Helium 10 Starter Vs Platinum Plan – Compared in Depth

Vova Even Jun 11, 2024
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Helium 10 Starter vs. Platinum Plan – Compared in Depth
Table of Contents
  1. Helium 10 Starter vs Platinum Plans – Which One You Should Consider Purchasing?
    1. The Cost Analysis of Helium 10 Starter vs Platinum Plan
    2. Head-to-Head Comparison of Helium 10 Starter and Platinum Plans
    3. Product Research
    4. Keyword Research
    5. Listing Optimization
    6. Operations
    7. Analytics
    8. Marketing
    9. Additional Perks
    10. Learning
    11. The Bottom Line

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Helium 10 Starter vs Platinum Plans – Which One You Should Consider Purchasing?

Hi, my name is Vova Even, and I have been an active Amazon seller since 2016.

I also share tutorials, hacks, and trade secrets on YouTube and Udemy.

My goal is to help new as well as advanced Amazon FBA sellers save money and grow consistently.

Whether a novice beginner or an advanced seller on Amazon, you need a powerful tool like Helium 10.

It helps you increase your product ranking and profit margins.

But for optimal results, you need to subscribe to one of its plans.

So, which Helium 10 pricing model is preferable?

The Helium 10 Starter plan or the Helium 10 Platinum plan?

In this article, I will compare both plans head-to-head, starting with their pricing and costing.

Later, I'll talk about the features of these plans, helping you understand which one is better and why.

I'll also share some discounts and coupon codes that will help you save some bucks on the purchase of Helium 10.

Sounds interesting? Let's get started!

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The Cost Analysis of Helium 10 Starter vs Platinum Plan

The Starter plan of Helium 10 is the most basic pricing plan, costing $39 a month.

Whereas the Platinum pricing plan, which is the best-selling plan of Helium 10, costs $99 per month.

It's expensive compared to the Starter, but that's because it offers several additional features.

I'll cover them all later in this article.

Now, if you plan to be billed on a yearly basis, Helium 10 supports that as well.

As such, the Starter plan will cost around $348, or $29 a month, with a direct discount of $120.

Likewise, the Platinum plan will cost around $1,008/year, or $84 per month, a saving of $180.

Want to save more? Use my Helium 10 exclusive coupon codes!

Helium 10 has generously provided my followers with two unique discount coupons: VOVA6M20, which is applicable the first time, and VOVA10, which is forever.

helium 10 discounts

With these discounts, the pricing model will be as follows:


Payment Cycle


(Original Price)

Discounted Price

Saving (Monthly)

Saving (Annually)























*Code applicable once.

These discount coupons are not applicable to Starter Plan.

But if you're interested in leveraging them for your Platinum subscription, simply tap here.

It will redirect you to the pricing page of Helium 10, where you may apply the codes to avail of phenomenal discounts.

As a cherry on top, you will also receive a 7-day money-back guarantee.

So, if you don't like the tool or don't want to use it any longer, you can request a refund.

Isn't it cool?

Head-to-Head Comparison of Helium 10 Starter and Platinum Plans

Helium 10 generally offers four different types of memberships, including Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite.

Here, I will compare the Starter and Platinum plans only.

But if you want to see how the Platinum plan stacks up against the Diamond, I have a detailed article on that as well.

To read it, simply read here; Helium 10 Platinum Vs Diamond.

Now without any further ado, let's start with a side-by-side comparison of Starter vs Platinum plans of Helium 10.


Product Research


Black Box

Usability: Helium 10 Black Box provides a thorough Amazon Product Research in seconds, helping sellers find their next product easily. 

Availability: Black Box is available for both plans. However, the Starter plan has a limit of 20 uses only. If you are a beginner, the Starter plan is good to go, but for long-term use, the Platinum plan is preferable as it provides unlimited access.

Benefit: Black Box is a super-efficient and reliable tool that allows you to find the most profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Perk: Read here to learn how to use Black Box, check out my complete Helium 10 Black Box tutorial below.


Usability: Trendster is an Amazon Trend Finder tool. It determines product seasonality with historical data and provides a correlation between price changes and sales rank over time.

Availability: Trendster is limited with the Starter plan, usable for 30 days only. However, the Platinum plan is fully accessible with no restrictions.

