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Vova Even Jul 02, 2022
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So... This is the technology age, and the internet is one of the greatest wonders of technology. E-commerce heavily relies on technology and the internet to be successful. What’s more, e-commerce is one gigantic goldmine of opportunities that just about anybody can take advantage of.


Amazon, the biggest and shiniest e-commerce marketplace, has provided the platform for entrepreneurs to be their own bosses. Through their FBA business model, there is an enabling environment for sellers to earn their dream salaries and attain financial freedom (honestly, it's not easy... But doable!).


Earning the status of an Amazon FBA seller is easy, but being a successful seller on Amazon is a whole different ball game entirely. To become a top-earning seller (and even to quit your job), you have to devise a great plan, execute that plan and make the right decisions all through the journey.

Then, you’d have a great chance to be able to make huge returns on your investments. And on the flip side, minimize your losses, so that your journey goes smoother as you master your craft as an Amazon FBA seller.


If only new Amazon FBA sellers follow the above path…

Many new sellers fail to be successful on the Amazon platform as they met with a chastening reality of a competitive e-commerce marketplace. Newbie sellers, generally rush into selling a particular product without doing much research.

They are likely to gloss over important details that many selling courses usually forget to emphasize.

It’s easy to suffer losses when you’re a seller on Amazon. If you’re not making enough sales, you’re likely not breaking even.

Or.. You might be making many sales, but you are not connected to the numbers and you don't bring in profits...

Also, in a newbie seller’s bid to be successful, it’s easy to invest in Amazon FBA training materials and tools that are simply not worth it.

As someone new to the Amazon FBA world, it’s very hard to figure out what works and what does not, or who to trust and who to be wary of.

Many materials and courses on Amazon FBA are simply a money-making schemes by their creators to make more money via the course itself.

And not to help you stand on your feet as a real Amazon seller. Sometimes these course creators don't even sell on the platform... Yep, crazy stuff... :\


Freedom Ticket Course By Helium 10 & Kevin King

So... You might say, ah! We are talking about yet another Amazon FBA course?

Yes, this is a Freedom Ticket Course review. And I dare say, it’s a great course that you need to start and manage your own successful Amazon FBA business.

Freedom Ticket, you won’t have to waste any money on trial and error. It is not a gamble. Although it is a business, and most businesses fail. That's the truth.

Investing in the Freedom Ticket Amazon business course is one of the best things you could do for your fledgling Amazon FBA career. It's a step by step blueprint for selling on Amazon.

Certainly, there are many helpful materials, blogs, tools, and YouTube content that can teach you important lessons about selling on Amazon, but almost none will hold you by the hand and take you step by step through all the proven methods of managing a successful Amazon FBA business.

The Freedom Ticket course is a comprehensive overview of the Amazon FBA business model. It is a great course to start with, and manage a thriving business on the platform.

The course was created by Amazon FBA seller Kevin King. Kevin is a real seller who has made millions selling on Amazon, he is selling even up to this day! I've personally learned a lot from this course and from other content of Kevin. Real talk.


Freedom Ticket Creator: Kevin King

Freedom Ticket is a thorough Amazon course that helps its students build a real-time Amazon business from scratch. The course includes helpful tips, likely challenges you will encounter, and how to overcome these challenges as you pursue success on Amazon.

Freedom Ticket is the brainchild of Kevin King, a true reference for other sellers (both new and old) on Amazon. King is one of the early adopters and began his ecommerce journey as far back as 1995. He initially began with sourcing products and selling them on eBay. Even before Amazon, King was very much an e-commerce megastar.

King’s initial experience then allowed him to transition to Amazon. Since 2015, Kevin King has developed, sourced, and sold products on the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace to a very successful level. When you talk about the Amazon FBA business, King is that person who has actually walks the talk.

That is why he has the authority and audacity to create
The Freedom Ticket Amazon seller training course so that other ambitious sellers on the platform can have the tools to become just as successful in managing their own FBA business.

King has built an enormous knowledge base over the years that he’s now one of the most authoritative speakers on the Amazon FBA business model. He can simplify complex ideas into candid talks. Learning with Kevin King is always interactive and engaging. King is easily one of the most sought-after guest instructors on several bestselling Amazon FBA courses around the world.


Freedom Ticket Course Video Reviews

Before throwing your hard-earned dollars on yet another Amazon business course, it’s right that you want to know what you’ll get. That’s why I have put together a couple of Freedom Ticket Amazon training video reviews to help you decide.

I have made an accompanying video of my Freedom Ticket review on YouTube. Watch it here.

You can also check out this other video review of this Amazon training course, where I show which modules are included in it, and what you'll learn in each module. if you’d like to know more before you invest money, this vid will also help you. It's down below here.


To give my audience another perspective about the Freedom Ticket Helium 10, I also have a couple of comparison videos where we review the course side by side with other popular offerings about the Amazon FBA business.

