Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: Price and Pricing Review

Vova Even Jun 05, 2024
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Table of Contents
  1. Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: Which One Provides Better Value for Money?
    1. Why Investing in the Amazon FBA is Worth It
    2. Jungle Scout and AMZScout: Why You Need Amazon FBA Tools
    3. Jungle Scout Pricing Plan
    4. Jungle Scout Discounts and Special Offers
    5. AMZScout Pricing Plan
    6. AMZScout Discount Codes
    7. AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Price and Pricing Verdict

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: Which One Provides Better Value for Money?

Before we begin with the prices review, here are the resources from the article 😉

For Jungle Scout

  1. Jungle Scout Pricing Page

  2. Jungle Scout 50% OFF Discount

  3. Jungle Scout Seasonal Discounts

  4. Jungle Scout Yearly Discounts

  5. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

For AMZScout

  1. AMZScout Pricing Page

  2. AMZScout Free Account

  3. AMZScout 10$ OFF Yearly Plan

  4. AMZScout Yearly Plan + Bonus

  5. AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension

And here's a video from my YouTube channel that concludes this article, if you prefer video format:

Now let's start with some facts!

Why Investing in the Amazon FBA is Worth It

The Amazon FBA model is gaining more and more traction as businesses now move their services to online platforms.

Amazon, being one of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the planet, provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch and start a new business within a very short period. 

Because of how easy and fast one can start selling products on Amazon, coupled with the fact there’s already a large market pool ready to be tapped into, the amount of vendors on the Amazon platform is already millions and counting.

That is to say, the competition is fierce.

And if you’re a seller on Amazon, you are engaged in a constant battle to stay ahead of the competition.

Because your products are not going to miraculously appear on the top of the page, you will have to get them there yourself through sheer will and hard work.

Because of the sheer number of sellers on Amazon, you are going to need any help you can get that gives you an edge in the battle for first-page status.

But in this comparison piece, I am actually going to be talking about some of the best tools that can give you a significant advantage over your rival sellers.

By that, I am talking about 2 Amazon tools and software that give you a strong advantage.


The most successful FBA sellers use Amazon research tools and platforms to track products, collect and analyze metrics, gather market intelligence, spy on competitors, and get a better overall understanding of how the Amazon FBA business model works.

What is even better about Amazon FBA tools?

There are many of them. However, flexibility in choice poses other questions.

Such as which one should you choose?

Which one fits your budget? And so on.

Two of the most prominent Amazon FBA tools are Jungle Scout and AMZScout.

Today we'll talk about their prices and pricing plans.


Jungle Scout and AMZScout: Why You Need Amazon FBA Tools

Amazon has become the premier marketplace for both sellers and buyers of just about anything.

Generating consistent revenues of over $100 billion every year, and with over half of that amount coming from third-party sellers, there’s no doubt that there are real sellers who are already making a fortune.

If you are considering doing Amazon FBA, the optics can never be better.

The market and demand are there, without you moving a finger in that aspect.

I mean, this is a platform that sees over 2 billion visitors every month.

Amazon FBA is an opportunity too big, too real, and quite easy to begin, and many other people see the same potential as you do.

So, millions of sellers sell millions of goods each day. Crazy, but true.

That makes standing out a very serious challenge.

In fact, standing out among the multitude of other Amazon vendors is the major obstacle separating you and earning significant income.

Because of the importance of standing out from the crowd and the difficulty in doing so, Amazon market research tools are so important to you if you are going to become a successful Amazon FBA entrepreneur.


Jungle Scout vs AMZScout

The idea of having either Jungle Scout or AMZScout as part of your arsenal is quite simple: to help you have more information than the next person or seller.

Both AMZScout and Jungle Scout work to deliver extra information about the Amazon marketplace.

Hence, they both offer everything from product research to browser extensions and a plethora of other services, tools, and functionalities in-between.

Although the ultimate aim of both these tools is to assist you in selecting more profitable products by providing valuable market insights, how they tend to achieve this objective can be quite different.


