Debate On The Street About Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout

Vova Even Dec 20, 2023
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Amazon FBA Software Showdown: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout - The Ultimate Faceoff!

Hey fellow Amazon warriors!

Vova Even here, your go-to guy for all things Amazon FBA.

Today, we're diving into the epic battle of Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout.

Which one will be the winning Amazon FBA software?

Well, grab your virtual front-row seats as Amazon seller Eldar and I take a stroll through their features and pricing, spilling the beans based on our real experiences with both powerhouses.

But before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let me introduce myself.

I am an Amazon FBA Seller with a solid seven years of battle scars from the trenches of online selling.

You might have caught wind of me on YouTube or Udemy, where I dish out the juiciest Amazon FBA tutorials, tips, tricks, and, of course, those sweet coupon codes and deals for all you savvy sellers out there.

And for those who're more of a reader than a viewer, I've got y'all covered on this Amazon FBA blog, offering up the written versions of all my video content.

Now, imagine taking a casual stroll through this game-changing comparison with my buddy Eldar.

Who comes out on top?

Well, you're about to find out!

👉 Watch the showdown:

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Buckle up, it's going to be one epic ride!


Vova: Welcome, folks!

Today, we're diving into a showdown between two Amazon FBA heavyweights – Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

I'm Vova, a seasoned user of both platforms and joining me is my buddy Eldar.

Now, I lean towards Jungle Scout, while Eldar is firmly in Helium 10's corner.

But here's the twist – I use both, and Eldar?

Well, he's pretty much a Helium 10 aficionado.

Our mission today is to break down the features, pricing, and deliver an unfiltered, honest review.

Eldar, great to have you here, fellow Amazon Seller.

So, you've been riding the Helium 10 wave for about a year now, right?

Eldar: Yup, a solid year.

Vova: Excellent!

Eldar's Thoughts on Helium 10?

Vova: Now, spill the beans.

What's your take on Helium 10?

Share the wisdom, my friend.

Eldar: Well, in my view, Helium 10 stands out as the best tool I've come across in my Amazon selling journey.

It's been my go-to for gathering comprehensive information, from calculating profits to managing inventory – it's got it all.

Additionally, it plays a crucial role in acquiring customer reviews.

Helium 10 enables me to actively seek reviews from my customers, providing a personalized touch to the process.

Vova: That's a solid point.

Eldar: Absolutely. It's not just your standard review request; it's tailored to each customer's experience.

Vova: I second you.

Eldar: It's essential for boosting your conversion rates for reviews, and it significantly contributes to enhancing your overall listing and business.

Helium 10 is packed with a big bunch of features, ranging from small details to more significant elements, all aimed at aiding you in building and sustaining your Amazon business.

These tools streamline your daily tasks, offering valuable insights into how the Amazon ecosystem operates.

Overall, I'd say Jungle Scout and Helium 10 share a lot of similar tools.

Vova: Spot on.

The Accuracy of Jungle Scout and Helium 10 Tools

Eldar: Now, I've heard an interesting tidbit about Jungle Scout.

Some users claim that when checking certain listings, Jungle Scout tends to display sales numbers higher than what Helium 10 shows.

Have you come across this, and what are your thoughts on it?

Vova: Well, that's intriguing, Eldar.

Speaking from my own experience, I'm a user of both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, and I've created quite a few videos comparing the two.

It's a valid point you've brought up.

Truth be told, there are instances where neither tool provides precisely accurate results.

At times, you might notice discrepancies between the sales figures on Seller Central and those estimated by Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, whether it's through their sales estimators or Chrome extensions.

Here's for example a full guide on the Helium 10 Chrome extension, and here's a guide for the Jungle Scout extension.

It's like a musical number – harmony is key.

I have a video where I put my Seller Central numbers head-to-head with Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Funny enough, I can't recall which one proved to be more accurate in that specific comparison.

So, I won't just throw out there that they were neck and neck or that one edged out the other in accuracy.

The truth is, it's a bit like a puzzle.

To determine absolute precision, we'd need a more extensive test period – perhaps over a hundred days.

In the video I mentioned, I just checked one ASIN, and in another, I tested three.

Interestingly, a few years back, when I examined three ASINs, Helium 10 proved more accurate than Jungle Scout.

In the recent video, well, I'm still figuring that one out.

Maybe in post-production, I'll unveil the champion, but let's not forget, it's only based on one ASIN and three ASINs respectively.

