Jungle Scout Suite Plan Review: Here's What You Need To Know

Vova Even Jun 15, 2024
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jungle scout suite plan review
Table of Contents
  1. Everything You Need to Know About the Jungle Scout Suite Plan
    1. Discounts for Jungle Scout
    2. Jungle Scout Suite Pricing And Price
    3. Quick Look At What’s Included With Suite Plan
    4. Product Research
    5. Industry Leading Data
    6. Advanced Seller Features
    7. Support and Training

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Everything You Need to Know About the Jungle Scout Suite Plan

With the Jungle Scout software, as mentioned in other posts on my Amazon blog, I found my first product for Amazon back in the day: kitchen scissors. 

This post aims to help you make the best purchase decision for yourself so that it can be great for your business, life, and, generally, for you. 

In this post, we’re going to review the Jungle Scout Suite Plan.

I have detailed blog posts and videos of the Jungle Scout Suite vs Basic plans, and Suite vs Professional plans.

One is linked just below here.

The other is here.

Discounts for Jungle Scout

So, before we dive in, I prepared a special JS discount of 50% off your first month on the Suite plan.

Also, there are other specific offers for the same plan.

It's a page for seasonal Jungle Scout discounts.

The best deals are here.

This page is going to change based on different holidays or seasons.

I'm going to keep it updated for you. 

You can also enjoy another yearly Jungle Scout discount here.

Great prices!

Jungle Scout Suite Pricing And Price

You have the option in Jungle Scout to pay monthly, which is priced at $69 per month for the Suite plan, the most popular one. 

Now, you can also pay yearly.

That means you will pay only $589 for the Suite plan.

So essentially, that's $49 a month instead of $69.

Generally, I recommend the yearly plans.

Suppose you want to save money and invest for a longer time to have this investment and feel like you're doing something worthwhile. 

Use the discounts in the first section to save big.

You also have special package plans like Start-up Suite ($189) for 3 months and Entrepreneur Suite ($349) for 6 months.

Read more about these in my Jungle Scout price and pricing guide.

The all-in-one Amazon course - Freedom Builder Bootcamp, is also included with some of the plans.

More info about this special promo is here.

And a video review of the course for you :)

The official Jungle Scout pricing page here will make it easy for you to follow up with me here on the article.

You’ll see all these packages with the maximum info from the source itself.

Quick Look At What’s Included With Suite Plan

Money Back Guarantee

7 Day money-back guarantee is available for the Suite plan.

You can cancel at any time, but you can only get your money back within the first 7 days.

Included Seats, Seat Eligibility, and Additional Seats

There is only one seat for the Suite plan.

What does seat mean?

Seat means somebody that is using the tool besides you.

A partner or virtual assistant.

You essentially give access to the same user, without sharing the password.

So with one seat, it means that only you are using Jungle Scout.

If you want to give access to your partner or virtual assistant, you can only do that at an additional $49 a month.

The JS Professional plan grants you 6 seats.

With an option to add more, again, at $49 per month.

Product Research

Browser Extension

The browser extension of Jungle Scout allows you to do product research and product validation on Amazon.

It’s a great tool for any seller.

It’s fully available with the Suite plan.

Basic and Pro plans also have it.

I have a full blog post dedicated to the JS extension tool and how to use it.

You are welcome to read it or watch it below.

Also, I have an easy download and install guide for the JS extension right here.

Opportunity Score

The next thing is the opportunity score which provides a quick view of products' profitability and competitive potential.

It will give you a score based on Jungle Scouts algorithms of how a niche is good or not for selling on Amazon. 

I don't only rely on these numbers, but they can help you see a product's potential to succeed.

It's available for the Suite plan, so you'll have this little addition if you want the basic overview or to develop an understanding.

It will appear as part of the extension.

Review Downloader

A Review Downloader is another option for the Suite plan.

It allows you to download reviews of a given product.

Somewhat similar to the Helium 10 Review Insights review downloader tool.

So let me give you an example here again. 

You can download all the negative reviews of a product, let’s say our product is kitchen scissors.