Benefit: It offers cross-reference ASINs and keywords, visualizes the data over time, and meticulously analyzes the keyword search demand using Google Trends.

Perk: Learn how to use Trendster step-by-step in my free Udemy course titled, "Amazon FBA Private Label Product Research with Helium 10."

Note: Trendster is a good tool, but Google Trends is an excellent "free" alternative for it.



Usability: Helium 10 Xray is a powerful Chrome extension that provides sellers with an on-browser product research facility. Xray can be used for a variety of tasks. For example, to instantly evaluate Amazon search results, forecast and calculate product sales, analyze competition, etc.

Availability: Xray for Amazon is fully available with both the Starter and Platinum plans. But for Walmart, they are limited to 50 launches only. Learn more about Helium 10 for Walmart here.

Benefits: Xray is an Amazon product validator that helps you gain an ultimate sneak-peek of market data, including sales volume, trends, and product viability.

Perk: Check out my in-depth Helium 10 Xray tutorial here, or watch it below:

My Related Blog Post: How To Download & Install Helium 10 Chrome Extension For Free


Final Thoughts on Product Research Tools

If you do manual research and need the help of tools to validate potential niches, then the Starter plan is more than enough.

But if you love to harness the power of tools to maximize your Amazon journey, the Platinum plan is worth the shot!


Keyword Research



Usability: Cerebro is also known as the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool. It helps you get all the best keywords from a specific competitor or competitors. You can then use these keywords in your own listing, so you can get more eyeballs on your products and, hopefully, more sales.

Availability: Cerebro is limited to two uses a day for the Starter plan. But the Platinum plan has unlimited uses, allowing you to extract in-depth information whenever possible. Just like Xray, Cerebro is also available for Walmart. However, for this marketplace, both plans have a limit of two uses per day.

Benefits: With Cerebro, you can quickly get your competitor's entire keyword strategy right in front of your eyes. Once you have it, you may use the best keywords in your product to drive profitable sales.

Perk: Want to find the best keywords to create a dynamic listing for your product? I have an in-depth tutorial on Cerebro to help you do so. It's the second lesson of my free Helium 10 Listing Optimization course. You can access it by clicking on the image below.

Free Helium 10 Listing Optimization Course


Usability: Magnet2 is a Keyword Research tool in Helium 10, designed to help sellers search high-volume keywords. It's like an extension of Cerebro, which allows you to expand your keyword research and additional mine ideas that suit your listing.

Availability: You are limited to two Magnet2 uses a day with the Starter plan. But the Platinum plan supports unlimited usage of the feature.

Like Xray and Cerebro, Magnet2 also has a Walmart offering, where both plans are limited to two uses per day.

Benefits: Let's say if your keyword is "kitchen knife," you can extract all your competitors' keywords with Cerebro. This will help you understand where the traffic is coming from. Afterward, use Magnet2. It will give you more control and finalize the best possible keyword for your listing.

With the power of Magnet2, your listing can improve organic traffic while accelerating overall sales.

Perk: Learn how to use Magnet2 with me. In my Free Helium 10 Listing Optimization Course, there's a detailed lesson on this tool. I've also embedded it below, so you can watch it without leaving this page.


Usability: Misspellinator is a Misspellings Checker that allows you to identify keywords customers usually misspell on Amazon. Some of these mistakes are not auto-corrected and hence become keywords.

Now, if you use common misspellings in your listing, you may ultimately be able to attract their searchers to your listing and convince them to buy your products.

Availability: The Starter plan gives you access to 20 Misspellinator uses a month, while the Platinum plan ensures unlimited usage.

Benefits: Let's say your product is "kitchen knife" and one of its misspelled keywords is "kitchen knif." That said, you can add it to your listing with an enhanced chance of getting more sales and profit.

However, do take note that the benefit of a misspelling solely depends on your niche. Some niches have more misspellings compared to others. Usually, long keywords have more mistakes compared to normal ones.

Perk: Below is a full-fledged tutorial on Helium 10 Misspellinator. Not to mention, it's featured in my Helium 10 Listing Optimization Course.


Final Thoughts on Keyword Research Tools

If you are planning for in-depth research, the Starter plan will not be enough for you.