Yeah, sure, there might be times when Helium 10 takes the accuracy crown. But Jungle Scout can also be a formidable contender in its own right.

Comparison of Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout Tools

Eldar: Have you cross-referenced these sales with your own listings?

You know, ensuring that the data aligns with what you have in your records.

Vova: Absolutely, Eldar.

I've gone the extra mile and compared the results not only to the tools but also to my own Seller Central data, laying it all bare in that video.

Also, you touched on the diverse tools offered by both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Honestly, Helium 10 is like a Swiss Army knife, packing in more tools compared to Jungle Scout.

However, Jungle Scout brings some unique tools to the table, like the Supplier Database.

With this feature, you can input an ASIN and uncover the suppliers – maybe even of your top competitors.

It's a goldmine for finding reliable suppliers with good reviews and listings, something that's not part of Helium 10's arsenal.

That's a clear win for Jungle Scout.

Nevertheless, Helium 10 boasts a broader toolkit overall, including the Market Tracker, a feature Jungle Scout doesn't currently offer.

Eldar: Market Tracker is really a game-changer.

Being able to gather your market competitors and make side-by-side comparisons with those selling similar products is crucial.

Vova: You're spot on about the Market Tracker, Eldar.

I've actually created tutorials highlighting its power.

It's definitely a compelling feature for Jungle Scout users to consider.

Now, let's talk about Amazon reimbursements.

Here, Helium 10 takes the lead with its Refund Genie tool.

This nifty feature allows you to reclaim money from Amazon for any lost or damaged inventory.

Only recently Jungle Scout partnered with Seller Investigators to provide reimbursements for sellers.

More on the Accuracy of the Tools

Vova: As for accuracy, well, it's a bit like navigating a maze.

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes Helium 10 might give you the more accurate data, and other times Jungle Scout pulls ahead.

It's a delicate balance, and I won't definitively claim one's superior to the other.

Eldar: I brought it up because, you know, I've personally cross-checked it, and when I compare Helium 10 with my actual data, it aligns around 99% to 98%.

That's a pretty solid accuracy rate, and it's a big reason why I've stuck with Helium 10.

Vova: Absolutely. It's crucial when the numbers match up.

More on the Comparison of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout Tools

Vova: Now, Eldar, aside from the accuracy factor, what else do you appreciate about Helium 10?

You've touched on a few things, but there must be more.

Are there specific tools within Helium 10 that have become your go-to, like maybe Cerebro for keyword research or...

Eldar: Sure. Cerebro is a tool I find incredibly valuable.

But you know, the real game-changer for me is the dashboard.

Every week, without fail, I dive into my metrics on the Helium 10 dashboard.

Vova: Metrics like keywords or...?

Eldar: No, not just keywords. I'm talking about the overall dashboard.

Vova: Got it.

Eldar: You see, every week, I get a comprehensive breakdown of my metrics.

Now, when it comes to Jungle Scout, I'm not quite sure...

Vova: Are you referring to some sort of analytics they provide in the dashboard? What exactly?

Eldar: Exactly. Helium 10 provides detailed reports, breaking down your profit, losses, gross figures, and more on a weekly and monthly basis.

Vova: Ah, I see. So, it's like a built-in analytics hub for tracking your business performance regularly.

Eldar: Exactly. It's a crucial feature for me.

Vova: I see. So, if I'm following correctly, Jungle Scout does have a profit analytics tool, similar to what you find in Helium 10.

They've got an Inventory Management tool as well, similar to Helium 10.

Is that what you're referring to?

Eldar: Exactly, Vova.

Vova: Right, so Jungle Scout does boast a Profit Analytics tool, and they also provide a PPC tool.

Helium 10 has Adtomic, while Jungle Scout has its PPC counterpart. 

It's interesting to note how many of their tools align.

They really are among the top competitors in this software space.

Discount Deals on Helium 10 and Jungle Scout

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  1. Jungle Scout Freedom Builder Builder Bootcamp Course

Now, speaking of tools, what are your thoughts on Cerebro, the keyword research tool?

Eldar: Well, there's another metric that I find particularly useful. 

It's the Index Checker. And also the Cerebro IQ Score.

Vova: Ah, so that's the one that provides you with keywords with a high search volume but not a lot of competitors, correct?

Eldar: Exactly. It's a really effective metric. I'm not sure if Jungle Scout offers something similar, like keyword sales for each keyword.

Vova: Yeah, I believe Jungle Scout does offer it, but I'll double-check in post-production to make sure.

Helium 10 definitely has it.

