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Vova Even Nov 03, 2022
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Complete Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Tutorial For Beginners | Vova Even

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Complete Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Tutorial for Beginners: What's Inside and How to Use It?

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Vova Even, and I have been an active Amazon seller since 2016. I also share tutorials, hacks, and trade secrets on YouTube and Udemy. My goal is to help new, and advanced Amazon FBA sellers save more money while growing consistently.

In this article, I share a complete, step-by-step beginner's guide on Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. With over 250,000 customers worldwide, Jungle Scout is a popular and robust eCommerce tool to help you find high-demand products and optimize your listings.

While the Jungle Scout Chrome extension promises tons of data and unique features, you might wonder whether it's "worth it."

To help you answer that, I've created a comprehensive guide on using the Jungle Scout Chrome extension for various Amazon tasks.

I will teach you everything about the tool's menu bar and dashboard, how to read the graphs on Amazon products, and how to gather high-quality data to make informed business decisions. Besides that, I will provide a list of discounts and coupon codes to help you save big on Jungle Scout.

Not a reading person? Don’t worry, the video below covers everything I share in this article in detail. Have fun watching. :)

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Now, let’s dive deeper into what Jungle Scout Chrome Extension offers!

Section 1: Learning More About the Menu Button

Once you download the Jungle Scout Chrome extension, you'll notice its icon on the upper-right hand of your browser screen. After clicking on it, the Chrome extension will pop open and you’ll be able to see the "Menu" button in the upper-left corner. 

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When you click on the Menu button, a drop-down menu will appear with the following elements:

  1. Customize View - The first option allows you to customize the extension's appearance. Once you click on it, a drop-down menu with the following options appears:

  1. Show Sponsored Products - As the name suggests, this button allows you to show or hide sponsored products in your extension's search results. If you enable this, your search results will include products with "Sponsored" written on their top-left. I recommend not adding sponsored products in your search results since it mixes organic traffic with PPC, making it challenging for you to find the most relevant items.

  1. Show Product Information on Amazon Page - This option allows you to see in-depth data of particular products, including the number of monthly/daily sales, ASIN, monthly revenue, BSR, Amazon fees, and much more in any search on Amazon.

    Here's how it looks. This info will appear near all the products.

  1. Show Product Information Product Detail Page - Similar to the second option, this button helps you enable or hide product information. The only difference is that this is relevant to product detail pages.

  1. Add/Remove Data Point - This button allows you to choose which data categories you want to see in your Chrome extension results (once you scan a particular product, or a many products on a search page) and Amazon's search results (as shown above). For example, you can select brand, price, monthly or daily estimated sales, number of reviews, and so on.

  1. Optimize the Appearance of the Tab - I'm sure you already know that you can minimize and maximize your extension's appearance with your mouse. But why do I need to tell you this? To remind you! Because optimizing your tab is better than using the scroll bar.

  1. Filter Results - Jungle Scout's Chrome extension helps you scrape data from Amazon according to your needs. However, this button allows you to narrow down your results by adding various filters, such as

  1. Lowest to Highest Listing Quality Score aka LQS

  2. Lowest to Highest Net

  3. Lowest to Highest Price

  4. Lowest to Highest Rank

  5. Lowest to Highest Rating

  6. Lowest to Highest Revenue

  7. Lowest to Highest Reviews

  8. Lowest to Highest Sales

  9. Lowest to Highest Sellers

  10. Lowest to Highest Weight

  11. Buy Box Seller

    1. AMZ

    2. FBA

    3. FBM

  1. Size Tier

    1. Oversized

    2. Standard

  1. Timeframe

    1. One month

    2. Three months

    3. Six months

    4. One year

    5. All Time

For instance, Jungle Scout provides you with a lengthy list of 52 products if you search for kitchen scissors (the number might changed in your search). But if you use "Filter Results" and add $15 as the lower price, the extension will filter our results, thus creating a niche-downed list with less than 15 products. Likewise, if you want to see lightweight kitchen scissors, you can add a lowest and highest weight limit. 

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Furthermore, this option allows you to identify who's holding the Buy Box for a particular product: Amazon, FBA, or FBM. This Jungle Scout extension lets you check how many sellers are fighting to win the Buy Box. You can also filter your searches by product size – oversized or standard.

  1. Download CSV - This option allows you to download and convert Jungle Scout's CSV file to Excel. By downloading these files, you can sort, edit, and share data to match your needs. You can share it with your partners or virtual assistants.

  1. Keyword Cloud - This is a powerful tool for visualizing what the most popular keywords are for the listings that show up in your search. When you click on this option, a cluster of words in different sizes appears, allowing you to identify which terms are used in the listings (in the titles of the listings), and how many times.

