Helium 10 Starter Plan Review (Detailed)

Vova Even Jun 13, 2024
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helium 10 starter plan review
Table of Contents
  1. Helium 10 Starter Plan – Is it Worth the Cost or a Waste of Money?
    1. Subscription Choices for Helium 10
    2. Helium 10 Free Trial + Discounts
    3. What Does the Starter Plan Offer
    4. Account Features
    5. Product Research
    6. Keyword Research
    7. Reminder to Avail My Exclusive Discount Offer
    8. Listing Optimization
    9. Operations
    10. Analytics
    11. Marketing
    12. Conclusion

Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Helium 10 Starter Plan – Is it Worth the Cost or a Waste of Money?

Hello, my name is Vova Even, and since 2016, I have been selling on Amazon.

I also provide tips, tricks, and trade secrets on YouTube and Udemy.

My aim is to assist Amazon FBA sellers at all levels in making financial savings and sustaining growth.

Here I am with a brand new blog, and to introduce it, I'd like to tell you one 'gold nugget' secret: Whether you're an experienced seller on Amazon or a new one, you need a vital tool like Helium 10.

It helps you with various tasks connected to your Amazon business, but if you want the best outcomes, you must join one of its plans.

In this article, I will talk about the Helium 10 Starter Plan.

It's the basic Helium 10 plan that starts from $29 per month (with the yearly plan), and $39 with the monthly plan, and includes only a few limited features.

I'll also briefly discuss other Helium 10 plans and some discounts, so you know what's included and best for you according to your business on Amazon.

Key Offers I Share in This Article

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  2. Helium 10 FREE Trial + Discounts

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Subscription Choices for Helium 10

Helium 10 is offered as a subscription service with four tiers of price.

Here is a quick rundown of each:

Free Plan

This plan grants limited access to most of the Helium 10 features.

You can get it for free here, including some discounts inside.

If you want to know what exactly the Helium 10 free trial offers, read my detailed blog post about the Helium 10 free plan.

Starter Plan

Priced at $29 a month (with the yearly plan), or $39 with the monthly, the Helium 10 Starter plan offers limited access to its features.

The main benefit of this play is the Freedom Ticket Course 3.0 course by Kevin King, which is included for free in the Starter plan.

You are welcome to read my Freedom Ticket review.

Or watch it below.

You also get unlimited usage of the
Helium 10 Xray Chrome extension, which is awesome for product research and validation.

Learn how to use the Helium 10 Chrome extension in my detailed blog post.

Another big benefit is full access to the Profits tool by Helium 10, which allows you to track your profitability on Amazon.

It is quite an essential tool if you actually want to make money on Amazon.

Platinum Plan

A must-have solution for growing Amazon FBA sellers, the Platinum Plan is priced at $84/month (with the yearly plan), and $99/month with the monthly.

It's reasonable for novices and those who wish to begin selling on Amazon in the near future.

Even for advanced sellers, the Platinum plan is a wonderful deal.

Here too, you get full single-user access but with various advanced features as compared to those offered in the Starter plan.

My Related Blog Post & Video: Helium 10 Starter vs Platinum Plan - Compared in Depth

Diamond Plan

The Diamond plan costs $209 a month (with the yearly plan), and $249 with the monthly.

It is the perfect solution for expert sellers and teams looking to scale their trade business.

Although Platinum is the most popular Helium 10 plan, this one is more prominent thanks to the bundle of features it comes with.

Another plus point of the Diamond plan is that it supports multi-user login.

Many people can log into the same account from different places worldwide.

So, if you have multiple virtual assistants or partners that require access to Helium 10, you can add them to your account as users with their own unique credentials.

Thus, there would be no chance of a security breach.

I also have a blog post that compares
Helium 10 Platinum vs Helium 10 Diamond.

In addition, the Diamond plan provides greater usability for each of the Platinum plan's features.

Thus, essentially, the Diamond plan is more significant than the Platinum plan in terms of how many keywords you track, how many products you can follow, or how many ASINs you are looking to cover.

If you have an extensive account with more products or a significant portfolio, Diamond is definitely for you.

This was a brief of each plan by Helium 10, but if you seek more information, I suggest you visit the Helium 10 pricing page.

Another less known plan to mention is the Helium 10 Elite plan, it's the top of them all.

$399 per month.

Includes all that's in the other plans, and more!

Helium 10 Free Trial + Discounts

I have two unique discount coupons for you.

The initial value is VOVA6M20.

If you enter this coupon code at checkout, Helium 10 will provide a 20% discount on your first subscription.

And, it will be valid for up to six months.

Next, there is VOVA10.

This coupon offers a 10% discount on monthly recurring purchases.

VOVA10 is the best option if you're looking for a long-term investment.