It's the sales per keyword metric.

For instance, you can see that for a keyword like "stainless steel spatula," it has around 50 sales per day or 1,500 sales per month in Helium 10.

Jungle Scout, if memory serves, also provides keyword sales. So, they're quite comparable.

Now, let me be clear – I'm mostly a Helium 10 user.

However, for the sake of this video, I'm taking on the role of an advocate for Jungle Scout.

It's a tool I have a soft spot for, being the one I initially started my Amazon journey with.

A Comparison of Educational Tools

Eldar: I've heard that in Jungle Scout, they lack educational tools.

On the Helium 10 side, we have Freedom Ticket, and it's not just good; it's excellent. Freedom Ticket, as of today, stands at version 3.0.

Vova: Yeah.

Eldar: What's impressive about Helium 10 is their commitment to continuous improvement.

I've seen it firsthand; they frequently update their content.

It's a constant work in progress.

Inside Freedom Ticket, they offer valuable education, and what's even more remarkable is that Helium 10 provides all this for free.

So, you don't need to pay anything to get educated.

Vova: What exactly do you mean?

Eldar: I mean the course; the Freedom Ticket course is absolutely free...

Vova: Ah, got it. So, you're saying that users just need to subscribe to a plan to get access to this free course.

For the money they spend, they not only get access to the tools but also receive a course for free, right?

Eldar: Exactly.

Vova: That's a great point you bring up, Eldar.

Once you make an investment in Helium 10, you gain access to the Freedom Ticket course.

This course features industry experts like Kevin King, Carrie Miller, Bradley Sutton, Vincent Montero for PPC, and the whole Helium 10 crew.

The best part?

You get all of this for free, even with the smallest plan, which is just $39 a month.

In my opinion, that's a steal.

Because, with Jungle Scout, you're absolutely correct.

Investing in any actual plan of Jungle Scout grants you access to the Jungle Scout Academy – a basic course.

However, it's crucial to note that while Jungle Scout provides a fundamental course, it's not as comprehensive as Helium 10's Freedom Ticket, which is essentially an A to Z course covering all aspects of selling on Amazon with a whopping 30 hours of content.

On the Jungle Scout side, to get a more in-depth training experience, you'd have to consider the Freedom Builder Bootcamp course, which comes with a hefty price tag of around a thousand dollars.

Absolutely, there are some intriguing deals available that I shared above.

For instance, there's an offer where, for $999, you can grab the course along with the top-tier plan of Jungle Scout, Professional, for a whole year.

Now, I understand that for someone just starting out, that might seem like a significant investment – almost a thousand dollars.

It's a fair point.

Interface of the Software Solutions

Vova: The Jungle Scout interface, much like Helium 10's, is user-friendly.

You can explore and test both to see which one aligns better with your preferences.

In my opinion, both interfaces are pretty good, and the extensions they offer are quite similar.

What are your thoughts on this?

Education for New Sellers

Eldar: Well, before talking about extensions, I'd like to say that the first significant advantage of Helium 10 is crystal clear – Freedom Ticket.

It's education and the best part?

It's entirely free.

Having this comprehensive education for new sellers is crucial.

In contrast, with other platforms like Jungle Scout, you might find yourself paying thousands of dollars or more if you opt for different courses elsewhere.

Vova: Absolutely, often in the thousands.

It's worth noting that Jungle Scout does offer a bonus if you invest in their course – they provide live sessions, approximately once every two weeks or so (I'll double-check in post-production).

This is a notable addition because with Helium 10's Freedom Ticket, while you get a fantastic course, you don't have access to live sessions.

So, these live sessions with Jungle Scout are quite dynamic.

You get the chance to interact directly, whether it's with Ed or possibly other team members, and on occasion, even the CEO, Greg Mercer, might drop in (although, these days, he's understandably quite busy running the company).

It's a great feature because, with Helium 10's Freedom Ticket, while there is a helpful Facebook group for sellers to ask questions, you don't get the live coaching sessions.

But, of course, it comes at the cost of a thousand dollars.

With Helium 10, you can make an investment of just 39 dollars. With the Starter plan.

And let's change our direction here, maybe the wind will be more cooperative – nature's unpredictable, right?

So, for $39, you get access to the course, and you can test it out, learn, and explore.

It's a whopping 25 times cheaper than some other alternatives.

Plus, you can snag even more discounts using the offers I shared above.

These deals have Eldar's special link from Helium 10, a gift for our followers and friends.