Two uses per tool wouldn't suffice, in fact, it hinders your Amazon FBA journey, making the correct choice a challenge.

As such, the Platinum plan is your last resort to plan the best keywords for your product listing.


Listing Optimization



Usability: Frankenstein is a Keyword Processor. Once you have refined the keywords with Cerebro and Magnet2, Frankenstein will help identify duplicate and redundant terms and eliminate them. You can clean and glean your entire keywords list in just a few clicks with the tool.

Availability: Frankenstein is available for 30 days in the Starter pack. The Platinum plan, however, offers unlimited access.

Benefits: The Frankenstein tool is useless if you don't have enough keywords. Once you have your keywords, the tool will help you process them easily.

For instance, let's say you have different keywords for your product,  "kitchen Knife," "knife for the kitchen," "the long big kitchen knife," etc. If you process this list on Frankenstein, it will remove unnecessary parts like 'the' or 'a' to refine the keywords.

Perk: You can review my Helium 10 Listing Optimization Free Course for an in-depth analysis of the Frankenstein tool. I've also embedded the video below so you can watch it without leaving the page.


Usability: Helium 10 Scribbles is a Listing Builder. As its name suggests, Scribbles allows you to build your listing through Frankenstein-processed keywords.

Availability: You will get a 30-day usage plan with the Starter pack. While it's unlimited for the Platinum plan users.

Benefits: Scribbles promises unprecedented control on keyword placement and its frequency in the context. It offers you an intuitive dashboard where you can distribute your keywords smartly throughout the listing in the title, bullet points, description, and search terms. 

Perk: For a perfect understanding of keyword optimization in Helium 10, you must watch my YouTube tutorial on Frankenstein and Scribbles Amazon Listing Keyword Optimization.

Index Checker

Usability: Index Checker instantly identifies whether your product is indexed on Amazon or not. Sometimes, Amazon may skip indexing your product to the relevant search page. In such situations, your product doesn't show up in the required keyword. With Index Checker, you can check the indexing once it's live on the platform.

Availability: If you are a beginner and have a single or two products to list, the Starter plan is an O.K choice, with 6 uses. But if you have more products, choose the Platinum plan, which has 150 uses per month.

Benefit: The most significant benefit of Index Checker is ensuring that your product is fully optimized and indexed against different keywords.

Perk: Not sure how the tool works? Check out my Helium 10 Index Checker tutorial for a complete step-by-step guide.

Listing Analyzer

Usability: With Listing Analyzer, you can analyze any listing on Amazon and know how well it is structured as compared to other products in the same niche. Helium 10 utilizes unique algorithms to analyze different parts of a listings against certain criteria and gives it a health score accordingly. A higher score indicates a higher quality listing.

Availability: You will get two uses a month with the Starter plan. However, it wouldn't be enough for advanced sellers who need to search for a new niche virtually every day. They can instead choose the Platinum plan that supports 25 uses per month.

Benefits: The most crucial benefit of Listing Analyzer is, it helps sellers in getting a broader and top-level view of their competitors' listing. You can understand where your listing is falling short or excelling way more than your competition.

Perk: Need more assistance? Check my Helium 10 Listing Optimization Full Course for free. There are 13+ videos that guide you through every step of the way to listing optimization.

Final Thoughts on Listing Optimization Tools

The Starter plan isn't good for keyword research but if you already have keywords collected via other software (not Helium 10), you can process them with Frankenstein and strategically use them in your listing with Scribbles.

It would be an excellent choice in such a scenario.

But to know if your listing is optimized perfectly to score a top position, using the Starter plan wouldn't ensure effective results.

The Platinum plan is a preferred option for better listing optimization and results.





Usability: Alerts show the changes made in your product listing on Amazon. For instance, a change in the size of the listing or a hijacker who enters your listing unethically. That hijacker may sell counterfeit products on your listing. So, with Alerts, you receive a notification on every unexpected change via email.

Availability: If you have fewer products, then the Starter plan is a good choice, as it supports two ASINs. However, with more product listings, get the Platinum plan that supports up to 100 ASINs.

Benefits: This hijacking and product monitoring tool's core benefit is being able to receive fraud alerts and detections 24/7. It protects your Amazon listing, monitors any abrupt changes, and alerts you in times of scams.