Or, if you want annual access, check out through me and Helium 10 will provide you with a two-month free service for a yearly fee.

Remember, the codes only work with the Platinum and Diamond plans.

To take advantage of any of these deals, just click on the image below:

helium 10 discounts

Note: The discount codes aren't applicable on the Starter plan of Helium 10 because the company offers no discounts for it.

What Does the Starter Plan Offer

As I mentioned before, the Starter plan just includes the bare minimum.

Thus, if you are just starting off, it's a great resource for you to understand the inner workings of Amazon.

However, I wouldn't recommend using it if you already sell or plan to sell in the market.

The reason is very obvious: the limited access to only a few Helium 10 features.

Here's a detailed rundown of what you get with the Helium 10 Starter plan:

Account Features

Freedom Ticket FBA Training

It is basically the A-Z Amazon course by Kevin King (a well-respected seller in the Amazon community).

The course is fully available for you for only $39 a month, or $29 a month if you choose the yearly plan.

The good news is, it now also features a full course for Walmart sellers!

I also welcome you to read about Helium 10 tools for Walmart.

Monthly Expert Training

This training is only available for the Diamond plan.

You'll get Amazon/Walmart training from industry-leading experts.

Number of Users

Only the Diamond plan lets you connect up to 3 users to your Helium 10 account.

The Starter plan offers you only one account spot.

Connecting users means letting other people use your Helium 10 account without sharing the password.

Just think about it; partners, virtual assistants, etc., would be working alongside you at the same time! 

Amazon PPC Academy

The Amazon PPC Academy is an in-depth training by Helium 10 that teaches you a lot about Amazon PPC.

Currently, this training is not available for Starter plan subscribers and is only offered to Platinum users.

Connected Seller Accounts

You can enjoy up to 2 Amazon accounts connected to one Helium 10 account with the Starter plan.

Product Research

Black Box

The Helium 10 Black Box tool gives you the option to do product research with Helium 10.

It has a massive catalog of products you can pull from Amazon using different criteria.

For example, if you want to see products with over 70 reviews and between 10,000 and 20,000 monthly sales, you can input this information into Black Box's user-friendly dashboard.

It will just take a few seconds to extract the identical items for you.

The Starter Helium 10 plan allows you to use Black Box up to 20 times a day.

Learn how to use Helium 10 Black Box for Amazon product research here. Or watch the video below.


Trendster provides insight into the sales performance of Amazon products.

Let's say you've decided to sell in either the printers or the barbecues niche.

Trendster would allow you to evaluate them and make an informed decision.

So, if the niche of printers is waning and the niche of barbecues is gaining momentum, you will be able to see the same through the Trendster graphs.

The Starter plan of Helium 10 gives you 30-day limited access to this feature.

Xray for Amazon and Walmart

Xray is one of the best Chrome extensions for Amazon FBA sellers.

You can use it to find better products to sell on Amazon.

It lets you validate products that you want to sell and allows you to scan different niches.

The good part is, the Starter plan provides unrestricted Xray usage for Amazon.

My Related Blog Post: How To Download & Install Helium 10 Chrome Extension For Free

Like Amazon, Walmart is another popular marketplace where people buy and sell goods.

The Starter Helium 10 plan entitles you to 50 Walmart launches of Xray extension, making it a sound investment option.

Here's a full tutorial of Helium 10 XRay for you!

Keyword Research

Magnet for Amazon and Walmart

Magnet is a part of keyword research.

As its name implies, Magnet extracts all the new, high-volume keywords pertinent to your product.

So, you can use these keywords in your product listing to improve its chances of ranking well.

The Starter plan supports limited Magnet usage on both marketplaces.

Cerebro for Amazon and Walmart

Cerebro is another keyword research tool, but unlike Magnet, it allows you to steal terms from your competitors.

This is a very powerful function since it allows you to pinpoint the origin of the traffic.

Cerebro is also offered for restricted access (two uses per day) for both marketplaces.

But, in my opinion, this isn't enough to build a substantial listing.


The next one is the Misspellinator. It allows you to check for misspelled keywords on Amazon.

For example, when someone types a kitchen knife without adding the “e” at the end, it will technically be counted as a mistake.

However, just because someone has searched the product with a typo, it will still become a keyword (if Amazon doesn't autocorrect it).

Likewise, there are hundreds of thousands of such mistakes that happen every day.

Just imagine what traffic you’ll generate if you could identify such misspelled keywords!  

Misspellinator lets you do exactly the same.

Many sellers don't use such spelling mistakes in their keyword listings.

They don’t take this advantage.

However, now that you know this, you really should add these spelling mistakes to your listings.

Then you'll be able to rank even better.

Spelling mistakes depend on the niche; some niches have more misspellings and some lesser.