So maybe people say that the blades are short, or perhaps they're saying it's not sharp enough.

There is a review saying that the product has some rust. 

Doing that will allow you to gather all the reviews for some products in one place to see all the related problems or why people endorse them.

Let’s say, maybe customers support the knife because it easily cuts through the chicken.

And then you can say, I need to emphasize that factor in my listing.

Or improve my product based on this data.

Overall, the review downloader is a great addition and works with the Suite plan.

Product Tracker

The product tracker by Jungle Scout allows you to track the performance of your newly found Amazon products.

For example, you save the idea of the kitchen scissors, keep the concept of the cell phone, and save the idea of the lighter. 

That's three products.

And then you want to see how they're doing, how they're selling, what is going on with these products.

You can monitor them with a product tracker. So it's 150 products with the Suite plan.

Again, for a small seller, even a midsized seller, 150 should be enough, in my opinion.

I’d also love to share the following video and post with you, it’s a full A to Z tutorial of ALL the tools of Jungle Scout.

With time stamps in the description of the video. It will help you make the most out of Jungle Scout.

Amazon Sales Estimator

The Jungle Scout Amazon sales estimator provides sales estimates which are based on bestseller ranks.

It’s a free tool.

This feature is going to allow you to use the Sales Estimator by Jungle Scout with 1000 estimates per month. 

I think it's a pretty cool tool to see how many sales the product is doing per month, and you have 1000 estimates on the Suite plan.

I have an in-depth blog post, with real numbers, that compares the Jungle Scout sales estimator to the AMZScout sales estimator

Opportunity Finder

Next, the Opportunity Finder by Jungle Scout uncovers profitable product opportunities by searching for high-demand and low-competition keywords. 

This will help you find products through keywords.

It is fully available for the Suite plan.

Here’s a video tutorial of the tool with Ed from Jungle Scout.

Product Database

The Product Database tool by Jungle Scout is similar to the opportunity finder, and can also help you find great products easily.

It’s fully available with the Suite plan, and I have a full tutorial for you down below.

Keyword Scout

Now Keyword Scout will help you find the best keywords for your product, and Keyword Scout is available fully for the Suite plan.

You can extract keywords from your competition.

For instance, you can take a product, let's say the top selling product, kitchen scissors, similar to the scissors we want to launch, and we can see all the keywords that they're ranking for. 

This is going to help you understand what you should put in your listing and which keywords you could use. 

Supplier Database

The Supplier Database by JS is a great tool that helps you find top-quality suppliers for your products.

It’s fully available for the Suite plan.

Industry Leading Data

AccuSales Estimates

The next one is an accurate sales estimate.

It's available for the Suite plan, the industry's most precise Amazon sales estimate algorithm (as Jungle Scout says).

Honestly, I'm not sure if it's the most accurate in the industry, but it's an excellent way to dig up information.

It will show you how many sales the product makes per day.

Historical Product Tracking Data & Keyword Data

The next one is historical product tracking data.

View product performance data over time.

The suite plan has 3 months of product tracking data, and that's pretty good because you can base your decisions on product research h.

In addition, the more data you have, the more extended period you have, and the more you can understand.

Then there is the historical keyword data.

Get one year of data for the number of searches for different keywords per month.

This data is also crucial for product research and selection.

It is similar to the Helium 10 search volume history graphs.


So the next one is the marketplace.

So 17 marketplaces for the Suite.

All the marketplaces are working with Jungle Scout Suite, so there's not much to add here.

You can read more about the markets that Jungle Scout supports here.

Some tools are not available for some markets, so I recommend you read via the link that I’ve shared above.

Advanced Seller Features

Manual Review Requests

The next one is Advanced Seller Features manual review requests for Suite. 

You can manually review your previous orders with a click of a button within your central seller, which is fantastic.

The Helium 10 Seller Assistant extension can also help you take care of manual review requests.

Review Automation

You can do the same thing with review automation, which is the same process, but not manual.

So you set it and forget it. 

For example, you said with Jungle Scout that the product had been delivered to the customer after five days.