Use them, and you save money without paying anything extra.

So, supporting his journey costs you nothing extra, but you get those sweet discounts.

We've been creating content together, and it's been a pretty cool experience.

A Word on Helium 10 Market Tracker

Vova: Any other tools or thoughts about tools you'd like to discuss?

Eldar: The Market Tracker.

Vova: Sure, go ahead.

Eldar: It's a tool that lets you stack your product against competitors – those selling the same product as you.

I find it incredibly powerful; it's a feature I truly believe in.

Vova: Absolutely, I use it too, man.

Review Request Customization

Eldar: By the way, I'm curious if can you customize the review request in Jungle Scout?

Vova: You can definitely do that.

There are features like follow-up emails and automatic review requests in Jungle Scout.

I'm pretty sure you can customize emails there, but I might be wrong; my memory's a bit fuzzy on this one.

The bottom line, though, is that Helium 10 does offer more tools than Jungle Scout.

But it doesn't mean you forget that Jungle Scout still has its unique tools which Helium 10 doesn't provide.

It's really up to you.

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout Pricing Pages

Vova: And I'd recommend checking out the pricing pages of both the tools. Here's the Helium 10 pricing page. Here's the Jungle Scout pricing page.

There, you can explore each tool, understand what it does, and figure out how it might help you.

Now, let's dive into the pricing.

Eldar: Sure, let's delve into it.

In Helium 10, I personally use the Platinum plan.

And with your discount, it's a sweet 20 percent.

Vova: Thank you, but let's promote your discount.

I'd love to support your journey as well.

So, you click here: Helium 10 Code Discounts and grab some exciting deals.

There's a 20% discount for the first 6 months or 10% off for every month forever by Eldar.

Eldar: Thank you.

And what I find perfect for my needs is I just need to spend $99 per month to subscribe to this awesome plan.

It's got a bunch of tools that suit me well.

How about Jungle Scout?

What's your take when you compare the two?

Vova: So, with Jungle Scout, I'm currently on their most comprehensive plan, the Professional.

It's somewhat similar to Helium 10's Diamond plan, which is what I'm using on Helium 10.

Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

Vova: It's interesting to note that Helium 10 also offers a free account, another plus in its favor.

In Jungle Scout, however, you need to invest from the get-go; there's no free option.

You can't just try out the tool without purchasing it.

On the flip side, it's a commitment right from the start – you invest money and get to test the tool for free.

In a way, I find it better because you can experience it firsthand, see the interface, and decide if it aligns with your preferences.

That's something you can't do with Jungle Scout; you have to make a purchase.

Eldar: Yeah, it's a payment upfront.

Vova: Exactly, and there's something valuable about that.

When you invest money, it shows a level of commitment.

You're more serious about utilizing the tool.

It's not just a casual "Oh, I'll try a free account" kind of situation where the commitment might be lower, and you might not continue actively.

Although, as a user, I can admit, it would be nice to have a free trial, to be honest, right?

Eldar: Yeah, of course. A small free trial period would be great.

Vova: Yeah, unfortunately, Jungle Scout doesn't offer a free trial.

However, both platforms do have a money-back guarantee within seven days.

So, if you make the investment and find it's not the right fit, you can get your money back.

That's a fair deal, and it gives you a bit of a safety net.

Helium 10 Pricing

Vova: Now, at this point, the Starter plan for Helium 10 is $39 per month, and with the discount, it becomes even more budget-friendly.

The Platinum plan is $99, and the Diamond plan is $279.

You can grab them at a lower rate if you opt for the yearly subscription.

Going for the yearly version not only gives you a discounted rate but also saves you two months.

And with Eldar's exclusive discounts, available through the link in the description, you can potentially save even more and get extra months.

So essentially, opting for the yearly version means you get nine months of subscription for the price of 12.

Now, the same applies to Jungle Scout.

Through the discounts I provided, you have the opportunity to save money.

These aren't just coupons; they're direct links that can offer significant savings, like a 50% discount on the first month and various savings on different yearly plans.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Vova: Jungle Scout, on the other hand, is priced at $49 for the Basic plan, $69 for the Suite, and $129 for the Professional plan.

So, when you compare, Jungle Scout does come out as a more budget-friendly option.

Comparing the Plans Between the Software

Eldar: Now, if we compare the tools offered in the Diamond plan of Helium 10 with the equivalent plan in Jungle Scout.

Vova: The Professional?

Eldar: Yeah.

