The FBA Start-Up Course Review (Great Or Sucks?)

Vova Even Sep 04, 2023
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  1. I Am Reviewing The FBA Start-Up Amazon Course – Is It Worth Your Time And Investment?
    1. Training Modules
    2. Is it Worth It?

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

I Am Reviewing The FBA Start-Up Amazon Course – Is It Worth Your Time And Investment?

Attending an Amazon FBA course can be a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs and new sellers.

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge in the world of eCommerce?

Discover the transformative benefits of investing in an Amazon FBA course as I explore The FBA Start-Up Amazon Course by The Zab Twins.

My name is Vova Even and I am an expert Amazon FBA seller with over six years of experience in the industry. 😉

I love to spread my knowledge and expertise in the eCommerce space. In fact, it is my overarching goal to share the secret of success with everyone.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel, or check out my Udemy courses to learn more about my work and expand your horizons. 

Just to add, I cover leading Amazon topics that help beginners and advanced-level sellers alike.

In this article, I will review The FBA Start-Up Amazon Course designed by The Zab Twins, aka Brian and Arek Zabierek.

You can schedule a direct call with the course creators and their team.

Kindly mention my name, “Vova,” to them to unlock exclusive bonuses!

Both siblings are very successful Amazon sellers. 

They created this course to show aspiring entrepreneurs and brand-new sellers the ropes of selling on Amazon and making a name for themselves. Enrolling in it would essentially serve as the next big step in learning the craft of selling on the platform!

The course focuses on creating Private Labels (PL) on Amazon. Through this review, you can evaluate whether it is worth your time and investment. So stay tuned to discover everything about The FBA Start-up course with me. 😉

Looking for a video instead? You can watch it below and see the review yourself!

Oh and before we get into the details, since you are here, let me also share something exciting with you.

Now, without further ado, let's begin!

Also, if you’d like to learn about other FBA courses I’ve reviewed, check out my course reviews playlist on YouTube.

It will help you decide! :)

Training Modules

The training is divided into different modules, and I will go over each one in depth so that you can quickly evaluate whether or not the FBA Start-Up course is for you.

So, let’s get started!

Mindset and Training

The first section talks about mindset. Here, you can evaluate whether the world of Amazon is your ultimate pathway. Is it your calling? Do you have the guts to make it happen?

Whether you are optimistic about your goals or not. And most importantly, do you have the mindset to succeed and establish a business?

The Mindset and Training section is broken down into individual modules, each of which has its own video explanation.

The Twins, i.e., Brian and Arek have either provided a voice-over or explain everything themselves in the videos. I am honestly impressed with the sound quality overall; quite crisp and easy to understand.

Videos with voice-overs are animated to help business-minded people get better insights.

The best part about this section is its user-friendly and visually pleasing layout.

It doesn’t seem like a headfirst plunge into the technical aspects of a product.

Instead of making the process complex, the FBA Start-Up course makes a soft entry, allowing you to take stock of your mental approach.

You will also find the “Module Downloads” option, where you can find all the Mindset and Training modes together for a comfortable understanding.

Account and Infrastructure

Once you are sure about your mindset and clear to proceed, it’s time to take things further in a more practical way. The Account and Infrastructure module discusses how the world of Amazon works, covering all the nitty-gritty for newcomers.

You can learn how to create an account on the platform or create an LLC as a USA-based student. The method is different in case you are an international student!

In short, the Account and Infrastructure module offers assistance in how to get started on Amazon, covering from account creation to adding a payment method, necessary documentation required during the process, etc.

The Account and Infrastructure module comprises videos and interviews, where you can get more insights directly from the experts. The visual content is helpful for the step-by-step learning process.


There are several ways of doing product research on Amazon.

The Search module helps you evaluate those tactics and streamlines your product-hunting phase.

The module also covers various tools and Chrome extensions available for product research.

I have an in-depth blog post about 5 cool Amazon FBA Chrome extensions, you’re welcome to check it out.

Many sellers on Amazon find product searching a challenging task. 

But The FBA Start-Up course offers every tactic lined up and organized so that your learning journey can be more accessible and intuitive. 

To make the course more entertaining, the ZAB Twins have also added an interactive category section where you can add the product in mind to see its business possibilities.


