Do You Really Need An Amazon FBA Course To Succeed?

Vova Even Dec 29, 2022
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Disclosure: Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :) 

Can You Be Successful On Amazon Without Taking Amazon FBA Course Or Is It Necessary To Take A Course?

Let’s start this article with a few simple questions;

Do you really need an Amazon FBA course to be successful on Amazon? 

Is a course really helpful in guiding you to success?

Is it just a redundant and unnecessary undertaking, a waste of time? 

Well, my honest and straightforward answer to these simple questions is.

Not necessarily.

Why do I think so? 

I will explain it in this article in a bit and give my honest opinion regarding Amazon FBA Course, but let me first introduce myself to the new readers. 

I am Vova Even. If you’re new here, you’d already have guessed that my expertise lies in selling on Amazon. 

I have been a seller since 2016, after successfully establishing my business in the Amazon marketplace, I created a YouTube channel and Udemy courses to help new sellers achieve their dreams. 

Now let’s kick start our discussion for today! Oh, by the way, if you are usually more interested in watching video guides than reading blogs, I am attaching my YouTube video for the same topic down here. Learn in your own way! :)

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  1. My 1 Dollar Course Video Review

  2. The Last Amazon Course Landing Page

  3. My Freedom Ticket Course Video Review

  4. Freedom Ticket Course Landing Page

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Why Don’t You Really Need a Course? 

As I earlier mentioned, you don’t really need an Amazon FBA course. 

I believe so because the internet has become so wide in its scope that now there’s everything about everything that you want to learn. 

In our case, you can find unlimited stuff on how to start selling on Amazon, how to conduct product research, what niche you should choose, etc., and that too for FREE! 

There is a lot of informative and helpful content available on YouTube, Udemy, and everywhere else to at least give you proper know-how about selling on Amazon. 

If one is willing and committed to learning, he or she can take huge advantage of these learning platforms. You can find any basic information for free if you are someone who is just getting started on Amazon.

You can also learn via a full and free course.

You might be thinking… So wait, Vova, do you mean I don’t really need an Amazon FBA course to get started? 

Yes exactly! 

That’s what I said earlier you can do well even without a course. It’s not difficult to learn the basics, to be honest. Let me explain how. 

If you are just getting started, you can go on Google and type What is Amazon FBA and tons of comprehensive articles will appear in your search results which you can read to learn what exactly is the Amazon business model. 

It is important to know that because Amazon FBA is completely different from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. 

You can conduct the same research on YouTube as well. This little research will help you understand if Amazon FBA really is your thing or if you might opt for something different. 

In this way, you will not only save yourself from wasting your money, but you will be giving yourself the right direction to proceed. 

This research won’t help you in figuring out everything, but you will know all the basics, and that’s what matters the most at the start. You will be able to create a seller account on your own, find your own products, and do many other things by taking help from Google and YouTube where content creators like me are always there to help you. 

However, while you can survive on Amazon without any course, there are certainly some advantages of taking an Amazon FBA course. 

Let me discuss the benefits of taking a course in detail in the following paragraphs: 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Amazon FBA Course

Let me sum up what I said previously: it’s not necessary to take an Amazon FBA course to start your business on Amazon, but it can really be helpful if you kick-start your career with a detailed and step-by-step course. 

It is because, in the first place, you don’t really know the chronological order to start your operations. 

You might end up investing lots of money without any fruitful results. That is where the course can come in very handy. The courses usually have steps set in chronological order. 

You first take very basic steps and then gradually proceed toward advanced steps. There would be less confusion and you probably will not have to use Google or YouTube to find answers. 

I am going to suggest a few Amazon FBA courses later in this article from where you can choose what is suitable for you. The courses have varying prices; some are free and some cost thousands. I would recommend choosing an affordable course that offers the basics of starting a business on Amazon. 

Investing in an expensive course might also be a good idea because it will make you more committed to learning and earning quickly. My personal experience is that cheaper courses somehow make us sluggish in completing them but because we put a lot of money into expensive ones, we tend to make the most of them. So… be wise here :)

You have to learn to value even free information. Please. It will help you in life.

Also, while you can master the basics with cheaper courses, the advantage of expensive courses is they have multiple features. For example, there might be a private membership where you can interact with the mentor one-on-one. Or group coaching.

Another advantage is the community where sellers (or course takers) interact with each other, share their problems and get solutions easily.

Usually, the mentors are also part of these communities and they love to engage with members to resolve their confusion regarding the business. 

Let me now give you two basic recommendations for the Amazon FBA course: 

Amazon FBA Course Recommendation

  1. The Last Amazon Course by Brock Johnson:

This course comprises 375 videos, totaling 40 hours of content which is led by Brock Johnson himself, a renowned figure in the Amazon selling business. 

The course is called The Last Amazon Course and it provides great value. It follows a step-by-step method for new sellers and will teach you everything about selling on Amazon for beginners.

There is also tons of information available for advanced sellers which makes this course very unique and affordable. Interestingly, this course is only available for $1!