Perk: Are you unsure how to work with Helium 10? Here is my step-by-step demo and overview of Helium 10 with Bradley Sutton from Helium 10. Learn and enjoy your Amazon journey!

Inventory Protector

Usability: The Inventory Protector is a Coupon Abuse Prevention tool. It limits you when distributing the coupons of your Amazon products. Instead of customers purchasing bulk items from you and clearing the stock immediately, this tool helps prevent such abuse and limits coupon usage.

Availability: The feature is available for both the Starter and Platinum plans without restrictions.

Benefits: You will be able to protect your Amazon listing from coupon thievery. The tool allows you to target every ASIN individually, where you can decide the number of units every customer can purchase.

Perk: It is hard to control your niche on Amazon when the competition is too high. But with the right tools, you can achieve it. Click on the link hero to access my Helium 10 tutorials playlist. There are over 130 Helium 10 videos tutorials to make your Amazon FBA journey a huge success!

Refund Genie

Usability: Refund Genie is an Amazon Reimbursements Assistance tool. Sometimes Amazon owes you money! For instance, they lose some of your inventory by mistake. Since it's your loss, therefore, with the Refund Genie, you can claim for compensation.

Availability: Currently this tool is available only for the Diamond plan.

Benefits: The refund process on Amazon is time-consuming, confusing, and too complicated. To streamline the recovery process, the Helium 10 Refund Genie tool comes in handy, making the whole process straightforward and simple.

Perk: I, too, have been a victim of inventory loss on Amazon. But with Helium 10 Refund Genie, I claimed it back! Check out my Amazon FBA Reimbursement case study, where I claimed $2,118.

My Related Blog Post: Helium 10 Refund Genie vs Seller Locker vs Refund Sniper Review


Usability: Follow-Up is an Email Automation Tool. This tool allows you to send post-purchase emails to your customers automatically without manual effort.

Availability: The tool is unavailable for the Starter plan. However, Platinum subscribers get 2,000 email accessibility per month.

Benefits: Follow-Up a great tool that saves your time and provides a great customer experience. You can automatically send post-purchase emails to the customers who made purchases.

However, be careful with the automated messages. A single mistake can make Amazon stop you from sending these emails, read the
Amazon communication guidelines carefully. With the Follow-Up tool, you can also send review requests without manual work.

Perk: From free email templates to the complete tutorial, check out my Helium 10 Follow-Up Email Guide video to ace it!

Inventory Management

Usability: Inventory Management is a crucial Supply Chain Logistics tool. You can make informed decisions with the tool about the current status of your inventory and manage the logistics accordingly.

Another tool that can greatly help you with this is the Jungle Scout Inventory Manager.

Availability: The feature is available for 30 days only with the Starter plan. It's enough if you are a beginner and want to test the feature. However, the Platinum plan is preferable for an advanced seller with 20 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) accessibility.

Benefits: If you are wondering when to order the inventory when the inventory is full, and when you are running out of stock, the Inventory Management tool comes in handy. With the tool, you will know when you are low with inventory or have a stock surplus.

Perk: I have had a detailed conversation with Lucia Cracogna on how to manage your inventory on Amazon. The video is embedded below and is sure to help you plan your inventories optimally.

Final Thoughts on Operations Tools

To be efficient on Amazon, you must invest in one of the Helium 10 plans.

With the Starter, you get some of them, but they are all limited, or you don't even get access to them.

So, if you are a beginner or an advanced seller, and you manage multiple product listings together, the Platinum plan would be a superior choice.




Keyword Tracker

Usability: The Keyword Tracker is a Keyword Rank Tracking tool. Through it, you can monitor the keywords of your listing and your competitors.

Availability: With the Starter plan, you will get access to 20 keywords only. Such a limit wouldn't be enough to help you track your competitors' keyword strategy (maybe your own). However, with 2,500 keywords of the Platinum plan, almost any seller can be adjusted quickly.

Benefits: With this feature, a seller can track the organic and sponsored position of their keyword listing at least once every hour. It determines whether your marketing efforts paying off or you need to tweak it a bit.