Sourcing a product is more challenging than it seems. Even advanced-level sellers sometimes spiral when finding the best fit for their product sourcing. The FBA Start-Up course has further divided this module into two sub-sections: Pre-Order Sourcing and Shipping and Logistics.

Pre-Order Sourcing

Pre-Order Sourcing helps you learn how to source a product from Alibaba suppliers.

It comes with proven and tested templates that you can use right away to get started.

Also, here's something mention-worthy: Sometimes, sellers seek out various sources for a single product. If you're one of them, know that having more vendors calls for increased vigilance. That's because it gets difficult to manage multiple suppliers at once.

The FBA Start-Up course covers that. It will guide you from finding the best possible supplier to the art of negotiation, professional handling, and sampling requirements.

Knowing your inventories and how to order the correct quantity is also necessary. Many sellers either order not enough, which results in a shortage of supply (inventory), leading to a surge in demand, or they order more quantity than expected, where the stock overflows, and you pay more in Amazon fees.

It's an actual demand and supply science where everyone makes a mistake. A minor error is acceptable, but a major one can lead to grave concerns. So, managing the inventory quantity within your budget plays a crucial part here!

A cool tool that I like to use for inventory management is Sellerboard.

The Source module is dedicated to making your Amazon dealings more efficient. It also teaches you how to make the Alibaba supplier phase cost-effective.

Shipping and Logistics

Once you have learned how to order a product, the next task is to manage Shipping and Logistics.

Let's say you have sourced a garlic press; now what? Here the shipment is the real deal.

The FBA Start-Up course will teach you how to manage the barcode system, FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit), and much more.

I like this section because it gives you a chance to learn how to create a perfect shipping plan. It honestly takes a lot of time, and you need to know everything, as even a minor mistake can cause damage.

Besides this, the section will also teach you the ins and outs of doing a thorough order review.

I suggest you go through each module and check out every video for a fuller insight.

Each section and its subsections cover essential aspects you must know before starting a new business on Amazon.

I’d also recommend you check out my free course about Amazon FBA shipping and logistics on YouTube.

Branding and Listing Optimization

Now, this is where The FBA Start-Up course reveals the art and science of branding. When you are starting a new business on Amazon, branding plays a crucial role in it. You must be creative, distinctive, innovative, and competent to roll out the new domain perfectly.

This section covers topics like brand name trademarks, how to design the logo, working with designers to make what you expect, and other stuff. Not only this, as its name suggests, the Branding and Listing Optimization part also covers the secrets to optimizing your products and listing content.

For instance, let's say you have found a perfect garlic press and sourced it, too. Once you have received the shipment, it’s time to list the product on Amazon.

The million-dollar question here is how to list!

Through this section, you will learn how to do keyword research for your product and write unique and captivating content to attract the attention of potential buyers. Given the importance of visuals, it also addresses techniques for creating captivating images.

Product listing management is fun. All you need to be is inventive and original. It helps your customers find you with the correct keyword placement.

I’ve also created goodies for you here, I have a full free Amazon FBA listing optimization course on YouTube. Enjoy!

There I use the Helium 10 set of tools.


You started your journey by evaluating whether you have the mindset of becoming an Amazon seller or not, then proceeded with account and infrastructure creation, product hunting, sourcing that specific product from Alibaba, handling the shipment, and completing branding and listing optimization.

So, what's next?

Now you need to understand how to launch your product on Amazon, become an entrepreneur, and run your own brand on the platform.

Through this section, first of all, you will learn how the ranking logic works on Amazon. The platform's algorithm differs from Google, so you must sharpen your game and be distinctive.

This module also covers the product pricing strategy, as you can't just throw a price out there. Competitor research and other preparations are essential before settling on a selling price.

You need to know how to set up a rebate key, i.e., launching a website to create a more promising image of your brand and a lot more. The Twins have carefully designed the module to help you understand the unique algorithm of Amazon and outsmart the competitors with perfection.

Personally, I’ve worked with intelliRANK for product launches.

Let intelliRANK know you came via me (Vova Even), they’ll catapult you to the top on Amazon.

VOVA10 code will get you nice discounts.

PPC Advertising

This module is very important to understand.

Do you have prior knowledge of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising?

Have you ever done it?

Do this before you turn on your Amazon PPC.

Running and managing a PPC Ads campaign is fun as well as challenging.

