. 

I have got tons of such tutorials on my blog so if you think this article was helpful, there are more like it there. If you need further expert assistance, you can always take my Udemy courses for FREE!



Vova :)

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)