It depends on how hard it is to write the specific keyword.

You can get 20 uses of this tool per day with the Starter plan.

Reminder to Avail My Exclusive Discount Offer

Before we jump onto another salient feature of the Helium 10 Starter plan, here’s my offer you should keep in your mind if you want to save big on Helium 10:

  1. Use code VOVA6M20 to get an exclusive 20% off for the first six months.

  2. Use code VOVA10 to get a lifetime discount of 10% on each purchase. 

Listing Optimization


Frankenstein allows you to filter your keywords. Once you run all keywords through Magnet and Cerebro, you can use Frankenstein to get a more refined version of them.

This tool identifies repeated and redundant terms from keywords and eliminates them itself.

You can use it for 30 days with the Starter plan.   


Remember that it will be very hard for you to use if you haven’t got keywords from Magnet and Cerebro.

That’s why to use Frankenstein effectively, it is important to have enough keywords in your hands first.


Scribbles is a tool for the optimization of your keyword listings.

It helps you accumulate keywords with high search volume that you can use in product titles and descriptions.

It’s a highly recommended tool to build strong keyword listings.

In the Starter plan, you can use it for 30 days.  

This tool is not for hunting keywords.

You can use Magnet or Cerebro or other tools for that.

However, you will eventually need to optimize these keyword listings, and Scribbles is really an effective tool for that.

Index Checker

The next one is the Index Checker.

This tool will allow you to ensure your keywords are perfectly indexed on Amazon.

For instance, let's say you've got keywords like ‘kitchen knife’ and ‘stainless steel shears’ in your listings.

However, you don’t know if these keywords are rightly indexed for your product category and driving traffic to your products.

Enter your product ASIN and these keywords in Index Checker and it will prove a befitting antidote for your issue.  

The tool allows you to check if your products are indexed in the category you want them to be or not.

You won’t be able to get significant traffic to your products in case it’s not indexed.

That’s why Index Checker is one of the most crucial tools.

You can use this tool six times a month with the Starter plan.

Quite limited, right?

Listing Analyzer

The next one is the Listing Analyzer.

Using this tool, you can analyze any listing on Amazon to see how well it is built and structured.

In the Starter plan, you can use the Listing Analyzer two times every month.

For that reason, this tool is a handy one for those who analyze a listing once a day every month.

It might not be that good for those who search for a new niche every day. 

Listing Analyzer will help you understand if your listing is well-optimized.

It will also give you an idea about how well your competition is doing in this regard.

Listing Builder

Listing Builder is a tool similar to Scribbles, with enhanced features.

You can build your listing inside it.

I am still using Scribbles because I am used to it.

With the Starter plan, you can have 30 days of usage for this tool.

Limited, honestly.



In Operations, the first thing you have is Alerts.

This tool will show you the changes on your listings, should they occur.

The changes it will alert you about include the size of the product, product changes, or any suspicious activity on your Amazon profile.

It will instantly detect such changes and send you alerts for them.

It grants you up to 2 ASINs with the Starter plan.

Not bad for a beginner with one or two products, if you ask me.

There is a similar alerts tool by Jungle Scout. And one more by Sellerboard.

Tap the links on the left to learn more about the other alert tools.

Inventory Protector

The Inventory Protector is fully usable and helps you set up protection against coupon abuse.

Sometimes, while setting up coupon deals on Amazon you might make a mistake and have your coupon distributed to TOO many people, which might cause you to lose a lot of money.

I did this mistake myself in the past, but you should use this tool to prevent such folly in the future.

Refund Genie

The next one is Refund Genie which will be your assistant in getting reimbursed from Amazon.

In your career, it will be inevitable to have your business go smoothly.

Amazon constantly loses or breaks your products (by mistake).

The seasoned seller reading this would know how difficult it is to get a reasonable reimbursement for that error.  

However, Refund Genie has made the reimbursement process really effortless.

It automatically generates monthly reports about the losses/damages if you incur any.

You can download these reports and use them to file a request for reimbursement to the team at Amazon.

Read more about this tool in the 'getting reimbursed from Amazon' blog post above.

Or you can simply watch my video on the same topic.

My Related Blog Post: 3 Tips For Amazon FBA Refund Reimbursements

Follow Up

The Follow Up tool allows you to send automatic post-purchase emails to Amazon customers.

It's currently not available in the Starter plan.

Inventory Management

The next one is Inventory Management.

Suppose you have products on Amazon, and you are selling them already.

In that case, it is obvious you will need to know when to order new inventory, and when you're running out of stock.

Inventory Management will help you with that.

Although it is good if you make such important decisions based on your calculations.

But it can also be risky. Humans make errors, but machines rarely do so.

That’s why Inventory Management can be your go-to tool.

