Helium 10 Platinum Plan Review (Detailed)

Vova Even Jun 13, 2024
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helium 10 platinum plan review
Table of Contents
  1. Helium 10 Platinum Plan: Should You Really Buy It or Look the Other Way?
    1. How Much Does Helium 10 Platinum Plan Cost?
    2. Functionalities of Platinum Plan
    3. Account Features
    4. Product Research
    5. Keyword Research
    6. Listing Optimization
    7. Operations
    8. Analytics
    9. Marketing
    10. Reminder to Use My Exclusive Discount Offer
    11. Alternative to Helium 10: Jungle Scout
    12. The Bottom Line

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Helium 10 Platinum Plan: Should You Really Buy It or Look the Other Way?

Hi, my name is Vova Even, and I have been an active Amazon seller since 2016.

I also share tutorials, hacks, and trade secrets on YouTube and Udemy.

I aim to help new and advanced Amazon FBA sellers save money and grow consistently.

Whether a novice beginner or an advanced seller on Amazon, you need a powerful tool like Helium 10.

It helps you with various tasks on Amazon, but you need to subscribe to one of its plans for optimal results.

Let's talk about the Helium 10 Platinum plan and what it offers.

If you prefer watching rather than reading, you can watch the video below for a more comprehensive view of the Platinum plan when standing against the Starter plan!

Or just the read the blog post here;
Helium 10 Starter Vs Platinum plans.

Watch the video below if you prefer a vid. Enjoy!

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How Much Does Helium 10 Platinum Plan Cost?

The Platinum pricing plan is the best-selling plan of Helium 10, and it costs $99 per month.

It might be a bit more expensive compared to the Starter plan, but Platinum offers many additional features.

I will talk about them in detail further.

If you choose to be billed yearly, the Platinum plan will cost you around $1008 a year, or $84 per month, saving you $180.

If you want to save more, use my exclusive Helium 10 coupon codes!

Helium 10 has agreed to provide my followers with two discount codes – VOVA6M20 to get 20% OFF your first six months, and VOVA10 to get 10% OFF forever. 

If you want to use these for your Platinum plan, click here to be redirected to the pricing page of Helium 10 to avail the discounts.

You also get a 7-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.

helium 10 promotions

Functionalities of Platinum Plan

Although Helium 10 offers five types of plans, including Starter, Platinum, Diamond, Free, and Elite.

We will discuss the Platinum plan in this post.

Now without waiting any further, let's start with the features and what Platinum offers.

Account Features

Number Of Users

Generally, you can't invite virtual assistants or partners to use your Helium 10 account.

But through the Multi-User Login feature, you can allow others to use your account and work on it.

The user adds a different password to log in with limited usage on the account.

Unfortunately, this tool is not available in the Platinum plan.

Only works with Diamond up.

Which actually be a good time to share with you that I have a blog post on the topic of
Helium 10 Platinum Vs Helium 10 Diamond.

Or just watch the video below.

Connected Seller Accounts

The Helium 10 Connected Accounts feature allows seller central account connectivity since you usually can't connect with a seller token if you don't own a professional seller account with Amazon.

The Platinum plan lets you connect up to two tokens with Amazon and Walmart.

Monthly Expert Training

The Monthly Expert Training enables you to get the chance to learn from the top experts in the industry.

Other than their training session, you can also ask live questions.

The downside is that the Platinum plan does not yet support the monthly expert training sessions.

The Diamond plan does.

Amazon PPC Academy

Amazon PPC Academy is a training program targeted at educating you about all the essential details about Amazon PPC, including the method to use it and how you can actually benefit from it with 30+ modules.

Available for Platinum!

Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket is an Amazon Sellers Training course.

This gives you access to well-known experts and remarkable training for beginner and expert sellers.

You can get the chance to be trained with the industry's leaders, such as Kevin King, the eCommerce expert since 1995 and Bradley Sutton, a Helium 10 core committee member.

Read my
Freedom Ticket review.

Watching a video is of course an option too!

Product Research

Black Box

Black Box is an efficient tool that helps you to find the most profitable products on Amazon by going through Amazon Product research in seconds.

Platinum offers this and is considered for long-term use since it provides unlimited access.

Learn how to use Helium 10 Black Box for Amazon product research here.

Or watch the video below.


Trendster is an Amazon Trend Finder tool that cross-references ASINS and keywords to visualize data and analyze keyword demand using Google Trends.

With the Platinum plan, you can have full accessibility to this without restrictions.


Helium 10 Xray Chrome extension is one of the best Chrome extensions for Amazon FBA sellers that lets you look at market data, sales volume, trends, and product viability.