There will be an email shot automatically by Jungle Scout to the user, and they can leave a review through the email. 

Now this email is written by Amazon itself.

It's the same email for everyone, just the product changes, but they automate the process.

Sellerboard has a review automation tool as well.

The post here is a full review of Sellerboard.

Rank Tracker

Jungle Scout Rank Tracker tool is going to show you where your keywords are positioned.

You can also track the keywords of competitors.

So, for example, if you have kitchen scissors and want to track the keywords “kitchen scissors”, “kitchen shears”, or “kitchen shears stainless”, you can certainly do that, and you’ll see which position your product is standing in.

With the Suite plan, you get 3500 keywords to track.

Sales Analytics

The Sales Analytics tool by Jungle Scout is going to show you the monetary side of your business.

And it's available for all the plans here. 

You can put up all of your expenses and costs there, and it will show you the net profit you're making on Amazon.

Amazon provides us with

Listing Grader

So what you can do with the Jungle Scout Listing Grader is input a specific product, your product, or competitor's product, and see how it is doing in terms of how good the title is, whether it is short or too long, and what are the bullet points, etc. 

There are 200 uses with the Suite plan. 

Listing Builder

The Jungle Scout Listing Builder is going to help you build your listing. 

When you gather all your keywords through the keyword scout, you can create your listing inside a listing builder.

Fully available for the Suite plan.

It's an excellent tool to help you build good listings.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager By Jungle Scout will show you how much stock you have. 

And that's a pretty good one because not only will it show you how much stock you have on Amazon, but it will also show you how much stock you will have in the future.

This tool is available for the Suite plan. 

It helps you with inventory management so you can avoid going out of stock, and avoid overstocks too.

There is another great software that can help you with inventory management, and it’s called Sellerboard.

We've mentioned it previously :)

And here’s a tutorial on the JS Inventory Manager for you.


The next one will show you different things that change on the listing, it's called the Jungle Scout Alerts tool.

For example, it will send you an email mentioning that your priced changed, immediately as it happens.

If you have many products, you might not even see or realize that.

However, with alerts, you can find this out.

Alerts will also be sent to you when Amazon fees change for a specific product. 

Maybe you would not have seen it otherwise because if you have 100 products, you might not know what's happening with them. 

There are many different alerts for many different things on Amazon.

ZonGuru Product Pulse is a similar tool.


Promotions promote your product and boost sales with coupons and offers.

You can get some sales with discounts.

Pretty cool if you want to get some positions, ranking, and sales for the product.

Supplier Tracker

Supplier tracker helps you track and manage the suppliers that you found via Jungle Scout, or you found yourself, it’s a great tool to stay organized.

This is also available in the Suite plan.

Support and Training

Academy Training

And following the last three are support and training.

So with Suite, you get the Jungle Scout Academy training.

It's like an introductory course in Jungle Scout.

Customer Support

The Suite plan also offers customer support. 

Priority Onboarding

So, jump ahead for quick access to Jungle Scouts' exclusive onboarding training.

You'll have somebody who helps you with onboarding and explains how to use all these features I've discussed.

However, it's not available for the Suite plan.

Conclusion and Goodies

Yeah, so this sums up the Suite plan of Jungle Scout.

It’s pretty good for beginners and even advanced sellers.

The price is right.

I definitely recommend it.

Get the best Jungle Scout discounts here.

  1. 50% OFF Your First Month On Jungle Scout

  2. Seasonal Jungle Scout Deals (most popular)

  3. Yearly Jungle Scout Discounts

And if you want to make the most out of Jungle Scout, watch my JS tutorials playlist on YouTube.

It has over 70+ Jungle Scout tutorials.


Vova :)

P.S - Jungle Scout isn't for you?

Table of Contents
  1. Everything You Need to Know About the Jungle Scout Suite Plan
    1. Discounts for Jungle Scout
    2. Jungle Scout Suite Pricing And Price
    3. Quick Look At What’s Included With Suite Plan
    4. Product Research
    5. Industry Leading Data
    6. Advanced Seller Features
    7. Support and Training

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)