What Is The Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course?

Vova Even Dec 07, 2022
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what is helium 10 freedom ticket

What does the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course by Kevin King Have to Offer to Amazon Sellers? 


Hi there! I am Vova Even and I am glad to welcome you to my blog. Been selling on Amazon since 2016, woah, it's been a while now, lol. It’s been a pleasure sharing my Amazon journey with you along with my knowledge, tips and tricks on how you can achieve the same on Amazon. My YouTube channel and Udemy courses have been lucrative platforms in that regard. 


Today, I am going to introduce something that will change your perspective once and for all, especially if you are preparing or already selling on Amazon. 


I will be reviewing Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course by Kevin King in this blog. It has personally helped me in polishing my selling skills and upgrading my knowledge base, and I feel enormously excited to share this extraordinary course with you all.  

So, let’s start! :)

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In this age of technology, the internet is the biggest wonder ever created, which has further given birth to other wondrous things. Ecommerce is one of them. Ecommerce relies on technology and the internet to stay afloat and is a vast goldmine that holds opportunities for everyone.

As we all know, Amazon is the most significant eCommerce marketplace that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to be their own bosses. They use their Amazon FBA business model to create an atmosphere for sellers to earn the salaries they dreamt of and earn financial freedom.

Honestly, not many make it. Business ain't an easy game. Anyhow, I still fully do believe in your success, so let's goooo!

To see the landing page of the Freedom Ticket course, with all the info about it,
click here.

Freedom Ticket by Kevin King and Helium 10

Freedom ticket is an excellent choice when it comes to Amazon FBA courses. Kevin King, who has been ruling the roost on Amazon for the last 20 years, is the creator of this informative course and also leads as an instructor in all the modules. Throughout the years, Kevin has earned ample wealth of knowledge which he also displays in the course content.

When you take the Freedom Ticket FBA course, there are many things to look forward to. As a new seller, you will find the instructor's tone and information quite resourceful. The instructions will be easy to follow and understand. And if you are taking the course as a seasoned seller, you will learn new methods to take your business to the next level.

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Kevin aims to bring you from zero to hero. This means getting closer to your dreams of having an Amazon store and helping it grow enough to keep you financially happy. Although this course is for all and sundry, beginners who want to start selling on Amazon should try this course.

Course instructor King goes deep into the Amazon FBA Business model and how it works in his Freedom Ticket course. He teaches new and seasoned sellers how to build and scale their businesses and get more profits. He lectures on product research, ppc advertising, product launching, marketing, dealing with suppliers, and more.

I have a detailed video review of the course and its contents. Check it out here.

Freedom Ticket Creator: Kevin King

Kevin King is one of the most prominent figures in the Amazon seller market. In his journey of 20 years, Kevin has achieved a firm grasp of the Amazon market. His journey on the platform began in 2015, and since then, he has established, obtained, and sold products on this marketplace and has been widely successful. Whenever FBA business comes under discussion, Kevin is the first person to come to my mind. 

King has amassed vast information over the years and is currently regarded as one of the most knowledgeable lecturers on the Amazon FBA business model. He can communicate complex ideas. Kevin King makes learning fun and interactive at all times. He is among the most in-demand guest instructors on some of the most popular Amazon FBA courses worldwide.

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Freedom Ticket is the brainchild of Kevin King. It is a proper orientation for other sellers, whether beginners or advanced. His enormous experience is the basis of the Freedom Ticket Amazon seller training course. If taken and acted upon properly, the course can help sellers understand the resources they need to become successful in their various endeavors on Amazon.

Kevin’s course is a comprehensive Amazon beginner’s guide that gives students ideas on building a real-time Amazon business from scratch. It offers helpful tips, the issues new sellers might encounter, and the answers on how to overcome those issues while achieving success on Amazon.

Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review

The Freedom Ticket course consists of eight weeks of video, images and written content. Students can attend the course as per schedule which many consider a meaningful move from King since this saves students from watching the content in one go.

