Jungle Scout Free Account & Trial (Can You Download It & Get Free Access)

Vova Even Jun 13, 2022
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jungle scout free account and trial


Jungle Scout Free Account & Trial (Can You Download It & Get Free Access?)

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If you are starting your own store on Amazon and want to get a head start, then undoubtedly, tools like Jungle Scout can give you the edge over the competition. Jungle Scout is a platform that allows you to research products, analyze their potential, and help you sell them on Amazon.

Since you are here, it means you have been asking yourself how to use Jungle Scout for free. Well, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial or account, but there is an alternative that you can use. Read about it below. Also, there are pretty awesome Jungle Scout discounts which you can get via the links below.

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Not a reading person? Here watch this one-minute video to find out if you can download a Jungle Scout account & get access to a free trial.

Jungle Scout Free Account And Trial

According to Silke Hutt from Jungle Scout Help Center, you can try Jungle Scout risk-free with their seven days money-back guarantee plan. It is an alternative to the free trial which other companies offer. It works for the web app, and the Chrome extension, for all the plans.

Things To Remember For A Jungle Scout Free Trial

While you can get your refund with Jungle Scout's seven days money-back offer, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you put in your card details for the trial.

  1. Any contact made after seven days will not be eligible for a refund

  2. Only your first purchase is eligible for the money-back offer.

  3. Refund requests made on renewal orders or after seven days will not be entertained.

Sign up for Jungle Scout right to see how it works for you. If you find it to be your perfect partner for business growth on Amazon, do check out my Jungle Scout discounts blog post to see how you can save big money on your Jungle Scout account.

Finally, I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavors and long and prosperous life. Don't forget to check out my channels on YouTube and Udemy for other helpful tutorials on Amazon FBA.

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