It is fully available in the Platinum plan for Amazon, and limited with 50 uses per month for Walmart.

Learn more about Helium 10 tools for Walmart.

My Related Blog Post: How To Download & Install Helium 10 Chrome Extension [Get & Add It For FREE]

Keyword Research


Cerebro is a Reverse ASIN Lookup tool that allows you to find in-depth data on your competitor's keyword strategies to use in your product and profit from sales.

This tool has unlimited access in the Platinum plan for Amazon usage.

Cerebro is also available for Walmart but has limited usage of two uses per day.

My Related Blog Post: New Helium 10 Magnet & Cerebro Feature - Keyword Search Volume History


Magnet is a tool in Helium 10 that helps sellers search high-volume keywords to improve organic traffic and accelerate overall sales.

The Platinum plan offers unlimited usage of this feature for Amazon sellers.

The Magnet also has a Walmart offering and is limited to two daily uses.


The Misspellinator checks misspellings in keywords that customers usually make on Amazon.

The errors can be used as potential keywords.

The Platinum plan approves unlimited usage of this tool.

Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

You need to have previously found keywords to use Frankenstein.

It is a Keyword Processor, meaning after you refine the keywords you found using Cerebro and Magnet, it helps you identify duplicate and repeated terms and remove them.

You can clean and freshen up your keywords with this tool.

This has unlimited access to the Platinum plan.

By the way, all the tools for keyword research & listing optimization are well summed up in my
free Helium 10 listing optimization course on YouTube (some of the embedded vids are from that course).


Scribbles is a Helium 10 tool that helps you build your listing through the keywords you process through Frankenstein.

It gives you total control over keyword placement and how frequently you use them.

You get an in-built dashboard to distribute your keywords through the listing in the title, bullet points, description, and search.

This also has unlimited usage in the Platinum plan.

Index Checker

The Index Checker ensures your product is fully indexed on Amazon.

Indexed means; if someone searches for your keyword, your product appears in search (no matter on which page).

If you are not indexed, your product does not appear and it's not good.

You need to be 100% indexed on Amazon.

The Platinum plan offers 150 uses per month.

Listing Analyzer

The Listing Analyzer can give you a better perspective of your competitor's listing.

It tells where do you fall short by analyzing listings on Amazon to see how well-structured they are compared to other products in similar niches.

The Platinum plan supports 25 uses per month.

Listing Builder

The function of Listing Builder isn't that much different from Scribbles.

However, this tool comes with some new features.

I still use the good ol' Scribbles.

Listing Builder has limited usage with the Platinum plan.

Full usage with Diamond.



Alerts is a product monitoring and hijacking tool that sends notifications if any suspicious changes are made in your product listing on Amazon.

The Platinum plan supports up to 100 ASINs.

There is a similar alerts tool by Jungle Scout. And one more by Sellerboard.

Tap the links on the left to learn more about the other alert tools.

Inventory Protector

The Inventory Protector enables you to distribute your Amazon coupons without the chance of abuse.

It limits coupon usage by stopping customers from purchasing products in bulk and clearing the stock immediately.

The Platinum plan has this feature available without restrictions.

Refund Genie

Refund Genie allows you to get reimbursed for money that Amazon owes you.

When you lose inventory by mistake, this is your loss, so Refund Genie can help you avoid the time-consuming and confusing process by claiming compensation.

However, the Platinum plan has limited access to Refund Genie.

I have a detailed video on Refund Genie that you can find below.

Also this blog post will be useful: 3 Tips For Amazon FBA Refund Reimbursements.


Follow Up is an Email Automation Tool that gives excellent customer service by sending post-purchase emails to your customers without having to do it manually.

You can also use it to request reviews.

The tool is available for the Platinum plan, and your customers can get up to 5000 email accessibility per month.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management tool helps you make decisions about the current status of your inventory.

This tool comes in handy if you are wondering when to order the new stock.

After you enter the required information, it will tell you the expected date by which you will run out of your stock.

The Platinum plan supports up to 20 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

Business Valuation

If you want to know the valuation of your Amazon business, Business Valuation is made for you.

This easy-to-use tool will do all the calculations and give you an estimate price of your business.

It is not necessary to use this tool only when you decide sell your business.

You can use it under normal circumstances as well, such as knowing how much success you have bagged so far in your Amazon journey.

Cool, isn't it? Works with the Platinum plan.


Keyword Tracker

The Keyword Tracker tool monitors the keywords of your and your competitors' listings so that you can track the organic and sponsored position of the keywords.

The Platinum plan is considered for this tool as it helps sellers adjust quickly with up to 2500 keywords.