AMZScout and Jungle Scout have some similarities as well as differences.

Both of them are full-fledged platforms that offer web app and Chrome extensions aimed at helping you make the most of the Amazon FBA opportunity.

Both AMZScout and Jungle Scout cover the very basic (and the advanced) of selling on Amazon – and they do it well, too – of any Amazon FBA software: product research, product tracking, estimated sales, keyword research, and FBA fee calculation in a variety of different markets.


Generally, Jungle Scout has more tools to offer than AMZScout, but let's dive deeper...


AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Price and Pricing

Both of these tools are legit and proven and have helped thousands of sellers make more money on Amazon.

Thus, whichever one you decide to leverage will likely depend on your circumstance.


AMZScout and Jungle Scout are both top-tier FBA tools, so deciding on which to utilize can prove difficult, especially for new sellers.

However, one metric that may help you make up your mind is the price and pricing options available.

Hence, I have come up with a Jungle Scout vs AMZScout comparison article that puts the prices of both of these software side by side.

If you want to see even more information about the prices of AMZScout and Jungle Scout, or you prefer to watch and listen to a video comparison of these two software tools... You'll find it here on my YouTube channel.

Or simply scroll up, and you can watch it on the page.


Jungle Scout Pricing Plan 


Jungle Scout


$34- $999

Discount (Coupon Codes)

50% OFF Your First Month

Seasonal Discounts

Discounts are available during special times of the year.

Yearly Discounts

Get amazing offers for a whole year

Free Plan (No)

No Jungle Scout trial version

Money-Back (Yes)

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Jungle Scout has several plans (link to the pricing page) that you can subscribe to either monthly or yearly.

These three levels are called Basic, Suite, and Professional.

Jungle Scout has both a web-based solution and the Jungle Scout extension.

Thankfully, the
Jungle Scout extension is a feature that is not limited to any plan and is thus available in all three plans.

Learn how to use the Jungle Scout extension in the blog post here.

Also, down here you have a video with a full breakdown of all that each Jungle Scout plan has to offer to you.

A blog post for the same topic is here; Jungle Scout pricing plans review.


Jungle Scout Basic Price

The cheapest package on offer for Jungle Scout is the Jungle Scout Basic plan, and it is rolled out with the famous browser extension together with limited features of the web app.

With the Jungle Scout extension, you can do a whole lot such as product idea validation.

The extension is available to use with both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Learn how to download and install it here; How to download and install the Jungle Scout extension.

It will cost you
$49/Month to get single-user access to the Jungle Scout Basic offering, which should be a tempting deal for first-time users.

Perhaps, the smarter choice would be to subscribe to the annual plan, which is capped at $349.

This means you get to save $240 while enjoying access to Jungle Scout for a year.

Generally, I don't recommend this plan because it is quite limited.. If you only need the extension, and some basic features it's fine.. But I'd recommend the next tier because it has much more to offer for a decent price.

Here's a video tutorial of the Jungle Scout Extension, straight from my YouTube channel.


Jungle Scout Suite Price

If you are looking for a middle ground between price and feature, the Jungle Scout Suite package is at that point.

According to data available from Jungle Scout, the Suite package is the most widely used by Amazon FBA sellers.

This is no surprise seeing that it gives you the ability you need to find profitable products and manage all the processes of your Amazon business.

For a one-off monthly subscription, Jungle Scout Suite is billed at $69.

While a yearly subscription will cost you $49 a month instead.

So, that means every sums up to $589 annually as the Jungle Scout Suite price.

Consider using my Jungle Scout discount codes to save money on this plan!

Jungle Scout 50% OFF Discount (this one makes it $34/month, instead of $69/month)

Jungle Scout Seasonal Discounts (this one grants a special deal for 3 months at $50$/month)

Jungle Scout Yearly Discounts (this one grants you the Suite for only $399 per year, $33.25$/month)

jungle scout 50 percent off

Jungle Scout Professional Price

The Professional offering is very much the full Jungle Scout package.