You can check out this Freedom Ticket vs The Last Amazon Course video, where I talk about both courses in great detail.

Last but certainly not least, check out this
Freedom Ticket vs Amazing Selling Machine video on my YouTube channel where I compared both Amazon training courses side by side in-depth.  

Now, let’s finish off with this one first, shall we?

Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review

The course is scheduled to run for eight (8) weeks. Students only have access to the weekly schedule when it’s due. I think this is a thoughtful move by King as it safeguards students against the urge to binge-watch the content in one go.

If you do like to binge watch, you can get all the modules open at once, but that costs more.. I'll share the costs in a bit.

Bradley Sutton and other awesome Helium 10 experts appear in the course.

The material is more than 30 hours long with 60+ videos. Each module has downloadable written notes accompanying the video, so students can go over important info in the future. There are also handouts about important topics like accounting and product sourcing.


Freedom Ticket Course Review (Week by Week)


Week 1 – Intro to Selling on Amazon

As you would expect, things start with a brief introduction about the Freedom Ticket Training by Helium 10.

The first module focuses on the opportunities available to entrepreneurs on the Amazon platform. Kevin shows you how you can make a decent amount of money on Amazon even if you are low on cash.

Kevin talks about different Amazon terms and glossary, he explains how much money you need to start, and he share actionable success principles for Amazon sellers.

First-timers would find week one lessons to be a very valuable overview of what the Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 packages can do for their Amazon FBA careers.

Also, it's important to note that you can access the first module for completely FREE.

Here's the link to that rare offer.


Week 2 – Basics of Amazon Selling

In week two, you’ll learn the basic business requirements. Business formation, business insurance, trademarks, etc...

Also, you’ll learn how to make use of the Amazon Seller Central, and how to apply for brand registry on Amazon.

King then moves into explaining branding, and how to brand your products on Amazon, and he mentions how to improve customer loyalty (so you'll get more sales long term). He also talks about what to expect when you start selling on Amazon.

He finishes off the sections with a free lesson from
Freedom Ticket Xtra, which is an advanced weekly live group coaching with Kevin and other Helium 10 experts. I'd recommend you clicking on the link above to learn more. It's great if you love getting "hand-in-hand" kind of help.


Week 3 – All About Money

Things start to get more interesting by the third week, where Kevin takes you through all the money things you need to know before you begin selling on Amazon.

You get an idea of your expected returns if you invest 5000 dollars in your Amazon business. We see real calculations and numbers here.

King then discusses cashflow, bookkeeping, business valuation and even an exit (when you can sell your Amazon business for profit, hopefully big profit for you!).

King then finishes off with showing some of his own products. Whaat?? He sells that?! Cool!


Week 4 – Finding a Product to Sell

In the fourth week, you’ll learn everything you need to know about selecting a successful product to sell. You'll also see the Helium 10 product research tools in action, woohoo!

This module is all about finding great products, but also differentiating yourself from the competition. You’ll learn how to perform product research, how to pick the right products, and how to standout from the crowd of other products. You’ll learn how to evaluate products and use a spreadsheet application that makes it easier.

You’ll also learn competitive research and the importance of customers review. You'll see how to use Helium 10’s Black Box tool to find products.

Kevin shares more of his products in the end of the module. Wo0t!

In case you'd like to learn more about product research on Amazon, I have prepared a free playlist on YouTube with over 30+ of my videos about product research, you'll find it right


Week 5 – Getting Your Product Made

You might want to note this week’s schedule on your calendar because it contains most of the important content about selling on Amazon.

King tells you everything about product sourcing, which naturally leads you to find a profitable Chinese supplier to work with (or a supplier any other country you might choose). I personally source from China, I like it.

He also teaches you important lessons on negotiation and paying a reasonable price for the products.

Then there's 12 common mistakes every new seller makes, don’t skip that module for any reason.

You'll also understand how to develop a product that is truly differentiated.

The week’s meeting ends with a series of videos on sourcing from India, and you'll also learn how to source from anywhere in the world.


Week 6 – Freight & Logistics

In this module you'll dive into the logistics world of shipping products to Amazon.

You'll understand how to ship products, which methods there are for that, which problems can occur while shipping products (and the solutions to those problems).

You'll see a step by step video of creating a shipment inside Seller Central.

You'll discover how to work with prep centers and 3rd party logistic warehouses (in case you'll need to store your goods close to the Amazon warehouses), and you will need to do so in Amazon 2022, for sure.

Oh, and here's something cool! If you want to dive even deeper into the world of logistics to Amazon, I have a full and free course for you on this topic. You'll find it on my YouTube channel right
here. I have created it with Amit Rosenthal, from Rosenthal Logistics.