Market Tracker

Usability: Market Tracker is a Competitor Intelligence tool. With it, you can find out how different markets are performing. It's more like a pie graph, where you can access all the information related to your keyword and ASIN share in the existing market.

Availability: The Starter plan has limited access to one market only. The Platinum plan, on the other hand, allows you to track three markets.

Benefits: With the Market Tracker feature, you can find out which competitor is stealing the largest share of the market. You'll also see new competitors coming into the market daily, so you can target your PPC ads at them, for example.

Perk: Get in-depth information in my Helium 10 Market Tracker tutorial, or via the video below and learn the science behind this fantastic feature.


Usability: The sales graph by Amazon is tricky and usually confusing. The Helium 10 Profits tool is a Financial Analytics Dashboard. It allows you to evaluate which products you are making a profit from and which are down in the market. The tool can convert simple sale prices into fantastic insight.

It is similar to Jungle Scout Sales Analytics tool.

Availability: Profits is available for the Starter and Platinum subscriptions with unlimited use. However, if you want to touch the Walmart marketplace with it, both plans only provide 90 days of usage.

Benefits: With the Helium 10 Profits tool, you will get data from Amazon based on your sales in a clear format. It's more like a financial dashboard where you can evaluate the performance of your listing. Sellers will know the margins and profit ranges in a more detailed way.

Final Thoughts on Analytics Tools

If you are inclined to track the profits, some information on the market, and/or keywords, the Starter is a good membership option.

Especially beginners and newbies on the Amazon platform can learn Helium 10 by purchasing the Starter plan.

But if you want access to more profit data, detail on the markets, and keywords, the Platinum plan is the most suitable one.

The Starter plan is good only if you want genuine information on profits.

Other features in the Analytics section are perfect with the Platinum plan.






Usability: Adtomic is an Amazon Advertising Platform where you can get exclusive help with your PPC. It's an AI-powered PPC tool exclusively designed to manage your Amazon ads.

Availability: The feature of Adtomic is not available with the Starter plan. However, you can get limited access with the Platinum plan.

Benefits: If you want to simplify your process of creating and making advertisements and running PPC smoothly on Amazon, the Adtomic tool comes in handy. Without the involvement of complicated spreadsheets and ledgers maintained manually, Adtomic will manage everything with Artificial Intelligence. Your PPC, bidding, keyword suggestions, etc., come all in one place with it.

Perk: When it comes to Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements, even advanced sellers can make mistakes. If you want to flourish on the platform with minimal to no errors, watch the video below, where I discuss 10 Amazon PPC mistakes featuring Jelena Nuhanovic. From Amazonia PPC.


Landing Page Builder, Portals

Usability: With the Helium 10 Landing Page Builder, Portals feature, you can build great landing pages and portals.

Availability: Unfortunately, you will not get this feature with either the Starter or the Platinum plan. You need to upgrade to the Diamond plan for this.

Benefits: The Portals help you drive external traffic virtually from anywhere! The customers can get into your sales funnel directly, allowing you to collect their names, emails, and other information and utilize them for different marketing campaigns.

QR Codes, Portals

Usability: With this feature, you can add multiple QR Codes to your product inserts (or other marketing resources), allowing customers to scan them and land on specific pages.

Availability: The Starter plan supports one code per 100 scans a month. It might be enough for a new seller with a single product listing on Amazon. However, the Platinum plan promises 10 codes per 10,000 scans a month. It's a great plan if you are an advanced seller with multiple product listings.

Benefits: The QR Codes increase the overall traffic to wherever you want to direct it. Make sure to give people reasons to scan it (sell the scan).

Product Inserts, Portals

Usability: With this portal feature, you can create customized and personalized product inserts. It's up to you to either use them the way they are, modify them, or create your unique design to set your brand apart from others.

Availability: The feature of Product Inserts is available only with the Platinum plan, where you can put the QR Codes making a beautifully built insert. The Starter plan doesn't support this feature.

Benefits: Professional sellers like Norman Farrar and Tom Wang have personalized templates for product inserts. The Portal allows you to create an insert for your product packaging.

Perk: Check out my tutorial on Product Inserts below to know my ideas for this fantastic feature.

Final Thoughts on Marketing Tools

The Starter plan doesn't support much of the marketing aspect for Amazon product listings.