It gives you everything on the Suite plan and the power to get more data, more users, and more access.

Jungle Scout Professional package is tailor-made for veteran Amazon sellers.

It gives vendors the ability to scale up seamlessly in response to favorable market factors.

It's also good for beginners who want to scale faster, and in a better way.

The professional plan can be invested in for $129 per month.

Although that is a princely amount to pay for a single month, it gives you experienced sellers the opportunity to test out the software’s more advanced features, and a whole lot more data.

If you find that the added power would make sense for a longer period, the wiser thing to do is to go for the yearly subscription which saves you a staggering
$549 on the one-off monthly cost.


Jungle Scout Discounts and Special Offers

If you'd like to read an in-depth article about the best Jungle Scout discounts, you are welcome.

The prices for these Amazon FBA tools are generally not cheap, that’s especially true for the best ones.

Thankfully, they understand that money is always an issue so they come up with special discounts and coupons so you can still enjoy these tools, but at incredibly beat-down prices.

The one you are guaranteed is
50% OFF the first month you subscribe to the Jungle Scout Suite plan.

Jungle Scout also regularly rolls out special offers like during special periods and anniversaries.

Just keep your eyes here so you don’t miss out on those special offers when they come around.

And last but not least, are the Jungle Scout yearly offers that are sure to come around every year.

You can find more info about when to expect these yearly deals here.

jungle scout yearly promos


Jungle Scout Free Account & Trial

Jungle Scout doesn’t have any free trial options.

Even the Jungle Scout browser extension is only available when you purchase at least the basic plan.

Get more info on the Jungle Scout free trial here.


Jungle Scout Money Back Guarantee

Jungle Scout has a maximum 7 days money-back policy.

If you purchase the software and don’t like what you get, you can decide to cancel your subscription within these 7 days and you would get a refund. No questions asked.

seasonal jungle scout referral codes

Jungle Scout Course (Freedom Builder Bootcamp)

Jungle Scout also has an in-depth Amazon FBA course to offer for you! Which takes you hand-in-hand from A-Z on Amazon.

I have a blog post dedicated to Freedom Builder Bootcamp.

And of course a dedicated video down here as well.


AMZScout Pricing Plan



Price Range (web-app)

$29.99 - $1499

Price Range (Pro-Extension)

$44.99 - $499

Discount (Coupon Codes)

Yes (I'll share them below)

Free Account & Trial (Yes)

AMZScout Free Account

Money-Back (Yes)

10-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike Jungle Scout which has three main plans, AMZScout only has two packages. The first cheaper one is called the PRO Extension Plan and is mainly the browser add-on, while the other is the Amazon Seller’s Bundle which represents the full package on offer for AMZScout.


AMZScout PRO Extension

The Amazon PRO Extension is one of the main highlights of the AMZScout FBA tool.

It is a powerful tool that helps you find profitable products to sell, validate ideas, and gather market Intelligence.

What's more, the browser extension is a simple tool to use despite its many functionalities.

It's free to use, but it's limited with it's features in the free plan.

Get the extension for free right here.

As for the costs of the AMZScout PRO Extension, you are billed $44.99 per month if you are making a one-time payment.

While if you opt for a yearly plan, you are effectively charged $16.49 each month as the yearly bill is capped at $197.99.

Again, the yearly subscription option represents the smarter choice as you get to save more than half of the total price when you summed up the monthly payment.

I generally don't recommend this plan because it only gives you access to the extension (which is great), but you can get all the other awesome tools, and no overpay.. I'll explain how in a bit!

By the way, here's my full video tutorial of the AMZScout Chrome extension on the channel.


AMZScout Amazon Sellers Bundle

The Amazon Seller’s Bundle is AMZScout's most comprehensive package.

The Seller’s Bundle includes the AMZScout Course and everything you get when you buy the Pro Extension plan.