Vova: Essentially, with the Professional plan of Helium 10, you gain access to all the tools.

On the Jungle Scout side, with the Suite plan, if I recall correctly, you also get access to all the tools but perhaps with some limitations on data usage.

I might be mistaken, though, as they tend to add new tools regularly, much like Helium 10.

However, it's worth noting that with Helium 10, there's a slight downside in that the Platinum plan provides most of the tools but not the entire suite.

With the Diamond plan, you do indeed get access to everything, and there are even add-ons available.

You can include PPC tools, such as Adtomic, and Market Tracker 360.

These are additional benefits.

But when it comes to the pricing aspect, Jungle Scout is undeniably more budget-friendly.

Still, I'd suggest viewers take a moment to specifically identify which tools they truly need.

Despite my advocacy for Jungle Scout in this comparison, Helium 10 remains my go-to tool since it aligns more with my usage patterns.

Yes, it comes with a slightly higher price tag, but it provides some critically valuable tools in my opinion, such as Market Tracker and Cerebro.

But honestly, I'm still a dedicated user of Jungle Scout, maintaining my subscription to the Professional plan.

There's a counterpart to Cerebro in Jungle Scout called Keyword Scout, which does offer similar functionalities, but I find Cerebro to be more diverse and powerful, especially in terms of keyword research and its reverse ASIN tool.

So, that's the gist of it.

Helium 10 is a bit pricier, but it offers more tools and features.

On the other hand, Jungle Scout is more budget-friendly, although there's no free trial, discounts are available, making it a more economical choice.

When Paying More Makes Sense Sometimes

Eldar: So, while we're in the midst of comparing tools and casually strolling around, let me drop an interesting tidbit.

Here's a fun fact – we recently compared hotel prices to decide which one is cheaper.

And guess what?

We reserved a savvy hotel, snagging a free conference room as a cool bonus.

Vova: Yeah, that's true.

Eldar: I'm sharing this because, you know, in life, it's those little things that can make a difference.

It may not be a big deal, but when you invest a bit more, you often open up doors to more opportunities and tools.

You never know what might come your way.

For instance, today I got to enjoy a conference room for free.

It's funny because the last time I used one was probably five or six years ago at my bank, but hey, today was a pleasant surprise.

Vova: So, you got the perks because you booked a nice hotel.

Eldar: Exactly, having a hotel with a certain standard comes with its benefits.

And you know, Helium 10 operates on a similar principle.

They cater to various aspects, offering more comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Vova: They cover more aspects that cater to your lifestyle as an Amazon seller.

Eldar: Yeah!

Vova: All right, fair enough, fair enough.

Let me be straight with you, man.

I use both tools, but the majority of my Amazon seller tasks are handled through Helium 10.

Essentially, this discussion is all about helping you understand the options.

If it was helpful, drop us a comment on the YouTube video.

Share your thoughts, whether you have a different perspective or if these tools aren't your cup of tea.

Eldar: Absolutely. My sincere advice is to make your decision after giving them both a spin.

Sometimes, you've got to try things out to figure out what works best for you.

Personally, Helium 10 resonates more with me, and it's a bit tricky to put into words why.

It's like an intuitive feeling – I sense that this tool aligns better with my needs.

I can navigate through all the tools, and understand where they are, and it just feels comfortable.

Vova: So, it's about the interface and overall comfort in using it, right?

Eldar: Yeah, yeah.

Vova: All right, fair enough.

Eldar: I compared the interface with Jungle Scout, and for me, Helium 10 is more suitable.

Vova: So, that's it for today.

Wishing you all a fantastic day.

Eldar! Thanks, man, for joining me.

It's been a pretty cool time.

We're just getting started with these honest discussions, and to all our viewers and readers, have a great life!

Take care.

Eldar: Thank you too.

Vova: Thanks. All the best!



So, we've just wrapped up a solid comparison between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Snag your Helium 10 free trial and best discounts inside.

I also welcome you to grab the best discounts for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout 50% OFF discount
Jungle Scout Seasonal discounts
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Eldar and I spilled the beans on our experiences and preferences.

I'm a fan of both but tend to lean towards Helium 10, while Eldar finds it more fitting for him.

We discussed features, pricing, and usability, hoping to help you make an informed choice.

Remember, it's all about personal comfort and needs.

Check out the offers I shared above for some sweet deals on both tools.

Give them a try, and see what clicks for you.

Whether it's Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, may your Amazon selling journey be prosperous!

Catch you in the next one,

Vova Even :)