It is helpful because if your lead time for a product is 60 days and you are selling ten units per day, the tool will tell you when you are going to be sold out.

This prior knowledge of your inventory will help you plan for the future accordingly. 

Another tool that can greatly help you with this is the Jungle Scout Inventory Manager.

Cool, isn’t it?

This is something you will get for 30 days with the Starter plan.

With Inventory Management, you can potentially not only make but also save lots of bucks.

Business Valuation

This tool helps you understand the price of your business, based on your sales and other criteria.

This, too, is not available for the Starter plan for now.


Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker allows you to track your keywords’ positions.

For example, if you want to see how good you are doing in your keywords game, simply open this tool and you’ll have everything -- graphs, sheets, charts, riddled with important stats -- that you need to ensure the validity of your keywords.

You can track up to 20 keywords with the Starter.

A nice similar version of this tool is Jungle Scout Keyword Tracker, and ZonGuru Keyword Tracker.

Keyword Tracker For Walmart

The same tool, just for Walmart sellers.

However, it's not available with the Starter plan.

Market Tracker

The Market Tracker is our next tool in Analytics.

With this tool, you can see how different markets are performing.

You can essentially check the market in a pie-like diagram.

However, you can use this tool with limited access to your Starter plan.

Here's a detailed video of this tool for you.

You are also welcome to read my Helium 10 Market Tracker tutorial post.


The next one is Profits.

With the help of this tool, you'll see how your business is doing profit-wise.

The stats extracted from this tool will allow you to plan your expenses and many other things accordingly.  

Profits allows you to see an overview of your profits on Amazon (or Walmart, with 90-day limit).

Fortunately, it has got no limits for Amazon.

That's one of the core benefits of the Starter plan.

You can analyze which of your products is doing the best and which is worst.

Having this kind of knowledge is truly a power that you can leverage to scale your business.

Suppose you are selling rolling chairs.

Now, without Profits, you won’t be able to keep records and see if you are actually making money.

But with this state-of-the-art tool, you can actually see all the stats of your products.

The stats will be available in the shape of sheets, diagrams, wheels, etc.

It is similar to Jungle Scout Sales Analytics tool.

Profits For Walmart

This one is similar to the Profits tool for Amazon.

With the Starter plan, you can use Profits for Walmart for 90 days.



Adtomic will help you with your PPC on Amazon (analytics and management), which is something not included in the Starter plan. 

Amazon sellers usually have a hard time with Amazon PPC.

However, with Adtomic, they will be able to understand and work on their PPC in a much more comfortable way.

Find my insightful conversation with Jelena Nuhanovic from Amazonia PPC on the topic of Amazon PPC here:

Amazon Attribution

The Amazon Attribution tool helps you manage your Amazon attribution links that allow you to track the performance of your OFF Amazon marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, this tool is currently not available with the Starter.

Portals Landing Page Builder

Portals tool helps you create landing pages that you can refer your customers to.

We create landing pages in a bid to lead people to share their reviews of our products on Amazon.

It's not available with the Starter.

Portals QR Code Generator

With the QR Code generator, you'll be able to create QR codes that you'll be able to print on your product insert cards.

Or you'll actually be able to use the QR codes anywhere you want :)

You can get one code, with 100 scans per month with the Starter plan.

Portals Product Inserts

I previously mention product inserts, right?

Well, Helium 10 provides you with premade insert cards that have a proven success rate in lead generation.

Unfortunately, it's not available for the Starter.


If this article was able to solve your doubt about the Starter plan of Helium 10, don't forget to read more Amazon FBA related stuff on my Amazon FBA blog.

There are many similar expert guides awaiting you there.

I also discuss the highly-recommended tools for Amazon sellers there which can boost your business.

You can also check out my Udemy courses which are currently helping tens of thousands of students worldwide.

Also, whenever you feel convinced to start using Helium 10, my two exclusive and exciting discount coupons will be there to help you kick-start your journey.

You can use code “VOVA6M20” to get an exclusive 20% off for the first six months.

And “VOVA10” to get a lifetime discount of 10% on each purchase.

You can access the free trial of Helium 10 and discounts by clicking

Cheers! Or simply tap the picture below.


helium 10 free trial and discounts


Vova :)

P.S - Looking for Helium 10 alternatives? Here you go :)

Table of Contents
  1. Helium 10 Starter Plan – Is it Worth the Cost or a Waste of Money?
    1. Subscription Choices for Helium 10
    2. Helium 10 Free Trial + Discounts
    3. What Does the Starter Plan Offer
    4. Account Features
    5. Product Research
    6. Keyword Research
    7. Reminder to Avail My Exclusive Discount Offer
    8. Listing Optimization
    9. Operations
    10. Analytics
    11. Marketing
    12. Conclusion

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)