If we follow up on the kitchen scissor example, you'll learn that the terms "kitchen," "scissors," "shears," "duty," "heavy," "poultry," and "steel" are the top-most used keywords. As a result, you can brainstorm product ideas like "heavy-duty steel shears for poultry." Or just see how you can cover all these keywords in your listing. CSV downloads are also possible here.

  1. Search Trends - Clicking on this option redirects you to Google Trends, where you can view the search trend for a specific term. The option allows you to filter your search results by using the following categories:

  1. Country

  2. Timeline

  3. Niche

  4. Web Search

Once you enter your product, like kitchen scissors, Google Trends provides a graph illustrating the popularity rise or decline in its usage. You'll notice a growing pattern for kitchen scissors, but the opposite is true for fidget spinners. I recommend using selecting your country of search, 2004-present for the timeline, this will give you a good look with close to 20 years of data for that keyword.

  1. Share on Facebook - Clicking on this button at the bottom right corner of Jungle Scout's extension enables you to share your data on Facebook. The tool will automatically remove the product names, brand names, and relevant categories to ensure you don't give away your niche. This option is no longer with us.

  1. Download Screenshot - This option allows you to take a screenshot of the Jungle Scout tab you've opened (the current tab). Once again, the tool removes products, brand names, and relevant categories. You can share it with people.

  1. Help - Clicking on the "Help" button triggers the following two options:

  1. Help Center - Choosing this option leads you to helpful articles, popular FAQs, and general troubleshooting directions.

  1. Contact Support - If you want real-time feedback on an issue you're facing, you can click on this option and send Jungle Scout's help team an email.

  1. Account Settings - You can choose your language, see your current subscription package, edit your profile, use a dedicate service of JS if you are in China, select a connection mode (slow vs fast) - slow is not recommended if you want up to date data, and toggle on/off the Seller Central Graph in your Amazon Seller Central. Another option is Gather Amazon Listing Detail which allows Jungle Scout to get data from the listings that you are browsing.

Section 2: Unveiling the Main Dashboard

Now that we've discussed the Menu button, let's talk about the main dashboard. Once you click the JS icon in your Google Chrome extension bar, on the top part the following elements will appear:

  1. Average Monthly Sales - This represents the average sales per month of the products listed in the Chrome extension. If we search for the keyword "Kitchen Scissors," the average monthly sales totals 2,370 units per month.

  1. Average Sales Rank - This shows the average Amazon Best Sellers Rank for the products in your JS Chrome extension. To put into perspective, a product ranked 5000 indicates that it's positioned 5,000 from the number one item. For my keyword, the average sales rank appears to be 18,025.

  1. Average Price - This tells us the average price for the particular products we search for. Here, the average is $12.66.

  1. Average Rating Number - This shows us the average ratings for the products listed in the Chrome extension. 

  1. Opportunity Score - This indicates Jungle Scout's opportunity score, calculated using several metrics. It ranges from 0 (very poor) to 10 (the best) and helps you identify a keyword's strength. The keyword "kitchen scissors" rank 4, which is pretty good! But I take this information with a grain of salt and recommend you do the same.

The Dashboard Columns

  1. Remove or Shift Products - This appears as an "x," allowing you to remove a product you don't want appearing in your search results. Keep in mind that removing products affects the numbers on the main dashboard. Furthermore, you can shift products by clicking the "up arrow" icon.

  1. Actions - This option provides you with three additional features:

  1. Add to Product - This allows you to add a specific product to the Jungle Scout product tracker.

  1. Look Up Keywords - Also called reverse ASIN search, this option shows you the keywords for which a product listing is ranking.

  1. Find Supplier - This button will help track the suppliers for a particular product through Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

  1. Product Name - This tells you a product's title. Plus, if you hover the mouse over a product, you'll get a zoomed-in view of its listing. Title, price, and reviews.

  1. Brand - This tells you the brand of a given product listing.

  1. Price - This indicates the current price of a product. If you click on a particular item, the extension will provide you with a graph showcasing the increase and decrease in price.

  1. Monthly Sales - This tells you the average monthly sales of a product listing. Here too, if you click on it, a graph illustrates the brand's historical data. For a product like kitchen scissors, most sellers experience a seasonal demand in December during Christmas.

  1. Daily Sales - Like the option above, daily sales indicate the average sales of a product listing. But instead of monthly sales, it lets you check daily sales for the past 30, 60, and 90 days. This way, you can learn whether the product sells well on Amazon.

  1. Monthly Revenue - As the name indicates, this indicates the monthly revenue a product makes on Amazon.

  1. Date First Available - This tells you the date, month, and year the product first appeared on Amazon. This is helpful because you can understand how fast a given product is growing on Amazon.