A nice similar version of this tool is Jungle Scout Keyword Tracker, and ZonGuru Keyword Tracker.

Keyword Tracker for Walmart

This tool's function is the same as that we discussed above, but for Walmart sellers it is not available with the Platinum plan.

It is available with the Diamond or Walmart, with up to 250 keywords.

Market Tracker

The Market Tracker helps you figure out which competitor has the largest share in the market and which new competitors are coming into the market daily.

The Platinum plan lets you track three markets.

You are also welcome to read my Helium 10 Market Tracker tutorial post.

Or watch the video below.

Profits for Amazon and Walmart

Profits tool is like a financial dashboard that helps you evaluate the profitabilit of your products.

The Platinum plan provides full usage for Amazon sellers, and 90 days of usage if you want it for the Walmart market.

It is similar to Jungle Scout Sales Analytics tool.



Adtomic is a tool that helps you manage your PPC on Amazon.

The Platinum plan currently has no access to this tool.

Amazon Attribution

The Amazon Attribution tool can be a great helping hand in managing the attribution links that let you track the performance of your OFF-Amazon marketing campaigns.

Up to 20 links with the Platinum plan.

Portals Landing Page Builder

Portals helps customers drive external traffic virtually by building landing pages.

Customers can get into you marketing funnel directly, allowing you access to their names, emails, and other information to use in marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available in the Platinum plan.

Does work with Diamond.

Portals QR Codes Generator

QR Code generator allows you to add multiple QR codes to your product inserts, allowing customers to scan them (you can also use them anywhere else).

QR codes are codes that people can scan, which redirect them to any page you want (for example a Helium 10 Portal page that we discussed above).

The Platinum plan offers 10 codes per 10,000 scans a month.

This is good for sellers with multiple product listings.

Portals Product Inserts

This feature allows you to create customized product inserts that you can put into your product packages.

On these inserts you can place QR codes that can help you further serve Amazon customers.

You also have access to previously made inserts by professional sellers.

This is available for the Platinum plan.

Reminder to Use My Exclusive Discount Offer

Get your Helium 10 account with an exclusive free trial by clicking on the link here.

You'll also get the best discounts inside. I've also shared them below for you.

  1. Use code VOVA6M20 to get an exclusive 20% off for the first six months.

  2. Use code VOVA10 to get a lifetime discount of 10% for Helium 10. 

helium 10 discount

Alternative to Helium 10: Jungle Scout

When I began my journey as an Amazon FBA, Jungle Scout was the first software that caught my eye.

I started using it, and it helped me find my first product: a pair of kitchen scissors.

During the first year, we made $147,000 in sales with a profit margin of 17%.

This means we earned about $2000 profit per month.

Good times.

By saying we, I refer to me and my business partner.

My Related Blog Post: Jungle Scout Free Account & Trial (Can You Download It & Get Free Access)

Jungle Scout is an all-inclusive platform that helps Amazon sellers make their appearance in the marketplace.

It consists of several features similar to Helium 10.

For example, it has a Chrome extension to conduct product research.

Jungle Scout offers three pricing tiers: Basic, Suite, and Professional.

Each plan provides different services, and you can subscribe to them monthly or yearly.

You can read more about the Jungle Scout and it's prices in my blog post; Jungle Scout pricing plans review.

I also share big discounts for Jungle Scout inside this blog post.

The Jungle Scout is generally cheaper than Helium 10, but it is still a pretty awesome tool!

Learn about other Helium 10 alternatives here.

The Bottom Line

We are done analyzing the Platinum plan of Helium 10.

This plan definitely has unique offers and great features that can be useful for you as a seller on Amazon.

You can apply the Helium 10 coupon codes VOVA6M20 and VOVA10 to get the best discounts for it.

The Helium 10 free trial is available here for you as well.

If this article helped you understand the importance of opting for the Platinum plan of Helium 10.

You should also visit my Amazon FBA blog.

I have numerous expert guides jotted down for you there to help you make informed decisions.

You can also check out my Udemy courses, with tens of thousands of students worldwide.



Table of Contents
  1. Helium 10 Platinum Plan: Should You Really Buy It or Look the Other Way?
    1. How Much Does Helium 10 Platinum Plan Cost?
    2. Functionalities of Platinum Plan
    3. Account Features
    4. Product Research
    5. Keyword Research
    6. Listing Optimization
    7. Operations
    8. Analytics
    9. Marketing
    10. Reminder to Use My Exclusive Discount Offer
    11. Alternative to Helium 10: Jungle Scout
    12. The Bottom Line

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)