You need to know how to do competitor analysis, keyword research, and a lot more. I am particularly impressed with how detail-oriented this section is!

Many other courses are available for FBA Amazon, but many don't provide in-depth knowledge of PPC Advertising, especially when you are new to it. 

The ZAB Twins outdo themselves and provide extremely synchronized information till the end.

The PPC Advertising module is further divided into nine sub-sections, which is exciting for anyone new to the PPC Ads world.

Let's look at each of these, shall we?

A decent course that covers PPC is Freedom Ticket by Helium 10.

The Fundamentals

It is the phase where you will learn the basics about PPC Ads, such as what it is, different PPC terms you must know, and how the Campaign Manager works.

Campaign Targeting and Bidding Strategies

It covers every aspect of targeting the right audience for your campaign, using correct keywords, and other things. You will also learn campaign bidding strategies to optimize your listing later.

Campaign Structure and Rules

Here, you will learn how to set up campaign goals and what guidelines you need to follow when structuring a new PPC Ads campaign on Amazon.


It's another vital aspect of running a successful PPC Ads campaign. This module teaches you how to do proper keyword research for the campaign and how the scroll method works.

The scrolling method is where you inform the AI Campaign of the action to take when a potential customer starts to scroll.

Campaign Creation

Once you have learned all the basics, completed the research, and identified the competitors, now is the time to outsmart them by creating the campaign. The module will cover strategies for automated campaigns, suggested keywords, research campaigns, product targeting, etc.


In the optimization phase, you need to know some negative keywords you must refrain from adding to your PPC Ads campaign. The module will also educate you on the harvesting keywords method.

Campaign Creation from Optimization

No, this isn't a repeat! Previously, you learned how campaign creation works and then the wonders of optimization. It's the part where you will get a chance to utilize them together! It will help you find out about performing keywords and product targeting with the auto method.

Ranking with PPC

Your Ads Campaign should rank well if you are looking for optimal results! The FBA Start-Up course will cover the push campaign strategy here.

PPC Unlocked

In the PPC Unlocked section, you will find an interview with an expert, providing deep insights on the power of bulk files when running a PPC Ads campaign on Amazon.


I know it looks like a lot! But honestly, these tactics are necessary for running a perfect ads campaign that converts!

Running a campaign that doesn't provide results is not beneficial at all. I must say that the ZAB Twins did some great work with the PPC Advertising section. Even if you are interested in the PPC section only, you will still find the best and most tried-and-true strategies for dominating the field.

Scale & Maintenance and Pricing & Promotions

These are two modules that don’t have any updates yet. As per The FBA Start-Up course updates, the ZAB Twins are adding them after thorough market research and what newcomers want. That being said, you shouldn't be surprised to see more awesome content heading your way.

Weekly Group Calls

This is the final module in The FBA Start-Up course, where you can access previous group calls.

You might be thinking about the benefits of it. Well, through these previous calls, you can know the questions others asked and the solutions as well. This is more like a library where you can get your hands on answers that you need to know.

You can also join the Weekly Group Calls and ask questions yourself. But I’ll also recommend you sift through the existing information for a better understanding.

Is it Worth It?

Even though I am part of The FBA Start-Up course, I also tried to remain neutral and provide you with an honest review. 

I am also part of the mastermind of the twins, the EBB mastermind.

If you ever decide to join, please kindly mention my name, Vova Even.

Thank you!

I am sure you also saw the course's fantastic modules and how they can craft your Amazon journey as an entrepreneur.

I'd highly recommend it yet if you're unsure, it's great to schedule a free call with the ZAB Twins and their team.

Let them know that you came via this blog post and myself (Vova Even), to unlock exclusive bonuses.

The call will also undoubtedly help you get started if you are interested in setting up a successful business on Amazon.

Anddddddd…that’s it!

I hope this blog post and The FBA Start-Up course review might have helped you make an informed decision.

If you are interested in other courses as well, check out the following courses.

They are good, and I completed them myself too!

  1. Freedom Ticket by Helium 10

  2. Freedom Builder Bootcamp by Jungle Scout 

Catch you later!


Vova :)

P.S. - This post covers 5 great Amazon FBA courses for you.

Table of Contents
  1. I Am Reviewing The FBA Start-Up Amazon Course – Is It Worth Your Time And Investment?
    1. Training Modules
    2. Is it Worth It?

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)