Contrarily, the Platinum plan supports a limited amount of usage.

This makes both the plans unfit for advanced sellers.


Additional Perks


Multi-User Login

Usability: Generally, you cannot invite virtual assistants or partners to use your Helium 10 account without sharing its password. However, that's not the recommended course of action. So, Multi-User Login is a helpful feature that allows you to create more than one limited access user without sharing the account password.

Availability: Regrettably, the feature is not supported on both the Starter and Platinum plans.

Benefits: You can use the Multi-User Login feature to allow other people on your personal Amazon account and work on it. Through this, you don't have to share the password. Instead, a user is added against a different password with limited usage on the account.

Connected Accounts

Usability: If you don't have a professional seller account with Amazon, you cannot connect with the seller token on your Helium 10 account. In this regard, the Helium 10 Connected Accounts feature comes in handy as it allows seller central account connectivity.

Availability: Both the plans, i.e., Starter and Platinum, allow you to connect up to two tokens with Amazon and Walmart.

Monthly Expert Training

Usability: With the Monthly Expert Training feature, you unlock the door to learn from top industry experts.

Availability: Both the plans, i.e., Starter and Platinum, don't support Monthly Expert Training sessions.

Benefits: You will get advice, training, and guidance from not only the expert but also an exclusive chance to ask live questions from them.

In-Person Workshops

Usability: The In-Person Workshop feature is a high-level knowledge networking tool. You can receive knowledge from the industry experts by visiting them physically.

Availability: Unfortunately, the Starter and Platinum plans don't support the In-Person Workshops feature. It is only accessible for Elite plan users.

Private Facebook Group

Usability: The Private Facebook Group is similar to In-Person Workshops offering exclusive membership access. It allows you to converse with industry specialists and Helium 10 experts.

Availability: Regrettably, the Starter and Platinum plans don't support the In-Person Workshops feature. It is only accessible for Elite plan subscribers.

Final Thoughts About Additional Perks

In the Additional Perks section, both the Starter plan and Platinum package offer similar features.

They don't have any additional perks; therefore, to avail of such perquisites, the best choices are the Diamond & Elite plans.




Freedom Ticket

Usability: The Freedom Ticket is an Amazon Sellers Training course, giving you access to renowned experts and phenomenal training for novice and expert sellers.

Availability: The Freedom Ticket course is available on the Starter and Platinum plans. You are welcome to read my Freedom Ticket review.

Benefits: With the Freedom Ticket, get trained by industry champions like Kevin King, an eCommerce expert since 1995, and Bradley Sutton, an active member of the Helium 10 core committee.

Perk: If you are struggling between The Last Amazon Course or Helium 10 Freedom Ticket, watch below its unbiased review from me.

Final Thought About Learning

The Starter plan is excellent for getting hands-on experience with Amazon because of the course that comes with it.

However, in order to use most of the tools are are used in the course fully, you'll need the Platinum.

You can also learn via Helium 10 Academy, which is a free course and is more basic.

An alternative is the Freedom Builder Bootcamp course by Jungle Scout.

The Bottom Line

We have thoroughly analyzed both the Starter and Platinum plans of Helium 10.

Both of these plans have unique offerings with great features.

The Starter plan is an excellent option if you are a beginner or newbie on Amazon, with 1-2 products, and the competition for your niche is not high.

Or if you are looking to start selling on Amazon.

But if you are a pro seller, have multiple products on your list, and your niche has hundreds of competitors, then going below the Platinum plan is not wise.

It's your business, so assess your requirements smartly and come to a decision.

Of course, you have a free Helium 10 account and a Helium 10 free trial to start and understand the software.

Apply the Helium 10 coupon codesVOVA6M20 and VOVA10 to receive phenomenal discounts.

helium 10 discounts

For more information, you can also contact the Helium 10 sales support team or go through their FAQs section.

If this article was able to solve your ambiguity with the Starter and Platinum plan of Helium 10, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I have created over 500 educational videos on my channel to help my viewers make informed decisions.

You can also check out my Udemy courses, with tens of thousands of students worldwide.

P.S - Looking for Helium 10 alternatives? Here you go :)

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    9. Additional Perks
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