  1. Net Profit - As the name suggests, this shows you the net profit of a product after making a few calculations. When you click on a particular product, a "Profit Calculator" pops up, showcasing how the tool calculates the net profit. The best part? You can change the product price and cost to check how the net profit and related costs vary. The system automatically pulls the right Amazon fees from Amazon, and deducts them.

  1. Rating Number - This shows you the total number of ratings for a product listing. It also provides you insights into how competitive a niche is. For instance, while searching for kitchen scissors, I realized that top-selling products have over 1,500 reviews, which might make it a bad niche for newbies.

  1. Rating - This is the average rating of a product on Amazon, ranging from 1 to 5. You'll notice that 4.8-5 appear as five stars, whereas four and a half stars represent 4.3-4.7 ratings. When it drops to 4.2, the starts fall to 4.

  1. Fees - This shows a product listing's Amazon fulfillment and referral fees, depending on the current product price.

  1. Rank - This option indicates the product listing's sales rank (BSR). If you click on a particular product, you can see a graph illustrating the rise and drop in its ranking.

  1. Listing Quality Score - It defines the quality of a product listing, whether it's poor-quality images or unoptimized product details. However, I don't recommend using this tally as a parameter to base your judgment on a product listing. 1-10 is the score, 1 being the lowest, and 10 the highest.

  1. Seller Type - This shows the type of retailer selling a particular product, whether FBA, FMB, or Amazon.

  1. Sellers - With this section, you can identify how many sellers sell on a given product listing.

  1. Category - This option offers insights into which niche like-minded professionals are categorizing their products. For instance, kitchen scissors might appear in the "Kitchen and Dining" or "Home and Kitchen" departments.

  1. Tier - This indicates the size category of your product, ranging from small standard to large oversize. Remember, the heavier and bigger your product is, the higher the fulfillment fee costs.

  1. Dimension - This tells you a product's dimensions, i.e., height, length, and width.

  1. Weight - This indicates the weight of each product listed in the Chrome extension.

  1. Showing Results - This tally shows how many products are available on the dashboard. You can click the "Load More Results" button to see more products on the Chrome extension's search results page.

Note: Each column includes up and down arrows allowing you to filter products depending on your needs. Alternatively, you can use the "Filter Results" option I talked about in section 1. There is also a bar in the lower side of the extension that helps you navigate the results.

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Section 3: Understanding the Graphs on Amazon

If you open Jungle Scout's Chrome extension while browsing on Amazon, you'll see two distinct graphs on the search and detail pages. These tools offer you a quick sales overview of the product.

Let's take a closer look at it:

Graphs on the Search Page

While scrolling on Amazon, a well-curated and detailed box will appear under every product. It offers you a bird's eye view of the product. Here's a list of the main data it provides:

  1. Look Up Keywords

  2. Add to Your Product Keyword

  3. Customize View

  4. Seller Type

  5. Sellers

  6. ASIN

  7. Monthly Sales

  8. Ranking (Category + Subcategory)

  9. Tier

  10. Brand

  11. Daily Sales

  12. Monthly Revenue

  13. Date First Available

  14. Fees

  15. Listing Quality Score

  16. Product Dimensions

  17. Product Weight

This tool is super helpful for comparing products quickly and measuring performance on Amazon in a specific niche.

Graphs on the Detail Page

If you click on a specific product, Jungle Scout provides you with the following data:

  1. Look Up Keywords

  2. Add to Your Product Keyword

  3. Customize View

  4. ASIN

  5. Monthly Sales

  6. Ranking (Category + Subcategory)

  7. Tier

  8. Date First Available

  9. Fees

  10. Listing Quality Score

  11. Product Dimensions

  12. Product Weight 

Furthermore, it highlights the product's data with insightful graphs. For instance, if we click on a pair of scissors by OXO, the Chrome extension shows us how the brand grew over time. Likewise, if we choose to see daily sales, the Jungle Scout extension tells us the rise and dips in sales during the past 90 days.

Additionally, clicking on the "Price" option tells us that the product, on average, costs $17.95. Plus, the brand experiences spikes in cost rather than declines, which indicates that it's doing well on Amazon. Lastly, the Chrome extension allows us to see the product's ranking, where it consistently performs well.

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Bonus: The Best Jungle Scout Discounts and Coupons to Get Started

If you didn't get the memo: the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is packed with relevant data to help grow your sales and profits. If you're ready to get started with JS, you can save money by using the following discounts:


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  1. Pricing Page - Compare the packages on the official page

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The Bottom Line

And that's a wrap! Hopefully, now you know everything about the different elements of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension and how you can use it for hunting products.


If you want to learn more about using Jungle Scout or running an Amazon business, I invite you to check my blog and YouTube channel. Here, you'll find similar, relevant, and engaging stuff to discover the tools necessary to maximize your growth. If you have a question, you can always reach out to me!


That's all for today; stay tuned!


Vova :)

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)