But that’s not all: there are about 12 more tools and features that become available when you buy the Seller’s Bundle.

These new tools include Amazon Insights, Product Tracker and Product Database, Quick View, FBA Calculator, Stock Stats, and lots more.


The AMZScout Seller’s Bundles also includes the Amazon course, which should go a long way in helping both new and experienced sellers maximize the benefits of the added features.

When you opt for this package, you are billed $49.99 for each monthly subscription.

While the amount maxed out at $29 per month for annual payments. This means it will cost you $349.99 per year when billed annually.

I have some discounts for the yearly AMZScout plans, check them out below.

AMZScout 10$ OFF Yearly Plan
AMZScout Yearly Plan + Bonus


AMZScout Lifetime Access

AMZScout offers one thing you don’t usually find in Amazon FBA tools on this level, which is the lifetime payment option.

So, you can very well have access to the Pro Extension plan or Amazon Seller's Bundle, when you pay the corresponding lifetime fee.

The PRO Extension goes for $499 per lifetime.

The Sellers Bundle goes for a $1499 lifetime.

Regardless of the package you subscribe to, you will have a 10-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find the package satisfactory.


AMZScout Discount Codes

There’s an AMZScout discount that saves you $10.

However, this discount is only available when you purchase the annual plan of the Amazon Seller’s Bundle.

The other option is that you get a bonus checklist of advice on how to deal with the suppliers of your products in China (so you get cheaper prices and better terms).

I think this is the more profitable option.

But then, you’d have to forego the $10 discount and pay the full fee for the Seller’s Bundle.


AMZScout Free Account & Trial

Yes! AMZScout has a free plan.

You can use the Chrome extension and the other features, but with a limited capacity.


AMZScout Money Back Policy

AMZScout offers you a 10-day money-back guarantee period that applies to all subscription plans, for both the PRO Extension and the Amazon Seller's Bundle.

For 10 days, you can explore all the exciting tools of AMZScout.

AMZScout Chrome Extensions

There are some other Chrome extensions by AMZScout, such as the Stock Stats (which helps you track the stock of your competition), the FBA Fees Calculator (that helps you calculate your margins on a deeper level), or the Quick View (that helps you see more data on Amazon search pages, great for product research).

All of them are included in the Sellers Bundle.

Here you'll find a Quick View Tutorial. And here's a Stock Stats Tutorial for you.


AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Price and Pricing Verdict

While Jungle Scout offers you a bit more flexibility in the pricing (and offers more tools), AMZScout is a bit cheaper...

Both are capable Amazon product research tools, both have strong Chrome extensions, both offer keyword research (although I prefer the one by Jungle Scout, it's just more diverse and user-friendly), and as mentioned before, Jungle Scout simply has more tools.

Anyhow, to be honest, your success chances climb higher only if you dedicate enough to learning and utilizing the tools on a deep level.

And still, nothing is guaranteed... BUT! Everything is possible :) Good luck to you!

I've gathered all the discounts and resources from this article below.

For Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Pricing Page

Jungle Scout 50% OFF Discount
Jungle Scout Seasonal Discounts
Jungle Scout Yearly Discounts

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

For AMZScout

AMZScout Pricing Page

AMZScout Free Account
AMZScout 10$ OFF Yearly Plan
AMZScout Yearly Plan + Bonus

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension

I wish all the best to you!

Vova Even :)

P.S - I have a detailed post that compares the AMZScout vs Jungle Scout sales estimator, see which one is better. Enjoy!

Table of Contents
  1. Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: Which One Provides Better Value for Money?
    1. Why Investing in the Amazon FBA is Worth It
    2. Jungle Scout and AMZScout: Why You Need Amazon FBA Tools
    3. Jungle Scout Pricing Plan
    4. Jungle Scout Discounts and Special Offers
    5. AMZScout Pricing Plan
    6. AMZScout Discount Codes
    7. AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Price and Pricing Verdict

Disclosure: Â Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)