Week 7 – How to Make Sales on Amazon

Money time! In this module you'll actually learn about how to make sales on Amazon, so you can build an actual business that runs like a clock.

You'll understand how the A9 search algorithm works, so you'll be able to create better product listings that can easily be found in the massive website of Amazon.

You'll also understand what actually ranks your product.. Terms like impressions, conversion rate, clickthrough rate, etc. will be explained.

Annnnnd... Keywords! You'll see how to find the best keywords for your listing using the awesome tool called Helium 10 Cerebro. By the way, I have an award winning (no joke) video of how to use Helium 10 Cerebro, with all the latest techniques. Watch it on my YouTube channel right


Week 8 – How To Create Your Sales Page

So.. Probably my favorite topic.. Creating your listing (or sales page!). Your sales page works 24/7, all year round. Not bad eh? I love ecommerce!

So in this module you'll learn how to create a perfect listing which converts browsers to real buyers of your products.

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, A+ content, product images, product videos and more!

You'll also learn about keyword optimization with Helium 10 Frankenstein, and you'll see how to use Listing Builder tool to help you create that listing in an easier way.

BOOM! Here's another FREE gift for you connected to this topic!

I have a full and free course about Amazon listing optimization using the Helium 10 set of tools. 13 in-depth lessons. 2+ hours of content. 0 bs and 0 upsells. Pure content. Here's a link for you to the playlist on YouTube.

FREE Amazon listing optimization course using Helium 10

Week 9 – Launching Your Product

Time to go to the moon! Oh wait, it's not a post about crypto.. Lol.. But still.. Let's launch your product and get you to page 1. In this module learn how to do that with various tactics.

Which tactics?

Oh man.. Discounts, coupons, press releases, Amazon posts, Amazon live, secret URLs, Influencers, chatbots, and more!

This module talks about each of these tactics and techniques in-depth, so you can choose the best ones for you. To the moon!

Week 10 – Using Amazon Advertising

PPC - Pay Per Click Amazon ads. This module teaches you everything you need to know about this method of promotion on Amazon.

You can show ads against different keywords, people can click on these ads, and you can get a sale. If you get a sale, great for you, if you don't you still pay for that click. So you have to know what you're doing here...

You'll learn how to target different types of keywords and listings with ads. You'll learn how to do so efficiently, so you'll end up being profitable, even after investing money in PPC ads.

Please go through the lesson with the 10 Amazon PPC mistakes. Don't loose money foolishly.

You'll also see how to use Helium 10's Adtomic tool for Amazon PPC optimization.

There's also a Helium 10 Certification Test at the end of the module. Enjoy!


Freedom Ticket and Helium 10

People who invest in the Helium 10 set of tools automatically get access to Freedom Ticket course, for free.

To get access to the course, simply have to sign into your Helium 10 account, and there you'll find the
Freedom Ticket login. Hence, Freedom Ticket member login is via Helium 10.


Freedom Ticket Price

As mentioned before, Freedom Ticket comes for free with Helium 10. Alternatively, you can invest in Freedom Ticket without investing in Helium 10, but it's more expensive.

Freedom Ticket comes for free with the Helium 10 Starter ($39/Month), Platinum ($99/Month), Diamond ($199/Month), and Elite ($399/Month) plans. Yearly plans of Helium 10 also have it.

I'd recommend you visiting the
Helium 10 pricing page to see it all clearly.

helium 10 discounts

If you want to get Freedom Ticket without the Helium 10 set of tools, you'll have to invest $997, or 3 payments of $397. I really recommend getting it with Helium 10.

Get Your
Free Helium 10 Account + Discounts - use these codes for discounts: VOVA50 (50% OFF your first month), or VOVA10 (10% OFF every month, forever)


Bottom Line: Is Freedom Ticket Worth It? Honestly.. Yes!

As a beginner into the Amazon FBA business, you’ll need all the help you can get. And that help doesn’t come better than Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Amazon course.

It has proven itself a useful resource not just for rookies, but experienced Amazon merchants who make nowhere near enough money than their potential deserves.

The Freedom Ticket course represents good value for money when one factor in the collaboration with Helium 10 suites. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Helium 10 is a powerful tool that every seller should have in their toolkit, and when you pair that with a course that teaches you how to properly harness its power, your potential as a seller is virtually limitless.

Finally, Amazon is constantly changing and improving. Likewise, Freedom Ticket by Kevin King is also constantly being upgraded to meet modern demands. And again, if you need more personal touch, then the Freedom Ticket Xtra also includes twice-weekly live sessions with Kevin or other awesome Helium 10 members.

I wish you all the best! And here are all the relevant links for you!

Free Helium 10 Account + Discounts - use these codes for discounts: VOVA50 (50% OFF your first month), or VOVA10 (10% OFF every month, forever).

Freedom Ticket Landing Page - find all the details about the course here.

I wish you all the best,
Vova :)