However, if you like binge-watching content, you can get all the modules together, but that will cost more. This course also introduces other Helium 10 experts like Bradley Sutton.

The material is more than 30 hours long with 60+ videos. The module also consists of downloadable notes that students can take help from in the future. Handouts about essential topics like accounting and product sourcing are also available in the course.

You can get access to Freedom Ticket as a separate $997 purchase, or get it for free as part of the paid Helium 10 plans. You can read more about Helium 10 pricing plans

The cheapest way to get Freedom Ticket is by investing in the Starter plan by Helium 10. That'd be only $39 a month.

You can read more about this plan

Below are some videos of Helium 10 Freedom Ticket vs other courses.

This one is The Last Amazon Course vs Freedom Ticket.

And this one below is Freedom Ticket Vs Amazing Selling Machine. You can also read about it in my blog post here.

Freedom Ticket Course Review (Week by Week)

Week 1 – Intro to Selling on Amazon

The first week is all about introducing the Freedom Ticket Training by Helium 10. It concentrates on the opportunities entrepreneurs can avail themselves of on Amazon. Kevin explains, in this part, how you could make extra cash on Amazon.

Kevin mentions the different terms on Amazon and how much money you need to start and have a successful experience on Amazon. Beginners get an overview of the Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 packages and how they can aid their Amazon careers. 

You have the option to access the first module for free by clicking here.

Week 2 – Basics of Amazon Selling

Week two consists of learning basic business requirements. This includes business formation, insurance, trademarks, etc. You will learn to use Amazon Seller Central and apply for a brand registry on Amazon. You will also learn to brand your products, improve customer loyalty, and determine what to expect once you start selling on Amazon.

You'll also learn about hiring virtual assistants (that can help you run your business) and why Kevin even created this course.

Week 3 – All About Money

The third week is more interesting since Kevin tells you things you should know prior to starting to sell on Amazon. You get an idea about unexpected returns if you invest a significant amount in your business and the actual numbers. Then cash flow, bookkeeping, business valuation, and exit. He ends the lesson by showing some of his products.

Week 4 – Finding a Product to Sell

The fourth week is regarding your choice of a product to sell successfully. You will also see Helium 10 product research tools in action here.

By the way, Helium 10 has a special free trial and discounts codes! Learn more about it

helium 10 free trial discounts

This module consists of information that helps you with finding the best products to sell on Amazon. You will learn about performing product research, choosing less crowded products, and standing out from your competition in the niche. You will also learn about evaluating products and using spreadsheets for an effortless product research experience.

You'll also learn how to use Helium 10 Black Box for product research. I have a blog post dedicated to this cool tool for you here. Below is a video that shows you how to use it, step by step. Good stuff.

Week 5 – Getting Your Product Made

This week contains a lot of essential information about selling on Amazon. King tells you about product sourcing, leading you to find a profitable Chinese supplier or any other country of your liking.

There are lessons surrounding negotiations and paying reasonably for products. You will understand how to develop a unique product, and the week will end with videos on sourcing from anywhere in the world.

Week 6 – Freight & Logistics

Week six features the world of logistics and shipping products to Amazon. This will give you information about shipping products, their methods, the problems that can occur during this, and the solutions for such issues.

You will be provided with a step-by-step video that shows how to create a shipment inside Seller Central. You will also learn how to work with prep centers and third-party logistic warehouses to store your goods, which is unquestionable in this day and age.

I also have a beneficial course that's free on the topic of logistics for Amazon. You'll find it on my YouTube channel right here. I have created it with Amit Rosenthal from Rosenthal Logistics.

Week 7 – How to Make Sales on Amazon

The seventh module gives you information about making sales on Amazon and helps you run your business smoothly. You will be given insight into A9 search algorithms and create better product listings, so they are found easily on the Amazon website.