Get it

You can watch my review of this course right here on my YouTube channel:


  1. Freedom Ticket Course by Kevin King

Kevin King is a very well-known, successful seller in the Amazon sellers’ fraternity. His course too follows a step-by-step module system and has total content of about 30 hours. 

It is available at $997 for everyone, but it comes FREE with the Helium 10 plans.

Helium 10 is a suite of tools for Amazon sellers.

Get your
Helium 10 free trial + discounts here.

Kevin is a respected personality for all his contributions to the Amazon sellers community. He always has trips and tricks up his sleeve. This course is also recommended for advanced sellers. 

Get the course

If you want to read about it, I have a full review of the course here on my blog.

I also have a detailed review on my YouTube for this course as well which you can check out right here: 

These two courses can really be ideal for you if you are new to the Amazon space. You can also get similar courses on Udemy, YouTube, and other websites. My courses are also available on Udemy for FREE, which I have already mentioned at the start. These courses are not without any fruit as they can be really helpful in guiding you through initial hiccups and confusion. 

While choosing a course, always keep your eyes open for checking the recommendations or reviews. 

They will aid you in knowing if that course is for you or if you can do better without it. Some courses might be cheaper but will have bad reviews. Other courses might be a little expensive but they will have good reviews.

Talking about more expensive courses, check out my review of Amazing Selling Machine
here. This course is expensive. It has tons of value but truly is expensive.

Anyhow, reviews can also be designed to prove the authenticity of the course, so my point here is, to be extra-vigilant while choosing the course. It will help you get something worthy. 

My recommendation is to opt for cheaper courses in the beginning; they not only help you save money but also educate you about the very basics of selling on Amazon.

You can invest in a more expensive course later. Or just go with an expensive one straight away. As you feel comfy.

Now, let’s discuss the advanced courses for Amazon FBA. 

Advanced Courses & Resources for Amazon FBA

It is understandable that you cannot advance in a field until and unless you don’t learn it to an advanced level. 

Take a doctor, for example. He or she cannot be a good doctor by only studying the basics of Biology. Of course, they will have to do in-depth study about medicine, medical practice, and all these related things along with practice to be a good doctor. If you are a football player, you can only progress by practicing and learning advanced techniques to make your wildest dreams come true. 

Similarly, if you want to be an accomplished seller on Amazon, you will have to eventually take advanced courses. Learning basics is definitely a prerequisite to getting started on Amazon. But if you get stuck on the basics only, your experience, exposure, and success will be very limited. 

There are many other ways you can learn advanced techniques of Amazon FBA. 

There are mastermind groups of sellers who share their experiences, problems, tips, and tricks with all group members. You can learn more about the mastermind that I am a part of, called Ecom Brand Builder mastermind.

Mention my name if you ever apply, and I’ll cya there!

You can learn from us, or you can simply create a group of sellers of your own level.

It will help you learn as everyone in the group will share their experience, problems, and their solutions. We all experience things in different ways and that’s why it can be really the best thing for your learning. 

Coming back to the topic, advanced courses are really important for your success on Amazon.

An advanced course might go deeper into one topic on Amazon, say PPC. Or an advanced course on listing optimization. Etc.

For example, I do my own copywriting on Amazon. I write my own listings and other sorts of things relevant to my business. But I won’t recommend it to you unless you are passionate about writing and learning copywriting. I had taken a few courses on copywriting and storytelling so if you don't want that, you might have to hire someone to do that part for you.    

Final Words

I believe that success anywhere, no matter what industry you are in, can only be guaranteed with constant efforts. 

Amazon FBA is no exception. You need to be consistent in this space and constantly learn from your mistakes in order to create your empire. 

Although you can achieve many things by running a business on your own, you cannot be a lone wolf if you want to bag enormous success on Amazon. 

You will always need a good coach or two and that’s where the courses come in. They can fill the loopholes in your career in order for you to progress. 

Registering for such a course means you are under the supervision of the mentor and he or she will be responsible for your success or failures.

If you are looking for a course with mentorship, watch my review of The FBA Start-Up below.

If you ever decide to join,
use this link to book a free call, and please kindly mention my name, Vova, and you’ll get a free logo design + branding guideline package for your business.

You can ask for their advice on any matter where you feel stuck and they will cordially respond to help you rescue yourself from your problem. 

Finally, do not underestimate the power of Amazon FBA courses, ever! 

I am signing off for today. If you loved this article and want more such informative pieces, you are welcome to my blog where I’ve got some good stuff for you.

And also, whenever you decide to start selling on Amazon, don’t forget to try my FREE Udemy courses. They are pretty lucrative resources for new as well as senior sellers. 

Till next time, bye!


Vova :)

Disclosure:  Hi! It's Vova :) Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. I get a commission if you purchase after clicking on the link, this does not cost you more money, and many times I can even get a nice discount for you. This helps me keep the content free forever. For you. Thank you! :)