You will learn about product ranking and terms like impressions, conversion rate, clickthrough, and of course, keywords. You will be told about finding the best keywords for your listing using the Helium 10 Cerebro tool. I also have a video on Helium 10 Cerebro, with all the latest techniques. Watch it on my YouTube channel right here below.

Week 8 – How To Create Your Sales Page

This is my favorite topic that helps you create your listing or sales page which works 24/7. This module teaches you to create a listing that changes browsers to genuine buyers of your products. The important things that you learn in this module are titles, bullet points, product descriptions, back-end keywords, A+ content, product images, product videos, and more!

You will gain insights on keyword optimization with the Helium 10 Frankenstein tool and how to efficiently use the Listing Builder in creating a listing.

If you want to learn extra techniques for Amazon listing optimization,
here's a free course for you which covers this topic from A-Z. I show in this course how to create a dynamite Amazon listing, from scratch. Enjoy!

Week 9 – Launching Your Product

This module will teach you about launching your product successfully using various tactics like discounts, coupons, press releases, Amazon posts, Amazon live, secret URLs, Influencers, chatbots, and much more! This module discusses these tactics and techniques thoroughly to choose the best ones for you.

Week 10 – Using Amazon Advertising

This last module teaches you how to promote your products on Amazon using PPC (Pay Per Click Amazon ads). You can show ads against various keywords, which people can click. If you get a click, and then a sale, then that's great. However, if you don't, you are paid for the click anyway.

You learn about the various types of PPC campaigns and how to get profitable results while investing money in your PPC ads.

You'll also see how to use Helium 10's Adtomic tool for Amazon PPC optimization. There's also a Helium 10 Certification Test at the end of the module.

Freedom Ticket Price

The Freedom Ticket course has immense pricing flexibility compared to other Amazon FBA courses. There are three ways to get a Freedom Ticket membership.

First Option: Freedom Ticket Standalone Access

You must pay a one-time fee of $997 for the standalone access.

Second Option: Helium 10 Membership With Freedom Ticket (Starter Plan)

The second option is subscribing to the monthly plan of Helium 10. This is the Starter plan which is considered to be the best option and is priced at $39 a month.

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Third Option: Helium 10 Membership With Freedom Ticket (Platinum and Diamond Plans)

The third option costs more, but grants full access to the Freedom Ticket course. You can freely access the course if you subscribe to the Platinum or Diamond plans of Helium 10. You also get various other tools with these packages, unlike the Starter plan, which gives access to limited tools.

You can read a detailed blog post about Helium 10 Platinum Vs Diamond plans

FREE Discount Coupons to get Freedom Ticket Course

To get discounts on your Helium 10 account, use the code “VOVA6M20” to get 20% off on your first six months and “VOVA10” to get 10% off every month forever. Or simply click here to get the discounts!

Bottom Line: Is Freedom Ticket Worth It?

You'll need all the assistance you can obtain as a newcomer in the Amazon FBA industry. And there is no more excellent resource for that assistance than Kevin King's Freedom Ticket Amazon course.

It has been demonstrated to be a valuable course for new and experienced sellers. Considering the partnership with the Helium 10 suite, the Freedom Ticket course offers good value for the money.

Every seller should have Helium 10 in their toolbox since it is a tremendous weapon that helps with Amazon success. When you combine it with training that shows you how to use it, your potential as a seller turns out to be practically endless.

Lastly, Amazon is a constantly evolving market that is getting better each day, just like how Freedom Ticket by Kevin King is continuously improved to match contemporary demands. Therefore, it is indispensable that you have a trusted friend like the Freedom Ticket course while setting a voyage toward the unknown waters of the Amazon market.

So, excited to take the Freedom Ticket course? Well, it’s always been exciting for me to discuss this topic. I have provided all the details that I knew above. If you want to know more about Freedom Ticket and other things about Helium 10 or Amazon FBA, I have a few free Udemy courses for you that you can take. Or you can simply read my blogs on my website.

I wish you all the best!


Vova :)

P.S - For more Amazon FBA Course reviews, watch my YouTube playlist